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1911 History of Ontario Co, NY & It's People, Vol. II

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Dec 1879 NAGEL Samuel LOUDENSLACKER Anna Katie he b: 9/15/1855 Germany, son of George;  she born 1859 in Germany; married in America
unknown NEEDHAM Edmund F. BROPHY Alice A. he b: 2/10/1864 Phelps, son of Michael & Margaret (FLYNN); she 2nd wife of Edmund F.
Nov 27, 1889 NEEDHAM Edmund F. BROPHY Margaret he b: 2/10/1864 Phelps, son of Michael & Margaret (FLYNN); she dau of John & Matilda BROPHY, born in Phelps, died 1900
Apr 13, 1861 NEEDHAM Michael FLYNN Margaret he b:1834 Burr, Tipperary, Ireland - 7/3/1909 Phelps; she of Phelps
Jan 19, 1904 NEWLAND Frank Herrick (DR) VAN DYNE Maud B. he b: 12/13/1873 E. Bloomfield, son of Fred H. & Elivy (CRANDALL); she b: Clifton Springs, dau of Frank & Sarah (PEACHEY) VAN DYNE
1889 OAKS Nathan VAN VALKENBERG Margaret A. he b: 3/25/1860 Oaks Corners, NY, son of Nathan & Susan (HEMINGWAY); she dau of Wm. H. & Charlotte A. (SHELDON) VAN VALKENBERG
Dec. 1820 OAKS Thaddeus BANNISTER Mrs. Fanny (DICKINSON) he b: in Conway, MA, son of Jonathan & Martha (HAWKS); she of Conway, MA, dau of Mr. DICKINSON, widow of Mr. BANNISTER
June , 1885 OAKS William Aldrich THOMAS Mrs. Jessie (COOKE) he b: 7/29/1853 Oaks Corners, NY, son of Nathan & Susan (HEMINGWAY); she dau of Thomas & Sarah COOKE of Neenah, WI; she widow of Mr. THOMAS
Feb 27, 1889 O'BRIEN Daniel MC MAHON Anna he b: 2/5/1859 Hopewell, NY, son of Patrick & Anne (MC GRATH); she dau of Michael & Margaret (MARRINAN) MC MAHON of Victor, NY
1897 O'BRIEN Matthew T. LONEY Mary he b: 2/1/1859 Clifton Springs, NY, son of Terrence & Johanna (MC MAHON); she dau of James LONEY of Phelps, NY
Feb 11, 1858 O'BRIEN Patrick MC GRATH Anna he b:3/11/1832 Galway, Ireland - 8/14/1908 Manchester, NY; she born in Galway, Ireland, died 2/4/1906 Manchester, NY
Aug 15, 1874 O'MALLEY Patrick WHITE Mary he b: 2/25/1858 Lyons, NY; she b: 1/1/1858 Ireland, dau of Owen WHITE; married in Geneva
Jan 5, 1847 OSBORNE David Henry BUSHNELL Lovina Amelia he b: 11/11/1819 Austerlitz, NY - Jan 26, 1905, son of David; she 10/4/1830 - 4/13/1906, dau of Wm. BUSHNELL (from Berkshire NH)
Jan 5, 1881 OSBORNE William Bushnell MC DONALD Laura V. he b: 10/26/1852 Victor, son of David Henry & Lovina Amelia (BUSHNELL); she b: 10/20/1857 Rochester, dau of Angus MC DONALD; married in Rochester
Nov 14, 1867 OSBURN Henry C. HOWLAND Mary he b: 9/23/1843 Farmington, son of John  & Hannah Tracy (SMITH); she b: 2/9/1848 Farmington, dau of Abraham & Phoebe (MC CUMBER) HOWLAND
