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Family of Anthony GABRIEL                 from Dianne Thomas

Anthony GABRIEL         b. 1812 CT; aged 63y; farm laborer     (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary,       wife      b. 1812 Wayne Co.; aged 63y    (1875 Manchester Census)

Family of Reuben GALVIN                from Dianne Thomas

Reuben GALVIN, b. July 1828; aged 71y England; parents from England; mail carrier   (1900 Manchester Census)

Mariah,                    b. Jan 1842; aged 58y; NY; married 27y; 2 birthed/1living; parents from NY   (1900 Manchester Census)


Family of Michael GANNON                  from Dianne Thomas

Michael GANNON, b. 1815 Ireland; farmer; lived in Ontario Co. 1y   (1855 Manchester Census)

Mary,    b. 1825 Ireland; wife;  lived in Ontario Co. 1y   (1855 Manchester Census)

Thomas, b. 1853 Ireland; son; lived in Ontario Co. 1y   (1855 Manchester Census)



Family of William GARLOCK                 from Dianne Thomas


William GARLOCK   b.  1869 NY; aged 51y; resides on Grieg St; parents from NY; US Post Master  (1920 Manchester Census)

Nellie,       b. 1868 NY; aged 52y; wife; parents from NY           (1920 Manchester Census)

Laura F,    b. 1893 NY; aged 27y; daughter; bank bookkeeper   (1920 Manchester Census)

E. Terry,    b. 1895 NY; aged 25y; son; Bank teller   (1920 Manchester Census)

Emma,       b.  1898 NY; aged 22y; daughter   (1920 Manchester Census)

Vincent,     b.  1901 NY; aged 19y; son   (1920 Manchester Census)

Evanthe,     b. 1906 NY; aged 14y; son    (1920 Manchester Census)

Albert,       b. 1908 NY; aged 12y; son     (1920 Manchester Census)

Dorothy,    b.  1911 NY; aged 9y; daughter  (1920 Manchester Census)



Family of Hugh GARNETT               from Dianne Thomas


Hugh GARNETT , b. 1796 NY; aged 54y;  gardener  (1850 Seneca Census)

Catharine,     b. 1802 NY; aged 48y        (1850 Seneca Census)

William,        b. 1832 NY; aged 18y        (1850 Seneca Census)

Anna,            b. 1834 NY; aged 16y        (1850 Seneca Census)



Family of Benjamin GATES               from Dianne Thomas


Benjamin GATES     b. 1777 MA; aged 83y   (1860 Phelps Census)

Minerva,   b. 1787 NY; aged 73y     (1860 Phelps Census)



Family of Nathaniel A. GIFFORD               from Dianne Thomas


Nathaniel A. GIFFORD   b. 1827 Rensselaer Co.; aged 48y; farmer  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Mary S.,     wife    b. 1827 Rensselaer Co.; aged 48y  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

E. Augusta,   dau   b. 1854 Rensselaer Co.; aged 21y; single   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

M. Stella,      dau   b. 1860 Rensselaer Co.; aged 15y   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Carrie M.,     dau   b. 1863 Rensselaer Co.; aged 12y   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

George E.,    son    b. 1866 Rensselaer Co.; aged 9y     (1875 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Seymour  GILLETT               from Dianne Thomas


 Seymour  GILLETT    b. 1797  NY;  farmer    (1870 Naples Census)

Maria          b.  1811  CT      (1870 Naples Census)

Horace M.   b. 1817  NY;  farmer     (1870 Naples Census)

Milo             b. 1817 NY; farmer       (1870 Naples Census)

William         b.  1853  NY    (1870 Naples Census)

George         b.  1864  NY     (1870 Naples Census)

Seymour       b.  1866  NY     (1870 Naples Census)



Family of William  GILLETT               from Dianne Thomas


William  GILLETT   b. 1845  NY;  farmer    (1870 Naples Census)

Elizabeth    b.  1848  NY   (1870 Naples Census)

Frank        b.   1865  NY   (1870 Naples Census)

Nionda      b.   1868  NY   (1870 Naples Census)

Marion GILBERT,   b. 1849; farm laborer   (1870 Naples Census)



Family of Jon S. GILLI               from Dianne Thomas


Jon S. GILLI   b. 1822 NY; aged 38y; farmer  (1860 Victor Census)

