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Family of Hiram PAGE              from Dianne Thomas  

Hiram PAGE         b. 1815 ME; aged 60y; laborer   (1875 Manchester Census)

Arvilla      wife          b. 1832 Steuben Co.; aged 43y  (1875 Manchester Census)

W. J. REDFIELD         son      b. 1845 Ontario Co.; aged 30y; bagger at ULC & HR    (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary A. REDFIELD    dau      b.1851 Ontario Co.; aged 24y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Harley P. REDFIELD   gson    b. Nov 1873 Ontario Co.; aged 1 7/12y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Family of Jay L. PALMER      from Dianne Thomas  

Jay L. PALMER   b. 1868 NY; aged 52y; RR messenger; parents from NY    (1920 Geneva Census)

Minnie,    b. 1869 PA; aged 51y; wife; parents from CT    (1920 Geneva Census)

Eleanor,   b. 1905 NY; aged 15y; daughter; single   (1920 Geneva Census)

Ida,         b. 1912 NY; aged 8y; daughter     (1920 Geneva Census)

Frank BAIRD,      b. 1853 NY; aged 67y; boarder; widower; Carpenter; parents of NY  (1920 Geneva Census)

Charles E. BILL.,  b. 1899 NY; aged 21y; boarder; single; Machine shop laborer; parents of NY   (1920 Geneva Census)


Family of George A. PARDEE                  from Dianne Thomas  


George A. PARDEE         b. 1821 Ontario Co.; aged 54y; farmer; widower   (1875 Manchester Census)

Rhoda,     sister        b. 1821 Ontario Co.; aged 54y;   widow     (1875 Manchester Census)

John WILBUR       b. 1839 Wayne Co.; aged 36y; farm laborer   (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of George A. PARDEE                  from Dianne Thomas  


George A. PARDEE      b. 1842 Ontario Co.; aged 33 y; farmer   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Elizabeth,    wife    b. 1848 Wayne Co.; aged 27y   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Bertha,        dau    b. 1869 Ontario Co.; aged 6y   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Cora,          dau    b. 1871 Ontario Co.; aged 4y    (1875 Canandaigua Census)

George A.,  son    b. 1872 Ontario Co.; aged 2y   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Mary,          dau    b. May 1875 Ontario Co.; aged 1/12  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Sarah,     mother   b. 1807 Ontario Co.; aged 68y; widow   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Charles DIETZ     b. 1859 Ontario Co.; aged 16y; laborer   (1875 Canandaigua Census)


Family of Harman L. PARMELE               from Dianne Thomas  


Harman L. PARMELE     b. 1808 NY; aged 52y; farmer  (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Julia,        b. 1820 NY; aged 40y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Clarissa,   b. 1840 NY; aged 20y     (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Caroline,  b. 1842 NY; aged 18y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Mary,       b. 1844 NY; aged 16y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Martha,    b. 1846 NY; aged 14y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Millard,    b. 1848 NY; aged 12y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Adaline,   b. 1851 NY; aged   9y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Francis,    b. 1853 NY; aged   7y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Friend,     b.  1856 NY; aged   4y     (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Frederick GRANGER,   b. 1775 CT; aged 85y; farm laborer    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)


Family of Winfield S. PARRISH      from Dianne Thomas  


Winfield S. PARRISH   b. 1842 Ontario Co.; aged 33y; farmer  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Annie,    wife         b. 1854 IN; aged 21y   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Mary,     dau         b. May 1874;  aged 1 1/12  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Sarah GALULA,  b. 1853 Ontario Co.; aged 22y;  servant - maid;  single  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Richard HOWARD    b. 1852 Ontario Co.; aged 23y;  servant; single  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Michael CROWLEY   b. 1856 Ontario Co.; aged 19y; servant; single   (1875 Canandaigua Census)



Family of William PARSHALL      from Dianne Thomas  


William PARSHALL, b. 1827 Ontario Co.; aged 38y; laborer   (1865 Manchester Census)

Caroline,     b. 1842 PA; aged 23y; birthed 2 children   (1865 Manchester Census)

Ellen J.,       b. 1860 Ontario Co.; aged 5y; dau  (1865 Manchester Census)

Anna A.,     b. Dec 1862; aged 2 6/12y; dau      (1865 Manchester Census)

Sarah A. HOPKINS,    b. 1849 Allegany Co., NY; aged 16y; niece    (1865 Manchester Census)

Amanda E. PHILLIPS, b. 1846 Queens Co., NY; aged 19y;  sis in law  (1865 Manchester Census)


