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Family of John DAILEY              from Dianne Thomas

John DAILEY      b.  1804 Livingston Co.; aged 71y; real estate dealer  (1875 Canandaigua Census) 

Elizabeth,     wife     b.  1812 Livingston Co.; aged 63y  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Lewis J. SUTHERLAND,   sil     b. 1822 Ontario Co.; aged 53y; grocery clerk; married   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Mary E.       dau      b. 1831 Livingston Co.; aged 44y; married (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Jessie M.    gdau      b. 1863 Ontario Co.; aged 12y    (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Lot D.,       gson      b. 1866 Ontario Co.; aged 9y      (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Harriet MACULY  b. 1838 Ontario Co.; aged 37y; single; boarder   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Mary MURREY    b. 1828 Ireland; aged 47y; cook    (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Family of Bernard P. DARLING             from Dianne Thomas

Bernard P. DARLING   b. 1845 Columbia Co.; aged 30y; produce dealer   (1875 Manchester Census)

Augusta B.,   wife    b. 1846 Ontario Co.; aged 29y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Inez A.,         dau     b. 1869 Ontario Co.; aged  6y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Bertha H.,     dau     b. 1871 Ontario Co.; aged   4y  (1875 Manchester Census)

Family of G. DEAR              from Dianne Thomas

G. DEAR, b. 1827 Scotland; aged 33y; male; farm laborer  (1860 Gorham Census)

M.A., b. 1830 Scotland; aged 30y; female    (1860 Gorham Census)

D., b. 1855 MA; aged 5y; male       (1860 Gorham Census)

G., b. 1856 NY; aged 4y; male       (1860 Gorham Census)

J.,  b. 1858 NY; aged 2y; male        (1860 Gorham Census)

A., b. 1859 NY; aged 1y; female     (1860 Gorham Census)



Family of  Gerrit DEBOW              from Dianne Thomas


Gerrit DEBOW    b. 1800 NY; aged 60y; farmer   (1860 Farmington Census)

Almira,        b. 1810 NH; aged 50y    (1860 Farmington Census)

James,         b. 1834 NY; aged 26y; farmer   (1860 Farmington Census)

Lusetta,       b. 1836 NY; aged 24y    (1860 Farmington Census)

John LONG, b. 1840 Ireland; aged 20y; farm hand   (1860 Farmington Census)



Family of J. P. H. DEMING              from Dianne Thomas


J. P. H. DEMING       b 1817 MA; aged 58y; agent of Star Paker Mill Co.        (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary,    wife       b.  1811 Wayne Co.; aged 64y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Louisa M. HURLBURT,     dau       b. 1846 Wayne Co.; aged 29y; married    (1875 Manchester Census)

Edward C. HURLBURT,      gson   b. 1871 Ontario Co.; aged 4y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Ruth SIDLER,                  mother     b. 1799 MA; aged 76y; widow  (1875 Manchester Census)

Naomi HERRICK,               aunt     b. 1801 MA; aged 74y; single    (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of Margaret E. DEMPSEY              from Dianne Thomas

Margaret E. DEMPSEY    b.  1845 NY; aged 75y; married; resides on N. Pleasant Ave.; parents from Ireland  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Daniel,          b.  1881 WI; aged 39y; single; son; father from NH; mother from NY;  Estate surveyor   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Arthur J.,      b.  1885 NY; aged 35y; single; son; Tinsmith   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Edward J.,    b.  1887 NY; aged 33y; single; son;  Tinsmith machinist   (1920 Canandaigua Census)


Family of Stephen S. DENANCE            from Dianne Thomas

Stephen S. DENANCE, b. 1819 Ontario Co., NY; laborer; lived in this co. 36y  (1855 Manchester Census)

Mary, b. 1819 Ontario Co., NY; wife; lived in this co. 36y    (1855 Manchester Census)

George A., b. B. 1841 Ontario Co., NY; son   (1855 Manchester Census)

Charles E., b.1843 Ontario Co., NY; son   (1855 Manchester Census)

Mary E., b. 1845 Ontario Co., NY; dau   (1855 Manchester Census)

Juliett, b. 1847 Ontario Co., NY; dau  (1855 Manchester Census)  

Prince A., b. 1849 Ontario Co., NY; son      (1855 Manchester Census)

Stephen S., b. 1851 Ontario Co., NY; son   (1855 Manchester Census)