Sarah,         b. 1809 NY; aged 51y     (1860 Victor Census)

William,      b. 1849 NY; aged 11y     (1860 Victor Census)

Mary,         b. 1851 NY; aged   9y     (1860 Victor Census)

Mareth,      b. 1859 NY; aged   1y     (1860 Victor Census)

Alex,          b. 1857 NY; aged   3y     (1860 Victor Census)

John,          b. 1859 NY; aged   1y     (1860 Victor Census)

John D.,     b. 1776 VT; aged 84y      (1860 Victor Census)

Mary A.,    b. 1790 Ireland; aged 70y     (1860 Victor Census)

Mary FLANNAGAN,   b. 1842 Ireland; aged 18y; domestic      (1860 Victor Census)

Mary MC CARTY,       b. 1845 Canada; aged 15y    (1860 Victor Census)

Edward SEXTON,        b. 1825 Ireland; aged 35y; farm hand  (1860 Victor Census)

Patrick BARRY,            b. 1842 Ireland; aged 18y; farm laborer  (1860 Victor Census)


Family of Thomas GOHEEN               from Dianne Thomas


Thomas GOHEEN, b. 1803 PA; aged 52y; in Ontario Co for 20y; wheelwright  (1855 Manchester Census)

Ann M.,                     b. 1818 PA; aged 27y; wife (1855 Manchester Census)



Family of Spencer GOODING               from Dianne Thomas


Spencer GOODING    b.1830 NY; aged 30y; lawyer  (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Ann,   b. 1836 NY; aged 24y     (1860 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Fred GRACE               from Dianne Thomas


Fred GRACE     b. 1877 NY; aged 43y; farmer; father from Ireland; mother from NY    (1920 Hopewell Census)

Nellie,   b. 1880 NY; aged 40y' wife; parents from NY      (1920 Hopewell Census)

Clemintine LINCOLN,     b. 1840 NY; aged 80y; mother in law; widow; father from MD; mother from NY    (1920 Hopewell Census)

Ida C. LINCOLN,    b.  1869 NY; aged 51y; sister in law; single; parents from NY   (1920 Hopewell Census)



Family of Gideon GRANGER               from Dianne Thomas


Gideon GRANGER   b. 1821 NY; aged 39y; lawyer  (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Isaphine P.,     b. 1828 NY; aged 32y    (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Antoinette P.   b. 1854 NY; aged 6y      (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Isaphine P. Jr. b.  1859 NY; aged 1y     (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Sarah PHILIPS,   b. 1830 Ireland; aged 30y;  domestic   (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Jane MC KALE,   b. 1834 NY; aged 26y; domestic        (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Margaret PAINE   b. 1836 Ireland; aged 24y; domestic   (1860 Canandaigua Census)

William PRITCHARD  b. 1839 England; aged 21y; laborer    (1860 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Ezra GREEN               from Dianne Thomas


Ezra GREEN   b. 1874 NY; aged 46y; R.R. Hostler; resides on Bennett St.; parents of NY   (1920 Manchester Census)

Mabel,     b. 1880 NY; aged 40y; wife; parents from NY   (1920 Manchester Census)

Mildred,   b. 1900 NY; aged 20y; daughter; shoe factory laborer   (1920 Manchester Census)

Bernice,   b. 1901 NY; aged 19y; daughter      (1920 Manchester Census)

Lewis,     b.  1903 NY; aged 17y; son; RR trackman laborer   (1920 Manchester Census)

Howard,  b.  1907 PA; aged 14y; son     (1920 Manchester Census)

James,     b.  1909 NY;  aged 11y; son    (1920 Manchester Census)

Walter,    b.  1910 NY; aged 10y; son     (1920 Manchester Census)

Lillian,     b.   1911 NY; aged 9y; daughter   (1920 Manchester Census)

Bertha,    b.   1913 NY; aged 7y; daughter   (1920 Manchester Census)

Emmett,   b.   1915 NY; aged 5y; son    (1920 Manchester Census)

Clara,      b.    1918 NY; aged 2y; daughter  (1920 Manchester Census)

Willard,   b.   Apr 1919 NY; aged 8m; son   (1920 Manchester Census)



