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Family of William BABCOCK         from Dianne Thomas

William BABCOCK, b. 1799 Poukeepsie, Dutchess Co., NY; farmer; lived in Ontario Co. for 21y  (1855 Manchester Census)

Margaret, b. 1798 Columbia Co., NY; wife; lived in Ontario Co. for 21y  (1855 Manchester Census)

Margaret, b. 1838 Ontario Co., NY; dau    (1855 Manchester Census)

Henry, b. 1806 Columbia Co., NY; brother; lived in Ontario Co. only 4m;  (1855 Manchester Census)

Harriet; b. 1819 Brooklyn, NY; wife of Henry; lived in Ontario Co. only 4m;  (1855 Manchester Census)

Richard AMES, b. 1826 Columbia Co., NY; servant   (1855 Manchester Census)



Family of  Fred K. BACKENTOSE         from Dianne Thomas


Fred K. BACKENTOSE,  b. 1812 NY; debt collector  (1870 Geneva Census)

Leah,  b. 1817 NY; wife     (1870 Geneva Census)

Dwight B. 1847 NY; son; lawyer     (1870 Geneva Census)



Family of  Francisco BALISTRERI         from Dianne Thomas


Francisco BALISTRERI    b. 1865 Italy; aged 55y; Imm. 1883; Nat. 1901; parents from Italy; no trade   (1920 Geneva Census)

Anna,   b.  1875 Italy; aged 45y; wife; Imm. 1894; Nat. 1901; parents from Italy; no trade   (1920 Geneva Census)

Francisco Jr.,  b.  1903 NY; aged 17y; son; single; no trade   (1920 Geneva Census)

Sarah,      b. 1902 NY; aged 18y; daughter; single; no trade   (1920 Geneva Census)

Angelina,  b. 1905 NY; aged 15y; daughter; single      (1920 Geneva Census)

James.,     b. 1907 NY; aged 13y; son; single    (1920 Geneva Census)

Leo.,        b. 1909 NY; aged 11y; son; single    (1920 Geneva Census)

Mary,       b. 1910 NY; aged 10y; daughter       (1920 Geneva Census)

Joseph      b. 1911 NY; aged 9y; son                 (1920 Geneva Census)

Margaruite,  b. 1916 NY; aged 3y,6m; daughter  (1920 Geneva Census)

Samuel SANTAMAURO,    b. 1891 Italy; aged 29y; son in law; laborer;  Imm. 1906; Nat. 1915; parents from Italy   (1920 Geneva Census)

Anna M. SANTAMAURO,  b. 1899 NY; aged 21y; daughter; no trade    (1920 Geneva Census)



Family of John W. BANKER               from Dianne Thomas


John W. BANKER   b. 1839 Seneca Co.; aged 36y; cooper   (1875 Phelps Census)

Jennie,    wife    b. 1840 Cayuga Co.; aged 35y  (1875 Phelps Census)

Lillie B.,  dau     b. 1869 Cayuga Co.; aged  6y  (1875 Phelps Census)

John W. Jr.,  son   b. Sept 1874 Ontario Co.; aged 9/12y  (1875 Phelps Census)

Joseph SAWYER,  step father   b. 1800 unknown; aged 75y; cooper  (1875 Phelps Census)

Eunice SAWYER, mother   b. 1811 Wayne Co.; aged 64y   (1875 Phelps Census)



Family of Thomas BARDEN               from Dianne Thomas


Thomas BARDEN, b. 1793 NY;  aged 57y farmer  (1850 Seneca Census)

Mary,         b. 1790 NY; aged 60y     (1850 Seneca Census)

Martin,       b. 1820 NY; aged 30y      (1850 Seneca Census)

Amos,        b. 1822 NY; aged 28y      (1850 Seneca Census)

Jacob,        b. 1825 NY; aged 25y      (1850 Seneca Census)

Hannah,      b. 1831 NY; aged 19y      (1850 Seneca Census)




Family of Thomas BARDEN Jr.             from Dianne Thomas


Thomas BARDEN Jr., b. 1815 NY; farmer      (1850 Seneca Census)

