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1911 History of Ontario Co, NY & It's People, Vol. II

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unknown HALL John S. FISH Mary Jane he b: 1/31/1841, son of Thomas W. & Mary Ann (SIMS); she b: July 24, 1849 Ontario Co
Jan 18, 1894 HALL Roscoe F. ME GAFFEE Anna he b: 12/22/1868 Halls corners, NY; she b:1874 Hopewell, dau of Stephen & Harriet ME GAFFEE
Nov 1867 HALL Thomas SIMS Mary Ann he b: 1/31/1812 Halls Corners, NY - 9/7/1901; son of Edward; she born in England
Sept 25, 1872 HAMLIN Frank Harwood WRIGHT Elizabeth Pearce he b: 3/26/1846 E. Bloomfield, son of Henry Wm. & Sibyll Blackman (SEARS); she b: 10/18/1848, dau of Col. George & Elizabeth (PEARCE) WRIGHT; married in E. Bloomfield
Oct. 8, 1879 HAMLIN George Wright WENDELL Susan E. he b: 7/1/1854, son of Henry Wm. & Sibyll B. (SEARS); she b: 11/14/1854, dau of George Amos & Eunice T. (WOOD) WENDALL
Sept 13, 1865 HAMLIN John Sears HOLCOMB Elizabeth he b: 7/14/1842 E. Bloomfield, son of Henry Wm. & Sibyll  B. (SEARS); she dau of Hiram & Eliza C. (WHITE) HOLCOMB of Watertown, NY; she died 12/14/1879; 1st wife of John S.
unknown HAMLIN John Sears HOWELL Minnie he b: 7/14/1842 E. Bloomfield, son of Henry Wm. & Sibyll  B.. (SEARS); dau of George S. & Sarah (SCOTT) HOWELL; 2nd wife of John S.
Jan 12, 1823 HAMLIN Philo COLLINS Betsey he b: 12/9/1794 - 1/20/1883 of E. Bloomfield, son of Elijah (2/8/1767 - 4/12/1858) & Lydia (b: 2/28/1767 Voluntown, CT);  she: 10/9/1801 - 10/12/1890, dau of Cyprian & Huldah (NORTON) COLLINS
unknown HART Jonathan "John" CHAPIN Orpha he b: 1773 Bristol, son of Jonathan & Mary (COE); she b: 9/25/1776, dau of Capt. Jeremiah & Caroline (FOWLER) CHAPIN
May 20, 1861 HART Samuel Collins BUELL Katherine Marie he b: 1828 Harford, NY, son of Theodore Ephraim & Eliza (COLLINS); she b: 5/20/1838 E. Bloomfield, dau of Mortimer & Edna (BOUGHTON) BUELL
Jan 11, 1826 HART Theodore Ephraim COLLINS Eliza he b: 12/22/1802, son of Jonathan & Orpha (CHAPIN); dau of Samuel & Elizabeth (BISHOP) COLLINS
Apr 10, 1827 HARVEY Ursen HAMLIN Caroline  he b: 2/8/1800 - 5/6/1852, son of James & Sarah (RICE); she 5/20/1803 - 4/15/1830;  dau of Elijah & Lydia HAMLIN; 1st wife of Ursen
May 20, 1832 HARVEY Ursen HAMLIN Esther she b: 5/17/1796 - 4/2/1876, 2nd wife of Ursen, dau of Elijah & Lydia HAMLIN
1784 HATHAWAY Isaac COMSTOCK Jemima he b: 10/28/1788 RI, son (or nephew) of Isaac; she b: 1760 -1793, dau of Nathan COMSTOCK (b1735); 1st wife of Isaac
May 4, 1794 HATHAWAY Isaac RICHMOND Elizabeth he b: 10/28/1788 RI, son (or nephew) of Isaac; she b: 3/9/1760 - 4/21/1830, dau of Perez (10/13/1729 - 11/13/1800) & Mercy (CHURCH) RICHMOND ( 9/18/1734)
Sept 25, 1878 HATHAWAY Joseph P. BEACH Mrs. Helena he b: 2/20/1833 Farmington, son of Perez  & Hannah (LAPHAM); she of Victor & 2nd wife of J.P. (her father born in Dutchess Co, NY)
Mar 7, 1827 HATHAWAY Perez LAPHAM Hannah  he b: 7/15/1805 -1/25/1854, son of Isaac & Elizabeth (RICHMOND); she  2/20/1799 - 1884; married in MA