unknown OSBURN John SMITH Hannah Tracy he b: 1807 Dutchess Co., NY - 2/4/1885, son of Sturgis; she 9/18/1812 Farmington - 5/18/1864, dau of Levi & Lucy (HAYWARD) SMITH
Jan 22, 1889 OSGOOD Carlos Pierce ALLEN Daisy D. he b: 3/11/1857 Manchester, NY, son of Burrus & Sarah (PEIRCE); she b: 6/10/1868 Waterville, ME, dau of Stephen ALLEN
Feb 10, 1904 OTTLEY G. Lynn LE ROY Jennie M. he b: 8/27/1882 Phelps, son of George W. & Anna (RIDLEY); she dau of David & Wilhelmina (ANDERSON) LE ROY
Dec 31, 1867 OVERACRE John W. DAY Juliet S. he b: 7/25/1835 Warren, NY, son of John & Emily (BLANCHARD); she dau of Jacob DAY; she died June 1906; married in Baltimore, MD
Oct 17, 1906 PADGHAM Ethelbert G. RIDENOUR Grace Etta he b: 5/9/1875 Odessa, NY, son of Dr. Richard W.; she a native of Gallipolis, OH
1874 PADGHAM Richard W. (DR) CLARK Elizabeth  he b: 4/11/1830 Barbados, West Indies - 2/27-1911; she b:1851 Ontario, Canada
Dec 17, 1902 PAGE John A. VROOMAN Lena C. he b: 9/11/1877 Seneca Castle, NY, son of Levi A. & Margaret F. (BENHAM); she dau of H. S. VROOMAN
June 25, 1880 PALMER Edward H. ROUSE Cornelia H. he b: 5/17/1855 Clinton Co, IA; she b: 1/17/1856 NYC, dau of J. Platt ROUSE of Catskill, NY
1898 PARMELE George H. MURRAY Katherine he b: 11/7/1867, son of Hiram Taft & Mary (GATES);
1891 PARMELE Henry M. MUNSON Elise Migeon he b: 1/1865, son of Hiram Taft & Mary (GATES); she dau of Henry & Arcene (MIGEON) MUNSON
1853 PARMELE Hiram Taft GATES Mary he b: 1831 W. Bloomfield, eldest son of Isaac & Laura (LEACH); she dau of Melangton GATES of W. Bloomfield
Nov. 23, 1881 PARMELEE George Herbert POND Lillian May he b: 7/27/1854 Addison, NY, son of Rev. Anson  & Mary E. (WHITING); she b: 5/18/1860 Truxton, NY; dau of George C. & Anna (HURD) POND; married in Phelps, NY
Sept 22, 1892 PARMENTER John (DR) GORHAM Frances Perry he b: 1/25/1862 Ontario Canada, son of William L. & Clara Adelaide (SMITH); she b:3/16/1867 Auburn, NY, dau of George & Ellen (MARVIN) GORHAM
1823 PAYNE Allen  COMPTON Sophronia he b: 11/22/1801 Farmington, NY, son of John;
Nov. 15, 1883 PECK Charles GIFFORD Lillie M. he b: 2/8/1857 Phelps, son of Lewis & Sarah (LONG); she dau of Emmons & Pamelia (CURTIS) GIFFORD of Phelps; married in Phelps
May 23, 1878 PECK Charles E. STRYKER Anna Marie he b: 3/15/1845 Phelps, son of Hiram & Margaret (WESTFALL); she died 1889; 1st wife of Charles E.
Aug 3, 1894 PECK Charles E. VAN der VORT Mary E. Burnette he b: 3/15/1845 Phelps, son of Hiram & Margaret (WESTFALL); she 2nd wife of Charles E.
