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Contributed by   KEVIN

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From an ARNOLD  family Bible, published in 1821 

by the Daniel D. Smith Publishing Company and Franklin Juvenile Book and Stationary  Store




Alanson C. Arnold b. December 13, 1797 married to Betsy C. Arnold (no maiden name given) b. in a month beginning with January 5, 1800. 

(This entry above, is written in pencil, whereas the other entries are written in "quill-pen ink" and the handwriting might be a bit different, either due to a different author or a different witting instrument.  The pencil is very hard to read as it is very light )

Cynthia E. Arnold b. August 17, 1821 married to Stephen A. Power November 19, 1849.

Emily J. Arnold b. February 17, 1823 married to George Aldrich January 26, 1841

Louisa M. Arnold b. May 9, 1824 married to Lorenzo Aldrich January 15, 1846.

Allen C. Arnold b. January 16, 1827 married to Olive E. Robinson October 5, 1858

Betsy A. Arnold b. August 27, 1831 married to John H. Rose December 9, 1863

Alanson D. Arnold b. February 27, 1834 married Ellen A. Pierce September 18, 1862


Other Births:

Cynthia E. Arnold b. August 17, 1821

Emily J. Arnold b. February 17, 1823

Louisa M. Arnold b. May 9, 1824

Allen C. Arnold b. January 16, 1827

Mary B. Arnold b. August 10, 1828

Betsy A. Arnold b. August 27, 1831

Alanson D. Arnold b. February 27, 1834

Albert P. Arnold b. August 7, 1840

Sarah C. Arnold b. May 29, 1842

Fred A. Rose (? hard to read, different handwriting and in pencil) b. March 12, 1865



Sarah C. Arnold d. October 19, 1842

Emily J. Aldrich d. July 14, 1852

Albert P. Arnold d. June 6, 1853

Alanson Arnold d. August 22, 1864

Betsy C. Arnold d. March 7, 1876


Personal thoughts from my view:

I would surmise by the announcement of the deaths of Betsy and Alanson in the same handwriting as all the other entries that the owner was one of their children.  Due to the beauty and flourish of the handwriting style, I assume it is a woman.  Based upon the order of entry in the marriage section where Cynthia's marriage in 1849 is the only one out of chronological order, and is the first one of the children marriages written, my guess is that it belonged to her.                 Kevin


There is also a page in the Bible, on the back of a lithograph that says:

George and Rosa Dishman married May 10, 1894

“frish chaild”

Ollie Lee Dishman born April 12, 1898

Mary Ette Dishman born July 31, 1900

Carl Robertson born April 18, 1902

Murl Gale born October 14, 1904


“by Mother” 

I would assume that either the Dishman family was a descendant, or someone who acquired the Bible later.  It appears, based upon the handwriting and the spelling that Rosa (who apparently entered the information) was not well educated. 


 Other :

There is a letter to a “Grandmother” about a church worship service from 1868 that is signed “Freeny”.  Beautiful "quill-pen" handwriting.

There is a “revival playbill” for a preacher named C.J. Baker for Sept 8-11 (no year given) in Garnett, KN. The playbill is very old.

There is a “Union Labor Ticket” from 1888 for Federal/State and County in the state of Kansas.


contributed by Kevin

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