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1911 History of Ontario Co, NY & It's People, Vol. II

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June 14, 1905 GROVE Chauncey W. (DR) NAGEL Kathryn he b: 12/15/1879 Fredonia, PA, son of Jay C., & Zettirah  (FRY); she b: 11/12/1884, dau of Samuel Nagel of Geneva, NY
Nov 9, 1861 HERENDEEN Lemuel NEWMAN Eliza he b: 5/13/1833 Farmington, NY -2/13/1897 Geneva, son of Gideon & Barsheba; she 12/5/1831 - 12/7/1885, dau of Benjamin & Margaret NEWMAN of Victor
Dec 18, 1862 HERENDEEN Charles H. NEWTON Julia M. he b: 6/13/1840 Farmington, son of Welcom Wilkinson & Caroline L. (ARNOLD); she dau of Proctor & Mary L. NEWTON of Manchester, NY
Sept 2, 1858 CLINE William I. NICHOLS Rhoda A. he b: 12/23/1836, son of Mark (b: 6/1/1802 S. Amsterdam, NY) & Betsey Ann (WELLS) (b: 1/6/1805 Mayfield, NY); she dau of Peter VAN HORN & she died 8/25/1897; she died 1/17/1864, 1st wife of Wm. I.
June 1905 RIGNEY Edward E. O' NEIL Marguerite he b: 11/28/1865 W. Bloomfield, son of Martin & Mary (MC GORY) both of Kings, Ireland; she born in Ireland, dau of Cornelius & Marguerite O'NEIL
Jan. 1885 FAIRFAX Willis T. OSTRANDER Lena he b: son of George Henry & Elizabeth (DUNN);  married in Geneva;  he removed to Colorado Springs
Aug 8, 1900 FAIRFAX Charles Washington PAGE Gertrude he b: 12/2/1862 Geneva, NY, son of George Henry & Elizabeth (DUNN); she dau of Joel PAGE of Seneca Castle
unknown BURRELL Edward  PARKER Elizabeth he b:1825 Seneca, NY - 1907, son of Thomas, grandson of T. Wm.  Of England; she died 1902, also English
Oct 14, 1891 DE GRAFF Frank A. PARSONS Minerva H. he b: 8/4/1864 Gorham, son of Groat A.; she dau of Edward PARSONS of Canandaigua
July 11, 1904 HILL Reynolds PATRICK Lizzie M. he b: 5/7/1841 Reading, NY, son of Seth & Maria (RICH); 1st wife Olivia ANDRUS (married in Geneva); Lizzie is 2nd wife; she b: 10/28/1866 England, dau of John & Ellen (COLLINS) PATRICK
Jan 16, 1895 WESTFALL Burton S. PATTEN Hattie he b: 11/20/1872 Phelps, son of Benjamin F. & Harriet (PECK) (dau of Hiram PECK); she dau of Wm. & Hellen PATTEN of Phelps
Sept 1, 1803 PHILLIPS Joshua  (CAPT) PAULL Olive he b: 1/5/1782 MA - 9/27/1865, son of Joshua (1751 -1799) & Elizabeth (FISH) (b:11/8/1757); she b: 6/20/1784 - 11/8/1871, dau of William PAULL
abt 1850 CARPENTER Curtis PAYNE Minerva he b: 1828 Allegany Co., NY - 5/6/1894, son of David & unk. (CATOR); she b: 12/28/1832 Farmington, NY, dau of Calvin PAYNE
1874 VAN DYNE Frank P. PEACHY Sarah  he b: 12/20/1848 Clifton Springs, son of Joshua & Sarah (BAILEY); she dau of Henry & Elizabeth PEACHY
July 29, 1914 LAWRENCE Irving J. (Prof) PEASE Eva May he b: son of Mary E.; he of Mt. Hermon, MA ; she only dau of Charles B. PEASE of Ontario, NY; will reside in MA
1853 HORNBECK James B. PECK Phila M. he b: 7/15/1827 Phelps, son of James  & Margaret (BURNETT); she born in Phelps,  dau of Hiram PECK
