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Index of Richmond Cemeteries


Adams Cemetery 

[was on No. side of Ashley Rd - all bodies were exhumed & removed to Lakeview Ceme, Richmond]



Allen's Hill Cemetery

[North side Belcher Rd.]



Baker Cemetery

[Abby Road, behind District school]



Barkley Homestead Site

  [5314 Gulick Rd.]



Bray, Barkley or Hamilton Cemetery

[Eastside of East Lake Rd., near Burns Point]



Dennison Corners Cemetery

[Eastside of O'Neil Rd., near Shelter Rd.]



Lakeview Cemetery, Honeoye  

     [Sometimes referred to as Clearview Ceme]          

[West side of Co. Rt. 36 near Sandy Bottom Park]



Mc Crossen Burial Place 

[burials Removed to Union Ceme, Livonia]



Pemberton Cemetery

 [was on SW corner of 4981 Canadice Lake Rd; Removed to Union Ceme, Livonia]


Pitts, Blackmer or Pioneer Cemetery, Honeoye

Abbey Rd., Richmond



Purcell or Curtiss Cemetery

Corner of Purcell Rd. & Rt. 20 A



Richmond Center Cemetery

West of Co. Rt. 37, near Ashley Rd.


St. Mary's Cemetery

East side of Co. Rt. 37, between 20A & Briggs St.


William's or Sweet Cemetery    [see RAIMS listing]

500 ft. south of West Bloomfield town line & abt. 500 ft East of Co. Rt. 37 - in a hedgerow]



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