Hopewell - County House

1860 Ontario Co. Census

Hopewell, NY

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Surname Name Age Sex Race Born Occupation Notes
BEHAN Pat 37 M W IRE    
BENNETT Harriet 34 F W NY   mute
BRAY Andrew 73 M W IRE   lunatic
BROCKELBANK Joseph 34 M W NY   lunatic
BROOKS Samuel 46 M W NY   pauper
BROTHERTON George 6 M W NY    
BROWN Saphrona 36 F W NY   lunatic
BURTON James 79 M W US    
BUSH Harriet 37 F W NY    
BUSH Simon 6 M W NY    
CARMER Moses 30 M W NY   mute
CARROLL Alice 1 F W NY    
CARROLL Barny 48 M W IRE    
CHILDS Bell 26 F W NY   pauper
CHILDS Byron 2 M W NY    
CHILDS James 3 M W NY    
CHILDS William 5 M W NY    
CLARK Bridget 11 F W NY    
CLARK Sabra 85 F W NY    
COLEMAN Thomas 50 M W IRE    
COLFFLIN Richard 8 M W NY    
CONLEY Edward 60 M W IRE    
CROTHERS Betsy 57 F W US    
CURTAN John 48 M W IRE    
DEMPSEY Francis 60 M W IRE    
DONAHUE Daniel 40 M W MD   pauper
EARL Adaline 26 F W IRE   idiot
ELDRIDGE Frances 6 F W NY    
ELDRIDGE Mary 18 F W NY    
FARREL Bridget 30 F W IRE    
FARREL Bridget 11/12 F W NY    
FARREL Mary 1 F W NY    
FISHER David 42 M W MD   pauper
FISHER Frances 32 F W GERMANY   lunatic
FLINN Mary 22 F W IRE    
FLINN William 22 M W NY    
FORD George 63 M W IRE    
FORD Nathaniel 66 M W NY tailor  
GILT John 18 M W NY    
GRINELL William 40 M W IRE    
HARMON John 4 M W NY    
HARMON Margaret 5 F W NY    
HAVENS Lewis 32 M W NY    
HELLER David 46 M W NY    
HIGGINS Catharine 40 F W IRE    
HILDAY Catharine 11 F W NY    
HOLEMAN George 38 M W ENG    
HORTON Julia 2 F W NY    
HORTON Lydia 26 F W NY    
HORTON Mary 3 F W NY    
HORTON William 4 M W NY    
INGRAHAM Benjamin 60 M W NY    
INGRAHAM Sallie 58 F W NY    
JEPSUM Ann 25 F W ENG   pauper
JEPSUM Samuel 4 M W CANADA   pauper
JEPSUM Sarah A. 2 F W CANADA   pauper
JEPSUM William 36 M W ENG   pauper
JOHNSON Billie 47 M B NY    
JOHNSON Charles P. 40 M W NY Keeper of Co. Home  
JOHNSON John 35 M W NY    
JOHNSON Lizzie 8 F W NY dau of keeper  
JOHNSON Lucinda 32 F W NY wife of keeper  
JOHNSON Mary A. 10 F W NY dau of keeper  
JOHNSON Russel W. 6 M W NY son of keeper  
JONES William 74 M W WALES   lunatic
KEER Moses 50 M W NY   idiot
KELLEY Dan  60 M W MD   pauper
KIMBLE Sarah 61 F W US   lunatic
MACONA Thomas 40 M W IRE    
MC COY Ellen 50 F W IRE    
MC CULEY Caroline 21 F W NY    
MC CUMBER Samuel 77 M W NY    
MC GRATH Michael 50 M W IRE    
MC GUIRE Ellen 31 F W IRE   pauper/lunatic
MC GUIRE Julia 30 F W IRE   pauper/idiot
MC MAN Bridget 33 F W IRE   lunatic
MEAHAM Caroline 30 F W NY domestic  
MEELEY James 37 M W IRE   pauper
MERRIL Chauncey 67 M W US    
MILLER Eliza 4 F W NY    
MILLER Rickey 37 F W GERMANY    
MITCHEL Frances 69 F W ENG   lunatic
MOODY Mary 30 F W IRE    
MUNN Joseph 60 M W NY   lunatic
MUNROE Joe 50 M W NY    
MURPHY James 39 M W POLAND   lunatic
NAHAN Valentine 30 M W GERMANY   lunatic
NICKLESON Edward 40 M W ENG farms the land  
NOLAND John 65 M W IRE    
NORGET Mary 36 F W ENG   lunatic
O'CONNER Pat 48 M W IRE    
PECK Elizabeth 46 F W NY   lunatic
PHELPS Albert 8 M W NY    
QUICK Mary 45 F W NY    
RAPSON Mary 22 F W CANADA   idiot
REED Mary J 21 F W NY teacher  
RHAPSON Alfred 1 M W NY    
RHODES Maria 43 F W NY   lunatic
RHODES Sally 32 F W US   lunatic
RUSSEL Mary 42 F W NY    
SEACOY Rachel 71 F W US   lunatic
SHEPPARD Clara 69 F W MA   lunatic
SHERIFF Thomas 76 M W US shoemaker  
SHERMAN William 19 M W NY    
SHOLES Edgar 8 M W NY    
SHOLES Ellen S. 5 F W NY    
SHOLES Willard 7 M W NY    
SIMONS Daniel 9 M W NY    
SKULK Susan 50 F W NY   pauper
SMART Joseph 49 M W POLAND   lunatic
SMITH Edward 25 M W NY   idiot
SMITH W. H. 8 M W NY    
SMITH Willard 28 M W NY   idiot
SPRING Samuel 65 M W MA   idiot
STRONG Dewitt C. 10 M W NY    
TESMAN Mary 43 F W IRE   lunatic
THOMPSON Sally 38 F W NY    
THOMPSON W. Scott 7 M W NY    
TUBBS Abigail 40 F W NY   lunatic
TUTTLE Isaac 60 M W NY   idiot
VAN EPPS Peter 67 M W NY    
WILEY Sarah 52 F W US    
WILLIAMS Prince 67 M B MA    
WRIGHT Catharine 11 F W NY    
WRIGHT George 3 M W NY    
WRIGHT John 36 M W NY    
WRIGHT John 1/12 M W NY    
WRIGHT Mary 28 F W NY    

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