Oct 27, 1854 PECK Lewis LONG Sarah  he b: 5/13/1816 Phelps, NY - 10/30/1878 Phelps, NY, son of Elisha & Lucinda (WARNER); she died July 30, 1907
June 19, 1862 PENNELL Francis G. BLACKMER Sarah he b: 5/22/1828, son of John & Sarah (GREEN);
unknown PENNELL George W. MC GINNIS Millie he b: 4/19/1840, son of John & Sarah (GREEN); she 2nd wife; they resided in Atchison, KS
May 6, 1827 PENNELL John GREEN Sarah he b: 4/14/1796 MA, son of John Sr. & Martha (TINNEY); she b: 3/8/1805, dau of Moses GREEN (of VT)
unknown PENNELL John W HAZEN Celia D. he b: 4/21/1832, son of John & Sarah (GREEN); she b: 3/27/1855; they resided in Grand Rapids, MI
Dec 25, 1901 PERRIN P.A. BUFFINGTON Edith Rankin she b: 5/24/1876, dau of James H. & Triphena (MARTIN) BUFFINGTON
Sept 1, 1825 PHILLIPS Cyrene ADAMS Abria he b: 7/4/1804 - 6/8/1828, son of Capt Joshua & Olive (PAULL)
Oct 6, 1845 PHILLIPS John Edwin POOL Mary E he b:5/10/1819 - 6/24/1869, son of Capt Joshua & Olive (PAULL);
Sept 1, 1803 PHILLIPS Joshua  (CAPT) PAULL Olive he b: 1/5/1782 MA - 9/27/1865, son of Joshua (1751 -1799) & Elizabeth (FISH) (b:11/8/1757); she b: 6/20/1784 - 11/8/1871, dau of William PAULL
Oct. 14, 1868 PIERCE Edgar W. THROOP Francis Agusta he b: Plattsburg; she b: 6/17/1837, dau of Azel & Fanny (VAN DUSEN) THROOP
Sept 28, 1843 PIERPONT David A. PHILLIPS Sarah Elizabeth he b: 11/19/1815 VT, son of David & Sally (PALMER); she dau of Capt. Joshua (1782 - 1865) & Olive (PAULL) PHILLIPS
Aug 9, 1841 POND George C. HURD Anna he b: 6/7/1814 - 2/14/1889 son of Munson & Phebe (CHAPIN); she of Hamilton, NY, died 1/6/1863
Sept 12, 1864 POND George C. SUMNER Lucy H. he b: 6/7/1814 - 2/14/1889 son of Munson & Phebe (CHAPIN); she of Homer, NY
1904 POST Abram A. BARNES Margaret T. he b: 7/26/1876, son of Frank J.; she of Phillipsburg, PA
1866 POTTER James K. STAFFORD Mahala he b: 8/18/1844 Cattar. Co, NY, son of Wm. & Julia (SLOVER);
unknown PRATT * Agustus C. SMITH Sarah he b: 12/16/1831- 3/6/1895 Manchester, son of John & Sarah (SHERMAN); she 1833 CT - 3/14/1894 Manchester, dau of Leonard Everett Sr. & Nancy (CURTIS) (both of CT)
1864 PRESTON George H. GRAHAM Ellen F. he b: 11/13/1837 Ontario Co, NY, son of Geo. W. & Eliza (BRISTOL); she died 12/21/1891
1832 PRESTON George W. BRISTOL Eliza he b: 12/13/1804 Hancock, NH, son of Abner & Zurviah (MILES); she b: 4/11/1811; married at Chapinsville
1890 PRESTON Ward H. VAN SICKLE Antoinette he b: 5/24/1867 Shortsville, son of Geo. H. & Ellen F. (GRAHAM);
Apr 10, 1900 PRICHARD George C. (DR) HUFF Harriet Amelia he b: 2/1/1839 Phelps, son of Benjamin & Jane Ann (STOUGHTENBURG); she dau of Isaac L. HUFF of Waterloo, NY; 2nd wife of Dr. George C.