Family of Julian PARTRIDGE      from Dianne Thomas  

Julian PATRIDGE, b. 1831 Ontario Co, NY; farmer    (1855 Manchester Census)

Adelia,      b. 1833 Ontario Co., NY; wife    (1855 Manchester Census)

Ellen,         b. Jan 1855Ontario Co., NY; dau  (1855 Manchester Census)


Family of Eliza PAST                   from Dianne Thomas


Eliza PAST,   b. 1824 US; aged 68y    (1892 Manchester Census)

Flora,   b. 1854 US; aged 38y; milliner    (1892 Manchester Census)



Family of David PAYNE                   from Dianne Thomas


David PAYNE            b. 1805 Ontario Co.; aged 70y; farmer   (1875 Manchester Census)

Samantha,    wife     b. 1808 Ontario Co.; aged 67y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Cuyler,         son      b. 1837 Ontario Co.; aged 38y;  farmer;  single    (1875 Manchester Census)

Eugene,        son      b. 1850 Ontario Co.; aged 25y; farmer;  married  (1875 Manchester Census)

Elva,            dil        b.  1855 Ontario Co.; aged 20y; wife of Eugene   (1875 Manchester Census)

Andrew BON         b. 1852 Ireland; aged 23y; farm laborer    (1875 Manchester Census)

Eliza SATTER       b. 1859 England; aged 16y; domestic       (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of  Hiram  PECK            from Dianne Thomas  


Hiram  PECK       b.  1791 CT; aged 69y; farmer   (1860 Phelps Census)

Siba,       b. 1796 MA; aged 64y    (1860 Phelps Census)

Horace.,  b. 1832 NY;  aged 28y   (1860 Phelps Census)

William,   b. 1820 NY; aged 40y    (1860 Phelps Census)

Charles,   b. 1855 NY; aged   5y    (1860 Phelps Census)

Harrison,  b. 1857 NY; aged   3y    (1860 Phelps Census)

Lucy D. GREEN,   b. 1847 NY; aged 13y   (1860 Phelps Census)



Family of  Thomas PECK            from Dianne Thomas  


Thomas PECK,  b. 1795 RI; aged 65y; farmer   (1860 Bristol Census)

Lucinda,    b. 1796 NY; aged 64y    (1860 Bristol Census)

Lucinda,    b. 1832 NY; aged 28y    (1860 Bristol Census)

Adelaide,  b. 1834 NY; aged 26y     (1860 Bristol Census)

David,      b. 1836 NY; aged 24y; farmer    (1860 Bristol Census)

James,      b. 1838 NY; aged 22y; farmer     (1860 Bristol Census)

Family of  Jacob PHILIP                  from Dianne Thomas  


Jacob PHILIP          b. 1843 Jefferson Co.; aged 32y; farmer  (1875 Manchester Census)

Margaret,      wife       b. 1841 Ontario Co.; aged 34y    (1875 Manchester Census)

William,         son        b. 1868 Wayne Co.; aged  7y     (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of  David PHIPPS          from Dianne Thomas


David PHIPPS  b. 1830 England; aged 45y; butcher;  naturalized;  lost left arm   (1875 Manchester Census)

Bridget,    wife     b. 1846 Ireland; aged 44y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Hattie,       dau     b. 1858 Ontario Co.; aged 17y; single    (1875 Manchester Census)

Charles,    son      b. 1860 Ontario Co.; aged 15y; paper mill worker    (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary,       dau      b. 1862 Ontario Co.; aged 13y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Julia,         dau      b. 1862 Ontario Co.; aged 13y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Sarah,       dau      b. 1865 Ontario Co.; aged 10y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Nellie,       dau      b. 1867 Ontario Co.; aged  8y      (1875 Manchester Census)

Emily,       dau      b. 1869 Ontario Co.; aged   6y      (1875 Manchester Census)

Maggie,    dau      b. 1871 Ontario Co.; aged   4y      (1875 Manchester Census)

David Jr.,  son      b. 1874 Ontario Co.; aged   1y      (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of  Dennis PIERCE            from Dianne Thomas  


Dennis PIERCE    b. 1804 VT; aged 56y; farmer   (1860 South Bristol)

Sally,     b. 1815 NY; aged 45y          (1860 South Bristol)

Almira L.,   b.  1846 NY;  aged 14y   (1860 South Bristol)

Amelia L.,  b.  1849 NY; aged 11y     (1860 South Bristol)

Ellen M.,    b.  1851 NY; aged  9y      (1860 South Bristol)

