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1911 History of Ontario Co, NY & It's People, Vol. II

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Oct 14, 1869 ALDRICH Cassius R. BARTLES Cornelia he b: 10/15/1839 Wayne Co, NY, son of Urial & Esther (POWER); she b: 9/16/1843 Monroe Co, NY, dau of John W. & Mary (BOWERS) BARTLES
Nov 1893 ALDRICH Milton U. CORNFORD Kate he b: 9/12/1870 Victor, NY, son of Cassius R. & Cornelia (BARTLES); she b: 9/30/1871 MI, dau of Wm. & Catherine (CHANDLER) CORNFORD
1831 ALDRICH Urial POWER Esther he b: 1810 Farmington, - 11/24/1883, son of Willis & Edna (SMITH); she died 1897
June 16, 1880 ALDRIDGE Albert C. BOUGHTON Amelia he b: 3/13/1849 Victor, son of Gilbert T & Nancy (CLINE); she b: 11/23/1857, dau of Walter & Caroline (HART) BOUGHTON of Victor
Dec 22, 1887 ALDRIDGE Arthur Gilbert BRIGGS Sarah Catherine he b: 11/24/1861 Victor, son of Gilbert T. & Nancy (CLINE); she b: 1/17/1861, dau of Ichabod White ( 3/24/1809-8/1892) of Macedon & Sarah Catherine (CASE) BRIGGS (3/12/1821 - 9/21/1901)
Nov 10, 1846 ALDRIDGE Gilbert T. CLINE Nancy he b: 3/4/1819 Victor, NY - 7/16/1899, son of Gilbert (buried in Brockport Ceme.); she born 8/17/1825 Victor, NY - 4/7/1855, dau of Mark & Betsey Ann (WELLS) CLINE
Feb 1860 ALDRIDGE Gilbert T. MAPLES Mrs. Julia (ALLEN) he b: 3/4/1819 Victor, NY - 7/16/1899, son of Gilbert (buried in Brockport Ceme.); she born 1828, (1st wife of (m:1851) Dr. Charles Henry MAPLES 1825 CT-1852)
Nov. 12, 1872 ANDRUSS Cornelius Jay BAILEY Maria M. he b: 10/7/1845 Canadice, NY, eldest of George & Sarah (TER BUSH); she b: 4/17/1846 Chili, NY, dau of James & Mary Ann (BARNES) BAILEY; m: at Canandaigua
July 11, 1844 ANDRUSS George TER BUSH Sarah he b: 1/4/1824 Jerusalem, NY - 4/2/1870 Canadice, son of Zebina C. & Almira (GARLICK); she b: 3/12/1827 Barrington, NY, dau of Cornelius (4/15/1786 -10/21/1870) & Esther (ANGEL) TER BUSH (5/10/1795 - 1/2/1872)
Sept 20, 1818 ANDRUSS Zebina C. GARLICK Almira he b: 8/12/1794 Butternuts (Gilbertsville), NY, son of Benajah & Abigail (NASH); grandson of Miles, g gson Wm, gg gson Dr. Joseph; she b: 2/10/1799 Norwich, NY
Oct 14, 1832 ARMSTRONG Milton W. AVERY Lucinda she b: 9/10/1810 - 2/10-1841, dau of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER) AVERY
Apr 29, 1829 ARNOLD Daniel PIERCE  Betsey he b: 12/22/1800 Farmington, son of Pardon; she died 4/20/1876
June 3, 1832 ASHLEY Noah Jr. TISDALE Minerva he b: 8/24/1806, son of Noah; she of Cortland
Dec. 1872 ASHLEY Noah Tisdale ST. JOHN Mattie he: son of Noah & Minerva (TISDALE); married in Richmond
Dec 6, 1829 AVERY Peter Rockefeller BLAKEMAN Elizabeth he b: 3/20/1807 - 3/4/1854, son of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER); she 10/4/1807 - 12/18/1883, dau of Asahel & Mary (ROCKEFELLER) BLAKEMAN; married in Great Barrington, MA
Dec 27, 1904 BALDWIN Burt FOX Eunice May he b: 10/9/1873 Bradford Co, PA, son of Vincent & Mary (KENNEDY); she dau of Truman B. FOX of Clifton Springs