Mar 6, 1884 LOCKE Fred M. PEER Mercy he b:4/24/1861 W. Mendon, NY, son of William & Amy (MOORE); she b: 2/26/1866, dau of Andrew & Ellen (SPLAINE) PEER
Apr 29, 1829 ARNOLD Daniel PEIRCE Betsey he b: 12/22/1800 Farmington, son of Pardon; she died 4/20/1876
Mar 28, 1865 REED Thomas R. PENNELL Elmira S. she b: 1/9/1844, dau of John & Sarah (GREEN) PENNELL; they resided in Richmond, NY
Sept 14, 1854 BLACKMAN Myron H. PENNELL Harriet N. she b: 1/21/1834, dau of John & Sarah (GREEN) PENNELL
May 9, 1870 STRONG Loren James PENOYAR Tamison he b: 11/9/1846, son of Ashbel & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS, STRONG
Dec 23, 1885 GARDNER Charles H. PERCEY Nettie E. he b: 7/12/1863 Nassau, NY, son of Hanson A. & Mary (FERGUSON); she b: 6/2/1865 Arcadia, NY, dau of Henry & Amanda Louise (HARMON) PERCEY of Arcadia, NY
Jan 16, 1889 HERENDEEN Lemuel PETERS Anna E. he b: 5/13/1833 Farmington, NY -2/13/1897 Geneva, son of Gideon & Barsheba; she 12/5/1831 - 12/7/1885, dau of Benjamin & Margaret NEWMAN of Victor
1868 CLARK Walter A. PHILLIPS Eudora he b:1846 Troy, NY, son of Otis G.  & Amelia S. (BARDWELL); she b: 3/17/1849 Troy, NY, dau of George H. & Laura G. (WOOD) PHILLIPS
Sept 28, 1843 PIERPONT David A. PHILLIPS Sarah Elizabeth he b: 11/19/1815 VT, son of David & Sally (PALMER); she dau of Capt. Joshua (1782 - 1865) & Olive (PAULL) PHILLIPS
unknown BARNES D. Eddy PHINNEY Harriet he b: 8/10/1856 Geneva, son of David, grandson of James; she of Bellona, NY, 2nd wife of D. Eddy
Sept 18, 1864 THROOP Newton Adams PIERCE Bell H. he b: 4/1/1835, son of Azel & Fanny (VAN DUSEN); she of Jay, Essex Co., NY
unknown COOPER William E. PIERCE Elizabeth he b:1815 Phelps, NY - 4/12/1894 Phelps; she b:1836 Geneva-1903  (Oak Lawn ceme,. has dates of 1831 -7/16/1898)
1868 GRANGER Gideon PIERSON Isaphine he b: 8/30/1821 Canandaigua & son of Francis & Cornelia (VAN RENSSELAER); she of Canandaigua & died in 1903
Dec. 26, 1883 CHILDS Albert Sherwood PITKINS Emma he b: 9/18/185 Phelps, son of Benjamin & Laura (SHERWOOD); she b:1856 of Gibson, NY; dau of Chester; married in Seneca, NY
Nov. 23, 1881 PARMELEE George Herbert POND Lillian May he b: 7/27/1854 Addison, NY, son of Rev. Anson  & Mary E. (WHITING); she b: 5/18/1860 Truxton, NY; dau of George C. & Anna (HURD) POND; married in Phelps, NY
Oct 6, 1845 PHILLIPS John Edwin POOL Mary E he b:5/10/1819 - 6/24/1869, son of Capt Joshua & Olive (PAULL);
Jan 25, 1865 PRICHARD George C. (DR) POST Imogene he b: 2/1/1839 Phelps, son of Benjamin & Jane Ann (STOUGHTENBURG); she 7/25/1839 Phelps -3/29/1893, dau of Col Wm & Polly (SUTHERLAND) POST
1831 ALDRICH Urial POWER Esther he b: 1810 Farmington, - 11/24/1883, son of Willis & Edna (SMITH); she died 1897
Jan 6, 1897 ROWLEY Charles Andrew (DR) POWER Stella he b: 1/13/1863 Victor, son of Franklin & Jeanette (WILDER); she b: 7/13/1866 Farmington, dau of Mark Sibley & Alyda (SHAW) POWER