Family of Joseph GREENWAY               from Dianne Thomas


Joseph GREENWAY, b. Feb 1840; aged 60y England; parents from England (1900 Manchester Census)

Anna,     b. Nov 1842; aged 57y NY; wife; birthed 6/5living; married 40y; parents from England (1900 Manchester Census)

William,  b. June 1878; aged 21y NY; son  (1900 Manchester Census)

Franklin, b. Aug 1883; aged 16y NY; son  (1900 Manchester Census)


Family of Joseph Greenway                            from C. Wood     [added Sept 2008]





Death place


Feb 1839

Hampton on the Hill, Warwickshire, England

Feb 3, 1911

Manchester, NY

Hannah (aka Ana) nee Freeman

Nov 1842

Tanworth, Warwickshire, England

Aft 1911 and

bef 1920

Manchester, NY

Thomas B.


Hampton on the Hill, Warwickshire, England

Nov 5, 1900

Manchester, NY



Hampton on the Hill Warwickshire, England

July 29, 1906

Shortsville, NY


Feb 21, 1869

Budbrooke, Warwickshire, England

Feb 10, 1886

Manchester, NY



Manchester, NY

Feb 28, 1890

Manchester, NY


Mar 1873

Manchester, NY

Apr 7, 1936

Geneva, NY

Joseph F. Jr.

Feb 1875

Farmington, NY

Jun 12, 1907

Manchester, NY


Nov 1878

Manchester, NY

May 13, 1939

Manchester, NY


Aug 1883

Manchester, NY

Mar 29, 1943

Manchester, NY






The Greenway family, except for Eliza, is buried at the Brookside Cemetery, Lot 271, Section D, South half near Center Avenue.

Joseph Greenway’s elder sister Ann Greenway was married to James Warner.  Both Ann and James came from Warwickshire, England and settled with their six children in Manchester.  Two of the Warner sons married local girls from the Thomas Hinde family.



Family of Owen GRINELL               from Dianne Thomas


Owen GRINELL      b. 1835 Wayne Co.; aged 40y; farmer   (1875 Phelps Census)

Clara,    wife     b. 1841 MA; aged 34y   (1875 Phelps Census)

Elta,       dau     b. 1859 WI; aged 16y    (1875 Phelps Census)

Adelia,   dau     b. 1863 WI; aged 12y    (1875 Phelps Census)

Christopher WALDORF,  b. 1846 Germany; aged 29y; farm laborer   (1875 Phelps Census)



Family of Carl GUELZOW               from Dianne Thomas


Carl GUELZOW    b. 1861 Germany; farmer; Imm. 1886; Nat. 1891; parents from Germany  (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Johanna,    b.  1865 Germany; wife; Imm. 1891; Nat 1892; parents from Germany  (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Johanna,    b.  1896  NY;  daughter; single; teacher; resides on Chapin Schoolhouse Rd.   (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)

Carl,          b.  1903  NY; son; farm laborer  (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)  died 1971

Herbert,     b.  1905  NY; son; farm laborer  (1920 E. Bloomfield Census)



Family of Frank W. HADLOW              from Dianne Thomas


Frank W. HADLOW    b. 1864 England; aged 56y; Candy merchant; Imm. 1884; Nat. 1890; parents from England  (1920 Geneva Census)

Sarah,    b. 1868 Ireland; aged 52y; wife; Imm. 1886; Nat. 1894; parents from Ireland   (1920 Geneva Census)

Isabelle,  b. 1900 NY; aged 20y; daughter   (1920 Geneva Census)

David,     b. 1903 NY; aged 17y; son    (1920 Geneva Census)


Family of James HALLETT               from Dianne Thomas

James HALLETT, b. 1814 England; farmer; lived in Ontario Co. only 6m.;   (1855 Manchester Census)

Maria,       b. 1815 England; wife      (1855 Manchester Census)

Elizabeth,   b. 1843 England; dau      (1855 Manchester Census)

Marthur,     b.1845 England; son      (1855 Manchester Census)

Maria,        b.1846 England; dau      (1855 Manchester Census)

Mary,         b.1847 England; dau      (1855 Manchester Census)

James,        b. 1849 England; son     (1855 Manchester Census)