Frances J., b. 1852 Ontario Co., NY; son   (1855 Manchester Census)


Family of Jerry DE NEEN             from Dianne Thomas

Jerry DE NEEN, b. 1804 Ireland; laborer  (1870 Geneva Census) 

Catherine,   b. 1812 Ireland   (1870 Geneva Census) 

Jerry Jr.,     b. 1830 Ireland; laborer  (1870 Geneva Census) 

Mary,         b. 1835 Ireland  (1870 Geneva Census) 

Jerry 2nd,   b. 1865 NY   (1870 Geneva Census) 

Catherine,   b. 1864 NY   (1870 Geneva Census) 

Dennis,       b. 1867 NY   (1870 Geneva Census) 

James,        b. Apr 1870 NY;  aged 3/12   (1870 Geneva Census)



Family of William H. DERR              from Dianne Thomas


William H. DERR  b. 1826 Ontario Co.; aged 49y; house carpenter  (1875 Manchester Census)

Sarah,   wife    b. 1826 England; aged 49y   (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of Maria DEYO              from Dianne Thomas

Maria DEYO    b. 1802  NY   (1870 Naples Census)

Hamm MANNING   b. 1836  NY  hay seed vendor   (1870 Naples Census)

Sarah  MANNING   b.  1840 NY        (1870 Naples Census)

Effie A. MANNING  b.  1851 NY       (1870 Naples Census)

Lee MANNING        b. 1864 NY        (1870 Naples Census)     



Family of Alanson DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


Alanson DIBBLE       b. 1801 MA; aged 59y; farmer  (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Diadama,    b. 1800 MA; aged 60y     (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Marie,         b. 1825 NY; aged 35y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Emily,         b.  1835 NY; aged 25y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Lydia,         b. 1843 NY; aged 17y       (1860 East Bloomfield Census)



Family of Charles  DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


Charles  DIBBLE    b. 1807 MA; aged 53y; farmer  (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Eunice,       b. 1807 CT; aged 53y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Maria,        b. 1833 NY; aged 27y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Sineus,       b. 1838 NY; aged 22y; farm laborer  (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Cassius,     b. 1845 NY; aged 15y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Newton,    b.  1847 NY; aged 13y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Margaret ROBINSON,  b. 1830 Scotland; aged 30y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Harriet DIBBLE,   b. 1822 CT; aged 38y  (1860 East Bloomfield Census)



Family of Charles T.  DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


Charles T.  DIBBLE    b. 1831 NY; aged 29y; farmer   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Margetta,  b. 1834 NY; aged 26y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

William,     b.1856 NY; aged   4y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Infant dau, b. May 1860; aged 1/12y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Clarissa MATTICE, b. 1848 NY; aged 12y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)



Family of George  DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


George  DIBBLE     b. 1829 NY; aged 31y; farmer  (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Andalusia,     b. 1847 NY; aged 23y       (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Infant son,     b. Dec 1859; aged 6/12y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)



Family of George L. DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


George L. DIBBLE    b. 1804 MA; aged 56y; farmer   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Betsey,          b. 1806 NY; aged 54y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Emeline,         b. 1836 NY; aged 24y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Albert,           b. 1838 NY; aged 22y;  farm laborer   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Mortimer L.,  b. 1847 NY; aged 13y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Harriet PARKS,  b. 1841 NY; aged 19y;  domestic   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Family of Gertrude L. DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas

Gertrude L. DIBBLE    b.  1868 NY; aged 52y; widow; resides on Chapin Schoolhouse Rd.; parents from NY (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Ruth,       b.  1894 NY; aged 26y; single; daughter; parents from NY; teacher  (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Norma,   b.  1898 NY; aged 22y; single;  daughter; teacher  (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Nellie.,    b.  1901 NY; aged 19y; single; daughter   (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Marian,   b.  1904 NY; aged 16y; single; daughter   (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Ana,        b.  1906 NY; aged 14y; single; daughter   (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Wesley,   b.  1910 NY; aged 10y; single; son      (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Milton,     b.   1912 NY; aged 8y; single; son       (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Alan BIGELOW,   b. 1896 NY; aged 24y; single; parents from NY;  hired farm hand   (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)


