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Family of Philo B. SABIN           from Dianne Thomas 

Philo B. SABIN   b. 1824 Saratoga Co.; aged 51y; printer   (1875 Phelps Census)

Adame,    wife   b. 1828 Ontario Co.; aged 47y    (1875 Phelps Census)

Addie,      dau    b. 1856 Ontario Co.; aged 19y; dressmaker; single    (1875 Phelps Census)

William W., son  b. 1858 Ontario Co.; aged 17y; single    (1875 Phelps Census)

Lillie B.,    dau    b. 1862 Ontario Co.; aged 13y    (1875 Phelps Census)

George B.  son   b. Mar 1872 Ontario Co.; aged 3 3/12    (1875 Phelps Census)

Family of J. SALISBURY         from Dianne Thomas      (see Links page for Salisbury Family of Phelps Link!)

J. SALISBURY, b. 1795 PA; aged 65y; male; farmer  (1860 Gorham Census)

E.       b. 1798 NY; aged 62y; female; wife   (1860 Gorham Census)

C.,      b. 1816 NY; aged 44y; male; farmer    (1860 Gorham Census)


Family of Benjamin SAUNDERS         from Dianne Thomas

Benjamin SAUNDER, b. 1772 CT; widower living alone; lived in Ontario Co. for 48y   (1855 Manchester Census)

Family of Matthias SCHNITZLER           from Dianne Thomas        

Matthias SCHNITZLER, b. 1864  Treir, Germany; Immigrated 1891;Naturalized 1896; parents from Germany (1920 Naples Census)

Mary,       b. 1874 Hungary; wife; Immigrated & naturalized 1897; parents from Hungary; reside on Rhine St.   (1920 Naples Census)

Henry,     son         b. 1903 NY       (1920 Naples Census)

Nicholas  son         b. 1906 NY       (1920 Naples Census)

Anna,      dau         b. 1908 NY       (1920 Naples Census)

Matthias Jr.,   son   b. 1911 NY     (1920 Naples Census)

Bernhard,  son        b. 1915 NY        (1920 Naples Census)

Elizabeth,   dau       b. May 1916 NY   (1920 Naples Census)



Family of Hannah SCOTT             from Dianne Thomas


Hannah SCOTT     b, 1811 NY; aged 39y   (1850 Seneca Census)

Julia A.,        b. 1833 NY; aged 17y    (1850 Seneca Census)

Martha J.,     b. 1835 NY; aged 15y    (1850 Seneca Census)

Ellen M.,      b.  1838 NY; aged 12y    (1850 Seneca Census)

John H.,       b.  1840 NY; aged 10y    (1850 Seneca Census)

Susan,          b.  1843 NY; aged   7y    (1850 Seneca Census)

Ira.               b.  1846 NY; aged   4y    (1850 Seneca Census)


Family of William SEAMAN             from Dianne Thomas

William SEAMAN   b. 1874 PA; aged 46y; machine shop laborer; parents from PA   (1920 Manchester Census)

Nettie M.,   b. 1879 NY; aged 51y; wife    (1920 Manchester Census)

Dorothy,     b. 1903 PA; aged 17y; daughter   (1920 Manchester Census)

Orrin,          b.  1837 PA; aged 83y; father; parents from PA   (1920 Manchester Census)


Family of John O. SERGANT             from Dianne Thomas

John O. SERGANT, b. 1824; carpenter; lived in Ontario Co. for 10y   (1855 Manchester Census)

Louisa,  b. 1820 Ontario Co., NY; wife   (1855 Manchester Census)

Jerome, b. 1851 Ontario Co., NY; son   (1855 Manchester Census)


Family of Edward SHAW                           from Dianne Thomas


Edward SHAW      b. 1848 England; aged 27y; blacksmith        (1875 Manchester Census)

Jennie,     wife          b. 1855 Cayuga Co.,; aged 20y     (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of John SHAW                           from Dianne Thomas

John SHAW,  b.  1816 MA; engineer   (1865 Canandaigua Census)

Sarah A.,     b.  1823 Columbia Co, NY; wife; birthed 3 children   (1865 Canandaigua Census)

Eugene G.,   b. 1852 NH; son         (1865 Canandaigua Census)

Katy J.,        b. 1855 NY; dau         (1865 Canandaigua Census)

Ella M.,        b. 1857 Monroe Co., NY; dau      (1865 Canandaigua Census)