1900 HAYES Edward Graham MC GILL Elizabeth he b: 7/12/1862, son of Dr. Joseph Byron & Louise Anne (COLEMAN); she of Jamestown, NY
Sept 24, 1861 HAYES Joseph Byron (DR) COLEMAN Louisa A. he b: 5/11/1834 Canandaigua, son of Dr. Joseph Byron Sr & Sarah (ANTIS); she b: 9/24/1833 MD - 3/22/1884, dau of Chester & Eliza (GRAHAM) COLEMAN of Canandaigua
Oct. 1, 1879 HEATH Clarence BROWN Jennie P. he b: 3/30/1857 Darien, NY; she dau of Hiram L. BROWN; married in Shortsville
Nov 12, 1851 HEMIUP George M. REMINGTON Maria he b: 11/22/1822 Penn Yan, NY - 7/14/1886, son of Alexander & Mary (MILLS); she 3/18/1832 Boston, NY - 9/11/1911, dau of Rev. Seth W. & Maria (PICKERING) REMINGTON; she writer of scientific  "Law of Heat"
1871 HENRY David H. YORK Ella he b: 1848 Bennington, VT, son of Paul M.; she b: 1848 NY, dau of Peter YORK
Dec 6, 1899 HERENDEEN Albert H. (HON) KING Neva A. he b: 6/19/1868 Farmington, son of Lemuel & Eliza (NEWMAN); she b: 12/12/1870, dau of Charles KING
June 10, 1903 HERENDEEN Charles H. MERSEREAU Caroline M. he b: 6/13/1840 Farmington, son of Welcom Wilkinson & Caroline L. (ARNOLD); she b: 7/20/1871 Flint, MI, dau of George D. MERSEREAU of Farmington; 2nd wife of Charles H.
Dec 18, 1862 HERENDEEN Charles H. NEWTON Julia M. he b: 6/13/1840 Farmington, son of Welcom Wilkinson & Caroline L. (ARNOLD); she dau of Proctor & Mary L. NEWTON of Manchester, NY
Nov 9, 1861 HERENDEEN Lemuel NEWMAN Eliza he b: 5/13/1833 Farmington, NY -2/13/1897 Geneva, son of Gideon & Barsheba; she 12/5/1831 - 12/7/1885, dau of Benjamin & Margaret NEWMAN of Victor
Jan 16, 1889 HERENDEEN Lemuel PETERS Anna E. he b: 5/13/1833 Farmington, NY -2/13/1897 Geneva, son of Gideon & Barsheba; she 12/5/1831 - 12/7/1885, dau of Benjamin & Margaret NEWMAN of Victor
Feb 25, 1828 HICKOX George MALLORY Mary A. he b: 12/29/1802 MA,  son of George Sr. & Eunice; she b: 9/20/1808 Milford, CT
Oct 2, 1878 HIGINBOTHAM William Adsit HAMLIN Anna Beach he b: 11/20/1852, son of George & Catherine Ann (ADSIT); he of Victor; she b: 2/18/1851, dau of Henry Wm. & Sibyll B. (SEARS);
July 11, 1904 HILL Reynolds PATRICK Lizzie M. he b: 5/7/1841 Reading, NY, son of Seth & Maria (RICH); 1st wife Olivia ANDRUS (married in Geneva); Lizzie is 2nd wife; she b: 10/28/1866 England, dau of John & Ellen (COLLINS) PATRICK
Mar 21, 1871 HOENING Ambrose V. HOSFORD Louise he b: 11/19/1842 Phelps, son of John  & Angeline SEE (of Schenectady, NY, dau of Garret & Ann); she b: 5/10/1842 dau of Ashbel & Emeline HOSFORD of Saratoga Springs
1880 HOFMANN Frank Christian KLOPFER Margaret Catherine he b: 12/10/1849 Amerback, Germany, son of Hubert C. & Catherine ; she b: 6/3/1855 Williamsburg, NY; married in Geneva, NY
unknown HOLLIS Alfred M. SMITH Louisa he b:1850 England, son of Henry Hollis; she b: ~1850 England, dau of William SMITH (later of Bristol, NY)
Aug 18, 1896 HOLLIS  Fred W. SUTHERLAND Verna E. he b: 12/27/1871 Canandaigua, son of Alfred M. & Louisa (SMITH); she born in Canandaigua, dau of Cassius C. & Harriet (SMITH) SUTHERLAND; married in Canandaigua