Rebeca,      b. 1851 England; dau     (1855 Manchester Census)

Caroline,     b. Oct 1854 Wayne Co., NY; dau      (1855 Manchester Census)



Family of David W.  HALLOCK              from Dianne Thomas


David W.  HALLOCK    b. 1829 England; aged 46y; farmer  (1875 Richmond Census)

Selma,     wife     b. 1836 England; aged 39y    (1875 Richmond Census)

George,   son      b. 1857 Ontario Co.; aged 18y   (1875 Richmond Census)

Frank,     son      b. 1859 Ontario Co.; aged 16y    (1875 Richmond Census)

John,       son      b. 1861 Ontario Co.; aged 14y    (1875 Richmond Census)

Emma,     dau      b. 1863 Ontario Co.; aged 12y   (1875 Richmond Census)

Alice,       dau      b. 1868 Ontario Co.; aged 7y     (1875 Richmond Census)

Edith,       dau      b.  1871 Ontario Co.; aged 4y     (1875 Richmond Census)

Maud,      dau      b. Sept 1873 Ontario Co.; aged 1 9/12y    (1875 Richmond Census)


Family of Frank  HALLOCK              from Dianne Thomas


Frank  HALLOCK   b.  1859 NY; aged 61y; resides on Canandaigua Rd.; parents from England; farmer   (1920 Bristol Census)

Margaret J.,                b.  1865  NY; aged 55y; wife; father from NY; mother from Canada   (1920 Bristol Census)



Family of George N.  HALLOCK              from Dianne Thomas


George N.  HALLOCK    b. 1892 NY; aged 28y; resides next door to Frank Hallock; parents from NY;  farmer  (1920 Bristol Census)

Leona,                                b.  1897 NY; aged 23y; wife; father from NY; mother from Canada    (1920 Bristol Census)



Family of John HALLOCK              from Dianne Thomas


John HALLOCK   b. 1813  NY;  laborer   (1870 Phelps Census)

Mary     b.  1813  NY  (1870 Phelps Census)

Daniel    b.  1846  NY  (1870 Phelps Census)

Carl N.  b.  1851  NY  (1870 Phelps Census)

Helen E. b.  1854  NY  (1870 Phelps Census)



Family of Rebecca HARRINGTON           from Dianne Thomas


Rebecca HARRINGTON  b. 1796 CT, widow;    (1870 Manchester Census)  nee SHERMAN; maternal aunt to Dr. John PRATT



Family of Mary E. HARPER                   from Dianne Thomas


Mary E. HARPER      b. 1835 NY; aged 75y; parents from NY;  married 45y; 1 birthed/1 living (1910 Canandaigua Census)

John,      husband          b. 1834 NY; aged 76y;  parents from England    (1910 Canandaigua Census)

Mrya,     adopted dau   b. 1854 NY; aged 36y; single; natural parents from Holland;   printer   (1910 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Alfred HARRISON           from Dianne Thomas


Alfred HARRISON, b. 1873 NY; parents from NY; works for Cutlery Co.     (1920 Geneva Census)

Ada,            b. 1878 NC; wife; father from PA; mother from NC     (1920 Geneva Census)

Marjorie,     b. 1912 NY; dau          (1920 Geneva Census)

Homifred?,  b. 1916 NY; dau          (1920 Geneva Census)

Marian,       b. June 1918 NY; dau   (1920 Geneva Census)

Clara ALLEN,            b. 1868 NC; mother in law    (1920 Geneva Census)

Thomas A. ALLEN,   b. 1894 NY; brother in law; telephone installer      (1920 Geneva Census)

Malcolm ALLEN,       b. 1900 NY; brother in law; buffer at Cutlery Co. (1920 Geneva Census)



Family of F. H. HATCH      from Dianne Thomas


F. H. HATCH   b. 1805  NY;  farmer    (1870 Naples Census)

Elizabeth             b. 1824  NY     (1870 Naples Census)

Jane                    b.  1847  NY    (1870 Naples Census)

Salem                  b.  1850  NY   (1870 Naples Census)

Martin                 b.  1859  NY    (1870 Naples Census)

Albert                 b.  1861  NY    (1870 Naples Census)

Frank                 b.    1863  NY  (1870 Naples Census)

