Boughton Hill Cemetery

Co. Rt. 3 & Co. Rt. 41

Victor , NY

Pictures of Headstones

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Group 6

compliments of Ron Hanley & Dianne Thomas

Carlos Page

Eliza Page

Frances G. Page & Nathaniel & Maria A. (Camp) Turner

Herbert L. & Ruth B. Paige

Kenneth Herbert  & Dianne Ruth (Rader) Paige

Abi Pardee

Mary Ann Pardee

Silas Pardee

Susan E. Pardee

Dominic & Mary Parisi

Edith (Carr) Parker & Henry D. & Ellen L. Carr

Edwin & Thomas Parks

Hiram & Apamy Parks

Susanna Parmele

wife of Reuben Parmele

Marian E. Parnell

William Parnell

Anna Peck

Elisha & Olive Peck

Henry Peck

Theresa Peck

Ezra & Helen (Johnson) Peet

Hellen M. & Freddie J. Peet & Samuel Phipps

Clarence G. Pegelow

George J. & Dorothy F. Pegelow

Charles Roland Pelton

Donald C. Pelton

Helen M. Pelton

Helen May Pelton

Ronald J. Pelton

William C. Pelton

Betsey Perkins

Hannah H. Perry

Irene Perry

Peter Perry

Sandra H. & Ross S. Phippens

Samuel Phipps & Hellen M. & Freddie J. Peet

William & Ellen Pierson

F. Elmo Pimm


Frank & Ann (Leaper) Pimm

Anna F. (Ford) & George W. Pittenger

Helen Pittenger

Henry W. Pittenger

Orin V. & Norma (Phippen) Pittenger

Walter R. Ponivas

Walter R & Sandra C. Ponivas

Charles R. Porter

Frank H. Powell

Gertrude E. (Lewis) Powell

John D. Price

Chester A. & Emma A. Prosser

Edwin A. & Nettie Prosser

Embert E. Prosser

Fannie Quigley

W. Henry & Ella Quigley

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