Ontario County Poorhouse

1870 Census

Hopewell,  NY


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Surname First Name Age Sex Race


Born Notes
ADAMS John 1 M   pauper NY  
ALMOND Thomas 53 M   pauper England  
BARBER Frances 20 M   pauper NY lunatic
BOUNDS Sarah 47 F   pauper NY  
BRAYSON Angeline 14 F   pauper Ireland  
BURK Baby 1 M   pauper NY  
BURK Charles 3 M   pauper NY  
BURK John 5 M   pauper NY  
BURK Patrick 6 M   pauper NY  
BURK William 2 M   pauper NY  
BURTON James 91 M   pauper NY  
BUSH Harriet 40 F   pauper NY  
BUSH Simon 16 M   pauper NY idiotic
BUTTERFIELD John 65 M   pauper NY  
CARMAN Moses 40 M   pauper Ireland deaf & dumb
CARROLL Barney 60 M   pauper Ireland  
CARROLL Sarah 45 F   pauper Ireland  
CHILDS Mary 48 F   pauper NY  
CLARK Eugene 73 M   pauper NY  
COLEMAN Thomas 61 M   pauper Ireland  
CONLEY John 59 M   pauper Ireland  
CONNERS Timothy 59 M   pauper Ireland  
COONEY Thomas 58 M   pauper Ireland  
COVERT Lebb 76 M   pauper NY  
DEAN Mary 40 F   pauper Ireland  
DEAN Mary A. 1 F   pauper NY  
DECKER Julia 21 F   pauper NY  
DECKER Libbie 3 F   pauper NY  
DECKER Mattie 1 F   pauper NY  
DOLEN James 40 M   pauper Ireland  
DONELLY Patrick 25 M   pauper Ireland  
DONOVAN Timothy 39 M   pauper Ireland  
ELDRIDGE Mary 28 F   pauper NY idiotic
FLINN Patrick 28 M   pauper Ireland  
GIBBINS Michael 56 M   pauper Ireland  
GLENCOFF Andrew 8 M   pauper NY  
GLENCOFF H. P. 6 M   pauper NY  
GRANT Frank 5 M   pauper NY  
GRANT Michael 10 M   pauper NY  
GRANT Rebecca 9 M   pauper NY  
GRANT William 6 M   pauper NY  
GRIFFIN Anna 35 F   pauper NY  
GRIFFIN Bridget 52 F   pauper Ireland  
HARRINGTON Frank 35 M   pauper Ireland  
HEYMS Catharine 50 F   pauper Ireland  
HILL Elizabeth 49 F   keeper's wife NY  
HILL Francis 58 M   keeper NY  
HORTON Alice 5 F   pauper NY  
HORTON Beddy (Betty) 47 F   pauper NY idiotic
HORTON Julia 12 F   pauper NY idiotic
HUGHES Henry 56 M   pauper Ireland  
HUNTER Caroline 29 M   pauper NY  
JONES Benjamin 36 M   pauper NY  
JUDD E. J. 66 M   pauper NY  
JUNIOR Agnes 5 F B pauper NY  
JUNIOR Charles 14 M   pauper NY  
JUNIOR Chloe 1 F B pauper NY  
JUNIOR George 8 M M pauper NY  
JUNIOR John 3 M B pauper NY  
KEER Moses 59 M   pauper NY lunatic
KNAPP  ? Alpheus 57 M   pauper NY  
KNIFE   ? Susan 59 F   pauper NY  
LANNDER Alena 13 M   pauper NY  
LECORNENT ? Leonard 25 M M pauper NC  
LEWIS Mary 69 F   pauper NY  
LONG George 13 M   pauper N  
LONG Sarah 49 F   pauper NY  
MACKEY Ellen 65 F   pauper NY  
MADDEN John 76 M   pauper NY  
MALLISON Shubal 63 F   pauper NY  
MARK- - - ? William 3 M   pauper NY  
MARKS Mary 47 F   pauper Ireland  
MC AMBER Hellen 24 F   pauper NY  
MC CONELL Patrick 53 M   pauper Ireland  
MC CULLAN J. 31 M   pauper NY  
MC GUIRE Ellen 43 F   pauper Ireland  
MC LARAM George 6/12 M   pauper NY  
MC MAHON James H. 4 M   pauper NY  
MC MAHON Mary 36 F   pauper Ireland  
MITCHELL Frances 78 F   pauper England  
MOORE Joseph 76 M   pauper Ireland  
MURPHY Edward 5 M   pauper NY  
MURPHY James 33 M   pauper Ireland  
MURPHY James 49 M   pauper Ireland deaf & dumb
MURPHY James H. 8 M   pauper NY  
MURPHY John 54 M   pauper Ireland  
MURPHY Margaret 36 F   pauper Ireland  
NEWBERRY Rebecca 78 F   pauper MA  
NUGET James  49 F   pauper NY  
O'CONNER Henry 90 M   pauper NY  
O'HARRA John 53 M   pauper Ireland lunatic
PARKER Elwood 64 M   pauper Ireland  
PAYNE John 65 M   pauper NY  
PERK Margaret 42 F   pauper Ireland  
PROSSER Louisa 24 F   domestic NY  
REED Mary 12 F   pauper NY  
REEVES Hannah 70 F   pauper NY  
REGENCY Anna 46 F   pauper NY  
RHODES Amanda 37 F   pauper Ireland  
RHODES Daniel 54 M   pauper NY  
RHODES William 46 M   pauper Ireland  
RICE Harriet 59 F   pauper Ireland  
RICE Patrick 52 M   pauper Ireland  
ROBINS Prince 77 M B pauper NY  
ROBINSON Mrs. 28 F B pauper NY  
ROSE Eddie 1 M   pauper NY  
ROSE Jenny L. 5 F   pauper NY  
ROSE John 7 M   pauper NY  
ROSE Rhoda 49 F   pauper NY idiotic
ROSE Sarah 36 F   pauper NY  
ROSE Thomas 10 M   pauper NY  
RUSSELL Mary 52? F   pauper NY  
RYAN Patrick 65 M   pauper Ireland  
SECOR Rachel 81 F   pauper NY  
SHARKEY Leber 59 M   pauper Ireland  
SHARY Charles 65 M   pauper Ireland  
SHUMAN Dexter ? 58 M   pauper Germany  
SMITH Wellout 37 M   pauper NY lunatic
SPENCER Ann M. 16 F   pauper NY  
SPENCER William 1 M   pauper NY  
STRICKLAND Joseph 88 M   pauper Ireland  
TAYLOR Charles 3 M   pauper NY idiotic
TRIPP A. S. 22 M   hired man NY  
TURK Jane 30 F   pauper NY  
VESTER Martin 65 M   pauper NY lunatic
WASHINGTON Eliza 20 F   pauper VA  
WELDER Matilda 51? F   pauper NY  
WHITE James 62 M   pauper Ireland  
WILBUR Henry 9 M   pauper NY  
WILBUR Maria 45 F   pauper NY idiotic
WILBUR Walter 7 M   pauper NY  
WILBUR William 12 M   pauper NY  
WILEY Sarah 62 F   pauper NY  
WILLIAMS Steven 26 M   pauper NY  
WOOD Emeline 53 F   pauper NY  

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