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Family of George A. CALDWELL          from Dianne Thomas

Living on the Estate of Mrs. F. F. THOMPSON

George A. CALDWELL   b. 1848  NY; aged 72y;Estate laborer; parents from Ireland & NY  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Sara J.,   b.  1860 PA;  aged 60y; wife; resides on Fort Hill Ave.;  parents from NY   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Kate M.,  b. 1886  PA;  aged 34y;daughter; single     (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Ida E. DEAN,   b. 1856  PA ;  aged 64y; sister in law; widow; parents from NY   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Irene E. BUNDY,   b. 1903 NY;  aged 13y; grand daughter;  parents from NY    (1920 Canandaigua Census)



Family of William R. CAMP             from Dianne Thomas


William R. CAMP, b.1830; aged 35y; born St. Lawrence Co, NY;  laborer   (1865 Manchester Census)

Jeanette, b. 1829; wife; aged 36y; born Niagara Co., NY; birthed 0  (1865 Manchester Census)

Mary J., b. 1847; dau; aged 18y; born in Wayne Co., NY  (1865 Manchester Census)

Amos PARSHALL, b. 1811; f-in law; aged 54y; born in Tioga Co., NY; laborer   (1865 Manchester Census)

Marie PARSHALL, b. 1806; m-in law; aged 59y; born in Montgomery Co., NY; birthed 5   (1865 Manchester Census)



Family of Robert CARNEY          from Dianne Thomas


Robert CARNEY b.1844 Ireland; widower; naturalized 1880; parents from Ireland   (1920 Geneva Census)

Susan, b. 1876 NY; dau; single; parents both from Ireland; dressmaker   (1920 Geneva Census)

Anna A., b. 1878 NY; dau; single;  parents both from Ireland; dressmaker   (1920 Geneva Census)

Elizabeth, b. 1880 NY; dau; single;  parents both from Ireland; clerk   (1920 Geneva Census)

Peter., b. 1882 NY; son; single;  parents both from Ireland; laborer   (1920 Geneva Census)

Helen, b. 1885 NY; dau; single;  parents both from Ireland; clerk   (1920 Geneva Census)



Family of Patrick CARROL       from Dianne Thomas


Patrick CARROL   b. 1830 Ireland; aged 45y; farmer  (1875 Manchester Census)

Bridget,     wife    b. 1830 Ireland; aged 45y  (1875 Manchester Census)

William      son     b. 1860 Wayne Co.; aged 15y   (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of Newton CARTER       from Dianne Thomas


Newton CARTER     b. 1811 CT; aged 64yr; farmer; widower   (1875 Phelps Census)

Jennie S.,   dau     b. 1845 CT; aged 30y; school teacher; single    (1875 Phelps Census)



Family of N. F. CARY       from Dianne Thomas


N. F. CARY   b. 1850 Wayne Co.; aged 25y; cooper   (1875 Manchester Census)

Maria,   wife    b. 1852 Wayne Co.; aged 23y    (1875 Manchester Census) 

Lillian,   dau     b. 1871 Wayne Co.; aged   4y    (1875 Manchester Census) 

Minnie,  dau    b. Dec 1873  Wayne Co.; aged 1 6/12y   (1875 Manchester Census) 


Family of Horace B. CASE       from Dianne Thomas


Horace B. CASE      b.  1847 NY; aged 73y; widower; resides Nest Hill Rd; parents from NY; Farmer (1920 Bristol Census)

Benjamin F.,    b. 1873 NY; aged 47y; son; married; parents from NY;  farm laborer   (1920 Bristol Census)

Ella T.,    b. 1875 NY; aged 45y; dau in law; wife of Benjamin; parents from NY    (1920 Bristol Census)

Elizabeth,    b. 1911 NY; aged 9y; grand daughter; parents from NY   (1920 Bristol Census)

Maxwell B.,  b. 1900 NY; aged 20y; grandson; single; farm laborer     (1920 Bristol Census)



Family of Mark A. CASE       from Dianne Thomas


Mark A. CASE   b.  1843 NY; aged 77y; widower; resides on Bristol Valley Rd.; parents from NY; farmer (1920 Bristol Census)