Family of Christia SHEARS              from Dianne Thomas


Christia SHEARS   b. 1810 NY; aged 40y; black     (1850 Manchester Census)

Augusta,      b. 1841NY; aged 9y; black       (1850 Manchester Census)

Metta,         b.  1833 MD; aged 17y; black   (1850 Manchester Census)


Family of Hiram SHEFFIELD              from Dianne Thomas

Hiram SHEFFIELD, b. 1818 MA; miller  (1870 Manchester Census)

Julia,          b. 1822 NY; wife   (1870 Manchester Census)

Carrie,       b. 1858 NY; dau    (1870 Manchester Census)

Charles E., b. 1866 NY; son    (1870 Manchester Census)


Family of Wareham SHELDON          from Dianne Thomas

Wareham SHELDON, b. 1784 CT; retired   (1870 Geneva Census)

Emily,          b. 1800 VT; wife   (1870 Geneva Census)


Family of David SHERILL        from Dianne Thomas


David SHERILL     b. 1788 Scotland; aged 72y; weaver  (1860 Phelps Census)

Elizabeth,     b. 1795 Scotland; aged 65y    (1860 Phelps Census)


Family of William SHORT        from Dianne Thomas

William SHORT, 1816 MA; farmer  (1870 Manchester Census)

Julia,            b. 1825 NY; wife   (1870 Manchester Census)

Mercy A.,    b. 1845 NY; dau    (1870 Manchester Census)

William H.,   b. 1852 NY; son   (1870 Manchester Census)

Franklin,       b. 1854 NY; son   (1870 Manchester Census)

George N.,   b. 1856 NY; son   (1870 Manchester Census)

Sheeday,      b. 1858 NY; dau   (1870 Manchester Census)

Douglass,     b. 1860 NY; son    (1870 Manchester Census)

Leslie,          b. 1865 NY; son    (1870 Manchester Census)

Thomas KELLY, b. 1847 Ireland; farm laborer   (1870 Manchester Census)



Family of Henry P. SIMMONS        from Dianne Thomas


Henry P. SIMMONS,   b. 1819 NY; aged 41y; farmer   (1860 Bristol Census)

Julia,      b. 1821 NY; aged 39y      (1860 Bristol Census)

Henry,   b. 1848 NY; aged 12y      (1860 Bristol Census)

Julia,      b. 1851 NY; aged   9y      (1860 Bristol Census)

Constant,  b. 1856 NY; aged 4y     (1860 Bristol Census)

Richard GILBERT,      b. 1830 NY; aged 30y; farm laborer   (1860 Bristol Census)

Constant SIMMONS,  b. 1780 MA; aged 80y;  persn'l value  $15,000   (1860 Bristol Census)

Family of Sandis SIMMONS        from Dianne Thomas


Sandis SIMMONS    b. 1805 Ontario Co.; aged 70y; retired farmer   (1875 Richmond Census)

Jane L.,        wife        b. 1813 Ontario Co.; aged 62y   (1875 Richmond Census)

Charles W.,  son         b. 1847 Ontario Co.; aged 28y; farmer; single   (1875 Richmond Census)

Hellen ALBRO          b. 1857 Ontario Co.; aged 18y; domestic servant; single  (1875 Richmond Census)


Family of Ira SINGERBEAUX        from Dianne Thomas


Ira SINGERBEAUX    b. 1847 Cayuga Co.; aged 28y; wagon maker     (1875 Manchester Census)

Hattie    wife       b. 1847 Cayuga Co.; aged 28y    (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of Evander SLY       from Dianne Thomas


Evander SLY   b. 1811 NY; aged 49y; gentleman   (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Olive H.,      b. 1813 NY; aged 47y   (1860 Canandaigua Census)

William L.,   b. 1841 NY; aged 19y;  clerk  (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Grant B.,     b.  1845 NY; aged 15y   (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Elisha HIGBY,  b. 1778 CT; aged 82y; gentleman  (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Catharine CONDON,   b. 1843 Ireland; aged 17y; domestic   (1860 Canandaigua Census)



Family of Joseph SOLOMON        from Dianne Thomas

Joseph SOLOMON    b. 1887 Syria; aged 43y; farm laborer; Imm. 1887; alien; parents from Syria  (1920 Geneva Census)

Radia,       b.  1882 Syria; aged 38y; wife; farm laborer; Imm. 1901; alien; parents from Syria    (1920 Geneva Census)