Jan 25, 1865 PRICHARD George C. (DR) POST Imogene he b: 2/1/1839 Phelps, son of Benjamin & Jane Ann (STOUGHTENBURG); she 7/25/1839 Phelps -3/29/1893, dau of Col Wm & Polly (SUTHERLAND) POST
unknown RAINES George R. CURTIS Lola he b: 3/1/1878 Canandaigua, son of Hon. John & Catherine A. (WHEELER) (she died 1879); she dau of Ziba C. CURTIS of Canandaigua
Dec 25, 1885 RAINES John STEVENSON Caroline E. he b: 6/6/1863 Geneva, eldest son of Hon. John & Catherine A. (WHEELER) (she died 1879);  she dau of Capt John & Marietta (COOPER) STEVENSON of Waterloo
Mar 28, 1865 REED Thomas R. PENNELL Elmira S. she b: 1/9/1844, dau of John & Sarah (GREEN) PENNELL; they resided in Richmond, NY
unknown REED Vincent REED Bethiah he b: 1811 Ontario, Canada - 1878, son of Joshua;
Jan 19, 1870 REED Vincent Jr. CHURCH Alice he b: 10/21/1846 Geneva, son of Vincent & Bethiah (REED); she dau of Henry & Louise CHURCH
Oct 4, 1838 REED Wheeler WIMPLE Philia he b: 6/21/1811 Richmond, NY, son of Col. John F. & Antha (STEEL); she b: 1/18/1813; married in Franklin, MI; 8 children
unknown RICE Edward H. DIXON Lucy  he b: 5/2/1842 Seneca, NY - 2/5/1893, son of Charles (b1812 Seneca, NY); she dau of John & Lucina (BAXTER) DIXON
Feb 7, 1910 RICE Terrence W. MOONEY Helen A. he b: 8/4/1872, son of John & Catherine (RAFFERTY); she dau of James MOONEY
Nov 11, 1855 RICHARDS Allen Becker FLINN Emma A. he b: 9/1/1830 Maxatawny, PA - Oct 10, 1898, son of Michael & Ada; she b: 1/26/1836 Geneva, dau of Wm. H. & Prudence (DENNISON); married at Waterloo, NY
June 1905 RIGNEY Edward E. O' NEIL Marguerite he b: 11/28/1865 W. Bloomfield, son of Martin & Mary (MC GORY) both of Kings, Ireland; she born in Ireland, dau of Cornelius & Marguerite O'NEIL
unknown ROBINSON Baxter SMITH Martha he b: 1824, son of Dr. Daniel Arnold & Isabella (RICHARDSON); she dau of Jacob SMITH (of MA)
May 9, 1820 ROBINSON Dr. Daniel RICHARDSON Isabella B. P. he b: son of Benedict (of Yates Co) & Susan (BROWN); she dau of Isaac  & Margaret (PLUNKETT) RICHARDSON
1899 ROBINSON Robert H. SASSAMAN Jennie  he b: 12/15/1855 Farmington, eldest son of Baxter & Martha (SMITH); she of Union Co, PA, dau of Joseph Miller & Harriet (MOORE) SASSAMAN
Jan 3, 1906 ROBSON Edward B. WILLOWER Flora he b: 11/19/1867 Seneca, son of Wm. N & Katherine J. (SMITH); she 2nd wife of Edward  (1st wife was Anna B. WATSON)
1875 ROCKEFELLER Ira P. TIFFANY Julia E. he b: 1/22/1842 Richford, NY, son of Norman & Christina (BLAKEMAN); she died 1/26/1887
1840 ROCKEFELLER Norman BLAKEMAN Christina he b:10/17/1812 Barrington, NY -1905, son of Godfrey & Miss (AVERY); she died in 1882
Feb. 1881 ROSE Oswald J. C. AYRAULT Edith he b: 1/30/1852 NY City, son of Robert Seldon; she dau of Rev. Walter AYRAULT; married at Geneva
