Ontario Co. Female Seminary 

1870 Census

Canandaigua,  NY


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First Name Age Sex


ARNOLD Maude 15 F pupil NY
BACH Louisa M. 19 F pupil PA
BEDDOE Mary C. 18 F pupil NY
BENNIGAN Nellie 20 F domestic servant Ireland
BUNNELL Mary O. 19 F pupil PA
CRONAN Patrick 16 M laborer NY
DOWNER Louisa S. 21 F pupil NY
DOWNER Nedia C. 18 F pupil NY
DURAND Edna E. 16 F pupil NY
ELDRED Andrew 28 M laborer NY
ELY William B. 28 M music teacher MA
GREGORY Alice 17 F pupil NY
HOVEY Clara 6 F language prof's fam NY
HOVEY Edmund O. 38 M language prof. NY
HOVEY Julia E 32 F language prof's wife NY
HOVEY Laura 4 F language prof's fam NY
JACKSON Hellen M. 26 F teacher England
LAWTON Sarah A. 18 F pupil NY
MARSHALL Anna 19 F pupil OH
MARSHALL Harriet 19 F pupil OH
MISLEY Helena 21 F teacher CT
MORRISEY Ellen 45 F domestic servant Ireland
NICHOLS Caroline 15 F pupil NY
NICHOLS Mary S. 17 F pupil NY
NOBLE Lillian F. 16 F pupil MI
O'BRIEN Julia  35 F domestic servant Ireland
O'BRIEN Mary 21 F domestic servant Ireland
O'BRIEN Minnie 19 F domestic servant Ireland
PRICHARD Kate E. 18 F pupil NY
RICHARDS Ann S. 12 F principal's family NY
RICHARDS Benjamin 63 M principal NY
RICHARDS Christina P. 42 F principal's wife VT
RICHARDS William A. 18 M principal's family SC
SEVERN Mary B. 17 F pupil NY
STEELE Stella 19 F pupil NY
TARPY Bridget 28 F cook Ireland
WARDELL Minnie 18 F pupil NY
WHITE Mary C. 18 F pupil PA
WHITE Nettie 17 F pupil NY
WILLIAMS Charlotte 15 F pupil NY
WILSON Amelia 18 F pupil NY


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