Oct 23, 1907 SWEENEY Charles Henry QUINN Jane Winifred he b: son of Thomas Henry & Honora Frances (DONNELLY); she b: Watkins, NY, dau of Michael & Bridget (GURNETT) QUINN; married in Geneva
Oct 10, 1888 WELCH William Harris RAINES Grace he b: 12/15/1862 Erie PA; she dau of Hon. John RAINES
Dec 29, 1881 KNOWLES Frederick W. RANDALL Cora A. he b: 11/1/1858 Hopewell, NY, son of Eber A. & Lydia (BASTEDO); she dau of William & Ann (ALLEN) RANDALL; married in Farmington, NY
Oct 9, 1890 SHORT JR. Andrew Jackson REDFIELD Caroline Harriet he b: 5/3/1870 Phelps, son of Andrew J. & Mary J. (MYERS); she dau of Charles M. REDFIELD of Clifton Springs
unknown REED Vincent REED Bethiah he b: 1811 Ontario, Canada - 1878, son of Joshua;
Oct 19, 1837 BARNARD Peter Pitts REED Fannie he b: 1/20/1812 Livonia, NY, son of Chauncey (b: 5/9/1784 CT - 4/5/1834, son of Samuel & Cynthia [FOLES] ) & Mrs. Mary (PITTS) BENTON (b: 9/18/1774 - 2/22/1847, dau of Capt Peter PITTS, 1st settler of Richmond, NY); she b: 5/7/1818, dau of John F. & Cynthia REED of Richmond
unknown CASE Isaiah  SR REED Rachel he b: in Bristol, NY & son of Jonathan J. & Lucy (CASE); married in Bristol, NY
Nov 12, 1851 HEMIUP George M. REMINGTON Maria he b: 11/22/1822 Penn Yan, NY - 7/14/1886, son of Alexander & Mary (MILLS); she b: 3/18/1832 Boston, NY - 9/11/1911, dau of Rev. Seth W. & Maria (PICKERING) REMINGTON; she writer of scientific  "Law of Heat"
1898 BURNETTE Frank RICE Elvia M. he b: 3/21/1867 Phelps, son of Hiram & Eliza Ann (PARSONS); she dau of George L. RICE
unknown BUELL Timothy RICE Lucy he b:12/8/1791 Goshen, CT - 1/16/1873 E. Bloomfield, son of Capt. Timothy & Olive (NORTON); she dau of Daniel RICE
unknown WARNER Rufus RICE Miss he b: 1775 Conway, MA, son of Jesse & Sarah (WARRENER); she sister of Caleb RICE & mother was a sister of Rev. J. LELAND
1867 WILCOX Merritt C. RICHARDSON Caroline Frances he b: 6/6/1842 Demopolis, AL, son of Lucius & Frances A. (CRAWFORD) (dau of Rev. Andrew Jackson CRAWFORD of Demopolis, AL); She b: Cortland Co., NY, dau of William & Caroline O. (HEATON) RICHARDSON; married in Canandaigua
May 9, 1820 ROBINSON Dr. Daniel RICHARDSON Isabella B. P. he b: son of Benedict (of Yates Co.) & Susan (BROWN); she dau of Isaac  & Margaret (PLUNKETT) RICHARDSON
May 4, 1794 HATHAWAY Isaac RICHMOND Elizabeth he b: 10/28/1788 RI, son (or nephew) of Isaac; she b: 3/9/1760 - 4/21/1830, dau of Perez (10/13/1729 - 11/13/1800) & Mercy (CHURCH) RICHMOND ( 9/18/1734)
Oct 17, 1906 PADGHAM Ethelbert G. RIDENOUR Grace Etta he b: 5/9/1875 Odessa, NY, son of Dr. Richard W.; she a native of Gallipolis, OH
unknown CROTHERS Oliver RIDLEY Mary he b: 12/12/1818 Phelps, son of William ; dau of Elihu & Betsey RIDLEY, 1st wife of Oliver; (2nd wife was Eunice NYE)
1904 SALISBURY John Lewis RINGER H. Lulu he b: 9/17/1875 Phelps, NY, son of John V. & Ellen (STRYKER); she dau of Jacob RINGER