Amanda BARDEN, b. 1813 NY     (1850 Seneca Census)

Daniel P. SPIER,   b. 1805 NY        (1850 Seneca Census)   farmer

Amanda SPIER,    b.  1813 NY       (1850 Seneca Census)

Margaret SPIER,   b. 1808 NY        (1850 Seneca Census)

Sabrina SPIER,     b. 1829 NY         (1850 Seneca Census)

Jacob SPIER,       b. 1830 NY         (1850 Seneca Census)

Henry SPIER,       b. 1833 NY         (1850 Seneca Census)

Hannah SPIER,     b. 1835 NY        (1850 Seneca Census)

Samuel SPIER,      b. 1836 NY        (1850 Seneca Census)

Andrew SPIER,     b. 1840 NY        (1850 Seneca Census)

Harrison SPIER,    b. 1843 NY        (1850 Seneca Census)

Alonzo SPIER,       b. 1844 NY        (1850 Seneca Census)



Family of Jessie BARLOW             from Dianne Thomas


Jessie BARLOW     b. 1832 Dutchess Co.; aged 43y;   miller   (1875 Phelps Census)

Lavinia C.,   wife       b. 1840 CT; aged 35y   (1875 Phelps Census)



Family of William BARNNAN             from Dianne Thomas


William BARNNAN,   b. 1810 Scotland; aged 40y; contractor      (1850 Seneca Census)

Alexander MURPHY,    b. 1823 Ireland; aged 17y laborer               (1850 Seneca Census)

Richard MC CARY,       b. 1826 Scotland; ; aged 14y; laborer         (1850 Seneca Census)



Family of Peter BAR(R)              from Dianne Thomas


Peter BARR         b. 1831 Germany; aged 44y; farmer      (1875 Manchester Census) 

Katie,      wife        b. 1842 Germany; aged 33y           (1875 Manchester Census)

Sarah,      dau        b. 1866 Ontario Co.; aged 9y         (1875 Manchester Census)

Anna,       dau        b. 1868 Ontario Co.; aged 7y         (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of James BARRETT             from Dianne Thomas


James BARRETT    b. 1828 Ireland; aged 47y; farm laborer   (1875 Manchester Census)

Elizabeth,   wife          b. 1837 Ireland; aged 38y        (1875 Manchester Census)

Frank,    son               b. 1858 Ontario Co.; aged 17y    (1875 Manchester Census)

James SHAW,   sil      b. 1852 Cayuga Co.; aged 23y;   farm laborer    (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary A. SHAW, dau  b. 1855 Ontario Co.; aged 20y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Eddie SHAW, gson     b. Sept 1871 Ontario Co.;  aged 3 9/12y   (1875 Manchester Census)

David SHAW, gson     b. Sept 1873 Ontairo Co.;  aged 1 9/12y   (1875 Manchester Census)




Family of Henry BARTHOLMEW         from Dianne Thomas


Henry BARTHOLMEW   b. 1815  PA;  Polk Factory Worker     (1870 Naples Census)

Minerva     b.  1815  PA       (1870 Naples Census)

Allen          b.  1849 NY;  farm laborer      (1870 Naples Census)

Eugene       b. 1852  NY; farm laborer       (1870 Naples Census)

Mary          b.  1857  NY       (1870 Naples Census)

Caroline     b.  1859  NY       (1870 Naples Census)

William       b.  1864  NY       (1870 Naples Census)



Family of Daniel BEEBEE             from Dianne Thomas


Daniel BEEBEE   b. 1818 NY; aged 42y; farmer    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Margaret,     b. 1810 NY; aged 50y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Charles,       b. 1845 NY; aged 15y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Franklin,      b. 1847 NY; aged 13y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Mary DOWDING,    b. 1842 England; aged 18y; domestic    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

George C. DIBBLE,  b. 1836 NY; aged 24y; farmer   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)



Family of Stephen BENEDICT             from Dianne Thomas


Stephen BENEDICT   b. 1806 CT; aged 54y; farmer   (1860 South Bristol)

Sarah,        b. 1811 NY; aged 49y    (1860 South Bristol)