George G.,    b. 18871 NY; son; married; parents from NY;  farm laborer  (1920 Bristol Census)

Edith,    b. 1879 NY; aged 41y; dau in law; wife of George; parents from NY  (1920 Bristol Census)

Dewey,   b. 1899 NY; aged 21y; grandson; single; farm laborer   (1920 Bristol Census)

Mabel,    b. 1903 NY; aged17y; grand daughter; single   (1920 Bristol Census)



Family of Edward J. CARY        from Dianne Thomas


Edward J. CARY     b. 1813 Montgomery Co.; aged 62y; farmer; widower  (1875 Phelps Census)

William D.,      son      b. 1843 Oneida Co.; aged 32y; farmer    (1875 Phelps Census)

Emma,             dil       b. 1845 St. Lawrence Co.; aged 30y       (1875 Phelps Census)

Charles S.,     gson     b. 1871 Ontario Co.; aged 4y     (1875 Phelps Census)

Alice M.,       gdau     b. Oct 1874; aged 8/12y    (1875 Phelps Census)

Hannah BOYCE,       b. 1854 Ontario Co.; aged 21y; servant; single    (1875 Phelps Census)


Family of Charles CHAPIN        from Dianne Thomas


Charles CHAPIN   b.  1857 NY; aged 63y; parents from NY; resides on Victor Rd.; farmer   (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Clara F.,    b.  1860 NY; aged 60y; wife; parents from NY    (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Oliver,   b.  1886 NY; aged 34y; single; son; farmer    (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Mary,    b.  1904 NY; aged 16y; single; daughter   (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Ina M. DELONG.,  b. 1901 NY; aged 19y; single; servant     (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)


Family of Polly CHRISLER        from Dianne Thomas


Polly CHRISLER, b. 1802 NY; aged 48y   (1850 Manchester Census) 

William P., b. 1829 NY; aged 21y; farmer   (1850 Manchester Census)

Dewitt, b. b. 1833 NY; aged 17y; farmer     (1850 Manchester Census)

Charlotte, b.1835 NY; aged 15y   (1850 Manchester Census)

Mary A., b. 1840 NY; aged 10y   (1850 Manchester Census)

Michael P. FORBS, b. 1770 NY; aged 80y; Baptist clergyman    (1850 Manchester Census)



Family of Charles E. CHRONEBERRY        from Dianne Thomas


Charles E. CHRONEBERRY    b. 1880 NY; farmer; resided on Spangle St.; (1920 Hopewell Census)

Agnes,   b. 1880 Scotland; wife; Imm. 1897, Nat. 1904; parents from Scotland   (1920 Hopewell Census)

Doris,    b. 1913 NY; daughter    (1920 Hopewell Census)

Henry MC GHIE   b. 1882 Scotland; brother in law; Imm. 1897; Nat. 1904; parents from Scotland; laborer  (1920 Hopewell Census)



Family of Cyrenus CHURCH        from Dianne Thomas


Cyrenus CHURCH     b. 1796 MA; aged 64y; farmer  (1860 Naples Census)

Eliza,       b. 1806 NY; aged 54y      (1860 Naples Census)

Achsah,   b. 1847 NY;  aged 13y     (1860 Naples Census)

Franklin,  b.  1849 NY; aged 11y     (1860 Naples Census)



Family of Eldad CLARK        from Dianne Thomas


Eldad CLARK      b. 1782 MA; aged 78y; cabinet maker  (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Sally,    b. 1803 MA; aged 57y   (1860 Canandaigua Census)


Family of Erastus H. CLARK        from Dianne Thomas

Erastus H. CLARK,  b.1820 NY; blacksmith  (1850 Manchester Census)

Catherine, b. 1819 NY    (1850 Manchester Census)

Elizabeth, b. 1848 NY     (1850 Manchester Census)



Family of Isaac CLARK               from Dianne Thomas


Isaac CLARK, b. 1768 NY; farmer  (1850 Seneca Census)

Polly, b. 1796   (1850 Seneca Census)

Belinda, b. 1805  (1850 Seneca Census)