Feb 21, 1889 TURNBULL William R. RIPPEY Margaret E. he b: 12/5/1857 Seneca, NY, son of Alex & Elizabeth (BURRELL); she b: 10/24/1868; dau of Geo O. RIPPEY
Jan 2, 1834 CARSON Robert RIPPEY Rebecca he b: 5/23/1810 Seneca - Oct 6, 1883, son of Robert & Sarah (ARMSTRONG); she 9/6/1808 - 4/5/1875
Mar 10, 1887 FORSTER Clark  RITCHIE Mary he b: 9/5/1840Seneca, NY, son of Wm. & Mary (CAWARD); she dau of John RITCHIE
June 12, 1887 YOUNG Gardner B. (DR) ROBERTS Ada B. he b: 12/21/1839 Mc Kean Co., PA, son of Arthur & Laurinda (STULL); she b: 3/5/1865 Coldwater, MI, dau of Ingham B. & Sarah M. (DILLENBACH) ROBERTS; married in Eldred, PA
Oct 19, 1882 WILLIAMS William H. ROBERTS Katharine Ida he b: 10/31/1853 Amherst, MA, son of Enos D. & Caroline Ruth (HAWLEY); she b: 8/2/1855 Amherst, MA, dau of Reuben E. & Lydia T. (ENDICOTT) ROBERTS
Jan 1, 1885 SMITH Mack S. ROBERTS Nettie N. he b: 8/14/1854 Farmington, NY, son of Lindley W. (died 3/8/1878 Chapinville), & Caroline E. (SPAULDING) (died 3/19/1887 Canandaigua); she of Phelps; married in Phelps
1869 KENNEDY Robert M. ROBSON Emma O. he b: 8/26/1848 Italy, Yates Co., NY; she b:1850 Italy, NY
1853 BRAYTON Jay J. (REV) ROCKEFELLER Mary Jane he b: 4/29/1829 Lake George, NY, son of Moses & Hannah (JENKINS); she dau of William ROCKEFELLER
Dec 21, 1806 BOOTH Sharon ROOT Catherine he b: 1771 - 7/6/1845, son of Henry& Dorothy (FISH); she 2nd wife of Sharon; she died 12/18/1814
June 25, 1880 PALMER Edward H. ROUSE Cornelia H. he b: 5/17/1855 Clinton Co., IA; she b: 1/17/1856 NYC, dau of J. Platt ROUSE of Catskill, NY
Feb 1859 WHEELER Oscar F. ROWLEY Lucy he b: Feb 1831 in Bristol, NY, eldest son of Addison H. & Lucy (REMINGTON); she dau of Simeon & Lucy (HAYWARD); born in Rush, NY Apr 1833; married in E. Bloomfield
Sept 8, 1896 THOMPSON Robert F. RUDD Susan Josephine he b: 7/31/1870 Canandaigua, son of Lt. Lester P. & Sarah Jane (FOSTER); she b: 9/5/1872 San Diego CA, dau of Charles G. & Susan (PALMER) RUDD (grand dau of Rev Charles G. RUDD, pastor at Lyons Baptist Church, NY)
Jan 15, 1880 SAWYER Henry Howard RUSHMORE Ella P. he b: 3/31/1853 Farmington, son of Joseph Norris & Caroline (JOHNSTON); she b: 12/25/1858 Farmington, only child of Lewis & Deborah A. (DENNIS) RUSHMORE
June 3, 1834 TITUS Anson SABIN Almira he b: 3/13/1809 Marshall - 12/22/1882, son of Billy & Judity (HUESTED); she 1/26/1810 Sherburne, NY - 11/16/1888, dau of Oliver & Olive (UPHAM) SABIN
1899 ROBINSON Robert H. SASSAMAN Jennie  he b: 12/15/1855 Farmington, eldest son of Baxter & Martha (SMITH); she of Union Cnty., PA, dau of Joseph Miller & Harriet (MOORE) SASSAMAN
Dec 29, 1877 CARPENTER Frank H. SAUNDERS Estella L. he b: 9/6/1832 E. Victor, NY, son of Curtis & Minerva (PAYNE); she b: 7/12/1857, dau of Wm. & Jane (REEVES) SAUNDERS (dau of Theophoilus REEVES & Louise GREEN)
