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the article appeared, from Ontario Co, Wayne Co and Monroe Co, NY papers.

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Sept. 22, 1807 RUBBLE Apphia REED, JR Samuel
June 20, 1866 RUCKLE Jennie M. LARD Frank N.
Sept 8, 1896 RUDD Susan Josephine THOMPSON Robert F.
Oct. 26, 1881 RUGG Ophelia RANSOM Will
Oct. 19, 1819 RUGGLES Lucia HOLMAN Dr. Thomas
July 22, 1858 RUMMERFIELD Julia Ann SHOURDS Adrian J. C.
Feb. 21, 1815 RUMNEY Julia BEALS John W.
Mar. 23, 1825 RUMNEY Sally ANSON Jonathan
Oct. 8, 1822 RUMNEY Sarah COLE Luther
Nov. 21, 1883 RUMSEY Anna Belle MILLIMAN James E.
July 29, 1863 RUMSEY Julia R. DE GRAFF E. V.
Dec. 19, 1877 RUMSEY Mary J. WARDELL William
Dec. 28, 1881 RUSH Jessie TRIPP Edwin F.
Mar. 12, 1857 RUSH Mary RUSHMORE Jeremiah
Jan 15, 1880 RUSHMORE Ella P. SAWYER Henry Howard
Feb. 17, 1864 RUSHMORE Helen  ADAMS Myron O.
Oct. 25, 1882 RUSHMORE Lucy ROGERS A. E.
Jun. 13, 1883 RUSLIFF Libbie  GREEN Clarence A.
Mar. 7, 1820 RUSSEL Cornelia MARTIN Frederick S.
Oct. 27, 1886 RUSSELL Alice D. LANDON Dr. Newell E.
Jan. 12, 1819 RUSSELL Emma SANFORD Stephen
1808 RUSSELL Hannah PHILLIPS Charles
Apr. 6, 1881 RUSSELL Miss  HUSSE Robert H.
May 30, 1809 RUSSELL Polley WHITE Dr. William
Jan. 30, 1810 RUSSELL Sally MURRAY David
Dec. 20, 1808 RUSSELL Sophia MURRAY William D.
Jan. 2, 1884 RUST Julia A. MC BRIDE George B.
May 23, 1815 RUTGERS Elizabeth Ann CLARK Rev. Orin
Mar. 3, 1818 RUTGERS Gertrude RUMNEY Robert
Mar. 3, 1818 RUTGERS Mary G. MISNER Lansing B.
Feb. 27, 1878 RYAN Elizabeth G. PHILBRICK Warren V.
Nov. 18, 1859 RYAN Sarah BOZWELL Jonathan M.
Mar. 23, 1881 RYDER Lola SMITH Franklin R.
May 19, 1886 RYNDERS May DUTCHER Edward


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