Family of Louisa  CLARK               from Dianne Thomas


Louisa  CLARK,   b. 1815 Seneca Co.; aged 60y; widow   (1875 Manchester Census)

Francis G.,  son     b. 1849 Ontario Co.; aged 26y; Erie canal boatman   (1875 Manchester Census)

John L.        son     b. 1854 Ontario Co.; aged 21y    (1875 Manchester Census)

Jane J. PARTRIDGE,  dau   b. 1839 Ontario Co.; aged 36y; married    (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of William J. CLARK               from Dianne Thomas


William J. CLARK   b. 1883 NY; aged 37y; farm implement dealer; widower; resides on University Ave; parents from NY   (1920 Seneca Census)

Ethel L.,   b. 1907 NY; daughter  (1920 Seneca Census)

Loran C.  b.  1909 NY; son         (1920 Seneca Census)

Joseph B. b. 1912  NY; son         (1920 Seneca Census)

Merchia G.,  b. 1914; daughter      (1920 Seneca Census)

Raymond,     b. 1918; son; aged 2y,3m  (1920 Seneca Census)

Iva M. OVIATT,   b. 1888 NY; servant; widow; parents from NY  (1920 Seneca Census)

Frieda M. OVIATT,  b. 1908 NY; boarder; parents from NY   (1920 Seneca Census)



Family of William CLAYTON                from Dianne Thomas


William CLAYTON     b. 1824 PA; aged 36y; farmer  (1860 Farmington Census)

Ellen,        b. 1836 Canada; aged 24y    (1860 Farmington Census)

Harriet,     b. 1847 NY; aged 13y          (1860 Farmington Census)

Mary,       b. 1850 NY; aged 10 y         (1860 Farmington Census)

Ella,          b. 1853 NY; aged   7y          (1860 Farmington Census)

Susan,       b. 1855 NY; aged   5y          (1860 Farmington Census)

Elizabeth,   b. 1856 NY;  aged  4y          (1860 Farmington Census)

Emily,        b. Dec 1858 NY; aged 1 6/12y    (1860 Farmington Census)

Nelson CLAYTON     b. 1838 Canada; aged 22y; farmer    (1860 Farmington Census)



Family of Henry M. COATES                from Dianne Thomas


Henry M. COATES    b. 1854 MI; aged 66y; Sanitarium laborer; father from French Canada; mother from NY   (1920 Manchester Census)

Celia C.,      b. 1857 NY; aged 63y; wife; parents from NY; resides on Witham St.     (1920 Manchester Census)

Ralph M.,    b. 1885 NY; aged 35y; son; single; Sanitarium farm laborer       (1920 Manchester Census)

William F.,   b. 1844 NY; aged 76y;  widower; butcher at slaughter house; father from French Canada; mother from NY (1920 Manchester) 

Hattie MC COY,   b. 1881 NY; aged 39y; daughter; married     (1920 Manchester Census)



Family of  Orville COATES                from Dianne Thomas


Orville COATES   b. 1861 NY; aged 59y; widower;  farm laborer;  father from French Canada; mother from NY    (1920 Manchester Census)

Edwin F.,    b. 1862 NY; aged 58y; brother; single;  farm laborer;  father from French Canada; mother from NY    (1920 Manchester Census)



Family of Wesley F. COATES                from Dianne Thomas


Wesley F. COATES   b. 1830 NY; aged 90y; widower; farmer; parents from NY  (1920 Manchester Census)

Allen W.,   b. 1880 NY; aged 40y; single; son; farmer; parents from NY   (1920 Manchester Census)

Lillian M.,  b.  1884 NY; aged 36y; single; daughter   (1920 Manchester Census)



Family of Cuyler COATS                from Dianne Thomas


Cuyler COATS   b. 1845 Ontario Co.; aged 30y; laborer     (1875 Manchester Census)

Sarah J.,  wife       b. 1830 unknown; aged 45y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Mertie,  dau          b. 1864 Ontario Co; aged 11y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Stella,    dau          b. 1870 Ontario Co.; aged 5y   (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of E. H. COBB                from Dianne Thomas


