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1911 History of Ontario Co, NY & It's People, Vol. II

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May 26, 1881 KANE Daniel  TANNIAN Elizabeth   he b:11/27/1854 Geneva, NY; she b: 12/12/1854 Geneva, NY - 9/3/1906
July 11, 1844 ANDRUSS George TER BUSH Sarah he b: 1/4/1824 Jerusalem, NY - 4/2/1870 Canadice, son of Zebina C. & Almira (GARLICK); she b: 3/12/1827 Barrington, NY, dau of Cornelius (4/15/1786 -10/21/1870) & Esther (ANGEL) TER BUSH (5/10/1795 - 1/2/1872)
1891 GARLOCK William F. TERRY Nellie he b: 2/15/1870 Manchester, son of Cyrus & Laura (BURT); she dau of Carroll C. & Lydia TERRY
1837 VANNOSTRAND Jr. Isaac  THATCHER Julia A he b: 10/31/1815 Trenton, NJ - 1868; she b: 2/28/1818 Hopewell
Sept 26, 1877 GALUSHA George S. THATCHER Mary Isabelle he b: 7/14/1857 Yates Co., NY, son of Clark & Eunice (BURNETTE); she dau of Jesse & Cynthia A. THATCHER
June , 1885 OAKS William Aldrich THOMAS Mrs. Jessie (COOKE) he b: 7/29/1853 Oaks Corners, NY, son of Nathan & Susan (HEMINGWAY); she dau of Thomas & Sarah COOKE of Neenah, WI; she widow of Mr. THOMAS
Nov 19, 1907 CHANDLER Will Lewis THROOP Beulah Belle he of Cleveland, OH; she dau of Adoniram Judson & Anna H. (COOPER) THROOP
Oct. 14, 1868 PIERCE Edgar W. THROOP Francis Agusta he b: Plattsburg; she b: 6/17/1837, dau of Azel & Fanny (VAN DUSEN) THROOP
1875 ROCKEFELLER Ira P. TIFFANY Julia E. he b: 1/22/1842 Richford, NY, son of Norman & Christina (BLAKEMAN); she died 1/26/1887
Nov 1, 1876 FORDON George TILLS Caroline Elizabeth he b: 1/11/1850 Seneca, NY, only son of Wm & Honor Matilda (DURRANT); she dau of Wm & Eliza (NEWBERRY) TILLS, born in Seneca, NY
June 3, 1832 ASHLEY Noah Jr. TISDALE Minerva he b: 8/24/1806, son of Noah; she of Cortland
May 21, 1885 TAYLOR Livingston L. (Rev) TITSWORTH Mary he b: 9/16/1860 Philadelphia, PA; she dau of Judge Caleb S. TITWORTH of Newark, NJ
Sept 1, 1902 KEATING William F. TOBIN Honora he b: 11/5/1871 E. Bloomfield, son of John & Margaret (MAHONEY); she b: 7/15/1875, dau of James & Mary (BURKE) TOBIN
1862 CASE Isaiah I. TOTMAN Mary he b: 11/10/1832 Bristol, NY, son of Isaiah & Rachel (REED); she dau of Ira & Nancy (GREGG) TOTMAN of Bristol, NY
June 18, 1895 MILLIKEN Charles F. TOWNLEY Margaret he b: 8/27/1854 Canandaigua, son of Nathan J. (9/27/1821 NH - 11/26/1902 Canandaigua) & Orline O. (SUTTON); she dau of Rev. Hugh C. TOWNLEY
Jan 9, 1858 CONOVER John TUCKER Elizabeth he b:4/20/1817 Victor, NY - 10/10/1908 Victor, NY, son of Cornelius & Margaret (BOWERS); she b: 10/31/1832 Penn Yan, NY, dau of Wm. (of NH) & Ruth (CAMERON) (of OH) TUCKER
Feb. 10, 1886 ELLIS Daniel TURNER Alice he b: 9/30/1837 - 7/5/1889, son of Henry & Isabel (BENNETT); she b: Salem, WI, died 3/8/1892
Sept 9, 1914 LAWRENCE Franklin J. TUTTLE Gladys Mary he b: youngest son of Wellington M. LAWRENCE of Walworth; only dau of Frank H. TUTTLE of Walworth
