1860 Canandaigua Jail Census

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Surname Name Age Sex Race Born Occupation Charged for
BRACE J. B. 30 M   NY grocer  
BULLOCK Mary 20 F   NY domestic  
CASTLE Mary 24 F   NY Cyprian (prostitution) disorderly
CLIFFORD John 17 M   Ireland harness maker intoxication
COFFY Robert 43 M   NY laborer intoxication
COY Harriet 20 F   CT domestic  
DAILY John 40 M   Ireland laborer intoxication
DANBY Alby 22 F   NY Cyprian (prostitution) disorderly
DEMONS John W. 18 M   OH laborer riot
DESMONT John 45 M   Ireland shoemaker breach peace
DORSEY Frances 23 F B NY   intoxication
DORSEY Frank 26 M B NY barber intoxication
DUCKERFIELD Ed 29 M   NY maltster intoxication
DUNN Owen 25 M   Ireland laborer assault & battery
DUVELL L. 44 M   NY shoemaker intoxication
EDMONSON William C. 25 M   NY deputy sheriff  
EDMONSTON Owen 62 M   NY ex-sheriff  
FLANERTY Margaret 24 F   NY Cyprian (prostitution) poiserning
GAMBLE Seth H. 60 M   NY laborer intoxication
GEAR Augustus 15 M   NY laborer riot
GOODALL William 26 M   NY deputy sheriff  
HARMON James 35 M   Ireland laborer intoxication
HARRINGTON James 57 M   NJ laborer disorderly
HAWLEY Demarias 20 F   NY Cyprian (prostitution) disorderly
HIGGINS Thomas 56 M   Ireland laborer intoxication
HILDRETH Ella 22 F   NY (family)  
HILDRETH Frank 13 M   NY (family)  
HILDRETH Olive 35 F   NY (family)  
HILDRETH William 45 M   NY Sheriff  
HILDRETH Willie 9 M   NY (family)  
HUNT William 27 M   NY laborer breach peace
HUNTINGTON H.  28 M   NY laborer breach peace
JONES Benjamin F. 24 M   NY laborer assult & battery
KENT Charles 18 M   NY laborer grand larceny
KROTOWSKIE M. S. 25 M   Poland pedler fraud
LATHROP James 28 M   NY laborer passing counterfeit
LYNCH Pat 52 M   Ireland laborer intoxication
MACKAY Felix 85 M   Ireland tailor intoxication
MANLEY Thomas 26 M   Ireland laborer intoxication
MILLER Elias 55 M   NY laborer violation evasion
NOBLE Charles 30 M   Canada laborer intoxication
OLDS Henry 32 M   NY laborer assult & battery
PALMETIER Jer. 36 M   NY laborer intoxication
PERKINS S. A. 36 M   VT painter intoxication
ROBBINS Lewis 28 M   NY laborer vagrant
RODNEY William H. 22 M   NY machinist rape
SCANTLING Daniel 40 M   Ireland laborer intoxication
SCANTLING M.  20 M   NY laborer disorderly
SOLES H. G. 23 M   NY pedler grand larceny
STEVES John 29 M   NY laborer intoxication
STROUPE George 47 M   NY clothier ?? violation evasion
SULLIVAN Julia 33 F   Ireland Cyprian (prostitution) larceny
SWEENEY James 29 M   Ireland laborer intoxication
VAN ALSTINE Peter 50 M   NY laborer passing counterfeit
VAN BURGER Orrin 64 M   NY laborer intoxication
VAN OKEN S.  50 M   NY laborer petite larceny
VANDERMARK  Bridget 38 F   Ireland Cyprian (prostitution) disorderly
WESTCOTT Frances 18 F   NY Cyprian (prostitution) disorderly

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