Hiram E.,   b.  1852 NY; aged  8y      (1860 South Bristol)

Eliza L.      b.   1856 NY; aged 4y      (1860 South Bristol)



Family of  Charles PIERPONT            from Dianne Thomas  


Charles PIERPONT ,  b. 1802  CT, farmer     (1870 Richmond Census)

Candis    b.  1800  CT           (1870 Richmond Census)

John       b.   1830  NY          (1870 Richmond Census)  

Family of  Richard S. PIERSON              from Dianne Thomas  


Richard S. PIERSON   b. 1831 NY; aged 44y; retired druggist  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Mary C.,    wife               b. 1839 Rensselaer Co.; aged 36y   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Charles B.,  son               b. 1859 WI; aged 16y; single   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Catharine LITLE,           b. 1833 Ireland; aged 42y; house maid; single  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Mary MC LAREN,       b. 1830 Ireland; aged 45y; cook; single   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

William YOUNG,           b. 1846 VA; aged 29y; black; butler; single  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Antoinette PIERSON,  sister     b. 1822 NY; aged 53y; retired income  (1875 Canandaigua Census)


Family of  Edward PIPER               from Dianne Thomas  


Edward PIPER, b. 1813 NY; farmer  (1850 Manchester Census) 

Lucinda,  b. 1816 NY    (1850 Manchester Census) 

Mary A., b. 1837 NY    (1850 Manchester Census) 

Malita,  b. 1839 NY       (1850 Manchester Census) 

Orra J., b. 1842 NY       (1850 Manchester Census) 

Artimus, b. 1844 NY      (1850 Manchester Census) 

Edward, b. 1849 NY      (1850 Manchester Census) 

Lucinda, b. Oct 1849   aged 9/12   (1850 Manchester Census) 


Family of  Orrin P. PIXLEY              from Dianne Thomas  


Orrin P. PIXLEY, b. 1809 St. Lawrence Co., NY; aged 56y; shoemaker  (1865 Manchester Census)

Naomi,   wife           b. 1810 Ontario Co.; aged 55y;   (1865 Manchester Census)

Mary O. PIXLEY,   adopted dau     b. 1849 Wayne Co., NY; aged 16y  (1865 Manchester Census)

Family of  Arthur POLAND          from Dianne Thomas  

Arthur POLAND, b. 1810 Ireland; farmer; lived in Ontario Co. only 6 mo;  (1855 Manchester Census)

Jane,          b. 1825 Ireland; wife       (1855 Manchester Census)

Isabella,     b. 1840 Scotland             (1855 Manchester Census)

Arthur,       b. 1841 Scotland             (1855 Manchester Census)

Jane,          b. 1843 Scotland             (1855 Manchester Census)

Sarah,        b. 1845 Scotland             (1855 Manchester Census)

Charles,     b. 1846 Ireland                (1855 Manchester Census)

John,          b. 1850 Ireland                (1855 Manchester Census)

Anna,         b. 1852 Canandaigua, NY            (1855 Manchester Census)  

Patrick,      b. May 1855, Ontario Co, NY      (1855 Manchester Census)


Family of  Sylvanius B. POND          from Dianne Thomas  


Sylvanius B. POND      b. 1792 MA; aged 68y; Insurance agent    (1860 Phelps Census)

Ann,         b. 1799 NY; aged 61y    (1860 Phelps Census)

Emeline,   b.  1860 NY; aged 30y    (1860 Phelps Census)


Family of Joshua PORTER              from Dianne Thomas  

Joshua PORTER, b: 1804 MA (1860 Phelps Census)

Sally,      b: 1804 CT; wife of Joshua (1860 Phelps Census)

Clarissa, b:1843 NY (1860 Phelps Census)
Cynthia M., b: 1844 NY (1860 Phelps Census)
Sarah J.,      b: 1846 NY (1860 Phelps Census)
Almina,        b: 1834 NY (1860 Phelps Census) 


Family of Abram E. POST               from Dianne Thomas


Abram E. POST   b. 1846 Ulster Co.; aged 29y; physician; single    (1875 Manchester Census)



Family of Morey  POWER               from Dianne Thomas


Morey  POWER    b. 1837 NY; aged 23y; farmer  (1860 Farmington Census)

Esther,      b. 1840 NY; aged 20y     (1860 Farmington Census)

Adalaid,    b. 1857 NY; aged 3y       (1860 Farmington Census)

Luke,        b. 1859 NY; aged 1y       (1860 Farmington Census)

