F. F. Thompson Hospital   

1910 Staff

Canandaigua, NY

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Surname First Name Relationship Age Mart. Stat. Born Father Mother Imm.  Other Notes
BALSAM Arline pupil nurse 19 S NY England France    
BRADLEY Margaret F. pupil nurse 21 S NJ Ireland NJ    
BRITIN Pierre orderly 25 S France France France 1908  
BRUTZMAN Anna M. nurse 27 S PA PA PA    
BUNNELL Helen pupil nurse 35 S PA CT PA    
DE KRUJER Asehiel orderly 21 S Holland Holland Holland 1908  
DINN Lucy S. maid 56 Wd England England England 1909  
EDWARDS Mary T. nurse 27 S KS OH OH    
ELLSWORTH Myra B. nurse 33 S NY NY Scotland    
FAHRING Louise pupil nurse 28 S PA Germany France    
FALLON Elizabeth maid 20 S NY NY NY    
FOSTER Adelia H. laundress 35 M NY NY NY   m:16y; no children
GEROW Alice G. pupil nurse 18 S NY NY NY    
HICKS Edna M. pupil nurse 31 S NY NY NY    
HICKS Ruth A. pupil nurse 19 S NY NY NY    
HIEMAN Louise N. maid 35 S NY Germany Ireland ?  
HUIE Mae pupil nurse 18 S NY NY NY    
JOHNSTON Francis cook 23 S NY NY NY    
KRAMER Elen M. V. K. Superintendent 45 S Sweden Sweden Sweden 1886  
LEWIS Charlotte pupil nurse 19 S Wales Wales Wales 1892  
MC CARTHY Mary G. pupil nurse 28 S NY Ireland NY    
MITCHELL Grace M. clerk 40 Wd NY NY NY    
NICHOLSON Caroline pupil nurse 30 S NY NY NY    
PEARSON Beatrice A. pupil nurse 20 S S.Africa S.Africa S.Africa 1904  
PERCY Mary K. laundress 25 M Ireland Ireland Ireland 1887 m:2y; no children
REMERY Louise R. maid 22 S NY Holland Holland ?  
SAVAGE Mary G. pupil nurse 23 S NY NY NY    
SOLE Cornellia B. pupil nurse 29 S NY NY NY    
SOULE Clarence A. engineer 40 Wd NY NY NY    
SOULE Marguerite A. boarder 13 S NY NY NY    
SOULE Mortimer J.V. boarder 15 S NY NY NY    
STEELE clara E. pupil nurse 20 S NY NY NY    
STORK Ware L. pupil nurse 26 S DC PA MD    
SUPPLE Eliza cook 65 M PA PA PA   m:40y; 3 children living
THOMSON Mary M. Ass't supervisor 32 Wd Canada Scotland Scotland 1900  
VAN VORREN Emil janitor 49 Wd Belgium Belgium Belgium 1908  
WILDER Edna E. pupil nurse 20 S MI NY IL    
WOOD Croda B. maid 21 S NY NY NY    

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