1870 Canandaigua Jail Census


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CLARKE, Will W. aged 43 NY; County Sheriff
COE, Catharine aged 50y NY; domestic servant
CURRAN, David aged 21y Ireland; Inmate
DAVIS, Edwin M. aged 15y NY; Inmate; mother of foreign birth
DEBIAS, Lewis aged 33y NY; black; Inmate
FORD, James aged 60y NY; Inmate
GREEN, George N. aged 25y NY; Inmate
JACKSON, William aged 40y England; Inmate
KELLDAY, Kato aged 19y Ireland; Inmate
LINCOLN, William aged 29y NY; Inmate
LITTLE, Walter aged 17y Canada; Inmate
O'BRIEN, Patrick aged 45y Ireland; Inmate
QUIGLEY, Margaret aged 21y Ireland; Housekeeper
SEAVER, Andrew J. aged 33y England; Inmate
WHITENGER, Frank aged 26y NY; Deputy; parents of foreign birth
WILLIAMS, John aged 33y England; Inmate
WILSON, George aged 17y Illinois; black; Inmate
WINNE, James aged 22y Ireland; Inmate
WRIGHT, James H. aged 26y NY; Inmate

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