Jan 6, 1897 ROWLEY Charles Andrew (DR) POWER Stella he b: 1/13/1863 Victor, son of Franklin & Jeanette (WILDER); she b: 7/13/1866 Farmington, dau of Mark Sibley & Alyda (SHAW) POWER
Dec. 23, 1858 ROWLEY Franklin WILDER Jeanette M. he b: 10/14/1822 Victor, NY - 12/24/1899, son of Andrew & Sarah (BIGELOW), g'son of Jirah (1753 MA - 1835 Victor); she 1/15/1830 -12/8/1895, dau of William WILDER of S. Bristol, NY
June 28, 1893 RUPERT Frank E. BUDD May he b: 8/26/1869 Ontario Co, NY, son of William P. & Catherine (BELL); she b: 11/27/1868 Marengo, NY, dau of James M. BUDD
Oct 6, 1880 RUPERT Theodore D. (DR) BOND Clara C. he b: 4/23/1880 Seneca, son of Wm. P. & Catherine (BELL), grandson of Philip; she dau of Thomas BOND of Geneva
Mar 31, 1814 SACKETT Augustine STARR Arze he b: 4/24/1789 CT, son of Homer; she b: 6/11/1793 Warren, CT - 11/20/1871; dau of Platt STARR
Nov. 29, 1882 SALISBURY Elon G. STOUTENBURG Martha she b: 10/20/1843,  dau of Isaac & Ann (REESE) STOUTENBURG
1904 SALISBURY John Lewis RINGER H. Lulu he b: 9/17/1875 Phelps, NY, son of John V. & Ellen (STRYKER); she dau of Jacob RINGER
Jan 15, 1880 SAWYER Henry Howard RUSHMORE Ella P. he b: 3/31/1853 Farmington, son of Joseph Norris & Caroline (JOHNSTON); she b: 12/25/1858 Farmington, only child of Lewis & Deborah A. (DENNIS) RUSHMORE
Dec 25, 1807 SAWYER Joseph COATS Anna he b: 3/30/1777, son of Capt Thomas; she was his 2nd wife; married in Farmington, NY (1st wife  Desire ROOT, m: 1802 she died 1807)
Oct 26, 1843 SAWYER Joseph Norris JOHNSTON Caroline he b: 4/4/1814 Manchester - 3/16/1883 Farmington, son of Joseph & Desire (ROOT); she 1822 Dutchess Co., NY - 4/1/1908
July 23, 1820 SCHAURMAN Isaac B. AVERY Amanda she b: 7/17/1802 - 8/9/1841, dau of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER) AVERY
June 15, 1882 SCHNIREL Reinhold A. BUCHHOLTZ Augusta he b: 3/25/1856 Pozen, Germany, son of Jacob & Elizabeth (SCHILF); she b: 8/27/1859 Joseph Ruh, Germany, dau of Augustus & Anna (BERG) BUCHHOLTZ
Mar 23, 1858 SEVERENCE William Dwight WARNER Caroline A. he b: 5/11/1836 Melvin Hill, NY, son of Wm. Sidney & Arzelia (JOSLYN); she b: 10/10/1839, dau of Chester WARNER
Oct 17, 1892 SHEFFER Edward T. MILLS Florence M. he b 12/24/1870 Shortsville; son of Ceylon & Emma (THATCHER); she dau of Ansel & Ursula (DAGGS) MILLS of Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
1865 SHELDON Cassius C. FIERO Frances he b: 4/2/1844 Bureau Co, ILL, son of Charles & Sarah (CRITTENDEN) ;she of Gorham, NY
unknown SHELDON Charles CRITTENDEN Sarah he b: 3/16/1813 Waterbury, VT, son of Richard, gson of Cephas (b1754, MA); she b: 1/11/1814, dau of Osee CRITTENDEN
Mar 1, 1864 SHORT Andrew Jackson MYERS Mary Jane he b: 1837 Phelps - 5/11/1881; she died 7/2/1904