E. H. COBB    b. 1841 Wayne Co.; aged 34y; grocery clerk     (1875 Manchester Census)

Caroline,   wife  b. 1843 Ontario Co.; aged 32y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Fred,   son         b. 1870 Ontario Co.; aged  5y    (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of Nathaniel K. COLE                from Dianne Thomas


Nathaniel K. COLE, b. 1824 NY; aged 36y; postmaster clerk  (1860Manchester Census); born Madison Co. married 2x(1865 Manchester)

Jane A., b.1833 NY; aged 27y  (1860 Manchester Census); aged 36y; born Lewis Co.  (1865 Manchester Census)

Lewis, b. 1851 NY; aged 9y      (1860 Manchester Census); aged 14y; born Ontario Co. (1865 Manchester Census)

Frank A., b. 1855 NY; aged 5y  (1860 Manchester Census); son, aged 10y; born Ontario Co.  (1865 Manchester Census)

Elva A., b. 1854 NY; dau; aged 11y; born Ontario Co. (1865 Manchester Census) (not on 1860 census?)

Herman A., b. 1856 NY; aged 4y (1860 Manchester Census); son; aged 9y; born Ontario Co.     (1865 Manchester Census)

Mary, b. 1858 NY; aged 2y  (1860 Manchester Census); dau; aged 7y; born Ontario Co.    (1865 Manchester Census)

Sarah, b. 1860 NY; dau; aged 5y     (1865 Manchester Census)

Clarence, b. Aug 1863 NY; son; aged 1 10/12y    (1865 Manchester Census)

Jane SMITH, b. 1840 NY; aged 20y; domestic  (1860 Manchester Census) (not on 1865 Census w/this family)

Ransom ALLEN, b. 1842 NY; aged 18y; postal clerk  (1860 Manchester Census)  (not on 1865 Census w/this family)



Family of Seth COLE                from Dianne Thomas


Seth COLE,  b. 1805 VT; shoemaker    (1870 Victor Census)

Nancy,   b. 1822 PA    (1870 Victor Census)



Family of Charles H. COLGROVE              from Dianne Thomas


Charles H. COLGROVE ,  b.  1852 NY; aged 68y; parents from NY;  farmer    (1920 Canadice Census)

Agnes L.,   b.  1857 NY; aged 63y; wife; parents from NY  (1920 Canadice Census)

Charlie W.,   b. 1903 NY; aged 17y; grandson; single    (1920 Canadice Census)



Family of Andrew COLLINS                from Dianne Thomas


Andrew COLLINS, b. 1838 Orleans Co., NY; aged 27y; laborer   (1865 Manchester Census)  

Lydia, b. 1839 Orleans Co., NY; aged 26y; wife; birthed 2 children   (1865 Manchester Census) 

Alice, b. 1860 Orleans Co., NY; aged 5y; dau     (1865 Manchester Census)  

James, b. Dec 1861 Orleans Co., NY; aged 3 6/12y; son     (1865 Manchester Census) 



Family of John COLLINS                from Dianne Thomas


John COLLINS,  b. 1790 VT; farm laborer      (1870 Victor Census)

Cynthia,  b.  1793 CT          (1870 Victor Census)

Merlin,    b. 1817  NY     farm laborer       (1870 Victor Census)

Chloe DAVIS,  b. 1817 NY       (1870 Victor Census)

Emma DAVIS,  b. NY               (1870 Victor Census)



Family of William CONNAL          from Dianne Thomas


William CONNAL,  b. 1821 NY; aged 29y; painter   (1850 Manchester Census)

Ann,        b. 1816 MD; aged 34y     (1850 Manchester Census)

Julia,        b. 1849 NY; aged    1y    (1850 Manchester Census)


Family of Vincent CONOVER          from Dianne Thomas

Vincent CONOVER, b. 1806 NY; farmer    (died 1885)    (1870 Victor Census)

Benjamin, b. 1808 or 1810 NY; farmer  (died 1872)   (1870 Victor Census)

Angeline,  b. 1822 NY    (died 1873)     (1870 Victor Census)

Minerva CISCO,     b. 1847 NY; domestic        (1870 Victor Census)