Sally                   b.  1789  NY    (1870 Naples Census)

Marietta              b.  1817  NY   (1870 Naples Census)



Family of Ann HATFIELD      from Dianne Thomas


Ann HATFIELD, b. 1805 England   (1850 Manchester Census)

Emma,  b. 1836 NY   (1850 Manchester Census)

Harriet, b. 1842 NY   (1850 Manchester Census)



Family of Timothy HAWKINS       from Dianne Thomas


Timothy HAWKINS, b. 1815 Ireland; age 35y; laborer  (1850 Manchester Census)

Mary,     b. 1820 Ireland; aged 30y    (1850 Manchester Census)

Mary J., b. 1846 NY; aged 4y  (1850 Manchester Census)

Ellen,      b. 1848 NY; aged 2y  (1850 Manchester Census)

John,      b. Feb 1850; aged 4/12    (1850 Manchester Census)



Family of Ellen HAYATT       from    Dianne Thomas


Ellen HAYATT     b.  1840 England; aged 80y; widow; Imm. 1871; Nat. 1879; parents from England   (1920 Geneva Census)

Harry,       b.  1869 England; aged 51y; son; single;  Imm. 1871; Nat 1879; parents from England; Nursery laborer   (1920 Geneva Census)

William,     b.  1876 NY; aged 44y; son; single; Nursery laborer    (1920 Geneva Census)

Walter,      b.  1880 NY; aged 40y; son; single; Nursery laborer     (1920 Geneva Census)



Family of Frank HAYES             from    Dianne Thomas


Frank HAYES   b.1844 Monroe Co.; aged 31y; harness maker   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Harriet,     wife     b. 1847 Ontario Co.; aged 28y    (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Minnie,      dau     b. 1868 Ontario Co.; aged  7y     (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Harvey G., son     b. Jan 1875 Ontario Co.; aged 1 5/12y    (1875 Canandaigua Census)


Family of Mrs. HAYS             from    Dianne Thomas


Mrs. HAYS,   b. 1825 Ireland; aged 50y; widow   (1875 Phelps Census) 

John,    son      b. 1854 Ontario Co.; aged 221y; farmer; single  (1875 Phelps Census) 


Family of Dennis HEFFRON             from    Dianne Thomas


Dennis HEFFRON      b. 1840 Ireland; aged 35y; RR worker   (1875 Manchester Census)

Eliza,       wife        b. 1848 Ireland; aged 27y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Peter,      son         b. 1870 Ontario Co.; aged 5y    (1875 Manchester Census)

William,   son         b. Apr 1873 Ontario Co.; aged 2 2/12y    (1875 Manchester Census)

Kate,       dau         b. Apr 1875 Ontario Co.; aged 2/12y    (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of Edward HENAHAN          from    Dianne Thomas


Edward HENAHAN,  b. 1830 Ireland; Railroad laborer   (1870 Victor Census)

Bridget,     b. 1832 Ireland            (1870 Victor Census)

John,         b.  1858  NY     (1870 Victor Census)

Martin J.,  b.  1860   NY     (1870 Victor Census)

Mary A.,   b. 1862   NY      (1870 Victor Census)

Sarah J.,    b.  1866  NY      (1870 Victor Census)

Maggie      b.   1867  NY     (1870 Victor Census)

Edward     b.  1867   NY     (1870 Victor Census)  



Family of Bartholomew HENNESEY          from Dianne Thomas


Bartholomew HENNESEY   b.1815 Ireland; aged 60yr; farmer   (1875 Phelps Census)

Sarah,    wife    b. 1817 Ireland; aged 58y  (1875 Phelps Census)

James,    son     b. 1856 Ontario Co.; aged 19y; single    (1875 Phelps Census)


Family of Edward HERALD           from Dianne Thomas

Edward HERALD, b. 1811 Saratoga Co., NY; aged 44y; blacksmith; lived in Ontario Co. 20y    (1855 Manchester Census)

Elizabeth,    b. 1812 Saratoga Co., NY; aged 43y;  wife      (1855 Manchester Census)

Moses,       b. 1835 Saratoga Co., NY; aged 21y; son           (1855 Manchester Census)

Cynthia,      b. 1840 Ontario Co., NY; aged 15y; dau            (1855 Manchester Census)



