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Thanks to the various contributors of this information.  Most dates are the date of the newspaper when 

the article appeared, from Ontario Co, Wayne Co and Monroe Co, NY papers.

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Most dates are the date of the newspaper when the article appeared



Aug. 13, 1879 RHIND Duncan LOOIS Mate
Mar. 17, 1818 RHOADES Elijah GARDNER Andelusia
Jan. 4, 1820 RHODA Fred. H. DEAN Betsey
July 7, 1886 RHODES Benjamin F. MAIN Hattie A.
Oct. 24, 1883 RICE Daniel E. WILCOX Fannie I.
Jan. 2, 1828 RICE Fones Holden SKINNER Charlotte
July 15, 1858 RICE George HOLCOMB Polly Mariah
Dec. 23, 1863 RICE Henry HOWLAND Elizabeth
Feb. 14, 1877 RICE Henry NORRISH Mary
Sept. 24, 1816 RICE Jeremiah MITCHELL Abigail
Dec. 28, 1860 RICE Millvern L. BUTLER Matilda
Apr. 12, 1814 RICE Dr. Randall S. PIERCE Rebecca
Jan. 19, 1819 RICE Samuel LYON Abigail G.
Feb. 21, 1877 RICE Samuel F. SUTHERLAND Laura
Feb 7, 1910 RICE Terrence W. MOONEY Helen A.
Nov. 4, 1835 RICH David WALDRON Polly
Oct. 29, 1816 RICH Gaius B. SALISBURY Ophia
Dec. 12, 1883 RICHARDS Alfred BISHOP Georgia A.
June 18, 1822 RICHARDS Fitch DOLE Harriet Delia
Aug. 21, 1833 RICHARDS Gustavus WILDER Electra
Oct. 2, 1810 RICHARDS John ARTHUR Clarissa
Mar. 21, 1883 RICHARDS Milton HICKEY Mrs. M. J.
Aug. 31, 1836 RICHARDS Rev. James BEALS Elizabeth
Nov. 26, 1879 RICHARDS W. P. ELLIS Miss L. E.
Oct. 23, 1878 RICHARDSON Francis FERGUSON Polly A.
Jan. 6, 1816 RICHARDSON Dr. William P. PORTER Mary
June 14, 1808 RICHMOND Brightman WOODRUFF Lucy
Oct. 11, 1814 RICHMOND Horace WALDRON Eliza
Aug. 20, 1816 RICHMOND James FRANCIS Rebecca
Mar. 20, 1839 RICHMOND Lysander KEITH Betsey
Ap. 19, 1876 RICKERT William ALLEN Anna M.
Jan. 4. 1861 RICKETSON John TREMBLY E. Jenette
Aug. 4, 1880 RIDER Charles W. FRANCISCO Susan
Mar. 10, 1880 RIDLEY W. W. GATES Eliza 
Dec. 11, 1861 RIEGLE Jacob J. GALLOWAY Carry S.
June 25, 1884 RIGBY John H. BUCKHOLS Bertha L.
Mar. 21, 1883 RIGGS Charles S. BAXTER Mary E.
Mar. 10, 1869 RIGGS Gilbert BABCOCK Mrs. Frances
Nov. 2, 1813 RIGGS Jeremiah BISHOP Grace
June 1, 1905 RIGNEY Edward E. O' NEIL Marguerite
Jan. 6, 1886 RIGNEY Martin W. GARLAND Molly
Jan. 4, 1820 RILEY Ashbel W. STILSON Betsey
Jan. 9, 1884 RILEY Patrick HICKEY Mary
May 2, 1883 RINGER John G. FISHER Wilhelmina
Jan. 15, 1857 RINGER Lorenzo D. ROBERTS Mrs. Hannah C.
Jan. 29, 1857 RINK Michael HAYTON Mary Jane
Jan 28, 1880 RIPLEY Harvey R. SLICKER Mary A.
Dec. 19, 1877 RIPPEY J. Grove VILKIE Ellen
Jan. 18, 1882 RIPPEY John B. PARKER Fannie
Jun. 29, 1881 RIPPEY Thomas E. WHEDON Jennie M.
Feb. 4, 1817 RISDON Orange NEWLAND Sarah
Mar. 26, 1884 RISING Fred FANTON Villa C.
Dec. 3, 1879 RISING Sidney J. RISING Mrs. Eliza
Sept. 14, 1813 RITTER Mr. CULVER Polly
Feb. 17, 1875 RITTER William SHERADIN Lettie


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