Gould R.,   b. 1836 NY; aged 24y; laborer    (1860 South Bristol)

Charles R.  b. 1838 NY; aged 22y; laborer    (1860 South Bristol)

Mary A.,    b. 1839 NY; aged 21y     (1860 South Bristol)

Mary E.,    b. 1839 NY; aged 21y      (1860 South Bristol)

Jenny Belle,   b. 1859 NY; aged 1y     (1860 South Bristol)



Family of Christina BELL             from Dianne Thomas


Christina BELL  b.1841 Ontario Co.; aged 34y; single

Elizabeth,  mother   b. 1822 Schoharie Co.; aged 53y; widow

Carrie B. HICKS   b. 1825 unknown; aged 25y; boarder; single



Family of Benjamin BENGE             from Dianne Thomas


Benjamin BENGE  b.  1881; aged 39y; born NY; resides on Waterloo Rd; parents from England;  RR Laborer  (1920 Phelps Census)

Eva O.,    b. 1886; aged 34y; born NY; wife; father from NY; mother from Canada    (1920 Phelps Census)

Claude,    b. 1905; aged 15y; born NY; son   (1920 Phelps Census)

Milton J.,  b. 1909; aged 11y; born NY; son   (1920 Phelps Census)

Edwin C., b. 1912; aged 8y; born NY; son     (1920 Phelps Census)

Gertrude E.,   b.  1916; aged 3y,5m; born NY; daughter  (1920 Phelps Census)

Harriet O. OLDACRES,   b. 1852; aged 68y; born Canada; USA Citizen; widow; mother in law   (1920 Phelps Census)



Family of Addison D. BENJAMIN             from Dianne Thomas


Addison D. BENJAMIN  b. 1873 NY; farmer;  resides on Geneva Turnpike; parents from NY   (1920 Hopewell Census)

Ella,      b.  1879 NY; wife; parents from NY    (1920 Hopewell Census) 

Martha MONROE,   b. 1834 NY; aunt; widow; parents from NY   (1920 Hopewell Census)



Family of Stephen BENNETT             from Dianne Thomas


Stephen BENNETT , b. 1787 Onondaga Co., NY; lived in this co. 5yrs; farmer  (1855 Manchester Census)

Almyra, b. 1812 Ontario Co., NY; wife; lived in this co. 43y   (1855 Manchester Census)

Sarah M., b. 1852 Ontario Co., NY; dau   (1855 Manchester Census)

Phoebe S., b. 1854 Ontario Co., NY; dau (1855 Manchester Census)



Family of Elias BIRCHARD             from Dianne Thomas


Elias BIRCHARD, b. 1800 NY; farmer (1850 Manchester)

Sally,      b. 1805 NY          (1850 Manchester)

Syvanus, b. 1806  NY         (1850 Manchester)

Temperance, b. 1804 NY    (1850 Manchester)



Family of James BIRCHARD             from Dianne Thomas


James BIRCHARD, b. 1848 NY; laborer   (1850 Manchester)

Ann, b. 1822 NY          (1850 Manchester)

Henrietta, b. 1843 NY   (1850 Manchester)

Josephine, b. 1845 NY  (1850 Manchester)

Elias, b. 1847 NY          (1850 Manchester)

Mary P., b. 1849 NY    (1850 Manchester)



Family of John BIRDSEYE             from Dianne Thomas


 John BIRDSEYE    b. 1868 NY; aged 52y; home farmer; parents from NY   (1920 Gorham Census)

Florence D.,                b.  1875 NY; aged 45y; wife; parents from NY    (1920 Gorham Census)

Harriet E. PILLOWS,   b. 1873 NY;  aged 77y; mother in law; widow; father from CT; mother from NY    (1920 Gorham Census)



Family of Nathaniel BISHOP             from Dianne Thomas


Nathaniel BISHOP, b. 1814 CT; farmer; lived in Ontario Co. for 12y   (1855, 1870 Manchester Census)

Emeline,   b. 1818 Dutchess Co., NY; wife; lived in Ontario Co. for 12y   (1855, 1870 Manchester Census)