Aug 12, 1875 BUCK Myron M. SAWYER Velma he b: 1/16/1835 Shortsville - died 1889 in MI, grandson of Theophilus SHORT; she of Orleans, NY, dau of James Mosley & Angineete (SHORT) SAWYER
1872 VANCE James R. SCHULTZ Adelaide C. he b: 4/4/1849 Scotland; she b: 1850 Waterloo, NY
June 27, 1906 COVERT Jay Byington (DR) SCHUMACHER Magdeline he b: 6/18/1875 Geneva, NY, son of Dr. Nelson B. (1/22/1840 Ovid - Nov1908 Geneva, NY); she b: 9/30/1878 New Boston, PA, dau of Jacob SCHUMACHER; nurse by profession
Aug 22, 1880 SKINNER William Waddell (DR) SCOFIELD Hattie May he b: 1/14/1860 of Marengo, ILL, son of Henry Godfrey & Mary Jane (WADDELL); she b: 6/25/1863 Benton, NY, dau of John P. & Deborah Louisa (TOWNSEND) SCOFIELD; she died 10/28/1896
Mar. 6, 1876 WILSON Thomas B. SCOON Maggie A. he b: 12/12/1852 Hall's Corners, son of John C.; she dau of Charles R. SCOON of Calhoun Cnty, MI; married in MI
1893 GIFFORD John C. SEAGER Harriet R. he b: 7/23/1837 Phelps, son of John & Minerva (SPIER); she dau of Edwin & Mary Jane (PRICHARD) SEAGER, gdau of Levi
Mar 22, 1827 BARRON David   SHADBOLT* Sarah he b: 8/15/1800 England; she b: 12/7/1801 Stillwater, Saratoga Co, NY, dau of Darius & Martha SHADBOLT  **
Aug 16, 1904 COLLINS Perez Hathaway SHAPPEE Anna May he b: 9/18/1860 Farmington, son of George & Ann M. V. (HATHAWAY); she of Horseheads, NY
Jan 3, 1894 SMITH* Franklin SHAW Frances E. he b: 6/20/1851 Manchester - 1/8/1919 Manchester,  son of Leonard Everett SR & Nancy (CURTIS); she 7/1867 -2/7/1941; 2nd wife of Franklin
Jan 4, 1898 SKINNER William Waddell (DR) SHEEHAN Margaret Jennie he b: 1/14/1860 of Marengo, ILL, son of Henry Godfrey & Mary Jane (WADDELL); she b: 9/16/1869 in Vine Valley, NY
1861 VAN VALKENBURG William H. SHELDON Charlotte A. he b: 1836 Columbia Cnty, NY - 1905 Ontario Cnty, NY, son of Glen & Theodosia (LOBDELL); she dau of Jonathan & Mary ( FINCH) SHELDON
June 15, 1893 THORNE Edwin S. SHERMAN Caroline he b: 12/24/1865 Schoharie Cnty, NY; son of Stevenson & Ann (SMITH);  she b: 7/24/1869 Albany Cnty, NY, dau of Robert SHERMAN
May 29, 1843 CHILDS Benjamin SHERWOOD Laura he b: 4/8/1819 Seneca - Jan 27, 1878 Seneca, son of Oliver & Nancy (HART); she dau of Homer & Electra (HOTCHKISS) SHERWOOD of Fairfield, VT
May 1830 MASON Francis SIMMONS Maria he b: 4/15/1798 MA,  son of John (died 2/1836) & Sarah Francis (1771 - 7/1860); she dau of Richmond SIMMONS & widow of Harold HAYES; she died 10/9/1874
Sept 27, 1893 BEATTIE Herbert SIMPSON Emma he b: 3/23/1866 Ontario Cnty, NY, son of Wm. & Mary E. (BARNES); she b: 4/5/1871 Seneca Cnty, NY, dau of Matthew & Hannah SIMPSON
Nov 1867 HALL Thomas SIMS Mary Ann he b: 1/31/1812 Halls Corners, NY - 9/7/1901; son of Edward; she born in England
Jan 14, 1903 LEAHY Patrick Henry SKILTON Dora Ann he b: 6/21/1873 Canadice, son of John (1833 Ireland - Apr 1873; Civil War 160th Co. E); she b: 6/19/1883 Canadice, dau of Thaddeus A. & Lydia M. SKILTON
