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1911  History of Ontario Co, NY & It's People, Vol. II


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Mar 1824 THOMAS William ABBEY Anna   he b: 4/16/1804,  son of David C. of MA; she died 11/19/1866;  had 11 children  (2nd wife, m:11/18/1867 Mrs. Mary WALES)
unknown SMITH Edmund W. ABSENSHEME Catherine he b: 5/4/1866 Manchester
Sept 1, 1825 PHILLIPS Cyrene ADAMS Abria he b: 7/4/1804 - 6/8/1828, son of Capt Joshua & Olive (PAULL)
Sept. 22, 1886 WHEELER Heber E. ADAMS Mary L. he b: 12/24/1859 Bergen, NY; son of Oscar F. & Lucy (ROWLEY); she born 11/30/1863 E. Bloomfield; dau of Benjamin F. & Lurinda (GAUSS) ADAMS
Feb 21, 1856 HORTON Isaiah ADAMS Ruth C. he b: 8/27/1831 Springwater, NY, son of Isiah & Charlotte (CHATFIELD); she b: 8/28/1830 Springwater, NY - 5/3/1897
Dec 31, 1891 MC KELVIE William Graham JR AINSLEY Cora he b: 4/8/1869 Geneva, son of Wm. Sr. & Lydia (JACKSON); she b: 10/23/1869, dau of John Witter (1831-1907) & Eleanor (DORMAN) AINSLEY
Jan 22, 1889 OSGOOD Carlos Pierce ALLEN Daisy D. he b: 3/11/1857 Manchester, NY, son of Burrus & Sarah (PIERCE); she b: 6/10/1868 Waterville, ME, dau of Stephen ALLEN
unknown MERRITT William Harrison ALLYN Olive M he b:1820 Penfield, NY, son of Stacy & Elizabeth (CASS); she dau of David Allyn (she died 9/3/1909)
Dec 11, 1867 BRACE Romeyn W. ALVERSON Mary E. he b: 11/30/1846 Victor - 4/28/1934, son of Thomas Beach & Margaret O. (JACKSON); she b: 3/2/1849 Perry, NY, dau of John Lewis & Eliza (CORNWELL) ALVERSON
unknown MARKS William H. (DDS) ANDRUS Jessie he b: 2/17/1876, son of Wm. R & Imogene (KNAPP); she of Canandaigua
1853 England YOUNG Samuel ARNOTT Jane he b: 1829 Yorkshire, England - 2/11/1899 Geneva, NY; she 1853 Yorkshire, England - 11/16/1908 Geneva, NY
July 23, 1820 SCHAURMAN Isaac B. AVERY Amanda she b: 7/17/1802 - 8/9/1841, dau of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER) AVERY
Feb 27, 1821 SILVERNAIL Conrad AVERY Elizabeth  she b:10/16/1808, dau of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER) AVERY
Oct 14, 1832 ARMSTRONG Milton W. AVERY Lucinda she b: 9/10/1810 - 2/10-1841, dau of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER) AVERY
Feb. 1881 ROSE Oswald J. C. AYRAULT Edith he b: 1/30/1852 NY City, son of Robert Seldon; she dau of Rev. Walter AYRAULT; married at Geneva
Nov. 12, 1872 ANDRUSS Cornelius Jay BAILEY Maria M. he b: 10/7/1845 Canadice, NY, eldest of George & Sarah (TER BUSH); she b: 4/17/1846 Chili, NY, dau of James & Mary Ann (BARNES) BAILEY; m: at Canandaigua
unknown VINCENT JR. Arthur S. BAKER Mattie A. he b: 12/20/1862 Phelps, son of Charles B. & Maria (BLIVEN); she dau of Lyman A. & Eunice (NEARING) BAKER of Knowlesville, NY
1898 COLLIE James J. (DR) BALCH Myrtle he b: 1866 Franklinville, NY, son of James & Elizabeth (WATSON); she b:1876 MN, dau of Andrew BALCH
Dec. 1820 OAKS Thaddeus BANNISTER Mrs. Fanny (DICKINSON) he b: in Conway, MA, son of Jonathan & Martha (HAWKS); she of Conway, MA, dau of Mr. DICKINSON, widow of Mr. BANNISTER
