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the article appeared, from Ontario Co, Wayne Co and Monroe Co, NY papers.

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July 5, 1837 RHOADS Mrs. Almira VANDIGRIST John S.
Mar. 8, 1826 RHOADS Susannah BACKENSTOSE Henry L.
Oct. 21, 1835 RHODES Betsey HAVILAND Tertullus
Apr. 2, 1879 RHODES Lella BURNETT Henry
Jan. 2, 1884 RHODES Lottie SIEGWALD Charles
Jun. 15, 1881 RICE Annie M. WEBBER Charles
Sept. 3, 1816 RICE Aurelia GORSLYNE Richard
June 26, 1878 RICE Celia D. DE GRAFF John
Apr. 30, 1811 RICE Diantha BOSTWICK Elijah
1898 RICE Elvia M. BURNETTE Frank
Jan. 12, 1825 RICE Jane WALDRON James
Oct. 4, 1871 RICE Miss Frank A. WHITAKER S. E.
Oct. 10, 1809 RICE Rachel LE MUNION William
Apr. 13, 1819 RICE Sarah PRICE Isaac
Jul. 7, 1880 RICHARDS Anna B. CUMMINGS Alonzo A.
Jul. 21, 1880 RICHARDS Anne S. CHRICHTON Thomas P.
July 19, 1865 RICHARDS Carrie C. CLARKE Edmund C.
Sept. 7, 1819 RICHARDS Clarissa MILLER Benjamin T.
Dec. 18, 1878 RICHARDS Marion J. GILLBANKS J. H.
Apr. 3, 1810 RICHARDS Nancy COLE Benjamin
Sept. 22, 1869 RICHARDSON Adaline Hart BENHAM John
1867 RICHARDSON Caroline Frances WILCOX Merritt C.
Mar. 18, 1823 RICHARDSON Charlotte BROCKWAY Elias P.
Sept. 14, 1813 RICHARDSON Clarissa POWELL, 2ND Rev. Calvin
Nov. 10, 1824 RICHARDSON Helen MILES Truman
May 9, 1820 RICHARDSON Isabella B. P. ROBINSON Dr. Daniel
Jan. 31, 1877 RICHARDSON Julia P. FAIRLEE Sidney
Oct. 2, 1878 RICHARDSON Mary DETROW George
May 4, 1794 RICHMOND Elizabeth HATHAWAY Isaac
Nov. 10, 1824 RICHMOND Elizabeth THOMAS Cornelius
Oct. 26, 1831 RICHMOND Hannah WHITCOMB Walter
Nov. 3, 1886 RICHMOND Helen V. HOAGLAND Charles
May 11, 1881 RICKELS Minnie SMITH James
Dec. 9, 1885 RICKETSON Clara ROPER Osborne B.
Apr. 2, 1884 RICKON Rose May ARVEY William
Oct 17, 1906 RIDENOUR Grace Etta PADGHAM Ethelbert G.
Dec. 4, 1877 RIDLEY Mrs. Jeanna FOREST Charles
June 25, 1879 RIESDORPH Charlotte GLIMPSE William
Nov. 3, 1807 RIGGS Rebecca STODDARD Robert W.
Jan. 4, 1882 RIKER Kate BRIGGS Eugene
Jan. 2, 1878 RILANDS Cassie E. EVERED Joshua A.
Dec. 18, 1878 RILANDS Ella A. HOLTBY William
Jan. 2, 1878 RILANDS L. Jennie MC DONALD A. C.
Dec. 27, 1876 RILEY Francis J. NORTHUP James E.
May 23, 1820 RILEY Mrs. Lavina STONE Maj. Orange
Feb. 13, 1828 RINGER Ann BOYD David 
1904 RINGER H. Lulu SALISBURY John Lewis
Apr. 2, 1862 RIPLEY Margaret A. LEDGERWOOD George
Oct. 21, 1835 RIPLEY Mary GARDNER Austin
Feb 21, 1889 RIPPEY Margaret E. TURNBULL William R.
Nov. 16, 1881 RIPPEY Mary E. HARDING E. S.
Jan 2, 1834 RIPPEY Rebecca CARSON Robert
July 18, 1827 RIPPINSBURGH Christina TURNER Alvah R.
Oct. 18, 1808 RIPPY Rebecca MC INTYRE John
Dec. 3, 1879 RISING Mrs. Eliza RISING Sidney J.
July 10, 1878 RISLEY Mrs. SIDELL Theodore 
Jun. 7, 1882 RITCHIE Emma D. ABBEY Seymour S.
Mar 10, 1887 RITCHIE Mary FORSTER Clark 
June 7, 1837 RIVES Abbey C. PREVOST Rev. Augustine P.


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