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John Saxton (1765-November 24, 1846) John was possibly born in Virginia and then moved onto Pennsylvania where he married (about 1795), Possibly to a woman named Abigail, and had at least 3 children there before moving onto Canandaigua, Ontario,  New York.

             1) William Wallace Saxton
             2) Stephen Saxton
             3) Daniel Saxton
             4) Possibly a daughter ?*
1) William W. Saxton married Artelissa (II) Eaton September 20, 1826 in Canandaigua,  Ontario County, New York. They moved onto Hillsdale County, Michigan between 1831-1832 where their 3rd child was born.
                              CHILDREN of William W. & Artelissa Eaton Saxton:
                                    1a) William Wallace (I) Saxton
                                    2a) James E. Saxton
                                    3a) Stephen Saxton
                                    4a) John C. Saxton
                                    5a) George William Saxton
                                    6a) Henry B. Saxton
                                    7a) Cordelia Saxton
                                    8a) William Wallace (II) Saxton


2) Stephen Saxton married 1st Harriett Peters March 10, 1824 in Canandaigua, Ontario  County, New York. Harriett died July 01, 1844 in Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York. Stephen married 2nd Mary Unknown bet 1845-1848 in Canandaigua, Ontario  County, New York. Stephen died November 01, 1887 in Canandaigua, Ontario County, New York. Both he and Harriett are buried in the West Ave Cemetery in Canandaigua.
                               CHILDREN of Stephen & Harriet Peters Saxton:
                                     1b) Charles Saxton
                                     2b) Stephen Saxton
                                     3b) William Saxton
                               CHILDREN of Stephen & Mary Saxton:
                                     4b) James Saxton
                                     5b) Willard Saton


3) Daniel Saxton came to Hillsdale County, Michigan with his older brother William W.  Saxton. Daniel married Elizabeth M. Stetson abt. 1847 in Michigan. Daniel Died October  17, 1880 in Hillsdale, Hillsdale County, Michigan. Elizabeth Died March 14, 1866 in Hillsdale County, Michigan
                            CHILDREN of Daniel & Elizabeth M. Stetson Saxton:
                                  1c) Leander Saxton
                                  2c) Lorinda Saxton
                                  3c) Edwin Dunbar Saton
                                  4c) Abigail Saxton
                                  5c) Emma Saxton
                                  6c) John Sanford Saxton
                                  7c) William Saton
                                  8c) Jane Saxton
                                  9c) Byron Saxton
                                10c) Mary Saxton
                                11c) Susan Saxton


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