unknown BALDWIN Vincent  KENNEDY Mary he b: 8/3/1836 Chemung, PA - 1905, son of George; he in hotel business; she was of Troy, PA
Nov 10, 1875 BARDEN Henry Vincent HOFFMAN Mary A. he b: 9/18/1837 Seneca, NY, son of Levi & Maria (BUSH); she b: 9/13/1839 of Ontario Co, NY
Apr 14, 1877 BARDEN J. Jay WOODS Adelaide E. he b: 5/4/185 Seneca, NY, son of Sylvanus & Jane (HEDGES); she b: 3/31/1856 Flint Creek, dau of John M. & Jane WOODS
1872 BARKER Thomas W. WORDEN Sarah he b: 4/4/1850 KY, son of John & Mary (SMITH); she dau of Luther & Sarah WORDEN
Oct 19, 1837 BARNARD Peter Pitts REED Fannie he b: 1/20/1812 Livonia, NY, son of Chauncey (b: 5/9/1784 CT - 4/5/1834, son of Samuel & Cynthia [FOLES]  & Mrs. Mary (PITTS) BENTON (b: 9/18/1774 - 2/22/1847, dau of Capt Peter PITTS, 1st settler of Richmond, NY); she b: 5/7/1818, dau of John F. & Cynthia REED of Richmond
unknown BARNES D. Eddy BOND Anna M. he b: 8/10/1856 Geneva, son of David, grandson of James; she  of Geneva, 3rd wife of D. Eddy
unknown BARNES D. Eddy HASLETT Caroline he b: 8/10/1856 Geneva, son of David, grandson of James; she of Seneca, NY, 1st wife of D. Eddy
unknown BARNES D. Eddy PHINNEY Harriet he b: 8/10/1856 Geneva, son of David, grandson of James; she of Bellona, NY, 2nd wife of D. Eddy
Mar 22, 1827 BARRON David   SHADBOLT * Sarah he b: 8/15/1800 England; she b: 12/7/1801 Stillwater, Saratoga Co, NY, dau of Darius & Martha SHADBOLT
Sept 27, 1893 BEATTIE Herbert SIMPSON Emma he b: 3/23/1866 Ontario Co, NY, son of Wm. & Mary E. (BARNES); she b: 4/5/1871 Seneca Co, NY, dau of Matthew & Hannah SIMPSON
June 9, 1858 BEATTIE William BARNES Mary E. he b: 12/16/1830 Ontario Co, NY-1/14/1893, son of David & Dorothy (TURNBULL); she b: 1/22/1827 Yates Co, NY - 5/10/1900
unknown BEECHER Frank R. MILNER Winnie he b: 6/18/1866 Canandaigua, son of Rollin L. & Mary F. (BRINK);
unknown BEECHER Rollin L. BRINK Mary F. he b: 4/30/1844 Owego, NY - 2/1/1908, son of Calvin & Emeline; she of Owego, NY, dau of James & Ellen (SAVAGE) BRINK
Dec 24, 1874 BEEMAN Henry C. CRANE Lucia   he b: 10/8/1847 Canandaigua, son of Reuben; she dau of George CRANE of S. Bristol
Sept 1871 BELL William BISHOP Ann Eliza he b: 8/21/1845 Phelps, NY, son of Jonas & Miranda (LUCAS); she b: Manchester Centre, dau of Wm. & Eleanor BISHOP
July 4, 1864 BEMENT Murray J. COOPER Jennie V. he b: 5/20/1844 Manchester - May 23, 1910 Clifton Springs, NY, son of Wm. E. & Laura A. (NEWELL); she b:1/12/1846 Manchester - May 12, 1865 Manchester, dau of Peter & Abigail (NICHOLS) COOPER, 1st wife of Murray
Nov 15, 1871 BEMENT Murray J. WADE Sarah C. he b: 5/20/1844 Manchester - May 23, 1910 Clifton Springs, NY, son of Wm. E. & Laura A. (NEWELL); she 2nd wife of Murray
abt 1826 BENNETT George LUM Sally he b: 1794 Goshen, NY - 1876 Geneva; she dau of Matthew LUM of Geneva, NY
Jan 25, 1854 BENNETT Horace D. JACQUES Harriet A he b: 6/29/1828 Geneva, NY, son of George & Sally (LUM); she b:1826 Wayne Co, NY- 2/22/1909 Geneva