unknown SHORT John W. (DR) WORDEN Ruth he b: 8/24/1880 Bernhards Bay, NY, son of Rev John L SHORT; she born in Fayetteville, NY, dau of Lester & Julia WORDEN
Oct 9, 1890 SHORT JR. Andrew Jackson REDFIELD Caroline Harriet he b: 5/3/1870 Phelps, son of Andrew J. & Mary J. (MYERS); she dau of Charles M. REDFIELD of Clifton Springs
Feb 27, 1821 SILVERNAIL Conrad AVERY Elizabeth  she b:10/16/1808, dau of Henry & Hannah (ROCKEFELLER) AVERY
Dec 26, 1854 SIMPSON M. K. MC NEILL Frances he b: 9/3/1829 Orange Co, NY;
Dec 10, 1883 SISCO Charles Marcellus HULBERT Mrs. Lottie A. (MATHERSON) he b: 4/19/1845 Bangor, NY, son of Rev. Marvin  & Melissa (MANNING);
Oct 6, 1812 SKINNER Israel HAYES Betsy Maria he b: native of Prattsburg, NY & father of Henry Godfrey, grandfather of Dr. William Waddell SKINNER
Aug 22, 1880 SKINNER William Waddell (DR) SCOFIELD Hattie May he b: 1/14/1860 of Marengo, ILL, son of Henry Godfrey & Mary Jane (WADDELL); she b: 6/25/1863 Benton, NY, dau of John P. & Deborah Louisa (TOWNSEND) SCOFIELD; she died 10/28/1896
Jan 4, 1898 SKINNER William Waddell (DR) SHEEHAN Margaret Jennie he b: 1/14/1860 of Marengo, ILL, son of Henry Godfrey & Mary Jane (WADDELL); she b: 9/16/1869 in Vine Valley, NY
unknown SMITH Edmund   HARMON Alice he b: 12/12/1825 Manchester, son of Asa & Hannah (POOR); she dau of Harvey & Eunice HARMON
unknown SMITH Edmund W. ABSENSHEME Catherine he b: 5/4/1866 Manchester
Oct. 22, 1873 SMITH * Franklin FOWLER Eva F. he b: 6/20/1851 Manchester - 1/8/1919 Manchester,  son of Leonard Everett SR & Nancy (CURTIS); dau of Wm. C. & Eliza Jane (CLARK) FOWLER (both of Wayne Co, NY); divorced after birth of dau, Carrie F., 1875
Jan 3, 1894 SMITH * Franklin SHAW Frances E. he b: 6/20/1851 Manchester - 1/8/1919 Manchester,  son of Leonard Everett SR & Nancy (CURTIS); she 7/1867 -2/7/1941; 2nd wife of Franklin
Feb 1, 1865 SMITH Franklin D. WILSON Mary he b: 9/22/1829 Manchester, NY, son of Asa & Hannah (POOR); she dau of Peter & Susan (LAMBERTSON) WILSON
Dec 31, 1873 SMITH Isaac Newton BUCK Adah Harriet he b: 5/19/1851, son of Martin & Welthea (WELLS); she b: 4/13/1852 Hudson, MI, dau of George & Harriet (SMITH) BUCK
abt 1865 SMITH * Leonard Jr. FOWLER Mrs. Eliza Jane (CLARK) he b: 9/1836 CT -5/20/1888 Manchester, son of Leonard Everett SR. & Nancy (CURTIS) (both of CT)  *
Jan 1, 1885 SMITH Mack S. ROBERTS Nettie N. he b: 8/14/1854 Farmington, NY, son of Lindley W. (died 3/8/1878 Chapinville), & Caroline E. (SPAULDING) (died 3/19/1887 Canandaigua); she of Phelps; married in Phelps
unknown SMITH Martin WELLS Welthea he b: 3/23/1808 Ormstown, Canada, son of Asa & Hannah (POOR) & eldest of 14 children; she b: 7/15/1810 Penfield, NY, dau of Peter (died 1812) & Clarissa (MC LOUTH) WELLS (b:7/5/1784 Farmington, dau of Lawrence)