June 5, 1878 HOLLISTER Edwin O. (DR) HAMLIN Sarah Atwater he b: 4/4/1846, son of Nathan Edwin & Margaretta A. (WORTENDYKE); she b: 1/28/1852 dau of Henry Wm & Sibyll B. (SEARS) HAMLIN, grad of Vassar College
1853 HORNBECK James B. PECK Phila M. he b: 7/15/1827 Phelps, son of James  & Margaret (BURNETT); she born in Phelps,  dau of Hiram PECK
Apr 11, 1894 HORTON Coe STRONG Marie  he b: 4/12/1864 Springwater, son of Isaiah & Ruth C. (ADAMS); she b: 10/3/1861 Port Gibson, NY, dau of Ashbel STRONG ( 12/14/1813 Waltham, VT) & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS (b:3/15/1818 Dutchess Co, NY)
Feb 21, 1856 HORTON Isaiah ADAMS Ruth C. he b: 8/27/1831 Springwater, NY, son of Isiah & Charlotte (CHATFIELD); she b: 8/28/1830 Springwater, NY - 5/3/1897
June 1, 1880 HOUSTON James KELLOGG Mrs. Mary (EATON) he b: 10/13/1845 NYC, son of Robert & Jane (CARSON), both of Glasgow, Scotland; she b: Nov 1845 MI, dau of Colvin EATON, widow of Curtiss A. KELLOGG; no children
July 1899 HOYT Eugene F. HOLLETT Jennie B. he b: 3/14/1859 St. Paul, MN, son of John F. & Adeliade (GRANGER);
unknown HOYT John F. GRANGER Adelaide he b:1830 OH - Aug 1905, son of Rev. Benjamin F. & Elizabeth (HANEY); she died 1860, niece to Senator Douglas; 1st wife of John F.
June 16, 1897 HUNT William J. HANNON Katherine B. he b: 8/4/1869 Geneva, son of Wm. & Johanna; she dau of Patrick & Mary HANNON of Moscow, NY
May 1870 HUNTOON Albert STRONG Mary J. she born 9/10/1844, dau of Ashbel & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS, STRONG
July 3, 1872 HUTCHENS Charles H. CORNER Alice Mary he b: Canandaigua, son of Henry & Polly U. (LIVERMORE); dau of William & Mary CORNER; married at Geneva
Sept 1, 1897 HUTCHENS Nodiah E. WILLSON Jane Lightfoot he b: 4/12/1874 Canandaigua, son of Charles H. & Alice Mary (CORNER); she b: 2/8/1873 Canandaigua, dau of Robert & Sarah (LIGHTFOOT) WILLSON
Jan. 1884 JEWETT John H. (DR) BUELL Kezzie S. he b: Canandaigua; she b: 1859 E. Bloomfield, dau of Charles & Anna (DUNN) BUELL
June 1890 JOHNSON Thomas FLANNIGAN Jane he b: 1/10/1856 Derry, Ireland; she of E. Bloomfield, NY, 1st wife of Thomas
Nov 2, 1907 JOHNSON Thomas STEWART Ethel he b: 1/10/1856 Derry, Ireland; she of Toronto, Canada; 2nd wife of Thomas
Dec 27, 1882 JUDD William Arthur HILL Addie J. he b: 10/12/1858 Geneva, only son of Calvin L. & Mary N. (WHITE); she dau of Marvin HILL of Palmyra; married in Palmyra, NY
Apr 12, 1916 KARLSON Karl JOHNSON Mabel he from NEB.; she dau of William JOHNSON of Shortsville
May 26, 1881 KANE Daniel  TANNIAN Elizabeth   he b:11/27/1854 Geneva, NY; she b: 12/12/1854 Geneva, NY - 9/3/1906
1870 KEATING John MOORE Margaret he b: 1844 Cork, Ireland; she 7/8/1845 E. Bloomfield - 2/17/1909,dau of Michael MOORE & Margaret (MAHONEY) MOORE
Sept 1, 1902 KEATING William F. TOBIN Honora he b: 11/5/1871 E. Bloomfield, son of John & Margaret (MAHONEY); she b: 7/15/1875, dau of James & Mary (BURKE) TOBIN
