Brigham Hall Insane Asylum 

  Canandaigua,  NY

1860 Census


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Surname Name Age Sex Born Occupation Patient
ARNOLD A. H. 24 M Scotland clerk X
BARNES M. L. 59 M unknown inventor X
BOYCE Helen W. 33 F NY widow X
BREWSTER Ed 61 M NY ins. Agent X
BROUGHEL John  55 M Ireland gardener  
BROUGHEL Mary Jane 16 F Ireland domestic  
BRUCE Jennette 19 F Scotland domestic  
BUNNELL Caroline 44 F unknown housework X
BURKE Theresa 26 F Ireland domestic  
BURNS Ann 28 F Ireland (family)  
BURNS Patrick 45 M Ireland laborer  
BYINGTON George 54 M NY merchant  
CHAPIN Harriet E. 29 F NY housekeeper  
CHAPIN Harriet E. 1 F MO (family)  
CHAPIN John B. 31 M NY physician  
CHAPPEL Moses 37 M unknown farmer X
CHARTIUS A.  46 M Scotland merchant X
COOK Antoinette 2 F NY (family)  
COOK Caroline 34 F NY housekeeper  
COOK Clomertia 28 F VT (family)  
COOK Elizabeth 3 F NY (family)  
COOK George 36 M NY physican  
COOK George P. 40 M NY attendant  
DREY Albert 30 M Germany   X
FRANCHOT Maria A. 46 F NY   X
GILBERT Orrin 60 M IL farmer X
GOLDSMITH George 42 M Canada clerk X
GOSTICK Clarrissa 58 F NY housework X
GRAMPO Reuben 35 M unknown farmer X
HAMILTON John 27 M England clerk X
HOLDEN unknown 65 F unknown housework X
JOHNSEN Rosamond P. 41 F unknown housework X
JOHNSON James 54 M unknown farmer X
LATHROP Elizabeth 33 F NY housework X
LAY Charles 65 M unknown merchant X
LEARY Margaret 26 F Ireland domestic  
LEARY Maria 23 F Ireland domestic  
LEWIS F. W. 45 M unknown lawyer X
MACY George F. 44 M unknown engineer X
MALONY Catharine 32 F Ireland domestic  
MARSH C. L. 26 M unknown farmer X
MARSH Melissa 23 F NY attendant  
MC CUMBER John 19 M NY farmer X
MC PHERSON Christian 56 F NY   X
O'CONNER Daniel 21 M Ireland laborer X
OLMSTEAD Eliza 22 F NY   X
PATTENGILL Charles 19 M Canada clerk X
PECK Helen  37 F NY teacher X
PHELPS F. S. M. 60 M NY lawyer X
PITKIN Julia 45 F CT housework X
REDFIELD Henry F. 22 M NY   X
SANDS John M. 38 M NY gent X
SHERMAN Rebecca 39 F NY housework X
SHIRLEY Elizabeth 27 F NY attendant  
SISSON Z. 60 M unknown gent X
TODD Mary A. 35 F NY housework X
TURNER Michael 41 M England clerk X
WHITE Gardine 21 M NY attendant  
WHITE Jenny 28 F Scotland domestic  
WILLSON Anna 39 F England attendant  
WITTER Fred 28 M Germany   X
WOODWORTH G. 32 F unknown   X

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