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Census Pages for Hospitals, etc

Surname First Name Age Sex Race Birth place Occupation
ALLEN Hiram P. 14 M   NY student
BARTLET Harvey 18 M   NH student
BOSTWICK William 16 M   NY student
BUNNELL Harriet 18 F   NY staff
CLARK Edgar K. 14 M   NY student
CLIFFORD John C. 17 M   NY student
DUFENDORF Arthur 12 M   NY student
DUFENDORF Charles 13 M   NY student
EDWARDS William 16 M   NY student
FANNING Andrew M. 15 M   NY student
FULLER Eugene 14 M   NY student
HIBBARD Wallace D. 17 M   NY student
HOLLISTER Edward 14 M   NY student
HUBBELL Simeon 12 M   NY student
KETHUM George B. 17 M   NY student
KINGSTON Mary 21 F   Ireland staff
LITELL Catherine 20 F   Ireland staff
LUM William T. 13 M   NY student
MARTIN Charles 18 M   PA student
MATHEWS Ann 25 F   Ireland staff
MC GOWAN Louisa 21 F   Ireland staff
MERRITT Lewis 16 M   NY student
NEWTON Isaac 14 M   NY student
PIERPONT Charles 13 M   NY student
POWER Mora 13 M   NY student
PURDY William 35 M   Ireland laborer
REED Martha 16 F   NY staff
WILLIAMS Rachel E. 10 F   PA staff
WILLIAMS Sarah 31 F   VA staff
WILLIAMS Thomas 13 M   PA student
WILLSON Caroline A. 9 F   NY principal's family
WILLSON Frances E. 5 F   NJ principal's family
WILLSON Francis A. 31 F   NY principal's family
WILLSON Marcius 36 M   MA Principal
WILLSON Pierpont 7 M   NY principal's family
WILLSON Robert P. 1 M   NY principal's family
WINFIELD Walter 15 M   NY student

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