1853 KENNEDY Frances M. FISHER Phoebe J. he b: 5/30/1830 Scotland, son of James & Margaret (HOUSTON); she dau of James & Rachel FISHER & 1st wife of Francis
unknown KENNEDY Frances M. GRISWOLD Lillie I. he b:5/30/1830 Scotland, son of James & Margaret (HOUSTON); she 2nd wife of Francis
Sept 28, 1892 KENNEDY Grant Maitland GEER Nettie L. he b: 1/3/1866 Italy, NY, son of Francis M. & Phoebe J. (FISHER); she, b: 9/6/1865, dau of George L. & Jane B. GEER
June 27, 1894 KENNEDY James M. UNDERWOOD Lizzie M. he b: 8/13/1870 Italy, NY, son of Robert M. & Emma O. (ROBSON); she of Middlesex, NY
1869 KENNEDY Robert M. ROBSON Emma O. he b: 8/26/1848 Italy, Yates Co, NY; she b:1850 Italy, NY
unknown KIRTLAND Dorrance L. BANNISTER Victoria  he b:12/16/1818 Durham, NY - 8/11/1885 Phelps, NY, son of Daniel & Huldah (STEVENS); she dau of Col. Asahel BANNISTER; she died 9/13/1881
Oct 29, 1907 KLOPFER Louis MOGGE Mary Catherine he b: 5/3/1872 Geneva, NY, son of John Michael & Anna Barbara (KERNDTER) (both of Germany);  she b: 6/4/1878 Chippewa, Ontario, Canada, dau of Wm. (of Germany) & Barbara (KELLER) MOGGE (of Buffalo, NY); married at St. Peters Parish House
June 11, 1845 KLUBE Gustave Fredeman VOIGHT Maria Ernstina he b: 8/11/1815 Oldeshaven, Germany; she b: 3/19/1822 Schwarzburg, Germany; married in Germany, came to states on 5/4/1850 to NYC, to Syracuse, to Geneva
Oct 31, 1894 KLUBE Henry John Lewis BUFFINGTON Carrie I. he b: 7/10/1859 Geneva, son of Gustave F. & Maria E. (VOIGHT); she b: 9/19/1862, Geneva, dau of James H. & Triphena (MARTIN) BUFFINGTON
Mar 24, 1904 KNICKERBOCKER Richard Monroe DEWEY Jenny he b: 10/14/1865 Hopewell, NY; son of Sidney & Helen (MC CIVER); she dau of John DEWEY of Clifton Springs
unknown KNICKERBOCKER Sidney MC CIVER Helen he b: 3/21/1832 Naples, NY, son of Hebram & Miss (WHETMORE); she dau of Murdo MC CIVER (born in Scotland 1/1/1800)
Feb 1855 KNOWLES Eber A. BASTEDO Lydia he b: 7/13/1834, St. Johnsville, NY, son of Seth & Hannah (REYNOLDS); she b: 11/4/1837 Somerset Co, NJ;
Dec 29, 1881 KNOWLES Frederick W. RANDALL Cora A. he b: 11/1/1858 Hopewell, NY, son of Eber A. & Lydia (BASTEDO); she dau of William & Ann (ALLEN) RANDALL; married in Farmington, NY
unknown LAPHAM De Witt C. FINLEY Amelia J. he b: 1846 Macedon, Wayne Co, NY & son of Nathan; she b:1847, dau of David FINLEY
Oct 14, 1903 LAPHAM Nathan D. CASE Rose E. he b:11/14/1871 Macedon, NY, son of De Witt C. & Amelia J. (FINLEY); she dau of Harvey & Kate B. CASE of Clyde, NY
1855  (9/11/1851 per Donna at) bsering@earthlink.net LAUDER John A. BOWERMAN Ann he b: 8/21/1821 Florida, NY - 12/3/1883, son of James & Jane; she of Schenectady, NY
Dec 20, 1883 LAUDER John W. MARQUIS Cora C. he b: 11/24/ 1858 Victor, son of John A & Ann (BOWERMAN); she b: 2/24/1862, dau of Charles & Eliza MARQUIS of Farmington, NY
July 22, 1914 LAWRENCE Alfred KRESS Emily he b: eldest son of Wellington M. LAWRENCE; only dau of George KRESS of Rochester St.