Jacob SHRODE,    b. 1855 NY; farm laborer   (1870 Victor Census)



Family of Arthur M. CONVERSE           from Dianne Thomas


Arthur M. CONVERSE      b. 1845 Monroe Co.; aged 30y; paper mill worker   (1875 Manchester Census)

Jane S.,      wife        b. 1844 MI; aged 31y      (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary P.,     dau        b. 1865 Ontario Co.; aged 10y    (1875 Manchester Census)

William H.,  son        b. 1866 Ontario Co.; aged 9y      (1875 Manchester Census)

Sarah M.,    dau       b. 1868 Ontario Co.; aged 7y      (1875 Manchester Census)

Joseph B.,   son        b. 1870 Ontario Co.; aged 5y       (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of Milton COOK             from Dianne Thomas

Milton COOK,  b. 1810 NJ; aged 40y; farmer   (1850 Manchester Census)   

Rachael, b. 1821 NY; aged 29y    (1850 Manchester Census) 

William, b.1830 NY; aged 20y      (1850 Manchester Census) 

Margaret, b.1838 NY; aged 12y    (1850 Manchester Census) 

Mary J., b. 1840 NY; aged 10y    (1850 Manchester Census) 



Family of Justus COOLEY             from Dianne Thomas


Justus COOLEY, b. 1810 Orange Co., NY; aged 45y; lived in Ontario Co. 14y   (1850, 1855 Manchester Census)

Rebecca, b. 1809 Orange Co., NY; aged 45y; wife    (1850, 1855 Manchester Census)

James,     b. 1834 Orange Co., NY; aged 21y; son          (1850, 1855 Manchester Census)

Charles,   b.  1840 NY; aged 10y;   (1850 Manchester Census)

Joseph,    b. 1838 Chemung Co., NY; aged 17y; son      (1855 Manchester Census)

Justus Jr., b.1840 Chemung Co., NY; aged 15y; son    (1850 & 1855 Manchester Census) (1850 says aged 7y)



Family of Lafayette COOPER                from Dianne Thomas


Lafayette COOPER    b. 1854 NY; aged 66y;father from NY; mother form VT; Driver for private family (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Jane B.,    b. 1854 NY; aged 66y; wife;  resides on Chapel St.; father from CT; mother from NY   (1920 Canandaigua Census) 



Family of George CORNELL                from Dianne Thomas


George CORNELL   b. 1839 Wayne Co.; aged 36y; farmer  (1875 Manchester Census)

Lena,      wife      b. 1842 Columbia Co.; aged 33y    (1875 Manchester Census)

George ,  son      b. 1869 Ontario Co.; aged 6y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Herbert HALL,  b. 1858 Ontario, Canada; aged 17y; farm laborer; single   (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of John COSBY        from Dianne Thomas


John COSBY   b. 1842 Ireland; aged 32y;  farmer (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Winifred,  wife    b. 1852 Ireland; aged 22y   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Margaret,  dau    b. Nov 1874 Ontario Co.; aged 7/12y  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Bridget. O'BRIEN  mil   b. 1805 Ireland; aged 70y; widow  (1875 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Jonathan COYKENDOL             from Dianne Thomas


Jonathan COYKENDOL   b.1806 NY; aged 54y; farmer   (1860 Canadice Census)

Moriah,            b. 1809 NY; aged 51y       (1860 Canadice Census)

Arnold ,            b. 1841 NY; aged 19y; farm hand     (1860 Canadice Census)

Sarah,               b. 1842 NY; aged 18y       (1860 Canadice Census)

Fila A.,              b. 1846 NY; aged 14y       (1860 Canadice Census)

Esquire,            b.  1859 NY; aged 11y       (1860 Canadice Census)

Isaac,               b.  1852 NY; aged 8y          (1860 Canadice Census)



Family of William CRAIB              from Dianne Thomas


William CRAIB   b. 1849 Scotland; aged 71y; Imm. 1881; Nat 1885; parents from Scotland; farmer  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Mary,   b. 1857 Scotland;  aged 63y; wife;  Imm. 1882; Nat 1882; parents from Scotland;  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Frank F. CONNELLY,     b. 1896 NY; aged 24y; son in law; parents from NY; resides on N. Pleasant Ave.    (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Christiana CONNELLY,   b. 1897 NY; aged 23y; daughter; married   (1920 Canandaigua Census)


