Nicholson Cemetery

Co. Line Rd., Phelps, NY



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DENNISTON Daniel* died Jan 16, 1834; aged 5y; son of Edward & Elizabeth; gson of Daniel
DOBBIN Lodevick (Col)* 1790 -  Nov 2, 1833; aged 43y; War of 1812 Vet
HOMAN Nancy* died Mar 22, 1831; aged 69y; wife of Joshua
NARES Sarah Ann* died Mar 5, 1806; aged 1y,2m,13d; dau of James & Caroline
NICHOLSON Ann R.* died Apr 25, 1834; aged 16y,1m,28d; dau of Daniel 
NICHOLSON Daniel* 1754 -  May 6, 1806; aged  52y; husb of Ann REYBURN
NICHOLSON Daniel* 1776 -  May 23, 1823; aged 46y,10m,24d
NICHOLSON Daniel 1746 -  Aug 7, 1830; aged 84y; husb of Lucinda
NICHOLSON Infant Son no dates; son of J. & S.
NICHOLSON John* died Apr 3, 1848; aged 69y,8m,10d
NICHOLSON Lucinda* died Aug 28, 1820; aged 32y; wife of Daniel
OAKES Elizabeth E.* died June 20, 1810; aged 22y; wife of Austin; dau of Daniel & Ann NICHOLSON
RANE Margaret* died June 23, 1856; aged 73y; wife of William
RANE William* died Sept 11, 1857; aged 85y; husb of Margaret
VAN SCOY George E.* died Sept 11, 1849; aged 6y,2m,12d; son of Jacob & Lucinda
VAN SCOY Jacob* died Feb 29, 1844; aged 39y; husb of Lucinda
WHARREY Charles* died July 18, 1833; aged 63y,4m,3d;
WILSON Barthsheba* died Mar 24, 1834; aged 23y,8m,26d; wife of Stephen; dau of Daniel & Lucinda NICHOLSON

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