David POLLACK, b. 1835 Ireland; aged 20y; farm hand   (1860 Farmington Census)



Family of Moses  POWER Sr.            from Dianne Thomas


Moses  POWER Sr.    b. 1774 MA; aged 86y; farmer   (1860 Farmington Census)

Elizabeth,      b. 1797 NY; aged 63y   (1860 Farmington Census)

P. Robert,     b. 1833 NY; aged 27y; farmer    (1860 Farmington Census)

Martha,        b.  1839 NY; aged 21y   (1860 Farmington Census)

William L.,    b. Dec 1859 NY; aged 6/12y      (1860 Farmington Census)

Theodore GORGH,   b. 1843 NY; aged 17y; farm hand    (1860 Farmington Census)



Family of Waterman  POWER               from Dianne Thomas


Waterman  POWER   b. 1810 NY; aged 50y; farmer  ; resides next door to Morey POWER (1860 Farmington Census)

Catherine,             b. 1816 NY; aged 44y    (1860 Farmington Census)

Mark H. Sibley,    b. 1841 NY; aged 19y    (1860 Farmington Census)

Phebe Imogen,      b. 1843 NY; aged 17y    (1860 Farmington Census)

W.D.W. (son)       b. 1847 NY; aged 13y    (1860 Farmington Census)

Zimroda,               b. 1853 NY; aged 7y       (1860 Farmington Census)



Family of Waterman D. POWER               from Dianne Thomas


Waterman D. POWER     b.  1845 NY; aged 75y; resides on Main St.; parents from NY   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Helen L.,    b. 1842 NY; aged 78y; wife;  parents from NY   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Hazel A.,    b. 1896 NY; aged 24y; daughter; single    (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Family of Albert PRATT               from Dianne Thomas


Albert PRATT     b. 1848 NY; aged 72y; Canning laborer; parents from NY  (1920 Manchester Census)

Agnes T.,   b. 1850 England; aged 70y; Canning Laborer; parents from England  (1920 Manchester Census)


Family of Agustus  PRATT               from Dianne Thomas


Agustus  PRATT, b. 1832 NY; aged 28y; male; farmer   (1860 Manchester Census)

Sarah,     b. 1835 CT; aged 25y; female  (1860 Manchester Census)

Jennie,    b. 1855 NY; aged 5y; female    (1860 Manchester Census)

Jessie,     b. 1856 NY; aged 4y; female    (1860 Manchester Census)

George,   b. 1857 NY; aged 3y; male      (1860 Manchester Census)

Albert,     b. 1859 NY; aged 8/12; male   (1860 Manchester Census)


Family of Edwin PRATT               from Dianne Thomas


Edwin PRATT    b. 1850 NY; aged 70y; cashier; resides on Foster Ave; parents from NY   (1920 Manchester Census)

Belle G.,                b. 1852 MI; aged 68y; wife; parents from Scotland    (1920 Manchester Census)

Family of E. PRATT               from Dianne Thomas


E. PRATT, b. 1832 NY; aged 28y; male   (1860 Gorham Census)

E.,            b. 1786 RI; aged 74y; female    (1860 Gorham Census)

A.,            b. 1816 NY; aged 44y; male; gentleman   (1860 Gorham Census)

Julia,         b. 1824 NY; aged 36y; female (1860 Gorham Census)

Mary M.,  b. 1820 NY; aged 40y; teacher; female  (1860 Gorham Census)

R.F.,         b. 1834 NY; aged 26y; farmer; male   (1860 Gorham Census)

S.,             b. 1835 NY; aged 25y; female  (1860 Gorham Census)

A.H.,         b. 1869; aged 1y    (1860 Gorham Census)


Family of Elkanah PRATT               from Dianne Thomas


 Elkanah PRATT Jr., b.1817 NY; aged 43y; farmer   (1860 Manchester Census)

Mary K.,       b. 1825 NY;  aged 35y   (1860 Manchester Census)

Edwin,           b. 1848 NY; aged 12y    (1860 Manchester Census)

Frank A.,       b. 1850; aged 10y          (1860 Manchester Census)

Kingsley W.,  b. 1851; aged 9y            (1860 Manchester Census)

Harriet S.,      b. 1855; aged 5y            (1860 Manchester Census)

Richmond P., b. 1858; aged 2y            (1860 Manchester Census)

Sophia F.,      b. 1810; aged 50y          (1860 Manchester Census)

Adaline D.,    b. 1814; aged 46y; seamstress   (1860 Manchester Census)

