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Family of Henry W. TAYLOR         from Dianne Thomas

Henry W. TAYLOR    b. 1796 MA; aged 79y; surveyor   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Martha C. N.,      wife   b. 1808 PA; aged 67y   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Charles. H. A. BULKLEY     bil     b. 1820 SC; aged 55y; presbyterian clergy  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Annie M. BULKLEY,        sister;    b. 1825 NY; aged 50y; married  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Isabella W. BULKLEY,     niece     b. 1848 Livingston Co.; aged 27y; single  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Annie J. BULKLEY,         niece      b. 1850 Livingston Co.; aged 25y; single  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Henry W. Jr. BULKLEY,  nephew   b. 1852 Tompkins Co.; aged 23y; single; bookkeeping clerk  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Charles C. BULKLEY,     nephew   b. 1860 NJ; aged 15y; student   (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Mary W. BULKLEY,       niece       b. 1863 Ontario Co.; aged 12y  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Catharine ROBINSON      b. 1825 Ireland; aged 50y;  house maid; married  (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Ellen IVERSON      b. 1835 England; aged 40y;  cook (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Family of  William TEACHOUT         from Dianne Thomas

William TEACHOUT, b. 1803 NY; farmer  (1850 Manchester Census)  

Rachel, b. 1802 NY     (1850 Manchester Census) 

George, b.1832 NY     (1850 Manchester Census) 

Latia, b. 1835 NY        (1850 Manchester Census) 

Charles, b. 1837 NY    (1850 Manchester Census) 

Maria, b. 1845 NY       (1850 Manchester Census) 

Elizabeth, b. 1848 NY  (1850 Manchester Census) 

Mary, b. 1826 NY; idiotic   (1850 Manchester Census) 


Family of Carrol C. TERRY         from Dianne Thomas


Carrol C. TERRY  b. 1839 Ontario Co.; aged 36y; wagon maker  (1875 Manchester Census)

Lydia J.,   wife   b. 1837 Columbia Co.; aged 38y  (1875 Manchester Census)

Carrie M.  dau   b. 1861 Wayne Co., aged 14y  (1875 Manchester Census)

Nellie,       dau   b. 1869 Ontario Co.; aged 6y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Alice,        dau   b. Aug 1874 Ontario Co.;  aged 10/12  (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of Isaac THATCHER         from Dianne Thomas


Isaac THATCHER      b. 1827 Wayne Co.; aged 48y; house carpenter    (1875 Manchester Census)

Angeline,       wife      b. 1831 Wayne Co.; aged 44y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Edward,        son       b. 1859 Ontario Co.; aged 16y  (1875 Manchester Census)

Belle,             dau      b. 1870 Ontario Co.; aged 5y     (1875 Manchester Census)

George          son       b. Oct 1874 Ontario Co.; aged 8/12y  (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of  James W. THOMAS         from Dianne Thomas

James W. THOMAS    b. 1894 NY; aged 26y; home farmer; parents from NY   (1920 Gorham Census)

B. L.,            b. 1897 NY; aged 23y; wife; father from NY; mother from England    (1920 Gorham Census)

Charles W.,   b. 1849 NY; aged 71y; father; widower; parents from NY     (1920 Gorham Census)


Family of  Oliver S. TITUS         from Dianne Thomas


Oliver S. TITUS      b.1842 Ontario Co.; aged 32y; machine shop worker    (1875 Manchester Census)

Frances,     wife         b. 1843 Chenango Co.; aged 32y    (1875 Manchester Census)

Fred A.,     son          b. 1867 Ontario Co.; aged 8y   (1875 Manchester Census)

Stella,         dau          b.1871 Ontario Co.; aged 4y    (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of  John TOMLINSON         from Dianne Thomas


John TOMLINSON   b. 1837 Ontario, Canada; aged 38y; harness maker  (1875 Manchester Census)

Mary A., wife      b. 1840 Yates Co.; aged 35y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Alice, dau            b. 1857 Ontario Co.; aged 18y

Frank, son           b. 1872 Ontario Co.; aged  3y

George CARPENTER, b. 1823 Tompkins Co.; boarder; clergyman


Family of  Richard TOOLE         from Dianne Thomas

Richard TOOLE   b. 1842 Ireland; aged 78y; Imm. 1879; Nat 1881?; parents from Ireland    (1920 Geneva Census)  

Mary,          b. 1844 Ireland; aged 76y;  wife; Imm. 1843; Nat 1861; parents from Ireland   (1920 Geneva Census)  

Mary E.,      b. 1874 NY; aged 46y; daughter; single; dressmaker    (1920 Geneva Census)  

Bridget,       b.  1878 NY; aged 42y; daughter; single; dressmaker    (1920 Geneva Census)  

Redmond,   b.  1880 NY; aged 40y; son; single;  shoe store proprietor   (1920 Geneva Census)  

Patrick,       b.  1883 NY; aged 37y; son; widower; shoe salesman  (1920 Geneva Census)  

Helen P.,     b. 1889 NY; aged 31y; daughter; single; foundry bookkeeper   (1920 Geneva Census)  


Family of  Zilph TOPLIFF         from Dianne Thomas


 Zilph TOPLIFF                         b. 1782 CT; widow  ( wife of Moses  )   (1875 Manchester Census)

Angenette J. HOLMES      dau      b. 1822 Madison Co; aged 53y; married   (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of  Hezekiah TOWNSEND         from Dianne Thomas


 Hezekiah TOWNSEND  b. 1840 Ontario Co.; aged 35y; house joiner    (1875 Canandaigua Census)

Sarah L.,   wife                   b. 1843 Ontario Co.; aged 32y  (1875 Canandaigua Census)


Family of  Nathaniel TURNER         from Dianne Thomas

Nathaniel TURNER   b. 1821  NY;  farmer    (1870 Victor NY)

Maria A.                        b. 1826  NY                 (1870 Victor NY)

Charles JUDEVINE     b.  1833 NY;  farm laborer     (1870 Victor NY)

Francis A. JUDEVINE   b. 1846  NY     (1870 Victor NY)

Spencer ALLEN,            b.   1852  MA;  black;  farm laborer    (1870 Victor NY)

Elizabeth DILLSWORTH,  b.  1855 NY;  domestic     (1870 Victor NY)


Family of James TYLER          from Dianne Thomas

James TYLER, b. 1785 CT; farmer  (1850 Canandaigua Census)

Betsey, b. 1793 CT; wife     (1850 Canandaigua Census)

Adaline, b. 1824 NY    (1850 Canandaigua Census)

Clarissa J., b. 1827 NY    (1850 Canandaigua Census)




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