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If you would like to submit information to be posted to this site, please contact me. Thanks to the various contributors of this information.  Most dates are the date of the newspaper when  the article appeared, from Ontario Co, Wayne Co and Monroe Co, NY papers.   Check with the Ontario County Historical Society  or local libraries to order copies of Newspaper articles.


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Most dates are the date of the newspaper when the article appeared



Nov. 20, 1878 SULLIVAN Dennis EIGHMEY Hannah
Apr. 21, 1875 SULLIVAN J.D. ARCHER Hattie S.
Jan. 6, 1875 SULLIVAN Scott HILL Cynthia
Apr. 29, 1885 SULLIVAN T. J. ALCOCK Kittie E.
May 15, 1833 SURDAM Nathaniel CLARE Rhoda
Feb. 20, 1878 SUTFIN Elliott ROGERS Julia
Dec. 25, 1878 SUTFIN William T. FRIES Ella A.
Nov. 23, 1813 SUTHERLAND Castle GARDNER Nancy
Jan. 11, 1865 SUTHERLAND Henry C. CASTLE Maggie C.
Mar. 29, 1871 SUTHERLAND Lewis T. WHEELER Ellen E.
Feb. 3, 1859 SUTHERLAND Marvin DURAND Sarah Maria
Apr. 18, 1883 SUTHERLAND Ralph GAGE Lettie M.
Mar. 7, 1827 SUTHERLAND Spencer ROOT Fanny
Nov. 11, 1859 SUTTON Abraham TAILOR Orpha
Mar. 30, 1864 SUTTON Foster TAYLOR Fanny
Apr. 19, 1882 SUTTON John TRICKEY Alice
Aug. 12, 1863 SUTTON Joseph J. VAN VLEET Caroline
Nov. 13, 1878 SUTTON Owen FRENCH Alice
Nov. 18, 1885 SUYDAM H. L. BURNS Addie
Sept. 22, 1880 SWAINE Joseph MC KECHNIE Jessie E.
July 9, 1873 SWAN Frank ROOT Mary
Apr. 1, 1880 SWAN Sech F. JOSLYN Mrs. Emily F.
May 19, 1859 SWART Dr. William T. WATKINS Kate B.
June 4, 1879 SWARTS James M. LARKINS Emma C
Oct 23, 1907 SWEENEY Charles Henry QUINN Jane Winifred
Feb. 1, 1882 SWEENEY James KELLEY Rosa
Nov. 29, 1814 SWEENEY Capt. John WOOD Elizabeth
Jan. 19, 1881 SWEET John W. HALSTED Mrs. Charlotte A.
Oct. 21, 1835 SWEETLAND Samuel HALL Julia
Jun. 27, 1883 SWEEZY Smith PARSONS M.
Jan. 16, 1884 SWIFT Augustus M. PROUTY Margaret Matilda
Aug. 22, 1820 SWIFT Charles FORCE Theresa
April 7, 1824 SWIFT Dexter BARNARD Louisa P.
Sept. 19, 1827 SWIFT John H. HORTSEN Mary E.
May 19, 1812 SWIFT Marcus ORSBURN Anna
Dec.1, 1824 SWIFT Moses H. EVANS Hetty M.
Nov. 19, 1823 SWIFT (Gen.) Philetus SWIFT Mrs. Asa R.
Dec. 2, 1835 SWIFT Ralph WATERMAN Charlotte
Nov. 19, 1823 SWIFT Reuben TAYLOR Mrs. Harriet Maria
Oct. 9, 1856 SWINTERTON John M. GOFF Nancy W.
Sept. 22, 1886 SYLVESTER Dr. William E. RAINES Edith
Feb. 4, 1880 SYMONDS Harrison Eugene ALLEN Ida B.
Apr. 3, 1810 SYMONS Levi HULBURD Delpha


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