Sept 29, 1903 LEWIS Alfred George SLAWSON Agnes he b: 7/5/1879 Buffalo, only child of George Howard (of PA) & Katherine (BELL) (dau of Alfred BELL of Rochester); she b: 5/27/1878 Geneva, dau of Harry SLAWSON of Geneva
Nov 23, 1868 THROOP Augustus P. (DR) SMILLIE Mary Elizabeth he b: 8/21/1832 - 11/28/1907; she b: 8/8/1836 NYC, dau of James SMILLIE; married in NY City
Oct 7, 1856 TUTTLE Anson S. SMITH Amanda he b: 8/9/1822 Seneca, son of Joseph; she dau of Wilmarth (b 4/13/1792) & Saloma (EDDY) SMITH
Nov 10, 1892 GOODMAN Charles H. SMITH Carrie E. he b: 8/9/1872 Saginaw, MI, son of Henry H. & Ella (GIFFORD); she b: 2/2/1870, dau of Asahel & Adaline (WRIGHT) SMITH
unknown GARLOCK Peter SMITH Cecelia he b: 10/6/1832 Phelps - 2/17/1904, son of Abram & Catherine (COOK); she of Rochester
unknown OSBURN John SMITH Hannah Tracy he b: 1807 Dutchess Co., NY - 2/4/1885, son of Sturgis; she 9/18/1812 Farmington - 5/18/1864, dau of Levi & Lucy (HAYWARD) SMITH
Apr 30, 1874 CARSON James Carlton SMITH Jane M. he b: 1/23/1847 Seneca, son of Robert & Rebecca (RIPPEY); she b: 11/3/1852 Geneva, dau of Thomas &  (CATCHPOLE) Susan SMITH
unknown HOLLIS Alfred M. SMITH Louisa he b:1850 England, son of Henry Hollis; she b: ~1850 England, dau of William SMITH (later of Bristol, NY)
Jan 7, 1864 BOWERMAN Brice W. SMITH Lucena he b: 1837 Farmington -1904, son of Silas G.  & Lydia (HOAG); she b: 1839 Farmington -Dec 1897, dau of Elwood & Joanna (JENKS) SMITH
unknown GRANGER Henry Martyn SMITH Sarah he b: 8/13/1835 Rochester, NY & son of Calvin; she dau of Deacon Chauncey B. SMITH of Hornell, NY
unknown PRATT * Agustus C. SMITH * Sarah he b: 12/16/1831- 3/6/1895 Manchester, son of John & Sarah (SHERMAN); she 1833 CT - 3/14/1894 Manchester, dau of Leonard Everett Sr. & Nancy (CURTIS) (both of CT)
unknown ROBINSON Baxter SMITH Martha he b: 1824, son of Dr. Daniel Arnold & Isabella (RICHARDSON); she dau of Jacob SMITH (of MA)
June 8, 1886 CONNOLLY Robert Emmet SOMMERS Mary he b: 4/1/1860 Phelps, son of Andrew & Julia (DUNN); she dau of Daniel SOMERS of Hopewell, NY
Dec. 1865 DEWEY Jedediah SOUTHWORTH Mary D. he b: 4/15/1807 Farmington, NY (now Manchester) - 10/2/1876; both of Manchester; married in MICH
Jan 1875 WARNER Henry D. SPEAR Frances Belle he b: 6/17/1844 Phelps - 6/4/1908, son of Hiram & Mary Jane (KNAPP); she dau of James Allen & Mary (BAGGERLY) SPEAR of Clifton Springs; married in Manchester, NY
unknown WILLSON Gilbert SPENCER Selecta he b: 12/19/1785, son of Nathaniel & Miss (TURNER) (1st wife of Nathaniel); she 2nd wife, dau of Daniel SPENCER of W. Stockbridge; she died 2/1845 (Allen's Hill Cemetery)
Nov 30, 1815 GIFFORD John SPIER Minerva he b: 7/23/1794 Chatham, NY - 11/20/1883 Phelps, NY, son of Rowland & Judith (SUTHERLAND); she  of Lebanon, NY, died 4/10/1879
Dec. 1872 ASHLEY Noah Tisdale ST. JOHN Mattie he: son of Noah & Minerva (TISDALE); married in Richmond
