1900 Census  

Brigham Hall Hospital for the Insane

Canandaigua, NY 

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Surname First Name Age/Where Born D O B Parents from Mar. Stat Occupation
ADAMS Cora 34y/NY Aug 1865 NY/NY S nurse
ANDREWS Ed P. 29y/NY Apr 1871 NY/NY S farmer
ANDREWS Mary L. 35y/NY Apr 1864 NY/NY S nurse
BORTS Esther 23yMI Oct 1876 Eng/Eng S nurse
BURRELL Clara K. 44y/ NY May 1856 NY/NY M Brig. Dr's wife
BURRELL Dwight R. (Dr) 57y/ OH Mar 1843 MA/MA M Brig. Doctor
CATLIN William 44y/Eng June 1855 Eng/Eng M 11y nurse
COOPER Alice 19y/NY Jan 1881 NY/NY S nurse
DAINELLY Myra 23y/NY June 1877 Can/Eng S baker
DE VOE Rebecca 70y/ NY Nov 1829 CT/NY Wd Brig. housekeeper
DEAN Mary ?y/NY Oct 1863 NY/NY S nurse
G ----BY Norbert ? 25y/Canada June 1874 Can/Can S driver
GARDNER Berry 22y/NY Apr 1878 NY/NY S nurse
GRINNELL Lora 22y/NY Mar 1878 NY/Germ S nurse
HALLOCK Arthur D. 34y/NY Sept 1865 Eng/Eng S nurse
HENRY Eugene B. 30y/NY Feb 1870 NY/NY S nurse
HESSIAN Kate 20y/Ire Mar 1880 Ire/Ire S waitress
HOLLEY Edith ??/?? ? ? S unknown
JOHNSON Ella M. 30y/NY Mar 1870  ? S laundress
JOHNSON William H. ??y/NY   ?/? M nurse
LINDSLEY Edith 25y/NY Feb 1875 NY/NY S nurse
LONNIS Edith 27y/NY Mar 1872 NY/IN S nurse
M ------ Loria 28y/NY June 1871 NY/NY S nurse
MARTIN Catharine 20y/Ire Nov 1879 Ire/Ire S unknown
MC GUIRE James 25y/NY Nov 1874 Ire/Ire Wd farmer
MEGAFFEE Ida 24y/?? Jan 1876 ?/? S nurse
PHINNEY Mr. ??y/Canada ? Can/Can S Brig. Dr. Ass't
REYNOLDS Urban B. 36y/NY Oct 1863 NY/NY S nurse
ROBISON Ida 28y/NY Aug 1871 NY/OH S nurse
SAVAGE James 51y/Ire June 1848 Ire/Ire S nurse
SOULE Grace ??/NY ? ? S unknown
SQUIRES Eva 20y/MI Aug 1879 Nor/Fran S waitress
STARK William 26y?NY Apr 1874 NY/Eng S nurse
TOLHURST? Horace 26y/Eng Dec 1873 Eng/Eng S gardener
WALSH Nora 23y/Ire Mar 1877 Ire/Ire S laundress
WALSH William 24y/Eng Jan 1876 Eng/Eng S fireman
WAYNE Mary A. 50y/NY Oct 1849 NY/NY S Head Nurse
WELCH Mary 37y/NY Apr 1863 Ire/Ire S nurse
WHEATLEY Herman A. 22y/NY Aug 1877 Can/NY S nurse
WYCKOFF Ida 24y/NY July 1875 NY/NY S laundress