Family of George HEWITT                 from Dianne Thomas


George HEWITT      b. 1844 Ontario Co.; aged 31y; farmer  (1875 Richmond Census)

Martha,  wife     b. 1845 Ontario Co.; aged 30y    (1875 Richmond Census)


Family of Hattie HICKOK                  from Dianne Thomas

Hattie HICKOK,    b. 1853 NY; single; parents from NY     (1920 Canadice Census)

Emma S. HUNT,     b. 1856 NY; sister; widowed (1920 Canadice Census)

James E. BARNS,   b. 1898; boarder; single; father from NY; mother from England    (1920 Canadice Census)

Family of Michael HILL                from Dianne Thomas

Michael HILL     b.  1837 Ireland; aged 83y; widower; Imm. 1856; Nat. 1861; parents from Ireland  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

James HENDERSON,   b. 1893 NY; aged 27y; grandson; single; parents from NY; Canning Co. laborer   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Emily HENDERSON,    b. 1897 NY; aged 23y; grand dau; single; resides on Chapel St.   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Charles HENDERSON, b. 1899 NY; aged 21y; grandson; single     (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Louis HENDERSON,   b. 1902; aged 18y; grandson; single; driver at Grocery store   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Alice ALLEN,           b. 1894 NY; aged 26y; grand dau; married   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Edward ALLEN,       b. 1894 NY; aged 26y; grand son in law; husb of Alice; tracer at transfer office    (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Katherine ALLEN,    b. 1918 NY; aged 2y; great grand dau     (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Francis E. ALLEN,    b. July 1919 NY; aged 6m; great grandson      (1920 Canandaigua Census) (see SSDI 7/18/1919-12/1987)



Family of Perry HOLCOMB              from Dianne Thomas


Perry HOLCOMB     b.  1797 CT; aged 63y; farmer     (1860 South Bristol)

Lydia C.,      b.  1832 NY; aged 28y       (1860 South Bristol)

Pierson SECOIR,   b. 1820 NY; aged 40y   (1860 South Bristol)



Family of Albert HOLMES              from Dianne Thomas


Albert HOLMES, b. 1818 Oneida Co., NY; aged 37y; living in Ontario Co. 2y; milling business (1855 Manchester Census)

Catherine, b. 1829 Ontario Co.; aged 26y; wife; living in Ontario Co. 26y   (1855 Manchester Census)  

George, b. 1848 Oneida Co.; aged 7y; son;  living in Ontario Co. 2y    (1855 Manchester Census)  

Clarry, b.1850 Oneida Co.; aged 5y; dau; living in Ontario Co. 2y    (1855 Manchester Census)  

Charles, b. 1853 Oneida Co.; aged 2y; dau;  living in Ontario Co. 2y    (1855 Manchester Census)  



Family of John F. HOLMES              from Dianne Thomas


John F. HOLMES    b. 1855 NY; aged 65y; resides on Middle Rd.; parents from NY; farmer    (1920 Canadice Census)

Ella F.,          b.   1863 NY; aged 57y; wife; parents from NY     (1920 Canadice Census)

Merton W.,   b. 1899 NY; aged 21y; son; single; farm laborer     (1920 Canadice Census)


Family of Victor HOPKINS               from Dianne Thomas

Victor HOPKINS     b. 1786 MA;  farmer    (1870 Richmond Census)

Betsey        b.  1795  PA     (1870 Richmond Census)

Orville H.    b.  1834  NY  ; farmer     (1870 Richmond Census)

Martha        b.  1839  NY           (1870 Richmond Census)

Willis E.      b.   1865 NY           (1870 Richmond Census)

Charles NORGATE,   b. 1853  NY; farm laborer    (1870 Richmond Census)

Ella O'BRIEN,     b. 1851 Ireland;  domestic     (1870 Richmond Census)


Family of Wayland F. HOPKINS               from Dianne Thomas

Wayland F. HOPKINS   b. 1854 NY; aged 66y; resides on Hopkins Rd; parents from NY; farmer    (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Cora,            b . 1867 NY;  aged 53y; wife; parents from NY   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Elizabeth,       b. 1897 NY; aged 23y; single; dau; college student   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Randolph I.,   b. 1899 NY; aged 21y; single; son; farmer   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Amelia,          b. 1848 NY; aged 72y; single; sister   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Alice,             b. 1859 NY; aged 61y; single; sister   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Anna,             b. 1861 NY; aged 59y; single; sister   (1920 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Isaac HOUSON              from Dianne Thomas


