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1860 Census

 Manchester,  NY

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Surname Name Age Sex Race Occupation Born
BARTRAIN John 23 M   matron's ass't Germany
BRENNAN Bridget 23 F   matron's ass't Ireland
BURROUGH M.D. Miss L.  30 F   faculty Italy
CLARK Miss E. W. 40 F   matron MA
CONNER Ann 20 F   chambermaid Ireland
COON Mary 19 F   matron's ass't Ireland
CURTIS C. D. 28 M   bookkeeper NY
CUSICK Mary 21 F   chambermaid Ireland
DONLING John 24 M   gardener Ireland
DONLING Martin 20 M   matron's ass't Ireland
FOSTER Adrian 31 M   engineer OH
FOSTER   William 41 M   stewart VT
FOSTER M.D. Henry 39 M   faculty VT
GILLMAN John 24 M   baker England
GREENE M.D. Miss C. A. 29 F   faculty NY
HART Robert 19 M   farm laborer NY
HEALY Sarah 19 F   table waitress Ireland
HIGGINS Bridget 35 F   bath help Ireland
HILL Bridget 38 F   chambermaid Ireland
HUGHES Mary 22 F   meal carrier Ireland
JARVIS Robert 33 M   bath de ----ment Ireland
KEATING Maggie 21 F   chambermaid Ireland
KEOUGH Eliza 35 F   nurse Ireland
KEOUGH Thomas 36 M   bath help Ireland
KEOUGH Thomas 14 M   meal carrier Ireland
KUHLEMAN Fred 33 M   bath help Germany
LOWRY Michael 38 M   watchman Ireland
LYNCH Bridget 24 F   bath help Ireland
LYNCH Mary 26 F   matron's ass't Ireland
LYNCH Nettie 20 F   meal carrier Ireland
MALLOY Margaret 24 F   bath help Ireland
MC CABE Margaret 24 F   table waitress Ireland
NEWTON James 59 M B cook VA
ROGERS Margaret 28 F   bath help Ireland
RYAN Ann 27 F   bath help Ireland
RYAN Mrs. A. 38 F   chambermaid Ireland
SHANNON Catharine 25 F   bath help Ireland
SHEERS Mrs. 30 F   washwoman Ireland
SHEERS Patrick 24 M   washman Ireland
SMITH Mary 20 F   table waitress Ireland

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