Eva,          b. 1905 NY; aged 15y; daughter   (1920 Geneva Census)

Annie,       b. 1907 NY; aged 13y; daughter   (1920 Geneva Census)

Isame,       b. 1908 NY; aged 12y; daughter   (1920 Geneva Census)

Martha,     b. 1910 NY; aged 10y; daughter   (1920 Geneva Census)

George,     b. 1911 NY; aged 9y; son            (1920 Geneva Census)

Mary,        b.  1914 NY; aged 6y; daughter    (1920 Geneva Census)

Amelia,      b.  1915 NY; aged 5y; daughter    (1920 Geneva Census)




Family  of D. SOUTHERLAND        from Dianne Thomas


D. SOUTHERLAND, b.1833 NY; aged 27y; male;  landlord   (1860 Gorham Census)

L.,                     b. 1834; aged 26y;female;  wife; born NY   (1860 Gorham Census)

C.C.,                 b. 1854; aged 6; female; dau; born NY   (1860 Gorham Census)

F. FLINAR,     b. 1841; aged 19y; female; born NY   (1860 Gorham Census)

L. BABBITT,   b. 1837; aged 23y; male; born NY     (1860 Gorham Census)

G. PRACKE,    b. 1837; aged 23y; male; born NY     (1860 Gorham Census)

S. CONKLINb. 1817; aged 42y; male; born NY    (1860 Gorham Census)


Family of John SPELLMAN        from Dianne Thomas


 John SPELLMAN    b. 1795 Ireland; aged 80y; farmer   (1875 Phelps Census)

Jane,    wife   b. 1795 Ireland; aged 80y  (1875 Phelps Census)


Family of Cloid Anson SPRANKLE               from Valerie Sprankle                           

Cloid Anson SPRANKLE    b.  1883  Indiana;  age 46, salesman in a grocery store;  resides at 109 Chapel St.;  parents from Indiana    (1930 Canandaigua Census)

Florence   b. 1881; NY; wife; age 47, parents from NY    (1930 Canandaigua Census)

Kenneth   b. 1909 Indiana; son, age 20, bookkeeper in a bank   (1930 Canandaigua Census)

Katherine   b. 1913 Indiana; daughter, age 16, high school student   (1930 Canandaigua Census) 

Source -- Year: 1930; Census Place: Canandaigua, Ontario, New York; Roll: T626_1631; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 4; Image: 0031.

Family of Paynetell C. STACEY        from Dianne Thomas

Paynetell C. STACEY, b. 1881 PA; parents from PA; Superintendent at Stove Works    (1920 Geneva Census)

Margaret N.,    b. 1884 KY; wife;  parents from RI       (1920 Geneva Census)

Andrew,           b. 1917 NY; son      (1920 Geneva Census)

Richard N.,       b. Feb 1919; son      (1920 Geneva Census)

Robert F.,         b. Feb 1919; son      (1920 Geneva Census)

Payntell Jr.,       b. 1911; son             (1920 Geneva Census)

Martha HAGERMAN,   b. 1898 NY; servant; single; parents from Germany      (1920 Geneva Census)

Lucy SKELLY,               b. 1888 PA; nurse; single; father from PA; mother from Ireland     (1920 Geneva Census)

Martha DHU?LE,           b. 1902 NY; servant; single; parents from Holland    (1920 Geneva Census)


Family of Samuel T.  STACEY        from Dianne Thomas


Samuel T.  STACEY   b.1839 Ontario Co.; aged 36y; Erie canal boatman  (1875 Manchester Census)

Ellen,     wife   b. 1844 Ontario Co.; aged 31y  (1875 Manchester Census)

John,     son    b. 1865 Ontario Co.; aged 10y  (1875 Manchester Census)

Eddie,   son    b. 1867 Ontario Co.; aged  8y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Frank,   son    b. 1870 Ontario Co.; aged 5y    (1875 Manchester Census)


Living on the Estate of Mrs. F. F. THOMPSON

Family of Ernest STANDEN        from Dianne Thomas

Ernest STANDEN    b.1874 England; aged 46y; Imm. 1914; Alien; parents from England; Estate Coachman  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Emeline,    b. 1874 England; aged 46y; wife; Imm. 1914; Alien; parents from England   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Doris L.,   b. 1899 England; aged 21y; single; dau; Imm. 1914; Alien; Phone operator   (1920 Canandaigua Census)