Family of Dr. John R. PRATT               from Dianne Thomas  


Dr. John PRATT,   b: 1827 NY; aged 43y; medical doctor   (1860 &1870 Manchester Census)    brother to Augustus

Mary L. (HAHN)      b.  1836 NY; aged 34y;  wife    (1860 & 1870 Manchester Census)

Clara E. HAHN        b.   1838 NY; aged 22y  (1860 Manchester Census)  (sis in law)

Ida C.                       b.   1855 NY; aged 5y   (1860 Manchester Census)

Mary                         b.  1864  NY; aged 6y     (1870 Manchester Census)

John W.                    b.   1865  NY; aged 5y     (1870 Manchester Census)

Frank H.                   b.   1868  NY; aged 2y     ( 1860 & 1870 Manchester Census)

J. P.  FAUROT        b.    1821 NY; aged 39y NY  (1860 Manchester Census) 

Mary LATZ              b.   1800 Prussia; aged 80y;   domestic  (1860 Manchester Census)

William DECKER Jr. b.   1844 NY; aged 16y; laborer     (1860 Manchester Census)

Emman HAMSHIRE    b. 1850 England; aged 20y; student          (1870 Manchester Census)

Luther  WALTER         b. 1850 England; aged 20y; farm laborer   (1870 Manchester Census)

Family of Lewis PRATT               from Dianne Thomas  

Lewis PRATT, b. June 1872; aged 27 NY; parents from NY; RR gravel transport   (1900 Manchester Census)  

Ella G., b. July 1874; wife; aged 25y NY; married 7y; birthed 4/2living   (1900 Manchester Census)  

Fay F., b. Jan 1894; dau; aged 6y NY  (1900 Manchester Census)  

Hazel A., b. June 1897; dau; aged 2y NY  (1900 Manchester Census)  


Family of Richmond P.. PRATT               from Dianne Thomas  

Richmond P.. PRATT  b. 1858 NY; aged 62y; Real Estate Agent; parents from NY   (1920 Manchester Census)

Nettie B.,                b. 1861 NY; aged 59y; wife; resides on Foster Ave.       (1920 Manchester Census)

Richmond P. 3rd,    b. 1917 CA; aged 2y,8m; grandson;   father from NY; mother from PA    (1920 Manchester Census)

Katherine TEFT,    b. 1906 MA; aged 14y; nursemaid; unknown where parents were born     (1920 Manchester Census)



Family of David PRITCHARD              from Dianne Thomas  


David PRITCHARD   b. 1831 Ontario Co.; aged 44y; farmer   (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary E.,   wife      b. 1839 Ontario Co.; aged 36y    (1875 Manchester Census)

John LANNAN,   b. 1835 Ireland; aged 40y; farm laborer; single    (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of Aaron PROCTOR              from Dianne Thomas  


Aaron PROCTOR     b. 1789 MA; aged 71yr         (1860 Naples Census)

Mary,        b. 1801  NY; aged 59y          (1860 Naples Census)

David,       b. 1826 NY; aged 34y            (1860 Naples Census)

Daniel,       b. 1837 NY; aged 23y           (1860 Naples Census)

Horatio,     b. 1809 NY; aged 51y            (1860 Naples Census)



Family of  Barney QUIGLEY               from Dianne Thomas  


Barney QUIGLEY   b. 1804 Ireland; aged 56y; farm labor  (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Ellen,       b. 1828 Ireland; aged 32y     (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

James,     b. 1849 NY; aged 11y          (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

John,       b. 1856 NY; aged   4y          (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Mary,      b. 1858 NY; aged   2y          (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Ellen,       b. 1859 NY; aged   1y          (1860 East Bloomfield Census)


Family of  James T. QUIGLEY               from Dianne Thomas  

James T. QUIGLEY   b.  1881  PA; Expressman;  resides on Taft Ave.;  parents from PA;   (1920 Phelps Census)

Mary K.,    b. 1881  NY; wife; parents from NY     (1920 Phelps Census)

Mara A.,    b. 1905  NY; daughter    (1920 Phelps Census)

Helen M.,   b. 1908 NY; daughter     (1920 Phelps Census)

John           b.  Nov 1909  NY; son   (1920 Phelps Census)   died 1980

James R.    b.  Mar 1912  NY; son    (1920 Phelps Census)  died 1992

Anna          b.  1915  NY; daughter    (1920 Phelps Census)

Paul            b.  1918  NY; son   (1920 Phelps Census)

Lucille DOWDLE    b. 1884; single; x-ray operator      (1920 Phelps Census)



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