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Ebenezer PRATT & Dighton RICHMOND, both of Taunton, MA were married in 1769 and removed to Manchester, Ontario Co., NY.  I only have 3 of their children: Elkanah, Mary & John.

I.  Elkanah PRATT was born March 13, 1777 in Taunton, MA.  He married an Anna Unknown and he died July 10, 1829 in Manchester, Ontario Co., NY.  They had 5 daughters, Sophia, Adeline, Frances, Emily & Harriet, and one son, Elkanah Jr., as listed in his will.

Elkanah PRATT Jr., was born 1816 Manchester, NY and died 1901, Manchester, NY.  He married Mary KINGSLEY, born 1824 in MA, died 1891, Manchester, NY.  Both are buried in Brookside Cemetery, Shortsville, NY.  They had 5 children: 

  1. Edwin E. PRATT, 1847 Manchester, NY – 1926; husb of Belle GRAHAM 1851 – 1920, both buried in Brookside Cemetery, Shortsville, NY
  2. Frank A. PRATT, 1850 Manchester, NY – Mar 1888.  Buried in Brookside Cemetery, Shortsville, NY
  3. Kingsley PRATT, born 1851 Manchester, NY
  4. Harriet S. “Hattie” PRATT, born 1855 Manchester, NY
  5. Richmond P. PRATT, born 1858 Manchester, NY

II.  Mary PRATT, born about 1780 Taunton, MA, married a Mr. PARKER.  

III. John PRATT was born Aug 14, 1788 in Taunton, MA and died in Canandaigua, NY on Nov 9, 1868.  He was married 3 times.  He first married Olive ROBINSON on Jan 9, 1808 and they had two children, Charles and Rebecca.   His 3rd wife was Rebecca HARRINGTON, no offspring.

He married 2nd to Mrs. Sally SHERMAN Potter on Jan 19, 1820.  They had 6 children: 

  1. Charles R. PRATT, born abt. 1822 Manchester, NY and married Anganette BLOOD, residing in Deerfield, Oneida Co., NY.
  2. Mariah, born abt. 1824 Manchester, NY and married A. F. BEDFORD and resided in Wayne Co., MI
  3. Dr. John Richmond PRATT, born 1826 Manchester, NY, died 1925 Manchester, NY.   He married Mary Lettitia HAHN, 1835 Seneca Co., NY – Apr 13, 1916, both buried in Brookside Cemetery, Shortsville, NY.  They had 4 children:

a)     Ida C. PRATT, born 1855 Manchester, NY

b)    Dr. Frank Richmond PRATT, born 1858 Manchester, NY

c)     Mary J. PRATT, born 1863 Manchester, NY, died Sept. 1929 Manchester, NY; unwed

d)    Dr. John Hahn PRATT, born 1865 Manchester, NY, died 1943 Manchester, NY; married to Vivian LAWRENCE, his nurse. She was born 1890 in Minnesota and died as Mrs. Cyrus BROMAN in Illinois, but is buried in Brookside Cemetery, Shortsville, with her 1st husband, Dr. John H. PRATT.  No offspring.  [have will of John H.]

  1. Sherman PRATT, born abt. 1828 Manchester, NY, died before 1868.  
  1. Augustus PRATT, born Dec 16, 1831 Manchester, NY, died Mar 6, 1894 Manchester, NY.  He married Sarah SMITH, daughter of Leonard Everett and Nancy (CURTIS) SMITH.  She was born Jan 18, 1835 in Berlin, CT and died Mar 14, 1894 in Manchester, NY.  Both are buried in Brookside Cemetery, Shortsville, NY. They had 12 children:

a)     Jennie PRATT, born Aug 1854 Manchester, NY; married Mr. COLLETT and resided in Farmington, NY as of 1895.

b)    Jessie R. PRATT, born 1856 Manchester, NY; married Mr. BRADLEY and they had two sons, Edward, born abt 1876 and George, born July 1877.  George married in 1898 to Beulah UNKNOWN and they had a son, Ernest, born Sept 1899.

c)     George H. PRATT, born 1857 Manchester, NY, married Mary A. UNKNOWN who was born 1863.  They had at least 2 children:  Charles & Leon.

d)    Albert PRATT, born Dec 1859 Manchester, NY

e)     Julia M. PRATT, born 1861 Manchester, NY , died before 1893.  She married William Romeyn DEWEY and had 2 children,  Albert born 1879 and Edna, born 1881.

f)     Sarah A. PRATT, born abt. 1862 Manchester, NY, died before 1870.

g)     Charles PRATT, born Mar 1864 Manchester, NY; died before 1875.

h)     Frederick E. PRATT, born Oct 13, 1865 Manchester, NY, died Jan 9, 1893 Manchester, NY.  Buried in Brookside Cemetery, Shortsville, NY

i)      William J. PRATT, born 1867 Manchester, NY; resided in Geneva, NY

j)      Mattie S. “Mary” PRATT, born 1868 Manchester, NY;  died before 1895.  Married Mr. BUMPUS and had one son, Chester.

k)    Clara H. PRATT, born 1869 Manchester, NY.  Married a Mr. BUMPUS

l)      Leon Lewis PRATT, born June 21, 1872 Manchester, NY; died Mar 17, 1920 Manchester, NY.  He married Grace M. VAN DUYNE, who was born July 8, 1874 and died June 24, 1961 in Manchester, NY.  I have information on only one child, Leon Labatt PRATT, born July 29, 1895, died Apr 26, 1896.  All are buried in Brookside Cemetery, Shortsville, NY. 

George PRATT, born about 1832 Manchester, NY.   I have no proof on him as yet.

Thanks to Lee Johnson for giving me the correct name of Leon Lewis Pratt's wife of VAN DUYNE!

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