Asher,      b. 1838 Ontario Co., NY; son; lived in Ontario Co. for 12y   (1855 Manchester Census)

James,      b. 1841 Ontario Co., NY; son; lived in Ontario Co. for 12y   (1855 Manchester Census)

John,        b. 1843 Ontario Co., NY; son; lived in Ontario Co. for 12y   (1855 Manchester Census)

Harriet,     b. 1847 Ontario Co., NY; dau  (1855, 1870 Manchester Census)

Joel or Wells,   b.  1848 Ontario Co., NY; son  (1855, 1870 Manchester Census) (listed as Wells in 1855 & Joel in 1870)

Abigail,     b. 1853 Ontario Co., NY; dau  (1855, 1870 Manchester Census)

Emma,      b. May 1855 Ontario Co., NY  (1855, 1870 Manchester Census)



Family of David BLISS     from Dianne Thomas


David BLISS, b. 1801 MA; farmer   (1850 Manchester Census) 

Matilda, b. 1802 MA  (1850 Manchester Census) 

Cerila, b. 1826 MA    (1850 Manchester Census) 

David A., b. 1828 MA; farmer    (1850 Manchester Census) 

Roderick, b. 1831 MA; farmer    (1850 Manchester Census) 

Silas LIGHT, b. 1849 NY           (1850 Manchester Census) 



Family of Joseph BLOSSOM      from Dianne Thomas


Joseph BLOSSOM    b.  1838 Ontario Co.; aged 37y; farmer    (1875 Manchester Census)

Ellen,      wife      b. 1843 Wayne Co.; aged 32y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Emily,     dau       b. 1863 Ontario Co.; aged 12y    (1875 Manchester Census)

Georgia,  dau      b. 1865 Ontario Co.; aged 10y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Franklin E.,  son  b. 1871 Ontario Co.; aged  4y      (1875 Manchester Census)

Carrie M.,  dau   b.  Dec 1873 Ontario Co.; aged 1 6/12y    (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of Carl BOHARD      from Dianne Thomas


Carl BOHARD   b.  1818 Germany;   farmer   (1870 Victor Census)

Minnie     b.  1847  Germany     (1870 Victor Census)

Charley    b.  1849   NY            (1870 Victor Census)

George    b.  Sept 1869 NY       (1870 Victor Census)


Family of Charles F. BOOTH      from Dianne Thomas


Charles F. BOOTH    b. 1859  NY;  aged 61y; resides on Park St.; parents from NY;   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Nellie L.     b.  1868  OH; aged 52y;  wife; parents born in IL & NY   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Caroline L.   b.  1899  NY; aged 21y;  daughter; single   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Julia F.    b.  1906  NY; aged 14y; daughter  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Louise HUMAN,  b. 1875  NY; aged 45y;  Maid;  parents from Germany & Ireland   (1920 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Danforth BOOTH      from Dianne Thomas


Danforth BOOTH, b.1805 NY; aged 55y; male; farmer   (1860 Manchester Census)

Sarah,        b. 1812 ME; aged 48y; female  (1860 Manchester Census)

Sharon,      b. 1836 NY; aged 24y; male    (1860 Manchester Census)

George,      b. 1842 NY; aged 18y; male    (1860 Manchester Census)

William H., b. 1843 NY; aged 17y; male    (1860 Manchester Census)

Augusta,     b. 1846 NY; aged 14y; female (1860 Manchester Census)

Sarah,         b. 1849 NY; aged 11y; female (1860 Manchester Census)



Family of Edson BOOTH      from Dianne Thomas


Edson BOOTH   b.  1848 NY; aged 72y; parents from NY; no one in household employed   (1920 Manchester Census)

Ella,    b. 1858 NY; aged 62y; wife    (1920 Manchester Census)

Effife,  b.  1879 NY; aged 41y; daughter; single    (1920 Manchester Census)



Family of John F. BOOTH      from Dianne Thomas


John F. BOOTH , b. 1822 NY; aged 38y; farmer   (1860 Manchester Census)