Sept 9, 1914 LAWRENCE Franklin J. TUTTLE Gladys Mary he b: youngest son of Wellington M. LAWRENCE of Walworth; only dau of Frank H. TUTTLE of Walworth
Sept 27, 1915 LAWRENCE Horace M. HENNESSY Nellie M. she dau of John S, HENNESSY of Palmyra;
July 29, 1914 LAWRENCE Irving J. (Prof) PEASE Eva May he b: son of Mary E.; he of Mt. Hermon, MA ; she only dau of Charles B. PEASE of Ontario, NY; will reside in MA
Jan 14, 1903 LEAHY Patrick Henry SKILTON Dora Ann he b: 6/21/1873 Canadice, son of John (1833 Ireland - Apr 1873; Civil War 160th Co. E); she b: 6/19/1883 Canadice, dau of Thaddeus A. & Lydia M. SKILTON
Mar. 7,1878 LEE Roswell Munson "Raney" GOODING Ella A. he b: 9/20/1854 E. Bloomfield, son of Col. Seth Lafayette & Sarah (PECK); she b: 2/23/1856, dau of Russell W. & Betsey (THURBER) GOODING
Apr 16, 1912 LEET George Harold LAWRENCE * Sarah "Grace" she b: 1883, dau of Gould M. & Mary A. (CLARK) LAWRENCE [a line of Dianne Thomas]
Sept 29, 1903 LEWIS Alfred George SLAWSON Agnes he b: 7/5/1879 Buffalo, only child of George Howard (of PA) & Katherine (BELL) (dau of Alfred BELL of Rochester); she b: 5/27/1878 Geneva, dau of Harry SLAWSON of Geneva
Mar 6, 1884 LOCKE Fred M. PEER Mercy he b:4/24/1861 W. Mendon, NY, son of William & Amy (MOORE); she b: 2/26/1866, dau of Andrew & Ellen (SPLAINE) PEER
1793 LOCKE Frederick FARWELL Anna he b: 6/6/1757 Westboro, NH - 1/17/1834, son of Lt. Joshua (7/22/1733) & Abigail (MAYNARD); she died 1804; married at Charlestown, NH
July 15, 1805 LOCKE Frederick GRAVES Lucy he b:  6/6/1757 Westboro, NH -1/17/1834, son of Lt. Joshua (7/22/1733) & Abigail (MAYNARD); she of Washington, NH; 2nd wife of Frederick
1831 LOCKE William G. WILLIAMS Lovisa he b: 10/26/1808 Charlestown, NH - 1883, son of Frederick  6/6/1757-1/17/1834 & Lucy (GRAVES) of NH; she b:1812 -1896Rochester, NY; married in W. Mendon
unknown LOCKE William Morton MOORE Amy he b: 7/9/1833 - July 1880, son of Wm G. Lovisa (WILLIAMS); she died in 1907
Jan 15, 1896 LOOMIS George COLLINS Eliza Briggs she b: 9/23/1867 Farmington, dau of George & Ann M. V. (HATHAWAY) COLLINS
Oct 15, 1842 LOOMIS George KETCHAM Hannah Maria he b:12/7/1818 Bloomfield, CT - 8/13/1895 Farmington, NY, only son of George & Aurelia (PALMER); she b: 1/4/1827 Schaghicoke, NY, dau of Benjamin & Lavina Ann (SNEDECKER) KETCHAM; married in Victor, NY
June 4, 1884 LOOMIS Leslie George HUNT Delia Mary he b: 4/9/1857 Farmington, son of George & Hannah Maria (KETCHAM); she b: 2/16/1859 Marion, NY, dau of Theodore & Clarinda (WALLACE) HUNT ; married in Newark, Wayne Co, NY
1886 LYON William CRAMER Mary he b: 2/4/1861 Rochester, NY, son of Wm. & Jane (ROSENCRAN); she dau of John & Mary CRAMER
unknown MARKS Frank CANFIELD Grace he b: 12/17/1/1877; she of Canandaigua
unknown MARKS William H. (DDS) ANDRUS Jessie he b: 2/17/1876, son of Wm. R & Imogene (KNAPP); she of Canandaigua
June 21, 1899 MARKS Wm. R. HENRY Cora he b: 7/27/1852 Naples, son of Wm. & Emily (HOLCOMB); she b: 3/8/1864, dau of J. Andrew HENRY of Gorham; married in Gorham