Family of Horace  DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


Horace  DIBBLE     b. 1796 MA; aged 64y; farmer    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Eliza,          b. 1795 MA; aged 65y        (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Walter,       b. 1830 NY; aged 30y; lawyer      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Artaminta,  b. 1833 NY; aged 27y; carpet weaver    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Charlotte,   b. 1838 NY; aged 22y     (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Michael BREMAN  b. 1835 Ireland; aged 25y; farm laborer     (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Spencer DIBBLE,   b. 1791 MA; aged 69y; cooper; brother of Horace     (1860 East Bloomfield Census)



Family of Joseph  DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


Joseph  DIBBLE      b. 1827 NY; aged 33y; farmer   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Mary,         b. 1834 NY; aged 26y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Alice,         b. 1855 NY; aged   5y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Herbert,     b. 1858 NY; aged   2y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Infant girl,   b. Apr 1860; aged 2/12y (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

William DURANT, b. 1844 NY; aged 16y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Mary E. EMMONS,  b. 1842 NY; aged 18y   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)



Family of Joseph A. DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


Joseph A. DIBBLE      b. 1838 NY; aged 22y; farm laborer      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Sarah,     b. 1839 NY; aged 21y          (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Almira,    b. Aug 1859 NY; aged 10/12 y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)



Family of Lewis DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


Lewis DIBBLE    b. 1836 NY; aged 24y; farm labor   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Harriet,   b. 1838 NY; aged 22y     (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Frances,  b. Dec 1859; aged 6/12y  (1860 East Bloomfield Census)



Family of Nellie DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


Nellie DIBBLE   b. 1882 PA; aged 38y; widow; Lens Co. Edger; parents from PA   (1920 Geneva Census)

Leon,      b. 1902 PA; aged 18y; son; single;  Lens Co. Cleaner;  parents from PA    (1920 Geneva Census)

Gladys     b.  1904 NY; aged 16y; daughter; single    (1920 Geneva Census)

Clifford,   b. 1911 NY; aged 9y; son     (1920 Geneva Census)

Marie,      b. 1918 NY; aged 2y; daughter   (1920 Geneva Census)



Family of Osborn  DIBBLE             from Dianne Thomas


Osborn  DIBBLE   b. 1794 MA; aged 66y; farmer  (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Almira,   b. 1818 NY; aged 42y    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)


Family of Solomon DIBBLE              from Dianne Thomas

Solomon DIBBLE, b. 1801 Dutchess Co., NY; wheel-wright; 28yrs in Ontario Co by 1855  (1855,1860, 1865 Manchester Census)

Achsah,        b. 1805 Ontario Co., NY; wife;  birthed 4 children          (1855, 1860,1865 Manchester Census)

Margaret A., b. 1834 Ontario Co., NY; dau; teacher       (1855, 1860 Manchester Census)

Sarah,           b. 1836 Ontario Co., NY; dau; single; tailoress              (1855, 1860,1865 Manchester Census)          

Adeline,         b. 1838 Ontario Co., NY; dau; teacher              (1855,1860 Manchester Census)

Ebenezer Pratt,         b. 1840 Ontario Co., NY; single              (1855, 1865 Manchester Census)

Margaret PRATT,   b. 1778 NH; mother in law; birthed 7 children     (1860,1865 Manchester Census)



Family of James DIRKIN                    from Dianne Thomas


James DIRKIN         b. 1843 Ireland; aged 32y; farm laborer    (1875 Phelps Census)

Jane,       wife     b. 1854 NYC; aged 21y     (1875 Phelps Census)

James,     son      b. 1870 Erie Co.; aged 5y  (1875 Phelps Census)

William,   son      b. Oct 1872 Erie Co.; aged 2 8/12y  (1875 Phelps Census)


Family of Samuel DOUGLAS                    from Dianne Thomas


Samuel DOUGLAS    b. 1825 Rensselaer Co.; aged 50y; farmer   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Waity,     wife    b. 1825 Rensselaer Co.; aged 50y    (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Fred G,   son     b. 1853 Rensselaer Co.; aged 22y; farmer; single   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Mary S.,  dau    b. 1851 Rensselaer Co.; aged 24y; single   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Estella F., dau    b. 1857 Rensselaer Co.; aged 18y; single    (1875 Canandaigua Census)

James S.,  son    b. 1859 Ontario Co.; aged 16y; single   (1875 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Lewis  DOUGLASS                    from Dianne Thomas


Lewis  DOUGLASS     b.  1813 NY; aged 47y; day laborer   (1860 Phelps Census)  pg 122

