Williams or Sweet Cemetery

Richmond, NY


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Private Property  - ABANDONED  CEMETERY  #156


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Quoted from RAIMS website: 

"Some cemeteries are listed below a line within a municipality.  

Those are cemeteries whose location cannot be precisely determined, whose existence is questionable, or which do

 not exist but are referenced to clear up misunderstanding with other publications.  In some cases there are map

 coordinates for those cemeteries.  That is the result of the fact that some were identified on early topographic

 maps, or the site is generally known and GPS readings were taken.  


The numbers preceding each cemetery are those assigned by the committee working with the County Historian's

 Office, the Ontario County Historical Society, and the Ontario County Genealogy Society to index all local burial

 sites.  Numbers seeming to be out of order are the result of initial confusion over cemetery designations, names,

 locations, or separations.  In some cases, cemeteries are discovered long after the rest of those in a municipality

 have been listed.   


#156   42.51.09N  77.31.58W    Williams/Sweet Cemetery  (500 feet south of West Bloomfield Town line and about 500 feet east of County Rd. #37.) 

[In a hedgerow on old Raymond Grundman farm] "


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