Family of Mary A. CRITTENDEN              from Dianne Thomas


Mary A. CRITTENDEN     b. 1806 CT; aged 54y  (1860 Phelps Census)

Rosanna BOYD,    b. 1837 NY; aged 23y    (1860 Phelps Census)

Caroline BOYD,    b. 1842 NY; aged 18y     (1860 Phelps Census)

Elizabeth BOYD,   b. 1845 NY; aged 15y     (1860 Phelps Census)



Family of Alfred D. CROSBY              from Dianne Thomas


Alfred D. CROSBY    b. 1808 Putnam Co.; aged 67y; produce dealer; widow  (1875 Phelps Census)

Emily J. POND,   dau   b. 1854 Ontario Co.; aged 41y; married to Isaac H.   (1875 Phelps Census)

Isaac H. POND,  sil      b. 1827 Albany Co.; aged 48y; engineer    (1875 Phelps Census)

Catharine GORTON    b. 1821 Albany Co.; aged 54y; domestic housekeeper   (1875 Phelps Census)



Family of Patrick CULLEN             from Dianne Thomas


Patrick CULLEN      b. 1836 Ireland; aged 39y; farm laborer  (1875 Manchester Census)

Elizabeth,    wife       b. 1836 Ireland; aged 39y    (1875 Manchester Census)

James,        son        b. 1860 Ontario Co.; aged 15y; paper mill worker   (1875 Manchester Census)

Anna,         dau        b. 1867 Ontario Co.; aged 8y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Lizzie,         dau        b. 1869 Ontario Co.; aged 6y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary J.,      dau        b. Dec 1872 Ontario Co.; aged 2 6/12y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Louise,        dau        b. Dec 1874 Ontario Co.; aged 6/12y      (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of Samuel  CURTIS                from Dianne Thomas

Samuel CURTIS,  aged 35y; carpenter;   b. 1815 NY  (1850 Manchester Census)

Sally ,  aged 32y;       b: 1818 NY    (1850 Manchester Census)

Samuel, aged 10y;     b: 1840 NY    (1850 Manchester Census)

George F., aged 8y;  b: 1842 NY    (1850 Manchester Census)

Lewis P.,  aged 6y;   b: 1844 NY    (1850 Manchester Census)

Sally A.,  aged 4y;    b: 1846 NY     (1850 Manchester Census)

Asenath M., aged 2y      b: 1848 NY  (1850 Manchester Census)



Family of Samuel CURTIS             from Dianne Thomas   (same as above)


Samuel CURTIS, b. 1815 Washington, Co., NY; aged 40y; carpenter; in Ontario Co. for 6y; (1855 Manchester Census)

Sally, b. 1825 Washington Co., NY ; aged 20y;  wife;   (1855 Manchester Census)

Samuel W.,    b. 1840; aged 15y; son                    (1855 Manchester Census)  born in Washington Co.

George F.,     b. 1842; aged 13y; son                    (1855 Manchester Census)    "

Lewis P.,       b. 1845; aged 10y; son                    (1855 Manchester Census)    "

Sally A.,        b. 1846; aged 9y; dau                      (1855 Manchester Census)    "

Aceniath,       b. 1848; aged 7y; dau                      (1855 Manchester Census)    "

Keaziah,        b. 1850 NY; aged 5y;dau                (1855 Manchester Census)    born in Ontario Co.

Sally,             b. 1853 NY;  aged 2y; dau              (1855 Manchester Census)    "

John W.,        b. May 1855 NY;  aged 1/12y;son  (1855 Manchester Census)    "


Family of Truman CURTIS                from Dianne Thomas  


Truman CURTIS, b. 1875 NY; farmer; parents from NY; lived on Lake Rd. (1920 Naples Census)

Bertha,     b. 1875 NY; wife; parents from VT        (1920 Naples Census)

Gladys E., b. 1915; dau     (1920 Naples Census)






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