Millers or Five Waters Cemetery


Rt. 88 & Co. Rt. 25

Phelps, NY





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BEALL, Archibald Allan died Nov 1, 1811; aged 57y; husb of Hester
BEALL, Arthur died July 28, 1834; aged 4y
BEALL, Eliza died Nov 1811; aged 13y; dau of Archibald & Hester
BEALL, Hester died Sept 1832; aged 60y; wife of Archibald
BEALL, Infant dau of Otho & Esther
BEALL, Infant son of Otho & Esther
COOK, Oliver Perry died July 3, 1835; aged 4m13d; son of Abram & Mahala
EVANS, Ellen Jan 11, 1839 - Nov 27, 1917; wife of William; nee HODGES
EVANS, William Feb 28, 1837 - Aug 19, 1891; husb of Ellen HODGES
FRIES, William died Apr 21, 1850; aged 53y; late of Auburn, NY
HICKS, Joshua died Sept 29, 1823; aged 33y
HILEY, Mary L. died Jan 1, 1828
HINMAN, Julia Ann died Sept 3, 1835; aged 25y
HINMAN, Mary died Jan 9, 1835; aged 29y,3m,11d; consort of Willis
JEFFERSON, Ann E. died Apr 23, 1854; dau of John & Elizabeth
JEFFERSON, Elizabeth 1830 - Sept 28, 1912; aged 82y
LEONARD, Hiram died Mar 25, 1813; aged 11m,13d; son of Silas & Margaret
LOOMIS, Helen died May 25, 1838; aged 38y,11m; wife of Reuben
LOOMIS, Nicholas M. died Nov 14, 1834; aged 3y,10m; son of Reben & Helen
MC NEIL, Lucinda died Sept 20, 1817; aged 24y,1m,25d;only dau of Peter & Sarah MILLER who was born July 25, 1793 Pequamue, Morris Co, N J          "This Virgin was married July 30, 1815"
MILLER, Ann *             died Aug 26, 1806; aged 66y,6m, 2?d; wife of Jacob
MILLER, Infant died Mar 27, 1824; son of Daniel & Jane
MILLER, Jacob Jr. *    Feb 26, 1783 -  May 14, 1822; aged 39y,2m,16d; husb of Charity BADGLEY  (see pic)
MILLER, Jacob Sr. *    1737 - Mar 8, 1813; aged 76y; husb of Ann; son of Johannes Miller
PERRY, Infant died Aug 1, 1828; child of William E. & Hiley
ROBINSON, Anna died aged 22y,10m,16d; wife of James
SCUTT, Mary Jane died Oct 8, 1854; aged 6y,5m,21d; dau of Henry & Charlotte
TAYLOR, Catherine died June 25, 1817; aged 49y,11m,3d; wife of Ephraim; nee MILLER
TAYLOR, Ephraim died Dec 2, 1831; aged 67y; husb of Catherine
TAYLOR, Jacob died Dec 18, 1820; aged 17y
TAYLOR, Martin died Feb 25, 1847; aged 52y,8m,27d
TAYLOR, Phebe died Aug 9, 1867; aged 67y,8m; wife of Daniel
TAYLOR, Samuel died Sept 16, 1827; aged 11m,20d; son of Ephraim & Lydia
VAN ZILE, Albert died Nov 14, 1825; aged 75y,7m,4d
VAN ZILE, Infant son of Andrew
WOOD, Carlton died May 11, 1866; aged 66y; husb of Freelove SAGE  (stone face down
WELCHER, Elnor died Jan 27, 1832; aged 67y; wife of John T.


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