Mary J.,    b. 1816 NY; aged 44y    (1860 Phelps Census) 

Andrews,  b. 1843 NY; aged 17y    (1860 Phelps Census) 

Ellen,   b.  1842 NY; aged 18y        (1860 Phelps Census) 

Mary,  b.  1854 NY;  aged 6y          (1860 Phelps Census) 

Matilda SHEFFIELD,   b. 1840 NY; aged 20y   (1860 Phelps Census) 

James SHEFFIELD,     b. 1830 NY; aged 30y   (1860 Phelps Census) 


Family of Garret DOYLE                    from Dianne Thomas

Garret DOYLE, b. 1802 Canada; age 48y;  blacksmith   (1850 Manchester Census)

Bridget,    b. 1812 Canada;  age 38y; wife                (1850 Manchester Census)

Bridget,    b. 1829 Canada; aged 21y                        (1850 Manchester Census)

Mary,       b. 1832 Canada; aged 18y                        (1850 Manchester Census)

Arthur,     b. 1833 Canada;  aged 17y;blacksmith      (1850 Manchester Census)

James,      b. 1778 Canada; aged 72y; blacksmith      (1850 Manchester Census)

Thomas,   b. 1838 Canada; aged 12y;           (1850 Manchester Census)

Ann J.,     b. 1840 Canada; aged 10y            (1850 Manchester Census)

John,        b. 1842 Canada; aged 8y              (1850 Manchester Census)

Elizabeth, b. 1844 Canada; aged 6y               (1850 Manchester Census)

William,   b. 1856 Canada; aged 4y               (1850 Manchester Census)

Levina,    b. 1848 Canada; aged 2y;              (1850 Manchester Census)




Family of John DOYLE            from Dianne Thomas


John DOYLE   b. 1861 NY; aged 49y; flour mill laborer; parents from Ireland; married once, 12y  (1910 Canandaigua Census)

Johanna,      b. 1862 MA; aged 48y; Wife; married 2x; 1 birthed/1 living; married 12y       (1910 Canandaigua Census)

Bridget,       b.  1828 Ireland; aged 82y; Mother; parents from Ireland     (1910 Canandaigua Census)

Daniel,         b. 1831 Ireland; aged 79y; Father; parents from Ireland   (1910 Canandaigua Census)

Anna MORIARITY, b. 1836 Ireland; aged 74y; boarder; widow; 5 birthed/2 living       (1910 Canandaigua Census)


Family of Michael DOYLE            from Dianne Thomas

Michael DOYLE, b. 1863 NY; insulation laborer; parents from Ireland   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Katherine,    b. 1866 NY; wife; parents from Ireland; live on Fort Hill Ave.   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

James M.,    b. 1892 NY; son; widower  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Charles A.,   b. 1895 NY; son; single     (1920 Canandaigua Census)

George W.,   b. 1898 NY; son; single     (1920 Canandaigua Census)

John R.,        b. unknown. NY; son      (1920 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Almina DUNHAM                 from Dianne Thomas


Almina DUNHAM, b. 1831 CT; aged 39y; male; farm laborer  (1870 Manchester Census)

Adeline,    b. 1825 NY; aged 35y   (1870 Manchester Census)

Pierce,      b. 1856 NY; aged 14y   (1870 Manchester Census)

George,    b.1858 NY; aged 12y    (1870 Manchester Census)

Edwin,      b.1860 NY; aged 10y    (1870 Manchester Census)

Earl,         b. 1862 NY; aged 8y      (1870 Manchester Census)



Family of Joanna DUTTON                 from Dianne Thomas


Joanna DUTTON    b. 1808 England; aged 67y; widow   (1875 Phelps Census)

Elizabeth BAILEY,  dau   b. 1828 England; aged 47y; widow  (1875 Phelps Census)

Willie BAILEY,      gson  b. 1868 Ontario Co.; aged 7y  (1875 Phelps Census)



Family of John DWYRE            from Dianne Thomas


John DWYRE, b. 1844 Ireland; laborer; parents of foreign birth   (1870 Geneva Census)

Margaret,    b. 1848 Ireland; parents of foreign birth  (1870 Geneva Census)

Mary Ann.,  b. 1868 Canada   (1870 Geneva Census)

Ellen,           b. 1869 NY  (1870 Geneva Census)




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