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Family of William UTLEY                 from Dianne Thomas

William UTLEY     b. 1815 NY; aged 45y; farmer   (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Betsy,       b. 1828 NY; aged 32y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Charles,    b. 1841 NY; aged 19y;   farm laborer    (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Elizabeth,  b. 1842 NY; aged 18y      (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Jared,       b. 1844 NY; aged16y;    farm laborer       (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Henry,      b. 1848 NY; aged 12y       (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Laurentia, b. 1849 NY; aged 11y       (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

John,        b. 1854 NY; aged   6y       (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Sarah,      b. 1859 NY; aged   1y       (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Henry ARCHER,   b. 1837 NY; aged 23y; farm laborer     (1860 East Bloomfield Census)

Family of George H. VALIMORE                 from Dianne Thomas

George H. VALIMORE      b. 1842 PA; aged 33y; harbor worker   (1875 Manchester Census)

Margaret,      wife     b. 1838 Seneca Co.; aged 37y   (1875 Manchester Census)

William S.,     son      b. 1867 Cayuga Co.; aged 8y    (1875 Manchester Census)

Jerome,         son       b. 1869 Cayuga Co.; aged 6y    (1875 Manchester Census)

Edward,        son       b. Mar 1872 Cayuga Co.; aged 3 3/12y   (1875 Manchester Census)

William MC CARTY   son     b. 1855 Cayuga Co.; aged 20y; paper mill worker   (1875 Manchester Census)

Family of Peter VANDERHOOF                 from Dianne Thomas

Peter VANDERHOOF, b. 1815 NJ; aged 35y; farmer   (1850 Manchester Census) 

Margaret,    b. 1822 NY; aged 28y  (1850 Manchester Census) 

Frederick,   b. 1842 NY; aged 8y   (1850 Manchester Census) 

Jacob M.,   b. 1844 NY; aged 6y   (1850 Manchester Census) 

Richard PETRE,   b. 1829 NY; aged 21y; laborer   (1850 Manchester Census) 


Family of John VAN DYNE                  from Dianne Thomas

John VAN DYNE, b. Mar 1847 NY; married 28y; parents both from NJ; farmer  (1900 Manchester Census)

Francis, b. Apr 1848 NY; wife; birthed 6 children, all still alive; father from VT; mother from NY  (1900 Manchester Census)

Ernest, b. Jan 1878 NY; son; single; RR worker     (1900 Manchester Census)

Mary, b. July 1882 NY; dau; single      (1900 Manchester Census)

William, b. Sept 1884 NY; son; single  (1900 Manchester Census)

Alice, b. Nov 1891 NY; dau     (1900 Manchester Census)



Family of Sarah  VAN DYNE                  from Dianne Thomas


Sarah  VAN DYNE        b. 1821 Saratoga Co.;  widow   (1875 Manchester Census)

Frank,    son      b. 1851 Ontario Co.; aged 24y; single; carpenter   (1875 Manchester Census)

Charity,  dau      b. 1856 Ontario Co.; aged 19y     (1875 Manchester Census)

Joseph G. WYCOFF       b. 1824 Ontario Co.; aged 51y; machinist     (1875 Manchester Census)


Family of Adam C. VAN EPPS      from Dianne Thomas

Adam C. VAN EPPS, b. 1819 NY; teacher  (1870 Geneva Census)    

Lucy M.,    b.  1819 NY; wife     (1870 Geneva Census)    

Alice,         b.  1852 NY; dau       (1870 Geneva Census)    

Zerah MINAM, b. 1789 CT; male    (1870 Geneva Census)    

May COSKEY, b. 1853 Ireland; domestic servant (1870 Geneva Census)    

Mary NICHOLS, b. 1844 NY; school teacher      (1870 Geneva Census)    


Family of Roy B. VAN EPPS      from Dianne Thomas

Roy B. VAN EPPS   b. 1885 NY; farmer; parents both from NY   (1920 Hopewell Census)

Hazel,        b. 1887 NY; wife; parents both from NY   (1920 Hopewell Census)

George H., b. 1906 NY ; son   (1920 Hopewell Census)

John,          b. 1908 NY; son    (1920 Hopewell Census)

Anna,         b. 1910 NY; dau    (1920 Hopewell Census)

Ruth,          b. 1911 NY; dau     (1920 Hopewell Census)

Sheran,       b. 1913 NY; dau     (1920 Hopewell Census)



Family of Henry VAN HORN      from Dianne Thomas


Henry VAN HORN   b. 1805 NY; black; day laborer   (1870 Victor Census)

Sarah              b. 1828  NY  (1870 Victor Census)

Jules James     b. 1860 NY; mulato   (1870 Victor Census)



Family of Henry VAN VOORHIS      from Dianne Thomas



Henry VAN VOORHIS    b.  1804   NY;  farmer     (1870 Victor Census)

Margaret     b.  1848  NY   (1870 Victor Census)

Stephen       b.  1836  NY; farmer    (1870 Victor Census)

Alice            b.  1850  NY   (1870 Victor Census)

John HOFFMAN    b.  1848  Germany;   farm laborer  (1870 Victor Census)

Mary KINSIN           b. 1813 Ireland;  domestic   (1870 Victor Census)


Family of John VINCENT      from Dianne Thomas


John VINCENT           b. 1818 Ontario Co.; aged 57y; miller; widower   (1875 Phelps Census)  

Florence BLEVIN,         b. 1855 OH; aged 20y; housekeeper   (1875 Phelps Census)  

Clise VINCENT,   son,   b. 1863 Oneida Co.; aged 12y   (1875 Phelps Census)  

Family of Fred E. VOGT      from Dianne Thomas


Fred E. VOGT   b. 1881 NY; farmer; resided on Geneva Rd; parents from Germany  (1920 Seneca Census)

Hulda A.,   b. 1881 Berlin, Germany; wife; Imm. 1894; Nat. 1900; parents from Germany  (1920 Seneca Census)

Frank A.,   b. 1903; NY; son; farm laborer  (1920 Seneca Census)

Harry F.,    b. 1912 NY; son    (1920 Seneca Census)

Augustus,   b.  1833 Duisburg, Germany; aged 87y; father; parents from Germany   (1920 Seneca Census)

Lena,         b.   1839 Hamburg, Germany; aged 81y; mother; parents from Germany  (1920 Seneca Census)





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