Isaac HOUSON   b.1819 NY; aged 31y; farmer  (1850 Seneca Census)

Mary,       b. 1821 NY; aged 29y    (1850 Seneca Census)

Malissa,    b. 1845 NY; aged 5y       (1850 Seneca Census)

Alonzo,     b. 1846 NY; aged 4y       (1850 Seneca Census)

Seward K.,  b.  Dec 1849 NY; aged 7/12y   (1850 Seneca Census)



Family of David HUDSON              from Dianne Thomas


David HUDSON, b. 1782 NY; lawyer  (1850 Seneca Census)

Hilly,      b. 1802 NJ    (1850 Seneca Census)

Mary,     b. 1826 NY  (1850 Seneca Census)

Caroline, b. 1828 NY   (1850 Seneca Census)

Sarah,     b. 1831 NY    (1850 Seneca Census)

Edward,  b. 1833 NY; clerk     (1850 Seneca Census)

Mary NEWLAND, b. 1826 Ireland   (1850 Seneca Census)



Family of Peter HUNTING           from Dianne Thomas


Peter HUNTING      b. 1812 NJ; aged 63y; paper mill worker   (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary,      wife      b. 1819 Schnectady, NY; aged 56y    (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of Elijah HURLBUT                   from Dianne Thomas


Elijah HURLBUT,  b. 1791 CT; aged 69y; farmer  (1860 South Bristol)

Rhoda,      b. 1800 CT;  aged 60y     (1860 South Bristol)

Mary A.,   b. 1843 NY; aged 17y     (1860 South Bristol)

Reuben PLACE,   b. 1835 NY; aged 25y; laborer   (1860 South Bristol)



Family of Eli HUTCHINSON              from Dianne Thomas


Eli HUTCHINSON   b. 1801 NY; aged 59y; blacksmith   (1860 Canadice Census)

Huldy,     b. 1808 NY;  aged 52y    (1860 Canadice Census)

Martha,   b. 1830 NY; aged 30y     (1860 Canadice Census)

Samuel,   b. 1848 NY; aged 12y     (1860 Canadice Census)



Family of Dan HYDE              from Dianne Thomas


Dan HYDE, b. 1806 CT; farmer; lived in Ontario Co. 3yr  (1855 Manchester Census)

Margetta,       b. 1815 CT; wife; lived in Ontario Co. 3yr  (1855 Manchester Census)

Malinda,         b. 1831 Cattaraugus Co., NY; dau; (1855 Manchester Census)

Lucian,           b. 1833  Cattaraugus Co., NY; son; (1855 Manchester Census)

Charlotte,       b. 1840 Cattaraugus Co., NY; dau; (1855 Manchester Census)

Edwin,            b. 1843 Cattaraugus Co., NY; son; (1855 Manchester Census)

Ellen,              b. 1843 Cattaraugus Co., NY; dau; (1855 Manchester Census)

Jarvis M.,       b. 1846 Cattaraugus Co., NY; son; (1855 Manchester Census)

Celia,             b. 1851 Ontario Co., NY; dau  (1855 Manchester Census)



Family of Marietta  HYDE              from Dianne Thomas


Marietta  HYDE,   b. 1815 US; aged 77y   (1892 Manchester Census)

Edwin,   b. 1842 US;  aged 50y   (1892 Manchester Census)

Elmer,    b. 1882 US;  aged 10y   (1892 Manchester Census)



Family of Mary HYDE              from Dianne Thomas


Mary HYDE, b. Jan 1852 NY; married 26y; 3births/3living; parents from NY; married, but no spouse listed  (1900 Manchester Census)

Frank,       b. Jan 1875 NY; son; aged 25y; drill shop employee; father from NJ; mother from NY  (1900 Manchester Census)

Lottie,       b. Oct 1882 NY; dau; aged 17y   (1900 Manchester Census)

Dora C.,   b. Aug 1886 NY; dau; aged 13y; at school   (1900 Manchester Census)



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