Mary W.,    b. 1824 NY; aged 36y ; female  (1860 Manchester Census)

Charles M., b. 1844 NY; aged 16y; male      (1860 Manchester Census)

Allen W.,    b. 1846 NY; aged 14y; male      (1860 Manchester Census)

Edson A.,   b. 1848 NY; aged 12y; male       (1860 Manchester Census)

Albert W.,  b. 1850 NY; aged 10y; male       (1860 Manchester Census)

Frank H.,    b. 1852 NY; aged 8y; male         (1860 Manchester Census)

Ida,             b. 1859 NY; aged 1y; female      (1860 Manchester Census)

Anna,          b. 1785 MA; aged 75y; female   (1860 Manchester Census)

Jane RICH, b. 1803 NY; aged 57y; female; domestic   (1860 Manchester Census)

Mary E. BOOTH, b. 1836 NY; aged 24y; female; domestic  (1860 Manchester Census)



Family of William. BOOTH      from Dianne Thomas


William. BOOTH  b. 1845 NY; aged 75y; widower; resides on Palmyra Rd; (sheet 7B, ED91,fam 197)   (1920 Manchester Census)

Carleton,    b.  1887 NY; aged 33y; son; single; farmer   (1920 Manchester Census)



Family of Cepas BOUGHTON      from Dianne Thomas


Cepas BOUGHTON   b.  1823  NY;  farmer;  pg 136    (1870 Victor Census)

Mary,     b.  1826   NY     (1870 Victor Census)

Ella A.    b.  1854   NY     (1870 Victor Census)

Mary E.  b.  1855   NY     (1870 Victor Census)

Carrie     b.  1859  NY      (1870 Victor Census)

Lansa J.  b.  1861  NY      (1870 Victor Census)

Elbert     b.  1864   NY      (1870 Victor Census) 

Frank MOREHOUSE    b. 1805  NY;    pg 136  (1870 Victor Census)



Family of Dwight BOUGHTON      from Dianne Thomas


Dwight BOUGHTON   b.  1850 NY; aged 70y; resides on Chapin Schoolhouse Rd; parents from NY; produce dealer (1920 E. Bloomfield)

Josephine,       b. 1852 NY; aged 68y; wife; father from NY; mother from VT   (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)



Family of Stephen BREWSTER       from Dianne Thomas


Stephen BREWSTER, b. 1794 VT; aged 66y; male; clothier   (1860 Manchester Census)

Hannah,    b. 1828 NY; aged 43y; female    (1860 Manchester Census)

Jenette L., b. 1846 NY; aged 14y; female    (1860 Manchester Census)



Family of Elnathan A. . BRIGGS       from Dianne Thomas


Elnathan A. . BRIGGS    b.  1868 NY; aged 52y; resides Allen Hill Rd; parents from NY; farmer  (1920 Bristol Census)

Adelaide E.,   b., 1867 NY; aged 53y; wife; parents from NY    (1920 Bristol Census)

Donald,          b. 1902 NY; aged 18y; son; single  (1920 Bristol Census)

Whitney,         b. 1905 NY; aged 15y; son            (1920 Bristol Census)

James DAVIS,   b. 1860 England; aged 60y; Tenant; widower; parents from England; farm laborer   (1920 Bristol Census)



Family of Frank E. BRIGGS       from Dianne Thomas


Frank E. BRIGGS   b.  1866 NY; aged 54y; resides on Honeoye Rd.; parents from NY; farmer   (1920 Bristol Census)

Addie G.,   b. 1865 NY; aged 55y; wife;  parents from NY     (1920 Bristol Census)

Mary DUNHAM,   b. 1841 NY; aged 79y; mother in law; parents from NY    (1920 Bristol Census)



Family of James F. BRIGNALL      from Dianne Thomas


James F. BRIGNALL    b.  1882 NY; aged 38y;  parents from NY; lives next door to Wm Brignall on Waterloo Rd; farmer (1920 Phelps)

Grace W.,                         b. 1884 NY; aged 36y; wife; father from England; mother from NY   (1920 Phelps Census)



