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the article appeared, from Ontario Co, Wayne Co and Monroe Co, NY papers.

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Nov. 16, 1819 MC BURNEY Elizabeth BACON Edward
Feb. 10, 1875 MC CABE Margaret J. WATSON James. H.
Jan. 11, 1882 MC CABE Sarah MASON Fred E.
June 2, 1812 MC CALL Miss HICKMAN Rev. Clement
Aug. 27, 1816 MC CALPIN Sarah JOHNSON Thomas
Nov. 25, 1835 MC CANN Isabella HILL Otis
Mar. 30, 1813 MC CAROL Miss CAMERON E.
Apr. 19, 1882 MC CARTHY Anne DEER David
Feb. 27, 1884 MC CARTHY Annie MC CANN George 
Dec. 4, 1878 MC CARTHY Kate SMITH Mr.
Nov. 30, 1819 MC CARTNEY Margaret  WARD Samuel
Nov. 27, 1878 MC CARTY Mary GERADINE Isaac
Jan. 13, 1818 MC CELLUM Rebecca RANDALL Willard
Aug. 1, 1883 MC CHESNEY Mrs. Ada A. WILSON David G.
Apr. 18, 1809 MC CLOUD Margaret BASER John Baptiste
Feb. 13, 1821 MC COLLUM Ann SCOVELL Halsey B.
Dec. 5, 1883 MC COMB Louise ADAMS H. Ernest
Oct. 20, 1886 MC COMBS Minnie S. BLACK Wilson N.
Jun. 16, 1880 MC CORMICK Eleanor TUTHILL Spencer F.
Nov. 25, 1868 MC CORMICK Kate  OULAHAN John
Feb. 4, 1835 MC CORMICK Lara MARTS Isaac
Feb. 4, 1835 MC CORMICK Tabitha MARTS Moses
Nov. 7, 1883 MC COWAN Susan MC LAUGHLIN John J.
Dec. 6, 1882 MC COY Carrie A. CREQUE Will F.
Mar. 11, 1835 MC CROSSEN Susan MAREN Isaac D.
Feb. 28, 1877 MC DONALD Alice A. KLINCK Henry O.
July 30, 1811 MC DONALD Catherine ANDERSON Duncan
Dec. 30, 1835 MC DONALD Julia LANE Samuel
Jan 5, 1881 MC DONALD Laura V. OSBORNE William Bushnell
Feb. 28, 1883 MC DONALD Stella WHYTE Andrew
Feb. 4, 1880 MC ELROY Margaret Hamilton GANGEWER Allen H.
May 19, 1880 MC FEGGAN Georgianna WILCOX Charles C.
Nov. 17, 1875 MC FETRIDGE Sarah ROBERTS Jesse H.
Feb. 13, 1878 MC GEE Mary MC MILLAN Enos
1900 MC GILL Elizabeth HAYES Edward Graham
Oct. 29, 1879 MC GINNIS Mary DEVEREAUX John E.
Dec. 11, 1878 MC GOUGH Maggie E. CLARK George W.
June 25, 1879 MC GRADY Mary TOMES George
Feb 11, 1858 MC GRATH Anna O'BRIEN Patrick
Feb. 25, 1885 MC GREEVEY Libbie SPRINGSTEAD William
Aug. 29, 1877 MC GREGAR Fannie ORR William
Aug. 31, 1881 MC GREGOR Anna LEE Orin D.
Aug. 29, 1809 MC HARG Mary TURNER Henry
Sept. 4, 1821 MC HENRY Sally LOCKWOOD Ebenezer
Dec. 14, 1881 MC INTIRE Dellphine MELIOUS George H.
Nov 9, 1892 MC INTIRE Emma MC KELVIE Edward Wiser
June 1, 1905 MC INTIRE Jane Isabelle COLLISTER Edwin
Sept. 1, 1818 MC INTOSH Jenny MITCHEL William S.
Apr., 28, 1880 MC INTYRE Isabella ROSSITER Lawrence
Nov. 27, 1856 MC INTYRE Mary SIMPSON Charles
Nov. 30, 1836 MC INTYRE Mary Ann WILKIE George
Mar. 30, 1813 MC INTYRE Sally CAMERON Duncan
Mar. 2, 1864 MC INTYRE Sarah TATE Stephen
Aug. 25, 1886 MC JANNETT Belle OUTHOUSE Horace D.
Oct. 18, 1865 MC JANNETT Mary PRICE Ira
May 1, 1856 MC KAY Angeline J. MOSHER Charles
Sept. 7, 1864 MC KAY Lida E. ELLIS George D.
Nov. 22, 1876 MC KECHNIE Eliza Cameron MC KECHNIE William Stuart
Sept. 22, 1880 MC KECHNIE Jessie E. SWAINE Joseph
Aug. 18, 1866 MC KENZIE Kate F. DAVIDSON Alexander
Mar. 19, 1805 MC KENZIE Nancy HESLOP John
Sept. 29, 1875 MC KNIGHT Henrietta L. WARREN Melvin F.
Feb. 11, 1880 MC KNULT Eleanor EASTERLY Maltby A.
June 3, 1858 MC KNUTT Angeline A. RUSHMORE Elias H.
Apr. 3, 1810 MC KOWN Hannah COLEMAN Spencer
Apr. 25, 1820 MC LACHLAN Mary CLARKE George
Oct. 8, 1822 MC LACKLAN Elizabeth HAIGHT Fletcher M.
July 9, 1822 MC LEAN Esther C. TUCKER Morris H.
Oct. 1, 1834 MC LEAN Maria TUTTLE Ashbel
Feb. 19, 1822 MC LEAN Mrs. Sally WELLS Clement
Feb 27, 1889 MC MAHON Anna O'BRIEN Daniel
Jan 20, 1820 MC MASTER Mary BLACK Moses
Mar. 12, 1884 MC MILLAN Katie J. WILBER Allen S.
Dec. 3, 1834 MC MILLAN Margaret MC CONNELL John
Nov. 3, 1869 MC MILLAN R. BARRY William H.
July 11, 1883 MC MILLEN Eunice A. STARKWEATHER William H.
Feb 20, 1900 MC MURRAY Lillian MARSH John N.
July 5, 1871 MC NABB Sarah J. NICHOLS Milton H.
Sept. 28, 1831 MC NAIR Henrietta GAYLORD Rev. Flavius
May 18, 1831 MC NAIR Sarah WOOD George G.
Apr. 9, 1822 MC NAIR Susan PRATT Rev. Bartholomew
Sept. 13, 1808 MC NEIL Polly HALL Isaac
Dec. 21, 1881 MC NEIL E. B. EMMERSON Thomas
Dec 26, 1854 MC NEILL Frances SIMPSON M. K.
Sept. 1, 1886 MC NERMAY Nellie W. LAMPART Clarence C.
Nov. 30, 1881 MC OMBER Carrie E. MAXSON William H.
Nov. 15, 1871 MC OMBER Eleanor M. HUNTOON Frank
Apr. 28, 1807 MC QUILLEN Polly PARKER Benjamin
May 19, 1875 MC ROBERTS Ellen  PRATT E. R.


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