1866 POTTER James K. STAFFORD Mahala he b: 8/18/1844 Cattar. Co., NY, son of Wm. & Julia (SLOVER)
Sept 16, 1869 BROWN Charles W. STAFFORD Mary M. he b:7/13/1848 Newark, Wayne Cnty, NY - 10/14/1897, son of Hiram L. & Hester A. (BONKER); she 9/30/1827 - 2/19/1906,  dau of Dr. John & Nancy (HURLBURT) STAFFORD
Mar 31, 1814 SACKETT Augustine STARR Arze he b: 4/24/1789 CT, son of Homer; she b: 6/11/1793 Warren, CT - 11/20/1871; dau of Platt STARR
Apr 3, 1899 WOOLSTON William Franklin STEVENS Mary he b: 12/31/1864 Victor, son of John A. & Nancy C. (LUSK); she b: 11/4/1880 Mendon, NY, dau of Edmund & Ursula (GREEN) STEVENS of Mendon
Dec 25, 1885 RAINES John STEVENSON Caroline E. he b: 6/6/1863 Geneva, eldest son of Hon. John & Catherine A. (WHEELER) (she died 1879);  she dau of Capt John & Marietta (COOPER) STEVENSON of Waterloo
Nov 2, 1907 JOHNSON Thomas STEWART Ethel he b: 1/10/1856 Derry, Ireland; she of Toronto, Canada; 2nd wife of Thomas
Dec 13, 1877 MC DOWELL Charles STOUTENBERG Fanny he b: 9/5/1855 Barrington, NY, son of John & Emilia (CROSBY); she b: 1/16/1860 Cortwright, NY, dau of Alfred B. & Marjorie (MC LAURY) STOUTENBERG
Nov. 29, 1882 SALISBURY Elon G. STOUTENBURG Martha she b: 10/20/1843,  dau of Isaac & Ann (REESE) STOUTENBURG
Apr 11, 1894 HORTON Coe STRONG Marie  he b: 4/12/1864 Springwater, son of Isaiah & Ruth C. (ADAMS); she b: 10/3/1861 Port Gibson, NY, dau of Ashbel STRONG ( 12/14/1813 Waltham, VT) & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS (b:3/15/1818 Dutchess Cnty, NY)
1892 COOK Robert George STRONG Mary Belle he b: 8/4/1864 Canandaigua, son of Dr. George & Caroline (BULL); she born in Haverhill, MA, dau of Rev. Augustus H. STRONG
May 1870 HUNTOON Albert STRONG Mary J. she born 9/10/1844, dau of Ashbel & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS, STRONG
Oct 20, 1896 VAN VOORHIS George Lyman STRONG Vernie B. he b: 4/21/1871 Kalamazoo Cnty, MI, son of Lyman & Elizabeth (FIELD); she dau of Charles & Mary (GILLETT) STRONG of Monroe Cnty, NY
May 23, 1878 PECK Charles E. STRYKER Anna Marie he b: 3/15/1845 Phelps, son of Hiram & Margaret (WESTFALL); she died 1889; 1st wife of Charles E.
Sept 12, 1864 POND George C. SUMNER Lucy H. he b: 6/7/1814 - 2/14/1889 son of Munson & Phebe (CHAPIN); she of Homer, NY
Jan. 1885 GIFFORD Loren E. SUTHERLAND Helen M. he b: in Phelps, son of Emmons H. (6/2/1824 - 10/5/1897) & Parmelia (CURTIS) (of Parma, NY); married in Penn Yan
Aug 18, 1896 HOLLIS  Fred W. SUTHERLAND Verna E. he b: 12/27/1871 Canandaigua, son of Alfred M. & Louisa (SMITH); she born in Canandaigua, dau of Cassius C. & Harriet (SMITH) SUTHERLAND; married in Canandaigua
Nov 17, 1847 WYCKOFF Cornelius SWARTHOUT Mary Ann he b: 9/11/1823 - 1894, son of Abram; she b: 12/17/1826 Ovid, dau of Ralph & Catherine (HURD) (VOORHEES) SWARTHOUT

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