unknown KIRTLAND Dorrance L. BANNISTER Victoria  he b:12/16/1818 Durham, NY - 8/11/1885 Phelps, NY, son of Daniel & Huldah (STEVENS); she dau of Col. Asahel BANNISTER; she died 9/13/1881
Apr 28, 1897 CAMMETT Frank BARBER Katherine Esther he b: 9/3/1875 Hopewell, son of Samuel & Frances (BARHITE); she b: 10/28/1873 Benton, NY, dau of Wm. & Carrie (PELTON) BARBER
July 2, 1867 CAMMETT Samuel BARHITE Frances he b: 1826 Canandaigua - 9/6/1906 Hopewell, son of Johnson (of VT); she b: 9/15/1845, dau of Judge John A. BARHITE of Rochester, NY
1904 POST Abram A. BARNES Margaret T. he b: 7/26/1876, son of Frank J.; she of Phillipsburg, PA
June 9, 1858 BEATTIE William BARNES Mary E. he b: 12/16/1830 Ontario Co., NY-1/14/1893, son of David & Dorothy (TURNBULL); she b: 1/22/1827 Yates Co., NY - 5/10/1900
June 24, 1894 COOPER Louis A. BARRON Mabel B. he b: 9/23/1871 Phelps, NY, son of Wm. E. & Elizabeth (PIERCE); she b:9/9/1872 Geneva, dau of Wm. W. & Mary J. (TAYLOR) BARRON, grand dau. Of Thomas & g g dau of Wm BARRON (purchased land from Indians & one of first settlers of Geneva)
Oct 14, 1869 ALDRICH Cassius R. BARTLES Cornelia he b: 10/15/1839 Wayne Co., NY, son of Urial & Esther (POWER); she b: 9/16/1843 Monroe Co., NY, dau of John W. & Mary (BOWERS) BARTLES
Feb 1855 KNOWLES Eber A. BASTEDO Lydia he b: 7/13/1834, St. Johnsville, NY, son of Seth & Hannah (REYNOLDS); she b: 11/4/1837 Somerset Co., NJ;
Sept 4, 1900 MC DOWELL John Alfred BATES Frances G. he b: 12/20/1878, son of Charles & Fanny (STOUTENBERG);
Jan 30, 1901 FORDON William BAXTER Jessie he b: 10/8/1877, son of George F. & Caroline E. (TILLS);
Sept 25, 1878 HATHAWAY Joseph P. BEACH Mrs. Helena he b: 2/20/1833 Farmington, son of Perez  & Hannah (LAPHAM); she of Victor & 2nd wife of J.P. (her father born in Dutchess Co., NY)
Nov 28, 1889 YOUNG George BEARD Emma M. he b: 7/10/1854 Yorkshire, England - 2/21/1899 Geneva, NY, son of Samuel & Jane (ARNOTT); she b:7/12/1855 Detroit, MI; dau of Thomas & Dinah W. (COLE) BEARD
May 28, 1863 GARDNER Sunderland Pattison BELL Annette Hannah he b: 7/4/1802 Rensselaerville, NY- 2/13/1893, son of Elisha W. & Sarah (PATTISON); she b: 8/24/1836 Richmond, PA, dau of Wm. & Sarah  Hyde (LORD) BELL
Jan 16, 1894 GRIFFITH Frank Allyn BENNCKENSTEIN Christine he b: 8/17/1873 Phelps, son of John Watson & Charlotte (MALETTE); she dau of Edward BENNCKENSTEIN of NY City
Dec 29, 1823 ELLIS Henry BENNETT Isabel he b:12/10/1798 Florida, NY - 9/1/1884, son of Samuel (b5/27/1762), nephew of Dr. Eleazer & Stephen ELLIS; she dau of Amos BENNETT, of Duanesburg, NY; she died 1/24/1875
unknown STANLEY Luther BENNETT Lydia he b: 2/8/1782 VT; she b: 7/12/1788 VT - 1852; married in VT; had 8 children
July 14, 1853 COOLEY John BENSON Catherine T. he b: 2/12/1814 Canandaigua, son of John & Lucina (BISSEL); she 2nd wife of John