unknown SQUIRE Jesse C. TUTTLE Mary E. he b: 8/28/1841, son of Jesse, grandson of Adin; she dau of Joseph & Casandra (HAYES) TUTTLE
1867 DIXON John Boynton TYLER Mrs. Nancy (SLARROW) he b: 2/3/1812 Rellington, England - 3/4/1890 Geneva, NY, only child of John & Hannah; she 2nd wife to John B.; b: 1/10/1831;dau of Sidney (of Dutchess Co., NY) & Ann (TAYLOR) (of Seneca, NY) SLARROW; widow of Wm. C. TYLER
June 27, 1894 KENNEDY James M. UNDERWOOD Lizzie M. he b: 8/13/1870 Italy, NY, son of Robert M. & Emma O. (ROBSON); she of Middlesex, NY
Feb 14, 1866 TITUS Oliver Sabin UPHAM Frances Marion he b: 5/13/1843 Phelps, son of Anson & Almira (SABIN); she b: Sherburne, NY, dau of Elijah & Susan (JENKINS) UPHAM
unknown GARLOCK Peter VAN DE VORT Maria he b: 10/6/1832 Phelps - 2/17/1904, son of Abram & Catherine (COOK); she b: 5/7/1864 Arcadia, NY - 3/27/1886
Jan 9, 1901 VOSBURGH Lee VAN DER POEL Grace C. he b: 7/26/1863 Hillsdale, Columbia Co., NY, son of Arnold & Olive (COE); she dau of Alfred VAN DER POEL of Red Creek, NY
Aug 3, 1894 PECK Charles E. VAN der VORT Mary E. Burnette he b: 3/15/1845 Phelps, son of Hiram & Margaret (WESTFALL); she 2nd wife of Charles E.
May 20, 1819 THROOP Azel VAN DUSEN Fanny he b: 1/28/1792, son of Benjamin (10/8/1754 CT - 1/17/1842)  & Rachel (BROWN) (1761-7/3/1851); she b: 1802
unknown VANDERHOOF Abram VAN DUSEN Johanna he b: 1814 Manchester, NY - 5/1887 Manchester, son of Jacob (of Orange Co., NY); she dau of Martin & Gertrude VAN DUSEN; she died 1867
Jan 19, 1904 NEWLAND Frank Herrick (DR) VAN DYNE Maud B. he b: 12/13/1873 E. Bloomfield, son of Fred H. & Elivy (CRANDALL); she b: Clifton Springs, dau of Frank & Sarah (PEACHEY) VAN DYNE
Feb 15, 1854 CLINE Richard VAN HORN Jane Ann he b: 9/18/1829 Victor, son of Mark (b: 6/1/1802S. Amsterdam, NY)& Betsey Ann (WELLS) (b: 1/6/1805 Mayfield, NY); she dau of Peter VAN HORN & she died 8/25/1897
Oct. 1817 GRANGER Francis VAN RENESELAER Cornelia b:12/1/1792 Suffield, CT - 8/31/1868; son of Gideon & Mindwell (PEASE);   she died in a few yrs; married in Utica, NY
1890 PRESTON Ward H. VAN SICKLE Antoinette he b: 5/24/1867 Shortsville, son of Geo. H. & Ellen F. (GRAHAM);
1889 OAKS Nathan VAN VALKENBERG Margaret A. he b: 3/25/1860 Oaks Corners, NY, son of Nathan & Susan (HEMINGWAY); she dau of Wm. H. & Charlotte A. (SHELDON) VAN VALKENBERG
Dec. 1886 BURT Charles Harris VANDERHOOF Ina he b: 1/16/1857 Phelps, NY, son of Dr. Jonathan & Mary Ann (HARRIS); she dau of Dr. F .D. VANDERHOOF; married in Auburn
June 11, 1845 KLUBE Gustave Fredeman VOIGHT Maria Ernstina he b: 8/11/1815 Oldeshaven, Germany; she b: 3/19/1822 Schwarzburg, Germany; married in Germany, came to states on 5/4/1850 to NYC, to Syracuse, to Geneva
Dec 17, 1902 PAGE John A. VROOMAN Lena C. he b: 9/11/1877 Seneca Castle, NY, son of Levi A. & Margaret F. (BENHAM); she dau of H. S. VROOMAN
Nov 15, 1871 BEMENT Murray J. WADE Sarah C. he b: 5/20/1844 Manchester - May 23, 1910 Clifton Springs, NY, son of Wm. E. & Laura A. (NEWELL); she 2nd wife of Murray
