St. Mary's  Orphanage

1870 Census

Canandaigua,  NY


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Surname First Name Age Sex Race


CAHIEL Bishop 12 F   student NY
CARROFF Mary 9 F   student NY
CURRAN Mary 11 F   student NY
DELAHUNTER Zaria 40 F   Lady Superior Ireland
GORMAN Lucy 24 F   teacher W. Canada
GRAY Paul 26 F   teacher Ireland
HENESSEY Clara 22 F   teacher W. Canada
HYDE Mary A. 11 F   student WI
JENNINGS Mary 10 F   student NY
JENNINGS Michael 6 M   student NY
KILFOIL Cora 10 F   student NY
KILFOIL Margaret 11 F   student NY
LACY Josephine 21 F   teacher NY
LAUGHLIN Mary 11 F   student NY
MACK Barbara 22 F   housekeeper Ireland
MALONE Richard 12 M   student NY
MAXSON Loretta 6 F   student NY
MAXSON Mary 12 F   student NY
MC LEAN Mary 9 F   student NY
MC SHONE Ambrose 24 F   seamstress Ireland
PEARL Edith 9 F   student NY
POWELL Minnie 9 F   student NY
PYSER Anna 9 F   student NY
WEST Mary 9 F   student NY
WOOD Agnes 11 F   student NY
WOOD Florence 9 F   student NY


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