Apr 2, 1839 WHEELER Simeon R. BENTLY Betsey he b: 12/28/1817 E. Bloomfield, son of Benjamin D. & Deborah (REED); she 1819 Richmond - 5/9/1878, dau of Isaac & Hannah (DUBOIS) BENTLY of Saratoga Co., NY
Sept 1871 BELL William BISHOP Ann Eliza he b: 8/21/1845 Phelps, NY, son of Jonas & Miranda (LUCAS); she b: Manchester Centre, dau of Wm. & Eleanor BISHOP
Jan 11, 1893 WHITNEY Henry B. BISHOP Emma May he b; 6/11/1868 Phelps, son of Oscar J. & Eliza (BANNISTER); she dau of Henry & Ella I. BISHOP of Lyons, NY
Nov 23, 1857 VANDERHOOF Jacob W. BISSELL Elmira M. he b: 9/23/1834 Manchester, son of Abram & Johanna (VAN DUSEN); she b: 1833, dau of Daniel W. & Irene BISSELL of Allens Hill, NY
June 19, 1862 PENNELL Francis G. BLACKMER Sarah he b: 5/22/1828, son of John & Sarah (GREEN);
1840 ROCKEFELLER Norman BLAKEMAN Christina he b:10/17/1812 Barrington, NY -1905, son of Godfrey & Miss (AVERY); she died in 1882
Dec 6, 1829 AVERY Peter Rockefeller BLAKEMAN Elizabeth he b: 3/20/1807 - 3/4/1854, son of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER); she 10/4/1807 - 12/18/1883, dau of Asahel & Mary (ROCKEFELLER) BLAKEMAN; married in Great Barrington, MA
Apr 2, 1902 WHITE Charles D BLOUNT Lois he b: 9/21/1882 Phelps, NY, son of David & Melissa (VAN der MARK); she dau of Archer & Laura BLOUNT
unknown BARNES D. Eddy BOND Anna M. he b: 8/10/1856 Geneva, son of David, grandson of James; she of Geneva, 3rd wife of D. Eddy
Oct 6, 1880 RUPERT Theodore D. (DR) BOND Clara C. he b: 4/23/1880 Seneca, son of Wm. P. & Catherine (BELL), grandson of Philip; she dau of Thomas BOND of Geneva
June 16, 1880 ALDRIDGE Albert C. BOUGHTON Amelia he b: 3/13/1849 Victor, son of Gilbert T & Nancy (CLINE); she b: 11/23/1857, dau of Walter & Caroline (HART)  BOUGHTON of Victor
Apr. 1832 BUELL Mortimer BOUGHTON Edna he b: 11/11/1808 E. Bloomfield - 1/27/1885 Rochester, NY, son of Jonathan & Sally (RICE); she 12/25/1812 Victor - 1906 Canandaigua, dau of Jared & Olive (STONE) BOUGHTON

 Sept 11, 1851

LAUDER John A. BOWERMAN Ann he b: 8/21/1821 Florida, NY - 12/3/1883, son of James & Jane; she of Schenectady, NY
1864 DORSEY George C. BRADLEY Emma  he b:1834, Ovid, NY, son of Upton of MD (1814-1856); she b: 1845 Onondaga Co., NY
Dec 22, 1887 ALDRIDGE Arthur Gilbert BRIGGS Sarah Catherine he b: 11/24/1861 Victor, son of Gilbert T. & Nancy (CLINE); she b: 1/17/1861, dau of Ichabod White ( 3/24/1809-8/1892) of Macedon & Sarah Catherine (CASE) BRIGGS (3/12/1821 - 9/21/1901)
unknown BEECHER Rollin L. BRINK Mary F. he b: 4/30/1844 Owego, NY - 2/1/1908, son of Calvin & Emeline; she of Owego, NY, dau of James & Ellen (SAVAGE) BRINK
1832 PRESTON George W. BRISTOL Eliza he b: 12/13/1804 Hancock, NH, son of Abner & Zurviah (MILES); she b: 4/11/1811; married at Chapinsville
May 1, 1867 FORSTER William D. BRITT Matlilda J. he b: 3/29/1830 Halls Corners, Ontario Co., NY; she b 3/3/1837 Catskill, Greene Co., NY & died 2/10/1910
unknown NEEDHAM Edmund F. BROPHY Alice A. he b: 2/10/1864 Phelps, son of Michael & Margaret (FLYNN); she 2nd wife of Edmund F.