Family of William BRIGNALL      from Dianne Thomas


William BRIGNALL    b.  1846 England;  aged 74y; Imm. 1848; Nat. 1855; parents from England; farmer   (1920 Phelps Census)

Amanda C.,    b.  1852 NY; aged 68y; parents from NY; resides on Waterloo Rd.   (1920 Phelps Census)

Henry H.,       b.  1892 NY; aged 28y; son; farm laborer   (1920 Phelps Census)

Lena M.,        b.  1897 NY; aged 23y; d-i-l; father from PA; mother from NY   (1920 Phelps Census)



Family of Timothy BRINK    from Dianne Thomas


Timothy BRINK      b. 1837 Wayne Co.; aged 38y; farm laborer   (1875 Phelps Census)

Olive,      wife    b. 1840 Ontario Co; aged 35y   (1875 Phelps Census)

Cora,       dau    b. 1867 Ontario Co.; aged 8y    (1875 Phelps Census)

Flora,       dau    b. 1868 Ontario Co.; aged 7y    (1875 Phelps Census)

Libbie,      dau    b. 1870 Ontario Co.; aged 5y    (1875 Phelps Census)

Seymour,  son    b. 1871 Ontario Co.; aged 4y    (1875 Phelps Census)

Harry,       son    b. Oct 1872; aged 2 8/12y  (1875 Phelps Census)


Family of John BROPHY     from Dianne Thomas


John BROPHY , b. 1844 Ireland; RR worker  (1870 Manchester Census) 

Tilda,       b. 1846 NY     (1870 Manchester Census) 

John,        b. 1867 NY     (1870 Manchester Census) 

Margaret, b. Feb 1870; aged 4/12  (1870 Manchester Census) 



Family of Patrick BROPHY     from Dianne Thomas


Patrick BROPHY, b. 1835 Ireland; stoneman  (1870 Manchester Census) 

Margaret,     b. 1835 Ireland  (1870 Manchester Census) 

James,         b.1855 NY  (1870 Manchester Census) 

Thomas,      b.1860 NY   (1870 Manchester Census) 

Maggie,       b. 1858 NY   (1870 Manchester Census) 

Nora,          b. 1853 NY      (1870 Manchester Census) 



Family of Alta  BROWN      from Dianne Thomas


Alta  BROWN   b. 1822 Ontario Co.; aged 43y; widow     (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Betsey SCOTT,   b. 1819 Scotland; aged 56y; boarder; dressmaker; single  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Lizzie KELLY,     b. 1855 Ontario Co.; aged 20y;  domestic servant; single  (1875 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Cornelius  BROWN      from Dianne Thomas


Cornelius  BROWN    b.  1820 NY; aged 30y; physician   (1850 Seneca Census)

Catherine,   b. 1781 NY; aged 79y     (1850 Seneca Census)

Eliza,           b. 1815 NY; aged 35y    (1850 Seneca Census)

Mary DENMI (?),  b. 1770 NY; aged 80y  (1850 Seneca Census)



Family of Dennison BROWN      from Dianne Thomas


Dennison BROWN, b:1785 CT  (1865 Canadice Census)

Sally,       b: 1787 VT?; wife of Dennison (1865 Canadice Census)

Henrietta, b: 1829 Herkimer Co., NY, single  (1865 Canadice Census)

Lucinda HAYNES,    b: 1825 Herkimer Co., NY; widowed mother of 2 (1865 Canadice Census)

Sally HAYNES,         b: 1839 Ontario Co. NY, single (1865 Canadice Census)

Lydia HAYNES,        b: 1842 Ontario Co., NY, single (1865 Canadice Census)


Family of Howard  BROWN        from Dianne Thomas

Howard. BROWN    b. 1878 NY; aged 42y; single; father from NY; mother  from England; farmer  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Christian,    b. 1839 NY; aged 81y; father   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Maria,        b. 1845 England; aged 75y; Imm. 1846; Nat. 18??; parents from England  (1920 Canandaigua Census)



Family of John BROWN        from Dianne Thomas


John BROWN  b.1772 MA; aged 88y    (1860 Phelps Census)