Surname First Name Age/Where Born D O B Parents from Mar. Stat


ABERDEEN Robert 54y/ Canada 1846 Scot/Scot M doctor
ADAMS Jarvis M. 72y/ NY 1828 NY/? M lawyer
AM----- Louis A. 48y/ NY 1852 ?/? S lawyer
AVERY Fred W. 56y/ Canada Dec 1843 Eng/Eng M bookkeeper
BANKS Leonora P. 33y/ NY Oct 1866 NY/NY M housekeeper
BEEBE Carrie M. 41y/ NY Mar 1859 NY/NY S unknown
BENSON Edith M. 32y/ NY Oct 1867 Eng/NY S unknown
BLACK Abram P. 75y/ CT Mar 1825 Scot/CT Wd steamboat captain
CHEYNE? Samuel 41y/ NY June 1858 Ire/Ire S unknown
CRAIG William J. 59y/Peru 1841 Ire/??? S merchant
DE ANGELIS William W. Jr. 48y/ NY 1852 ?/? S farmer
DELPRAT Paul A. 75y/MD Jan 1825 Holl/Ire S unknown
DUDGENE Margaret 82y/Scot Dec 1817 Scot/Scot S unknown
FITTS Grace E. 32y/OH 1868 OH/Eng S teacher
FITZGERALD Michael 28y/NY 1871 Ire/NY S brewer
FREEMAN John W. (Dr) 56y/NY 1845 ?/? S doctor
FROST Sanford 68y?ny Oct 1831 NY/NY S farmer
G----ND Clarissa W. 84y/CT Mar 1816 CT/CT Wd housewife
HAAS Russell 40y/NY 1860 Germ/Germ S unknown
HARRIS Francis J. 32y/ NY Dec 1867 Eng/NY S unknown
HARRISON Miss Carmichael 38y/OH Dec 1867 OH/OH S unknown
HAWLEY Mary J. 46y/ NY 1854 NY/NY M housewife
HOFFMAN Augusta 34y/NY Apr 1866 Germ/Germ M 19y housewife
HOPKINS Rachel 53y/NY Dec 1846 NY/NY S unknown
HOWARD ? John C. 57y/NY 1843 ?/? S farmer
INGHAM Maria 63y/NY Apr 1837 CT/NY S housewife
IRVINE Reliance 64y/MA Mar 1826 MA/MA Wd 30y housewife
JONES James R. 23y/NY June 1876 Eng/NY S clerk
KETC--- Henrietta J. 61y/NY Aug 1838 NY/NY S unknown
LERS--- Laura B. 22y/NY Sept 1878 Germ/NY D unknown
LEWIS Mary W. 31y/PA Feb 1869 PA/PA S unknown
LOFTUS Ada 58y/NY 1842 ?/? Wd writer
MARKS Louisa M. 55y/NY Dec 1844 Germ/Germ Wd 32y housewife
MARTIN Louise W. 37y/Canada Dec 1872 Fran/??? M 3 actress
MC LAUGHLIN William 33y/NY Nov 1866 Ire/Ire S salesman
MEREDITH Henry J. 66y/Canada 1834 ?/? S unknown
MILLER John A. 39y/MN Aug 1860 ?/? S unknown
MOORE John C. 80y/NY Mar 1820 NH/NH M state ????
PECK Jennie 60y/Canada 1839 ?/? S unknown
PECK Laura E. 80y/NY Nov 1819 MA/NY W housewife
PIERCE Henry M. 68y/PA 1832 Eng/Eng M chemist
PINCHOT John H. 65y/France 1835 Fran/Fran S merchant
REED Louis M. 37y/WI 1863 NY/NY M shoe merchant
SCHEELY Edward V. 41y/US 1859 Germ/US Wd merchant
SCOTT James R. 54y/IN May 1846 Eng/Eng S farmer
SEVICK ?? Matilda 94y/NY July 1805 ?/? W 72y housewife
SHEFFIELD Charles A. 69y/CT 1831 US/US M merchant
SLOAN Emily A. 60y/NY 1840 ?/? S unknown
SMITH Lila B. 59y/ US Jan 1841 NH/NH S unknown
SNYDER Mary A. 59y/NY 1841 NY/NY Wd housewife
TAYLOR Augusta 56y/PA Apr 1844 NY/NY M 34y unknown
THOMAS Anna M. 49y/NY Mar 1851 NY/NY ??? housewife
WAC--- John L. 25y/NY Feb 1875 Germ/NY S bookkeeper
WARREN Martha A. 64y/OH 1836 US/US M housewife
WHITE William S. 56y/VT Apr 1844 VT/RI S merchant
WILKINSON Mary A. H. 54y/Eng Sept 1845 Eng/Eng Wd 36y unknown
WILLIAM S.  Henry 61y/Canada 1839 ?/? S unknown
WILLIS Mary H. 71y/NY June 1828 NY/NY M 33y housewife

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