Family of Richard STAPLETON      from Dianne Thomas 

Richard STAPLETON    b.  1851 Ireland; aged 69y; Imm. 1873; Nat. 1875; parents from Ireland; Enamel plant Laborer   (1920 Canandaigua) Katherine,     b. 1852 Ireland; aged 68y; wife; Imm. 1875; Nat. 1879; parents from Ireland; resides on Park St.    (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Mary L.,       b.   1881 NY; aged 39y; daughter; single; grocery store bookkeeper     (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Richard W.,  b.  1883 NY; aged 37y;  son; widower; Enamel plant machinist     (1920 Canandaigua Census)

John R.,        b.  1913 NY; aged 7y; grandson      (1920 Canandaigua Census)


Family of John A. STAUFFER      from Dianne Thomas 

John A. STAUFFER    b.  1881 CO; aged 39y; father from PA; mother from VA; farm operation   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Jessie B.,                  b. 1881 MI; aged 35y; wife; resides on Chapel St.; parents from NY    (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Hazel A.,                  b. 1913 NY; aged 7y; daughter   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Ellen A. CHASE,     b. 1842 NY; aged 78y; mother in law; widow; parents from NY    (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Frank W. CHASE,   b. 1872 NY; aged 48y; brother in law; single; Own farm     (1920 Canandaigua Census)



Family of George STEVENS      from Dianne Thomas 


George STEVENS, b. 1837 England; aged 33y; farmer   (1870 Manchester Census) next door to Matthew Stevens

Sarah,        b.1841 England; aged 29y    (1870 Manchester Census)

Elizabeth,   b.1865 Canada; aged 5y  (1870 Manchester Census)

Sarah E.,    b.1868 Canada; aged 2y  (1870 Manchester Census)

Charlotte,   b. 1869 NY; aged 1y   (1870 Manchester Census)


Family of Matthew STEVENS      from Dianne Thomas 


Matthew STEVENS, b. 1832 England; aged 38y; farmer   (1870 Manchester Census)  next door to George Stevens

Elizabeth,      b. 1824 England; aged 46y   (1870 Manchester Census)

Margaret,      b. 1856 NY; aged 14y  (1870 Manchester Census)

Mary E.,       b. 1859 NY; aged 11y     (1870 Manchester Census)

George H.,    b. 1861 NY; aged 9y    (1870 Manchester Census)


Family of  Autin STEWARD      from Dianne Thomas 

Austin STEWARD, b. 1793 VA; aged 66y; book seller (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Patience, b.1805 NY, aged 55y  (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Sarah G., b.1834 NY; aged 26y; dressmaker  (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Barbara, b.1836 Canada; aged 24y; lecturer  (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Lydia E., b.1838 NY; aged 22y; dressmaker  (1860 Canandaigua Census)

Antoinette., b. 1843 NY; aged 17y  (1860 Canandaigua Census)


Family of Charles W. STEWART      from Dianne Thomas 

Charles W. STEWART    b.  1859 Canada;  aged 61y; Imm. 1901; Nat 1916; parents from Scotland; Diemaker  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Clara,         b.   1862 Canada; aged 58y; wife;  Imm. 1902; Nat. 1916; parents from Canada   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Mary A.,    b.  1890 Canada; aged 30y; dau; single; Imm. 1902; Nat. 1916;  Own Photo studio   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Helen K.,   b.   1892 Canada; aged 28y; dau; single; Imm. 1902; Nat. 1916;  clerk at photo studio  (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Hildegard,  b.   1900 Canada; aged 20y; dau; single; Imm. 1902; Nat. 1916; clerk at photo studio   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Family of  STILLHARD       from  St. Rose Cemetery Reading by  M. Kelly

(Listed on the back of the Stone for Richard L. O'Brien Sr., July 13, 1913 - Nov 11, 1993)

Richard Lafayette STILLHARD, born July 3, 1913 to Clifford M. CARY & Anna (CONROW) of Rochester, NY  (as Richard L. CARY)

Orphaned at the age of 3; adopted age 6 by Swiss Immigrant, Charles Rose STILLHARDRichard was a self-made man always learning.  Following in his father, Clifford's footsteps, he became a 2nd generation aviator, after working 40 years as a tool & die maker.  Her retired at age 70.  He was a boating enthusiast, hunter, fisherman and avid bowler.  