Dec 16, 1846 BLACK Aaron HIPPLE Hannah Jane he b: 9/21/1821 Seneca - 1/27/1900 Seneca, eldest of Moses & Mary (MC MASTER); she b: 5/8/1829 PA  - May 1888 Seneca
Oct 24, 1877 BLACK M. Newton WATSON Nettie  (Jeannette) he b: 6/3/1854 Seneca, son of Aaron & Hannah J. (HIPPLE); she b: 10/31/1853 Seneca, dau of Lewis  (1811 Scotland - Mar 1904 NY) & Janet (DUNCAN) WATSON (she died 1892); married in Hopewell, NY;
Jan 20, 1820 BLACK Moses MC MASTER Mary he b: 9/29/1789 MD - 9/27/1872 Ontario Co, NY; she b: 5/30/1802 Benton, NY- 1/11/1880 Seneca, NY
Sept 14, 1854 BLACKMAN Myron H. PENNELL Harriet N. she b: 1/21/1834, dau of John & Sarah (GREEN) PENNELL
unknown BLOSSOM Joseph CORWIN Ellen he b: 4/8/1837 Seneca, NY, son of Wm. & Polly (BENHAM); she dau of Youngs CORWIN
1873 BOLGER Andrew BUCKLEY Honora he b:1844 Ireland, married in Geneva; she b: 1851 Ireland, died at aged 36
Oct 26, 1828 BOOTH * Danforth CALDWELL Caroline he b: 9/8/1804, son of Sharon & Ruth (GILLET); she died 2/25/1830, 1st wife of Danforth *
Mar 3, 1831 BOOTH * Danforth MORGAN Sally he b: 9/8/1804, son of Sharon & Ruth (GILLET); she 2nd wife of Danforth; she died 5/28/1876 (8 children) *
1794 BOOTH * Sharon GILLETT Ruth he b: 1771 - 7/6/1845, son of Henry & Dorothy (FISH); she  died 1805, dau of Joab GILLETT, pioneer of Manchester  * 
Dec 21, 1806 BOOTH * Sharon ROOT Catherine he b: 1771 - 7/6/1845, son of Henry& Dorothy (FISH); she 2nd wife of Sharon; she died 12/18/1814
Oct 23, 1815 BOOTH * Sharon WILDER Mrs. Anne he b: 1771 - 7/6/1845, son of Henry& Dorothy (FISH); she 3rd wife; married in Farmington
1888 BOWEN Ernest S. HOGLE Clara L. he b: 5/8/1838 Levanna, NY, son of Wilford M. (dod 1893); she b:1863 Granville, NY, dau of Charles HOGLE
Jan 7, 1864 BOWERMAN Brice W. SMITH Lucena he b: 1837 Farmington -1904, son of Silas G.  & Lydia (HOAG); she b: 1839 Farmington -Dec 1897, dau of Elwood & Joanna (JENKS) SMITH
Nov. 3, 1886 BOWERMAN Charles H. GREEN Emma A. he of Perinton
Feb 14, 1898 BOWERMAN William GOFFE Marian E. he b: 10/3/1874 Victor, son of Brice W. & Lucena (SMITH); she b: 7/12/1878 Brockport, NY - 1884, dau of Ezra P. & Elizabeth (EAGLESTONE) GOFFE (both of England)
Dec 11, 1867 BRACE Romeyn W. ALVERSON Mary E. he b: 11/30/1846 Victor - 1902, son of Thomas Beach & Margaret O. (JACKSON); she b: 3/2/1849 Perry, NY, dau of John Lewis & Eliza (CORNWELL) ALVERSON
Nov 16, 1834 BRACE Thomas JACKSON Margaret Octavia he b: 1/17/1812 Victor - 6/26/1889; she b: 2/2/1814 Litchfield, NY -6/29/1889 Victor, dau of Powell JACKSON
1853 BRAYTON Jay J. (REV) ROCKEFELLER Mary Jane he b: 4/29/1829 Lake George, NY, son of Moses & Hannah (JENKINS); she dau of William ROCKEFELLER
Jan 27, 1880 BROWN Charles L. CAMP Mary E. he b: 3/25/1852 Lodi, NY, son of John N. & Eliza (GRAHAM); she dau of Montgomery & Joanna (REEVE) CAMP
Sept 16, 1869 BROWN Charles W. STAFFORD Mary M. he b:7/13/1848 Newark, Wayne Co, NY - 10/14/1897, son of Hiram L. & Hester A. (BONKER); she 9/30/1827 - 2/19/1906,  dau of Dr. John & Nancy (HURLBURT) STAFFORD