Waity,      b. 1784 MA; aged 76y   (1860 Phelps Census)

Lincoln,    b. 1802 MA; aged 58y; farmer   (1860 Phelps Census)

Sophronia,   b. 1806 MA; aged 54y   (1860 Phelps Census)

Edward C.,  b. 1834 MA; aged 26y; lawyer   (1860 Phelps Census)

Olive,       b. 1834 MA; aged 26y    (1860 Phelps Census)

Edgar N., b. 1840 MA; aged 20y; student  (1860 Phelps Census)


Family of William P. BROWN        from Dianne Thomas

William P. BROWN, b. 1860 NY; blacksmith; parents from NY    (1920 Geneva Census)

Catherine C.,    b. 1874 MO; wife; parents from Ireland   (1920 Geneva Census)

James M.,        b. 1896 NY; son; single; not working        (1920 Geneva Census)

Grace A.,         b. 1897 NY; dau; single; phone operator  (1920 Geneva Census)

Regina,             b. 1900 CO., dau; single; stenographer     (1920 Geneva Census)

Charles J.,        b. 1902 CO., son; single; not working       (1920 Geneva Census)

William P. Jr.,   b. 1904 CO., son; single; student              (1920 Geneva Census)

Mary D.,          b. 1906 NY; dau; student   (1920 Geneva Census)



Family of Zurial BROWN        from Dianne Thomas


Zurial BROWN     b. 1786 MA; aged 74y; farmer   (1860 Farmington Census)

Angeline,     b. 1816 NY; aged 44y   (1860 Farmington Census)

Sarah,         b. 1824 NY; aged 36y   (1860 Farmington Census)

Edward,      b. 1830 NY; aged 30y; carpenter   (1860 Farmington Census)

Ruth Ann,    b. 1844 NY; aged 16y  (1860 Farmington Census)

John WITHAKER,  b. 1834 Germany; aged 26y; baker   (1860 Farmington Census)


Family of Sophia BRUZEE               from Dianne Thomas

Sophia BRUZEE   b.  1840 NY; aged 80y; widow;  father from NY; mother from USA   (1920 Phelps Census)

Isa F.,   b. 1880 NY; aged 40y; daughter; single;   resides on Main St & Oaks Corners  (1920 Phelps Census)

Eugene L. BARNUM,   b. 1906 NY; aged 14y; grandson; parents from NY    (1920 Phelps Census)



Family of Jane BRYANT                 from Dianne Thomas


Jane BRYANT, b. 1813 England; aged 57y  (1870 Manchester Census)

James, b. 1846 NY; aged 24y; farm laborer;  parents of foreign birth    (1870 Manchester Census)

Charles L., b. 1852 NY; aged 18y; farm laborer; parents of foreign birth   (1870 Manchester Census)



Family of William  BRYANT                 from Dianne Thomas


William  BRYANT   b. 1797 NH; aged 63y; manufacturer    (1860 Farmington Census)

Mary,           b. 1806 NY; aged 54y      (1860 Farmington Census)

Charles L.,    b. 1839 NY; aged 21y; manufacturer     (1860 Farmington Census)

Albert,          b. 1846 NY; aged 14y       (1860 Farmington Census)


Family of Charles BUMP                 from Dianne Thomas

Charles BUMP, b.1801 Saratoga Co., NY; farmer ; lived in Ontario Co. for 22y   (1855 Manchester Census)

Maria, b. 1806 Saratoga Co., NY; wife; lived in Ontario Co. for 22y     (1855 Manchester Census)

John H., b. 1836 Ontario Co., NY; son     (1855 Manchester Census)

James H. b. 1839 Ontario Co., NY; son    (1855 Manchester Census)

Hellen A., b. 1851 Ontario Co., NY; dau   (1855 Manchester Census)



Family of Phebe BURNETT                 from Dianne Thomas


Phebe BURNETT   b. 1777 CT       (1860 Phelps Census)

Oliver,                        b. 1810 NY      (1860 Phelps Census)


Family of Elizabeth BURNS      from Dianne Thomas

Elizabeth BURNS, b. 1805 Scotland; widowed; lived in Ontario Co. 4y; alien  (1855 Manchester Census)

