Covel's Corners  or Standish Cemetery

South Bristol, Ontario Co., NY


Pictures of Headstones

Compliments of  Gary Fritz


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Clarissa Ashley

Lucy Beers

William Beers

Asa Brown

Asa & Sarah Brown

Emily Burnham

John & Christina Burnham

Augusta Carpenter

Almyra Deuel

Isaac Deuel

Robert Furman

Ambrose Gardener

James Hulse

Louisa Jackson

Friend Knickerbacker

Julia Pierce

Deborah Randall

Nathan Randall

Elihu, Thomas & Leah Standish

George & Hannah Standish

Hadley Standish

Leslie Standish

Mary Standish

Mary & Hannah Standish

Miles Standish

Ann Stetson

Alfred Stid

Caroline Stidd

John Stidd

Lucrecia (Hulse) Stidd

Lydia Stidd

Melisa Stidd

Unis Stidd

Ira Treat

Augusta Wood

Bezer Wood

Ezra Wood 


Ezra Wood 2 

d. 1814

Ezra Jr. & Bethany Wood   d. 1858

Ezra Wood 


Grace Wood

Ichabod Wood

Lydia Wood

Sally Wood

Frank Worden

Mary M. Worden

M. Ellen Worden

Squire & Martha Worden

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