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the article appeared, from Ontario Co, Wayne Co and Monroe Co, NY papers.

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Apr. 15, 1835 PICKARD Sybil BENTLEY Martin
Nov. 26, 1857 PICKETT Eliza W. CODY John H.
Mar. 9, 1870 PICKETT Julia M. BARDEN Will H.
May 22, 1878 PICOCK Carrie ROWELL Harry
Jul. 6, 1881 PIERCE Amelia BROWN Edward D.
Sept 18, 1864 PIERCE Bell H. THROOP Newton Adams
Oct. 1, 1862 PIERCE Ellen ARNOLD A. D.
Apr. 15, 1835 PIERCE Emojane SHATTUCK David
Oct. 19, 1881 PIERCE Fannie  REED B. T.
May 14, 1879 PIERCE Jennie L. PIERCE Melvin R.
May 29, 1833 PIERCE Julia WOOLCOTT Horatio
1812 PIERCE Mary PAUL Ira 
Apr. 18, 1809 PIERCE Mary MORGAN John
Apr. 12, 1814 PIERCE Rebecca RICE Dr. Randall S.
Oct. 3, 1820 PIERCE Rebecca HALL Baley
Mar. 26, 1811 PIERCE Susan HARTT Jonathan
Mar. 26, 1884 PIERPONT Nettie W. ESTEE Daniel M.
Nov. 1, 1882 PIERSON E. Ella NEWTON Andrew
June 28, 1876 PIERSON Minnie H. BAGLEY Austin C.
Mar. 26,1879 PIERSON Olivia LLOYD Curtis G.
Aug. 26, 1823 PIERSON Vashti STORRS Rev. Charles B.
Feb. 6, 1878 PINCH Retta R. OAKLEY Donald W.
Feb. 19, 1862 PINCH Susie D. ROOKER James E.
Sept. 29, 1880 PINCHANEY Mrs. A. M. BABCOCK Jabez K.
July 14, 1869 PINKERTON Ella  MC INTYRE John M.
Dec. 24, 1879 PINKERTON Fannie A. WOLFE Harry F.
July 2, 1834 PINNEY Pauline RATHBONE Jared
Dec. 26, 1883 PITKINS Emma CHILDS Albert Sherwood
Aug. 24, 1831 PITTS Deborah HAWKS D. K.
Oct. 5, 1881 PITTS Emma STODDARD P. J.
Dec. 31, 1822 PITTS Mrs. Lavina PHILLIPS Joshua
Feb. 4, 1812 PIXLEY Fanny SPERRY James
Aug. 31, 1825 PLATT Abigail EATON A.
Mar. 18, 1885 PLIMPTON Carrie KIZER Mr.
Jun. 21, 1882 PLIMPTON Jennie M. HUNTINGTON LeRoy
Apr. 23, 1884 PLIMPTON Lillie E. GRAY C. Franklin
Apr. 27, 1881 PLUM Martha Buell MUNN Dr. John P.
July 4, 1827 PLUMB Grace B. PEARSON Henry


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