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James R. ROOS or ROSE, who was born July 22, 1760 in Clarkstown, Rockland Co., NY first appears on the 1820 Phelps, Ontario County, NY census and the 1820 Phelps Assessment Rolls as owning 60 acres of land.  James was a Revolutionary War soldier and I believe this may have been part of his bounty land. (war pension # is W24792, BLW #36521-160-55)

A thumbnail sketch of his military service:  James was a Private in the RW; early in 1777, he served 9 months with Capt. Hutchings' company in Col. Dubois' Regiment and discharged at Closter, NJ and immediately re-enlisted. with Col. Graham's regiment for another 9 months at White Plains.  Following those 9 months, he re-enlisted again and served with the Regiment of Light Horse commanded by Col. Baylor for 1 year.  James was discharged from this service at Philadelphia and returned home and reenlisted in Capt. Jonathan Lawrence's company of Col. Pauling's Regiment of New York Levies and was stationed at Fort Schuyler.  During the time period of about Oct. 18-23, 1780, James was sent under Capt. Vroman and Drake to Onondaga Lake (between Oneida Castle and the lake) where he was taken prisoner by Sir John Johnson and was carried to Canada and held there for 2 years.  He was sent home "on parole" and not "released" until May, 1783.

James was married to Elizabeth CLINE or CLYNE on Sept 23, 1784 in NYC at Trinity Episcopal Church.

Two of James and Elizabeth's daughter, Catherine born June 29, 1787 in Clarkstown, NY and Eve, born August 23, 1804 in Clarkstown, NY, lived with them in Phelps.  Another daughter was Mary, mentioned later.

James died April 15, 1822 in Phelps and was buried at Snyder Cemetery, Valley Cottage, Clarkstown, NY.

Elizabeth continued to live in Phelps and appears on the 1830 and 1840 census.  Elizabeth also appears on the 1822 and 1842 Phelps assessment rolls.  Neither she, nor James are listed before 1822, but there is a James ROSE paying taxes in the town of Bristol in 1820 and 1822.

 James ROSE's parents were Harme Jacobse and Geesie Janse ROOS KUYPER.

 His siblings were:

 Rachel born May 29, 1756 in Clarkstown, NY

 Harmanis, born June 14, 1758. 


There is a Hiram ROSE on the 1820 Phelps, NY census page 302.  James and Elizabeth were listed on page 285 in Phelps, NY.  I do not know the relationship, if any to James ROSE.

The 1830 Phelps census shows Elizabeth living alone.

The 1840 Phelps census shows Elizabeth living with a 30-40 year old man and a 30-40 year old woman.  Based on ages this probably was her daughter, Eve, who married Philander SHIRLEY.

In 1834 Philander and Eve ROSE SHIRLEY sold land inherited from James ROSE in the town of Phelps. In 1844 Catherine FELTER or FELLER, daughter of James & Elizabeth, sold land inherited from James ROSE.

By the 1850 census, Elizabeth ROSE is living in Clarkstown, Rockland Co., NY with her son in law and daughter, John and Mary ROSE LOCKE.

Elizabeth ROSE died in Clarkstown, NY on September 14, 1858 and is buried with her husband, James, at Snyder Cemetery, Clarkstown, NY.

Philander SHIRLEY or SHERLEY or SURLEY or SHURLEY, may have been the son of Alexander SHERLEY/SHIRLEY who appears on the 1820 Phelps, NY census.  Philander and Eve (ROSE) SHIRLEY's first 4 children were born in Phelps:

Philander, Jr., born 1825

Silas, born 1829

Florinda, born 1831


 By 1835, Philander, Eve and children had moved to Fayette/Waterloo, Seneca Co, NY and had Alexander SHIRLEY/SHURLY.

Philander SHIRLEY/SHURLY’s son, Philander, Jr., remained in Ontario County.

In 1850 Philander Jr.  is living with William CORTTEYOU in Seneca, Ontario Co., NY and is working as a farmer.  Philander  Jr. married Mary COLE, daughter of George W.. & Frances C. "Fanny" COLE before 1856 and had the following four children:

1.  George A. born 1856, Phelps, married Susanna UNKNOWN in 1880

2.  William C., born 1857, Phelps, married Mary J. POTTS (had a brother James POTTS), and they had a daughter, Ella Mae who married William PEATEWilliam was living in Manchester, NY where he died 12/9/1922 and is buried at the Clifton Springs, NY cemetery with his wife, Mary, daughter and son in law.

3. Alonzo, born 1858, Phelps, in 1865 Alonzo is living with Isaac VANOSTRAN as an adopted child.

4. Charles, born 1862, Phelps. By 1870 Charles was not living with his mother and was working as a "farm labor" and in 1879 he was living in Clifton Springs.


On the 1860 census Philander, Jr. and family were living in Phelps and his occupation appears to be farm salesman.  Philander, Jr. died April 28, 1861 in Phelps and was buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Waterloo, Seneca County, NY.  By the 1865 Phelps census, Mary COLE SHIRLEY was living with her father and two of her children.

Mary COLE had the following siblings:

Alonzo COLE, born 1830
Emeline COLE born 1834
George COLE, born 1837
Charles COLE, born 1841

Mary COLE's mother, Frances C., died August 17, 1869 and is buried at the Resthaven Cemetery, Phelps, NY.

On the 1880 Census:

William SHIRLEY (spelled SHIVLEY) in Manchester, Ontario County, NY, page 317B, living alone but stating that he was married.

William's wife, Mary and their daughter, Ella M. and William's brother, Charles SHIRLEY (SHIVLEY) are living close by in Manchester, with the family of Patrick MADDEN, page 318D.

Alonzo, who was adopted by the VAN NORSTRAND family, is living in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co. NY, page 156D with wife Alice, and daughter Anna VAN NORSTRAND and brother, James H. and Anna BLACKBURN, listed as other.  Alonzo was maybe 4 years old when his father, Philander SHIRLEY, Jr. died and he seemed to have lost contact with his brothers and mother and simply became a VAN NORSTRAND.

George SHIRLEY is living in Phelps, Ontario Co. NY District 2, page 402B with Cheney P. WHITNEY and family and working as a farm laborer.


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