John, b. 1834 Scotland; son; mason; lived in Ontario Co., 4y; alien     (1855 Manchester Census)   

Thomas, b. 1836 Scotland; son; farmer        (1855 Manchester Census)

Robert, b. 1843 Scotland; son    (1855 Manchester Census)

Grace, b. 1846 Scotland; dau     (1855 Manchester Census) 



Family of James BURNS               from Dianne Thomas


James BURNS, b. 1825 Scotland; aged 40y;  laborer  (1865 Manchester Census)

Elizabeth, b. 1823 Scotland; wife; aged 42y; birthed 10 children   (1865 Manchester Census)

Peter,    b. 1851 Scotland; son; aged 14y     (1865 Manchester Census)

Anna,    b.1852 Scotland; dau; aged 13y      (1865 Manchester Census)

Hattie,   b. 1855 at Sea; dau; aged 10y        (1865 Manchester Census)

John,     b. 1857 Ontario Co., son; aged 8y    (1865 Manchester Census)

Mary,    b.1858 Ontario Co., dau; aged 7y   (1865 Manchester Census)

Clara,    b. 1860 Ontario Co., dau; aged 5y   (1865 Manchester Census)

Ida M.,  b.Oct 1863 Ontario Co.; dau; aged 1 8/12y   (1865 Manchester Census)

Elizabeth OTIS,   b. 1848 Scotland; dau; aged 17y;  married; birthed 1 child   (1865 Manchester Census)

Addie J. OTIS,    b. Mar 1864; aged 1 3/12y;  gdau    (1865 Manchester Census)

Addie SHOALS, b. 1849 Scotland; dau; aged 16y; married     (1865 Manchester Census)



Family of John  BURNS            from Dianne Thomas


John  BURNS     b. 1821 Ireland; aged 54y; laborer   (1875 Manchester Census)

Ann,        wife   b. 1837 Ireland; aged 38y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Michael,   son   b. 1859 Ontario Co.; aged 16y; single  (1875 Manchester Census)

Catherine  dau  b.  1860 Ontario Co.; aged 15y  (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary A.   dau  b.  1862 Ontario Co.; aged 13y  (1875 Manchester Census)

James,     son   b.  1863 Ontario Co.; aged 12y  (1875 Manchester Census)

John,       son   b.  1865 Ontario Co.; aged 10y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Patrick,   son   b.  1867 Ontario Co.; aged  8y    (1875 Manchester Census)

Thomas,  son   b.  1870 Ontario Co.; aged  5y    (1875 Manchester Census)

Peter,      son   b.  Aug 1871 Ontario Co.; aged 3 10/12y  (1875 Manchester Census)

Joseph,   son    b.  Sept 1873 Ontario Co.; aged 1 9/12y   (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of Jonathan BURT           from Dianne Thomas


Jonathan BURT   b. 1805 VT; aged 55y; physician & surgeon   (1860 Phelps Census)

Mary A.,    b. 1813 CT; aged 47y    (1860 Phelps Census)   (nee Harris)

Sarah A.,   b. 1843 NY; aged 17y    (1860 Phelps Census)

Charles H., b. 1857 NY; aged 3y     (1860 Phelps Census)


Family of Fred BUSBY      from Dianne Thomas

Fred BUSBY  b. 1887  England; farm laborer; resided on Victor Rd;   Imm. 1900; Nat. 1901; parents from England  (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Mae,    b.  1889 NY; wife;  parents from NY    (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Elizabeth E.   b.  1907; daughter   (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Louis F.        b.  1908; son            (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Clifford A.    b.  1910; son             (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Evelyn E.      b.  1911 daughter      (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Edith A.        b.  1912 daughter      (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Helen M.      b.  1914 daughter       (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Harold T.      b.  1915  son              (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

James L.       b.  1916 son; aged 3y10m    (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Esther M.     b.  1917; daughter; aged 2y6m    (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Glenn J.        b.  1918; son; aged 1,2m    (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Ethel M        b.   1920; daughter; aged 2m    (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)



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