Nov 27, 1889 NEEDHAM Edmund F. BROPHY Margaret he b: 2/10/1864 Phelps, son of Michael & Margaret (FLYNN); she dau of John & Matilda BROPHY, born in Phelps, died 1900
Apr 6, 1881 MEAD Alfred M. (DR) BROWN Hattie A. he b: 11/21/1856 Macedon Center, NY, son of John G. & Emma B. (COOKINGHAM); she b: 10/20/1856 Union Hill, NY, dau of Robert K. BROWN
Oct. 1, 1879 HEATH Clarence BROWN Jennie P. he b: 3/30/1857 Darien, NY; she dau of Hiram L. BROWN; married in Shortsville
July 18, 1901 EISELINE Daniel A. (DR) BROWN Mabel E. he b: 6/10/1868 Canandaigua, son of John & Elizabeth S. (LINDER); she b: 4/24/1871, dau of Charles W. & Mary (STAFFORD) BROWN of Shortsville, NY; grand dau of Hiram L & Hester BROWN
May 17, 1904 DENTON Eugene C. BROWN Mary H. he b: 12/10/1865 Fitchburg, MA, son of Stephen E. & Ann E. (both native of Orange Co., NY); she dau of Harvey W. BROWN
May 4, 1775 THROOP Benjamin BROWN Rachel he b:10/8/1754 Lebanon, CT - 1/17/1842 Port Gibson, NY, son of Daniel & Susanna (CARY) THROOPE; she b: Lebanon CT - 7/3/1851  Ontario Co., NY
1856 MOTT Philander A. BRUSH Mary J. he b: 3/14/1826 Chatham, NY - 3/6/1909 Phelps, NY, son of Philander & Mary Ann (BAKER); she died 5/5/1904
June 15, 1882 SCHNIREL Reinhold A. BUCHHOLTZ Augusta he b: 3/25/1856 Pozen, Germany, son of Jacob & Elizabeth (SCHILF); she b: 8/27/1859 Joseph Ruh, Germany, dau of Augustus & Anna (BERG) BUCHHOLTZ
Dec 31, 1873 SMITH Isaac Newton BUCK Adah Harriet he b: 5/19/1851, son of Martin & Welthea (WELLS); she b: 4/13/1852 Hudson, MI, dau of George & Harriet (SMITH) BUCK
1873 BOLGER Andrew BUCKLEY Honora he b:1844 Ireland, married in Geneva; she b: 1851 Ireland, died aged 36
June 28, 1893 RUPERT Frank E. BUDD May he b: 8/26/1869 Ontario Co., NY, son of William P. & Catherine (BELL); she b: 11/27/1868 Marengo, NY, dau of James M. BUDD
May 20, 1861 HART Samuel Collins BUELL Katherine Marie he b: 1828 Harford, NY, son of Theodore Ephraim & Eliza (COLLINS); she b: 5/20/1838 E. Bloomfield, dau of Mortimer & Edna (BOUGHTON) BUELL
Jan. 1884 JEWETT John H. (DR) BUELL Kezzie S. he b: Canandaigua; she b: 1859 E. Bloomfield, dau of Charles & Anna (DUNN) BUELL
Oct 31, 1894 KLUBE Henry John Lewis BUFFINGTON Carrie I. he b: 7/10/1859 Geneva, son of Gustave F. & Maria E. (VOIGHT); she b: 9/19/1862, Geneva, dau of James H. & Triphena (MARTIN) BUFFINGTON
Dec 25, 1901 PERRIN P.A. BUFFINGTON Edith Rankin she b: 5/24/1876, dau of James H. & Triphena (MARTIN) BUFFINGTON
Dec 25, 1876 FLEMING Edward S. BUFFINGTON Frances Estella she b: 10/9/1857 Seneca Falls, NY, dau of James H. & Triphena (MARTIN) BUFFINGTON
June 12, 1895 GARLOCK Charles BULKLEY Mrs. Mary E. (HOSFORD) he b: 5/7/1864 Arcadia, son of Peter & Maria (VAN DE VORT); she dau of John HOSFORD of Phelps
Jun. 1857 COOK George (DR) BULL Caroline he b:11/20/1824 Cayuga, NY - 6/12/1876; 51y
unknown CAVANAUGH James BURNS Rose he b: in Dublin, Ireland, died 2/15/1888 Phelps, NY; she born in Ireland, died 5/28/1889 Phelps, NY
unknown GARLOCK Cyrus BURT Laura he b: 8/26/1826 - 7/6/1908, son of Abram & Catherine (COOK); she died 1892
Jan 5, 1847 OSBORNE David Henry BUSHNELL Lovina Amelia he b: 11/11/1819 Austerlitz, NY - Jan 26, 1905, son of David; she 10/4/1830 - 4/13/1906, dau of Wm. BUSHNELL (from Berkshire NH)
Dec 9, 1878 FLYNN Francis BUTTER Anna  he b: 7/13/1856 Auburn, NY, son of Francis & Bridget (SCOLLIN); she b:1/1/1856, dau of John & Elizabeth (BERRY) BUTTER (both of Ireland)

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