1899 BUSHNELL Wendell K. WAGER Emily he b: 7/14/1870 Lakeport, NY, son of Almanza & Emma (RANSOM); she dau of Philip & Emily WAGER of Chittenango, NY
1888 STUBBS George S. WALTHEART Lydia he b: 6/13/1867 Halls Corner, Seneca, only son of Watson E. & Martha E. (LOUW);
Mar 23, 1858 SEVERENCE William Dwight WARNER Caroline A. he b: 5/11/1836 Melvin Hill, NY, son of Wm. Sidney & Arzelia (JOSLYN); she b: 10/10/1839, dau of Chester WARNER
Dec 25, 1883 ESTY Frank J. WARNER Ella A. he b: 10/6/1858 Seneca, NY, son of John B. & Rachel C. (BRIZZEE) of Hopewell; she dau of Daniel T. & Rebecca (WITTER) WARNER of Hopewell
Oct 24, 1877 BLACK M. Newton WATSON Nettie  (Jeannette) he b: 6/3/1854 Seneca, son of Aaron & Hannah J. (HIPPLE); she b: 10/31/1853 Seneca, dau of Lewis  (1811 Scotland - Mar 1904 NY) & Janet (DUNCAN) WATSON (she died 1892); married in Hopewell, NY;
unknown SMITH Martin WELLS Welthea he b: 3/23/1808 Ormstown, Canada, son of Asa & Hannah (POOR) & eldest of 14 children; she b: 7/15/1810 Penfield, NY, dau of Peter (died 1812) & Clarissa (MC LOUTH) WELLS (b:7/5/1784 Farmington, dau of Lawrence)
Oct. 8, 1879 HAMLIN George Wright WENDELL Susan E. he b: 7/1/1854, son of Henry Wm. & Sibyl B. (SEARS); she b: 11/14/1854, dau of George Amos & Eunice T. (WOOD) WENDALL
1828 MASON Francis WHEELER Chloe he b: 4/15/1798 MA,  son of John (died 2/1836) & Sarah Francis (1771 - 7/1860); she dau of Aaron WHEELER of Bristol
July 1858 BUELL Theron P. WHEELER Gertrude M. he b: 8/10/1834 - 5/28/1889; she only child of Simeon R. & Betsey (BENTLY), died 5/30/1859; married in E. Bloomfield
1885 COOKE John D (DR) WHETMAN Julia he b:12/17/1858 Paris, Ontario, Canada, son of Dr. Silas W.(1816MA - 1884 Canada) & Mary Louise (COOK); she dau of Joseph WHETMAN of Mt. Vernon, Canada
Dec 8, 1897 TUTTLE Richard A. WHIPPLE Lucy he b: 11/28/1864, Farmington, son of Anson S. & Saloma (EDDY); she b: 11/22/1876 Farmington, only child of Franklin (b1832)& Carrie (COTTON) WHIPPLE( b: 2/28/1852 & dau of F. H. Cotton (1820 - 1903) Farmington, NY)
Aug 15, 1874 O'MALLEY Patrick WHITE Mary he b: 2/25/1858 Lyons, NY; she b: 1/1/1858 Ireland, dau of Owen WHITE; married in Geneva
unknown CHILDS Oliver  WHITMORE Electa he b: 7/27/1783 Conway, son of Libbeus & Sarah (WALKER); she dau of Oliver WHITMORE of Seneca; she died 8/2/1816, no children
Dec. 23, 1858 ROWLEY Franklin WILDER Jeanette M. he b: 10/14/1822 Victor, NY - 12/24/1899, son of Andrew & Sarah (BIGELOW), g'son of Jirah (1753 MA - 1835 Victor); she 1/15/1830 -12/8/1895, dau of William WILDER of S. Bristol, NY
Oct 23, 1815 BOOTH Sharon WILDER Mrs. Anne he b: 1771 - 7/6/1845, son of Henry& Dorothy (FISH); she 3rd wife; married in Farmington
Jan 13, 1858 CLINE John WILKINSON Phebe A. he b: 12/29/1832, son of Mark (b: 6/1/1802S. Amsterdam, NY)& Betsey Ann (WELLS) (b: 1/6/1805 Mayfield, NY);
Oct. 1817 WILLSON Jared WILLIAMS Delia he b:5/23/1786 W. Stockbridge, MA - 4/8/1851; Vet of War of 1812; married in Canandaigua
