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History of Ontario Co., NY  

Published 1878

 Hopewell  Churches  pg 160 - 161

PRESBYTERIAN - This church is one of the oldest religious organizations in the county, and was probably formed by Rev. Jedediah CHAPMAN, soon after his establishment at Geneva.  In his journal, under date of August 7, 1803, he speaks of administering the sacrament of the Lord's Supper to the church in this place.  It must have been connected with the presbytery of Oneida,, as in the organization of the Presbyterian church at Geneva, it appears without any act of reception to have belonged to that body. Upon its organization it had few members, but in 1825, numbered 100, and in 1828 is reported 108,and next year, 34.  This charge was in consequence of the organization of a church in Gorham.  The church had 34 members added in 1832, making the whole number, 104 members.  For some years after the organization of the church it had no stated preaching.  Mr. CHAPMAN officiated there often.  In 1804, Rev. Samuel LEACOCK came into the town, and commenced preaching for the church, but his labors were terminated in less than a year, by death.  Rev. Eliphalet B. COLEMAN officiated as stated supply in 1807.  Rev. Joseph MERRILL began his pastoral labors with this church in 1808, and continued until 1827.  He was followed in the pastoral office by Rev. Isaac FLAGLER, who remained until 1828.  The last officiating clergyman for this society was Rev. Nathan BOSWORTH, now residing in Starkey, Yates county.


CHAPINSVILLE METHODIST - This church was organized in 1852, with the following members: James L. MUNSON, Harriet P. MUNSON, William CALLISTER, Elizabeth CALLISTER, Jerusha CALDWELL, Elizabeth STEAD, Mary JACKSON, George W. CATON, Margaret REDFIELD.  James L. MUNSON and William CALDWELL were stewards.

The church edifice was erected in 1853, and it is a neat and substantial structure.  The following is a list of pastors, embracing a period of 24 years: Reverends  John SPINKS, 1852-53; D. S. CHASE, 1853-55; George W. PADDOCK, 1855-57; E. J. HERMANS, 1857-58; A. F. MOREY, 1858-1860; L. D. CHASE, 1860-62; John HYDE, 1862-63; C. S. POMEROY, 1863-65; D. S. CHASE, 1865-67; J. M. BULL, 1867-70; J. SWALLOW, 1870-72; T. JOLLY, 1872-73; J. DE LARME, 1873, present pastor.

The present officers are: James L. MUNSON, James E. LARKINS, James CHAPIN, A. VAN GELDER, Will CALLISTER.  The church has a membership of 60 and the Sabbath school teachers, scholars and officers, number 80.  The church was favored with a very extensive revival in 1875, under the pastoral labors of Rev. J. DE LARME.  


METHODIST HOPEWELL CENTRE - The first society of the Methodist Episcopal church in the town of Hopewell, then Gorham, was organized in the year 1819, at the dwelling house of Ebenezer BENHAM.

Three trustees were chosen at that meeting, viz: Silas SMITH, Ebenezer BENHAM Jr., and Ezra NEWTON.

It appears from the record that the organization was discontinued, and subsequently revived, as the following shows:

Hopewell, March 1, 1841.

"Pursuant to public notice, as required in such cases by the status of the State of New York, a meeting of the male members of the church and congregation of Hopewell was held, for the purpose of reorganizing the first society of the Methodist Episcopal church in said town.  The meeting was called to order and the Rev. Z. I. BUCK, circuit preacher, was chosen chairman, and Artemus REED, secretary.  The following named persons were elected trustees at this meeting: Ezra NEWTON, Stephen THATCHER, Solomon THATCHER, David CARLOUGH and David D. DAYTON."

This society has a neat and substantial church edifice and is prospering.


WESLEYAN CHURCH, HOPEWELL -  This church was organized in 1843.  Among the first members are mentioned the names of Harry GREGORY and wife, George DUNKLE and wife, Ebenezer BENHAM and wife, Augustus SAWYER and wife, Liberty HAYDEN and wife, David CARLOUGH and wife, and Jon DEPUE.  