1851 SOUTHWORTH Samuel EVANS Annesley Louise he b: 10/11/1828 Geneva, NY - 10/28/1909, son of Dr. Samuel; she died in 1899
June 17, 1907 SPENGLER John Arthur (DR) MAC VICAR Edna he b: 3/10/1868, Geneva, son of John & Elizabeth (VON HUBEN); he raised niece Marian E. STONE (dau of his sister Mrs. Vernon S. STONE); she b: 6/20/1874 Clyde, NY, dau of John D. MAC VICAR of Rochester
unknown SQUIRE Jesse C. TUTTLE Mary E. he b: 8/28/1841, son of Jesse, grandson of Adin; she dau of Joseph & Casandra (HAYES) TUTTLE
1860 STACY Samuel T. HOPS Rachel Ellen he b: 7/27/1838 near Troy, NY, son of Alanson & Emeline (SMITH); she dau of Hiram HOPS
unknown STANLEY Luther BENNETT Lydia he b: 2/8/1782 VT; she b: 7/12/1788 VT - 1852; married in VT; had 8 children
1898 STEBBINS Francis Lansing (DR) d' E. PICOT Elise he b:1866 Geneva, son of Dr. James H. Stebbins of Greece, Monroe Co, NY; she native of Philadelphia, PA
Sept 11, 1872 STEEL Charles E. HAMLIN Agnes Downes he b: 7/1845 - 3/28/1885; she b: 7/28/1844, dau of Henry Wm. & Sibyll B. (SEARS) HAMLIN
Dec 27, 1881 STEPHENS John H. JOHNSON Elizabeth "Libbie" he b: 1/8/1847 NYC, son of William L. & Elizabeth (WOOD); she of Naples; married in Clifton Springs, NY
Mar 15, 1893 STILTS John Robert DEUEL Hattie E. he b: 2/8/1858, son of Thomas Henry & Sarah (PARKS); she dau of Alfred & Mary (HEIGHT) DEUEL of Niagara Co, NY
Feb 5, 1861 STOUTENBURG Fred KING Lucy M. he b: 8/17/1834 Hopewell, NY, son of Isaac & Ann (REESE), she dau of Kendall & Anna (STILWELL) KING; she died 10/31/1902; married in Orleans
Mar 14, 1882 STRONG Franklin A YOUNG Addie he b: 11/5/1851, son of Ashbel & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS, STRONG
May 9, 1870 STRONG Loren James PENOYAR Tamison he b: 11/9/1846, son of Ashbel & Hannah (HAZEN) PHELPS, STRONG
unknown STRYKER Winfield S. CASE Harriet J. he b 8/28/1847 Cayuga Co, NY, son of John & Maria (GARRITSON); she dau of Daniel & Eliza (BENSON) CASE
1888 STUBBS George S. WALTHEART Lydia he b: 6/13/1867 Halls Corner, Seneca, only son of Watson E. & Martha E. (LOUW);
Mar 31, 1863 STUBBS Watson E. LOUW  Martha E. he b:1837 Oneida Co, NY, son of  Wm. & Elizabeth (KING); she b: 3/24/1844 Phelps
1862 SUTHERLAND Myron C. CROSIER Mary J. he b: 4/25/1836 Seneca, NY, son of James & Elizabeth (CLARK); she died 1887
Oct 23, 1907 SWEENEY Charles Henry QUINN Jane Winifred he b: son of Thomas Henry & Honora Frances (DONNELLY); she b: Watkins, NY, dau of Michael & Bridget (GURNETT) QUINN; married in Geneva
1875 SWEENEY Thomas Henry DONNELLY Honora Frances he b:3/28/1850 Sandy Creek, NY - 6/14/1906, son of Edward & Julia (DESMOND); she dau of William DONNELLY

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