Aug 12, 1875 BUCK Myron M. SAWYER Velma he b: 1/16/1835 Shortsville - died 1889 in MI, grandson of Theophilus SHORT; she of Orleans, NY, dau of James Mosley & Angineete (SHORT) SAWYER
Apr. 1832 BUELL Mortimer BOUGHTON Edna he b: 11/11/1808 E. Bloomfield - 1/27/1885 Rochester, NY, son of Jonathan & Sally (RICE); she 12/25/1812 Victor - 1906 Canandaigua, dau of Jared & Olive (STONE) BOUGHTON
July 1858 BUELL Theron P. WHEELER Gertrude M. he b: 8/10/1834 - 5/28/1889; she only child of Simeon R. & Betsey (BENTLY), died 5/30/1859; married in E. Bloomfield
unknown BUELL Timothy RICE Lucy he b:12/8/1791 Goshen, CT - 1/16/1873 E. Bloomfield, son of Capt. Timothy & Olive (NORTON); she dau of Daniel RICE
1883 BUELL Timothy MOTT Alsada he b: 5/30/1856 E. Bloomfield, son of Timothy & Lucy (RICE);
May 13, 1855 BUFFINGTON James H. MARTIN Triphena he b: 5/13/1834, son of Joseph (of Ohio, died 1830) & Dolly (FERRY); she 8/24/1836 - Feb 26, 1902 Geneva
Jun. 9, 1881 BURLING George W. CASTLE Helen Anna "Nellie" he b: 3/12/1858 Canandaigua, son of Thomas C. & Cynthia (AVERILL); she b: 2/22/1863 Rochester, dau of Charles D. & Anna E. CASTLE; married At Seneca Point Hotel, Canandaigua Lake (owned by her father)
unknown BURNETT Jean La Rue GILLETTE Margaret he b: 1/10/1871 Canandaigua - 2/27/1907 Albany, NY, son of Jonathan & Elizabeth (MEAD); she dau of John & Harriet A. (JARVIS) GILLETTE of Canandaigua
1898 BURNETTE Frank RICE Elvia M. he b: 3/21/1867 Phelps, son of Hiram & Eliza Ann (PARSONS); she dau of George L. RICE
Mar 1890 BURNETTE Ulysses CROSBY Anna May he b: 10/1/1865 Phelps, son of Hiram & Eliza Ann (PARSONS); she dau of Horton & Mary E. CROSBY
Mar 20, 1890 BURRELL Dwight R. (DR) KENT Clara he b:3/1/1843 Sheffield, OH - 6/22/1910; she of Kentland, Indiana
unknown BURRELL Edward  PARKER Elizabeth he b:1825 Seneca, NY - 1907, son of Thomas, grandson of T. Wm.  Of England; she died 1902, also English
Dec. 1886 BURT Charles Harris VANDER HOOF Ina he b: 1/16/1857 Phelps, NY, son of Dr. Jonathan & Mary Ann (HARRIS); she dau of Dr. F. D. VANDER HOOF; married in Auburn
Feb 28, 1832 BURT Jonathan (DR) HARRIS Mary Ann he b: 10/4/1804 Brattleboro, VT - 1/14/1885 Phelps, NY, son of Jonathan & Bathsheba; she b: 8/11/1812 Newtown, CT, dau of Ziba & Orinda (HOWE) HARRIS
1896 BURTIS Arthur Benjamin MONFORT Louise he b: son of Charles & Catherine (GRANGER), he of Phelps; dau of Elias Riggs & Emma A. (TAYLOR) MONFORT of Cincinnati, OH
Oct 6, 1846 BURTIS Charles GRANGER Catherine he b: 2/17/1825, youngest of Arthur  (7/12/1778 - 1/9/1833) & Elizabeth (PALMER) (dau of Drake PALMER of L .I., NY);  she, dau of Gaius GRANGER, & sis of General Gordon Granger; 2nd wife of Arthur)
1899 BUSHNELL Wendell K. WAGER Emily he b: 7/14/1870 Lakeport, NY, son of Almanza & Emma (RANSOM); she dau of Philip & Emily WAGER of Chittenango, NY

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