The church was organized by Rev. Ralph BENNETT.  Subsequent pastors were Rev. H. M. BOOTH, Rev. Mr. SPOOR, Rev. Benson RIDER, Rev. John TOMPSON, Rev. William BRAIN, Rev. William S. MAY, Rev. P .S. SLAUSON, Rev. C. C. REYNOLDS, Rev. Andrew M. STAPLES, Rev. John J. PAYNE, Rev. Samuel SALISBURY, Rev. John L. BUSH and M. FRINK.

The church edifice was erected in 1846, at a cost of about $2,000.  The society also has a comfortable parsonage valued at $1,000.  The present trustees are Liberty HAYDEN, John and William DEPUE.  





  CHURCHES    pg 428 - 429

History of Ontario Co., NY     Pub.  1893 

The First Society of the M. E. Church and congregation in Chapinville was incorporated May 24, 1865, but the society was organized at a much earlier date, in 1852, by James L. and Harriet P. MUNSON, William and Elizabeth CALLISTER, George W. CATON, Jerusha CAIDWELL, Elizabeth STEAD, Mary JACKSON, and Margaret REDFIELD, as original members. However, we may state that Methodist meetings were held in this neighborhood at a day far earlier than indicated by the above dates. In 1853 the church edifice of this society was built. The first pastors were John SPINK, D. S. CHASE, George W. PADDOCK, E. J. HERMANS, A. F. MOREY, and L. D. CHASE, in the order named. The present pastoral supply of the church is D. D. DAVIS, who also officiates in the same capacity at Shortsville.

Hopewell Center is a hamlet still older than Chapinville, and being situated away from any railroad is of perhaps less importance than the other village. In a way, however, the Center has much local importance, and is the natural trading point for a large and productive agricultural district. The business enterprises of the Center are few, being the stores, hotels, shops and other adjuncts of hamlet existence. Here also is located the school of district No. 6, and the M. E. Church. The latter is known as the First Society of the M. E. Church in the town of Hopewell, and had its organization in 1819, Silas SMITH, Ebenezer BENHAM and Ezra NEWTON being its first trustees. For a time, however, this society was discontinued, but was reorganized in 1841, and has since enjoyed a prosperous existence. It is now under the pastoral care of Rev. S. F. BEARDSLEE, who also supplies the pulpit of the M E. Church at Seneca Castle.

In the southeast part of the town is the little hamlet called Lewis, a station on the Northern Central road, and a center of trade for a well peopled region. This hamlet is in school district No. 8, the schoolhouse and church being the most important of its local institutions. The latter is under the present pastoral care of Rev. Cordello HERRICK, he also being pastor of the M. E. Church at Flint Creek. The post office here is called Hopewell, while the name Lewis applies to the railroad station.

The Wesleyan church of Hopewell is to be mentioned among the institutions of Hopewell Center, although its members came from the town generally. The church was organized in 1843, by Rev. Ralph BENNETT, and numbered in its membership some of the most substantial families of the town. Its earlier pastors were Revs. BENNETT, H. M. BOOTH, SPOOR, RYDER, THOMPSON, BRAIN, MAY, SLOSSON and others.

South of its locality and in the south part of the township was organized one of the pioneer church societies of the county. This was the Presbyterian church, the first meeting of which were held as early as 1803, although the organization was not completed until many years later. Rev. Jedediah CHAPMAN was the organizing minister and the society drew its members from both Hopewell and Gorham, the latter of which towns included the territory of the former at that time. At an early day this church had a large membership, but, the organization of a church of the same denomination in Gorham, after Hopewell was set off, very much weakened the old society in the town last named. The Presbyterian church, parsonage and cemetery were situated in district No. 9, about 50 rods north of the Gorham line.


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