Clifton Springs Sanitarium - Staff

1870 Census

Clifton Springs,  NY



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This Census did not list the patients of the Sanitarium, only the staff

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Surname First Name Age Sex Race


ALLEN Cyrus 32 M   doctor NY
ALLEN Harriet L. 25 F   doctor's wife NY
BOYLE Jane 35 F   domestic Canada
BOYLE Mary 30 F   domestic Canada
CONNELL Mary 26 F   nurse Ireland
DREW Kate 18 F   domestic Canada
DREW Nellie 20 F   domestic Canada
DREW Susan 23 F   domestic Canada
DUNBAR Mary 25 F   doctor NB
FLANAGAN Mary 32 F   domestic Ireland
FOSTER Henry 46 M   physician & proprietor VT
KING Frances 30 F B cook FL
KING William  35 M B cook FL
LOCKWOOD Mary 49 F   kitchen matron NY
MC CUNE Olive 41 F   doctor NY
MURPHY Annie 22 F   domestic Canada
PRINCE Catharine 34 F   doctor's wife NY
PRINCE Louisa 21 F   doctor's dau MA
PRINCE William H. 52 M   doctor MA
ROLFE Francis H. 29 M   doctor NY
ROLFE Mary 27 F   doctor's wife NY
SCOVIL Mary E. 49 F   matron NY
SHEHAN Ann  43 F   domestic Ireland
SHEHAN Anna 2 F   family NY
SHEHAN John 7 M   family NY
SHEHAN Nellie 5 F   family NY
SHEHAN Patrick 32 M   laborer Ireland
SMITH Maggie 23 F   domestic Ireland
SMITH Rosa 24 F   domestic Canada
THORP Cornelia 41 F   matron CT

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