Mar. 1819 GRANGER John Albert WILLIAMS Julia Ann he b: 9/11/1795 CT; son of Gideon & Mindwell (PEASE); she dau of Dr. Wm. A. & Elizabeth (CHAPIN); she died in 1822; married in Canandaigua
1831 LOCKE William G. WILLIAMS Lovisa he b: 10/26/1808 Charlestown, NH - 1883, son of Frederick  6/6/1757-1/17/1834 & Lucy (GRAVES) of NH; she b:1812 -1896Rochester, NY; married in W. Mendon
Jan 3, 1906 ROBSON Edward B. WILLOWER Flora he b: 11/19/1867 Seneca, son of Wm. N & Katherine J. (SMITH); she 2nd wife of Edward  (1st wife was Anna B. WATSON)
Sept 1, 1897 HUTCHENS Nodiah E. WILLSON Jane Lightfoot he b: 4/12/1874 Canandaigua, son of Charles H. & Alice Mary (CORNER); she b: 2/8/1873 Canandaigua, dau of Robert & Sarah (LIGHTFOOT) WILLSON
Feb 1, 1865 SMITH Franklin D. WILSON Mary he b: 9/22/1829 Manchester, NY, son of Asa & Hannah (POOR); she dau of Peter & Susan (LAMBERTSON) WILSON
Oct 4, 1838 REED Wheeler WIMPLE Philia he b: 6/21/1811 Richmond, NY, son of Col. John F. & Antha (STEEL); she b: 1/18/1813; married in Franklin, MI; 8 children
1860 FORCE Chester B. WINTER Catherine Cromwell he b:1832 Kendall, NY - 1906, son of Benjamin & Sophia (CASWELL); she 1832 Ontario Co., NY - 1893, dau of Joel WINTER (1799 CT-1872)
Apr 14, 1877 BARDEN J. Jay WOODS Adelaide E. he b: 5/4/185 Seneca, NY, son of Sylvanus & Jane (HEDGES); she b: 3/31/1856 Flint Creek, dau of John M. & Jane WOODS
Sept 24, 1890 WEBSTER Milo Freeman WOODS Harriet Amelia he b: 11/14/1866, son of Otis A. & Cynthia S. (WATTLES); she b: 11/19/1870 Bath, NY, dau of Rev. Henry Clay & Mary M. (SEAVER) WOODS of Byron, NY
unknown SHORT John W. (DR) WORDEN Ruth he b: 8/24/1880 Bernhards Bay, NY, son of Rev John L SHORT; she born in Fayetteville, NY, dau of Lester & Julia WORDEN
1872 BARKER Thomas W. WORDEN Sarah he b: 4/4/1850 KY, son of John & Mary (SMITH); she dau of Luther & Sarah WORDEN
Jan 28, 1885 CASE Edson T. WORTHY Cora L. he b: 1/23/1865, Bristol, NY only child of Isaiah & Mary (TOTMAN); she  b: 10/6/1866 Richmond, NY, only child of Marion P. & Celsetia M. (CASE) WORTHY; married in Canandaigua
Sept 25, 1872 HAMLIN Frank Harwood WRIGHT Elizabeth Pearce he b: 3/26/1846 E. Bloomfield, son of Henry Wm. & Sibyll Blackman (SEARS); she b: 10/18/1848, dau of Col. George & Elizabeth (PEARCE) WRIGHT; married in E. Bloomfield
1871 HENRY David H. YORK Ella he b: 1848 Bennington, VT, son of Paul M.; she b: 1848 NY, dau of Peter YORK
Mar 14, 1882 STRONG Franklin A YOUNG Addie he b: 11/5/1851, son of Ashbel & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS, STRONG
Dec 23, 1869 TRUESDALE William Henry YOUNG Agnes E. he b: 10/30/1844 near Rochester, son of Samuel & Charity (CUMMINGS); she born in Rochester, dau of Robert & Esther (HANVEY) YOUNG
1888 COLLINS Louis D. YOUNG Carrie he b: 1852 Rose Valley, Wayne Co. NY, son of Chauncey Brooks, grandson of Thaddeus; she b: 1849 Cincinnati, OH

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