Apr. 14, 1874 MARKS Wm. R. KNAPP Imogene he b: 7/27/1852 Naples, son of Wm. & Emily (HOLCOMB); she b: 10/111852 Naples - 5/1/1897, dau of Edward; married in Naples
Feb 20, 1900 MARSH John N. MC MURRAY Lillian he b: 2/28/1880 Hopewell, son of Frederick & Frances (WILSON); she b: 4/16/1883, dau of Samuel & Sarah (HUBBARD) MC MURRAY
1828 MASON Francis WHEELER Chloe he b: 4/15/1798 MA,  son of John (died 2/1836) & Sarah Francis (1771 - 7/1860); she dau of Aaron WHEELER of Bristol
May 1830 MASON Francis SIMMONS Maria he b: 4/15/1798 MA,  son of John (died 2/1836) & Sarah Francis (1771 - 7/1860); she dau of Richmond SIMMONS & widow of Harold HAYES; she died 10/9/1874
Dec 13, 1877 MC DOWELL Charles STOUTENBERG Fanny he b: 9/5/1855 Barrington, NY, son of John & Emilia (CROSBY); she b: 1/16/1860 Cortwright, NY, dau of Alfred B. & Marjorie (MC LAURY) STOUTENBERG
Sept 4, 1900 MC DOWELL John Alfred BATES Frances G. he b: 12/20/1878, son of Charles & Fanny (STOUTENBERG);
Dec 1905 MC IVOR Burton CAMMETT Nellie she b: 6/13/1878, dau of Samuel & Frances (BARHITE) CAMMETT
Nov 9, 1892 MC KELVIE Edward Wiser MC INTIRE Emma he b: 10/16/1870 Geneva, son of Wm. G. & Lydia (JACKSON); she b: 10/4/1874 Geneva, dau of Charles & Katherine A. (FISH)
Dec 31, 1891 MC KELVIE William Graham JR AINSLEY Cora he b: 4/8/1869 Geneva, son of Wm. Sr. & Lydia (JACKSON); she b: 10/23/1869, dau of John Witter (1831-1907) & Eleanor (DORMAN) AINSLEY
Feb 22, 1855 MC KELVIE William Graham SR JACKSON Lydia he b: 1/27/1831- 4/30/1903 Geneva, son of Charles & Charlotte (GRAHAM); she b: 5/12/1831Geneva, NY - 2/4/1909
Feb 14, 1907 MC KELVIE William Henry LEWIS Mrs. Susie (FORCE) he b: 3/22/1865 Geneva, NY, son of William ; she b: Rock Stream, Yates Co, NY, dau of Chester B. & Catherine C. FORCE; 1st wife of Charles W. LEWIS (1862-1906)
Apr 6, 1881 MEAD Alfred M. (DR) BROWN Hattie A. he b: 11/21/1856 Macedon Center, NY, son of John G. & Emma B. (COOKINGHAM); she b: 10/20/1856 Union Hill, NY, dau of Robert K. BROWN
1878 MERRITT Adelbert Clinton MERRITT Mary E. he b: 4/8/1847, son of Wm. & Olive M. (ALLYN); she dau of Oliver Chapin MERRITT of Penfield
unknown MERRITT William Harrison ALLYN Olive M. he b:1820 Penfield, NY, son of Stacy & Elizabeth (CASS); she dau of David Allyn (she died 9/3/1909)
Nov. 1877 MIDDAUGH Oren A. HANES Lucretia he b: 3/20/1853 Phelps, son of Jacob & Leah (VAN AUKEN); she dau of John & Lany HANES; married in Phelps, NY
June 18, 1895 MILLIKEN Charles F. TOWNLEY Margaret he b: 8/27/1854 Canandaigua, son of Nathan J. (9/27/1821 NH - 11/26/1902 Canandaigua) & Orline O. (SUTTON); she dau of Rev. Hugh C. TOWNLEY
1856 MOTT Philander A. BRUSH Mary J. he b: 3/14/1826 Chatham, NY - 3/6/1909 Phelps, NY, son of Philander & Mary Ann (BAKER); she died 5/5/1904
June 1839 MURRAY Albert G. MORSE Emily A. he: 1810 Pompey, NY - 4/15/1879; married in Canandaigua

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