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If you would like to submit information to be posted to this site, please contact me.  Thanks to the various contributors of this information.  Most dates are the date of the newspaper when the article appeared, from Ontario Co, Wayne Co and Monroe Co, NY papers.   Check with the Ontario County Historical Society  or local libraries to order copies of Newspaper articles.


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Most dates are the date of the newspaper when the article appeared



Jan. 25, 1820 TAFT James THAYER Marina
Dec. 30, 1859 TAFT Robert K. KIRTON Elizabeth
May 22, 1833 TAGGART Ambrose EVART Rebecca
June 3, 1835 TAGGERT Moses VAN CLEVE Elizabeth
Jan. 19, 1819 TALCOTT Thomas JONES Angelina
June 20, 1815 TALLCOTT Russell KINGSBURY Harriet
Nov. 4, 1823 TALLMADGE Judge John S. SMITH Ann Eliza
Jan. 6, 1816 TALLMAN David BOWNSON Miss
May 30, 1827 TALLMAN John T. LIVINGSTON Maria A.
Jan. 25, 1871 TALLMAN Thomas B. VAN RUSKIRK Emma
July 26, 1876 TALLY Jack UNDERHILL Lina
June 1, 1831 TALMAN John FITZHUGH Mary E.
Mar. 2, 1864 TATE Stephen MC INTYRE Sarah
Jan. 31, 1883 TAYLOR Arthur A. THOMPSON Linda
Oct. 23, 1878 TAYLOR Charles D. MARSHALL Sarah
June 21, 1904 TAYLOR Fayette KELLAM Inez E.
Mar. 13, 1810 TAYLOR George Washington CLEMENTS Christina
Sept. 5, 1838 TAYLOR Henry DAVISON Ann
Oct. 26, 1825 TAYLOR Horace DAVIS Mary Ann
Mar. 31, 1886 TAYLOR J. A. HOLMES Ada E.
Oct. 28, 1835 TAYLOR Jeremiah BENTLEY Hannah
Nov. 5, 1816 TAYLOR John WHITMARCH Nancy
Apr. 14, 1886 TAYLOR John A. KETCH Louisa C.
May 21, 1885 TAYLOR Rev. Livingston L.  TITSWORTH Mary
Aug. 22, 1815 TAYLOR Maholn C. COSSIT Olive
Apr. 13, 1860 TAYLOR Martin V. LANE Elizabeth K.
Dec. 31, 1823 TAYLOR Nathaniel T. WINCHELL Laura N.
June 1, 1831 TAYLOR Samuel D. HILL Maria
Dec. 17, 1884 TAYLOR Spencer BRYANT Minnie 
Feb. 13, 1828 TAYLOR Stewart WHEAT Roxana M.
Mar. 12, 1834 TAYLOR Theron SOUTHWICK Dorcas
Apr. 9, 1879 TEALL Frederick W. CROMWELL Fannie E.
Sept. 18, 1839 TELLER William SANDS Mary
Jan. 31, 1883 TELLIER John S. WHITING Clara A.
May 15, 1821 TEN EYCK Herman BOGERT Eliza
Oct. 2, 1833 TENNANT John THOMPSON Agnes
Dec. 26, 1820 TERRY Artemus HORTON Jane
Apr. 23, 1862 TERRY Thomas M. BRIGGS Sarah
Jun. 22, 1881 TERWILLIGER Le Fever TORRENCE Carrie


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