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In 1800 Daniel Willcoxson Case I b. 1-08-1769 b. Simsbury, Hartford, CT. and Seba Case b. 8-16-1772 in Simsbury were on the 1800 Census in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY.  In 1810 their brother, Rufus Case b. 8-1-1731 in Simsbury,Hartford, CT., joined them, along with his son Homer.  Seba died in June 1826.  Rufus Case and his wife, Rachael Goddard, went to Prattsburg, Steuben County, NY, where Rufus died in 1830.  Rufus had sixteen children and probably two wives.  Rachel appears to have been his second wife. They married June 21, 1798, at the Granby First Congregationalist Church, Hartford Co., CT. Rufus's daughter, Fidelia Case b. Nov. 14, 1803 ( my ancestor), was born in Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York, and it appears that her brother, Job F. Case b. 3-21-1806 was born in Canandaigua as well.  Elias Case b. May 6, 1808, may also have been born in Canandaigua.  The last of Rufus's children was Chauncey Case b. 3-11-1813.  He may have also been born in Canandaigua.  Fidelia Case married Rev. Peter Norris.


Daniel W. Case I, Rufus's brother, died in Canandaigua August 16, 1811.  He married Candace Higley on an unknown date abt. 1791.  Seba Case died in Canandaigua in June 1826. He married Eleanor Messenger.  I have a great deal more information on Fidelia's children, etc.  But this gives you the main information on the Case family. Daniel, Seba and Rufus were all sons of Micah Case b. 8-1-1731 Simsbury Twp., Hartford, CT. and died Oct. 16, 1774 m 11-7-1751 Rhoda Willcoxson b. 3-13-1732 Simsbury Twp., Hartford, CT.  They had another brother, Micah Case Jr. b. 7-10-1756 Simsbury Twp., Hartford, CT., who died in Ct. 6-22-1834 and is buried at West Granby Cemetery.  They also had two sisters, Rhoda Case b. 6-1-1753 Simsbury Twp., Hartford, CT. and Lydia Case b. 5-10-1763 in Simsbury Twp., Hartford, CT




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