Family of Frances SUTHERLAND              from   Dianne Thomas 

Frances SUTHERLAND, b. 1800 NY;  female    (1850 Seneca Census)

Mary,    b. 1822 NY       (1850 Seneca Census)

Anna,    b. 1824 NY       (1850 Seneca Census)

Sarah,    b. 1826 NY      (1850 Seneca Census)

Eliza,      b. 1828 NY        (1850 Seneca Census)

George. b. 1832 NY    (1850 Seneca Census)

John,      b. 1829 NY; lawyer  (1850 Seneca Census)

Frances, b. 1833 NY    (1850 Seneca Census)

Susan PATRIDGE,   b. 1835 NY  (1850 Seneca Census)

Margaret PARVIS,    b. 1833 NY   (1850 Seneca Census)

John DOYLE,             b. 1821 Ireland; laborer

Family of David  SUTHERLAND              from   Dianne Thomas 

David  SUTHERLAND   b. 1776 NY; aged 74y; farmer   (1850 Seneca Census)  (next door to James & Henry)

Hannah,  b. 1782 NY; aged 68y   (1850 Seneca Census)

Family of Henry SUTHERLAND              from   Dianne Thomas 

Henry  SUTHERLAND    b.1802 NY, aged 48y       (1850 Seneca Census)

Jerome P., b. 1831 NY; aged 19y; farmer   (1850 Seneca Census)

Zerah SWARTHOUT,      b.1814; aged 36y; farmer  (1850 Seneca Census)

Esther SWARTHOUT,     b. 1826; aged 24y             (1850 Seneca Census)

Family of James   SUTHERLAND              from   Dianne Thomas 

 James   SUTHERLAND,   b. 1812 NY; aged 38y; farmer    (1850 Seneca Census)   (next door to David & Henry)

Elizabeth,     b. 1812 NY; aged 38y  (1850 Seneca Census)   

Mary A.,      b. 1833 NY; aged 17y  (1850 Seneca Census)

Mary C.,      b. 1836 NY; aged 14y  (1850 Seneca Census)

George W.,  b. 1840 NY; aged 10y  (1850 Seneca Census)

David C.,     b. 1843 NY; aged 7y     (1850 Seneca Census)

Family of Rubin  SUTHERLAND              from   Dianne Thomas 

Rubin  SUTHERLAND,    b. 1818 NY; aged 42y; farmer   $11000/$2790   (1860 Hopewell Census)

Emma E.,   b. 1823 NY; aged 37y    (1860 Hopewell Census)

Cassius,     b. 1846 NY; aged 14y    (1860 Hopewell Census)

Alice,         b. 1852 NY; aged   8y    (1860 Hopewell Census)

Ralph,        b. 1878 NY; aged   2y    (1860 Hopewell Census)

Charles BRANDO,  b. 1840 NY; aged 20y    (1860 Hopewell Census)

Family of Charles SUTTON      from Dianne Thomas 

Charles SUTTON    b.  1857 NY; aged 63y; resides on Chapel St.; parents from NY   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Ella,                            b. 1852 NY; aged 68y; wife;  parents from NY   (1920 Canandaigua Census)

Family of George SWARTOUT        from Dianne Thomas

George SWARTOUT    b. 1845 Ontario Co.; aged 30y; farmer   (1875 Phelps Census)

Amanda,    wife               b. 1847 Seneca Co.; aged 28y  (1875 Phelps Census)

Lilly,   dau                       b. 1871 IL; aged 4y   (1875 Phelps Census)

Family of Louisa SWEET        from Dianne Thomas

Louisa  SWEET      b. 1848 NY; aged 72y; parents from NY; resides on Melvin Hill Rd.    (1920 Phelps Census)

Henry H.,   b. 1843 NY; aged 77y; husband; parents from NY; retired   (1920 Phelps Census)

Homer D.,  b. 1868 NY; aged 52y; son; farmer         (1920 Phelps Census)

Harriet M.,  b. 1871 NY; aged 49y; wife of Homer    (1920 Phelps Census)

George L.,  b.  1896 NY; aged 24y; grandson; child of Homer & Harriet; single; farm laborer   (1920 Phelps Census)

Merton E.,  b.  1905 NY; aged 15y; grandson; child of Homer & Harriet; single  (1920 Phelps Census)

Elmer F.,    b.  1907 NY; aged 13y; child of Homer & Harriet; single   (1920 Phelps Census)



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