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Aug. 31, 1881 WRIGHT Alice HALSTED George W.
Sept. 30, 1863 WRIGHT Annette WORTHY Mortimer P.
Sept 25, 1872 WRIGHT Elizabeth Pearce HAMLIN Frank Harwood
Mar. 24, 1812 WRIGHT Lucia FARR Daniel
July 16, 1834 WRIGHT Mary CLARK Benjamin
Jan. 16, 1878 WRIGHT Mrs. Mattie E. COON George F.
Sept. 29, 1886 WRIGHT Nettie FAIRHEAD Eldred
Dec. 19, 1809 WRIGHT Phebe COLLINS Aaron
Aug. 6, 1857 WRIGHT Rachel COOLEY Franklin
Nov. 23, 1881 WRIGHT Rose Isabel OWEN Seneca M.
May 10, 1876 WRIGHT Cora E. CASKEY John H.
Jan. 5, 1876 WYATT E. OFFICE Henry
June 22, 1864 WYATT Martha SHEPARD Homer
Dec. 29, 1886 WYATT Mima ROSS Ellsworth
Jan. 25, 1820 WYCKOFF Jane GATES Cyrus
Oct. 1, 1822 WYCKOFF Laura DOOLITTLE Norman
Feb. 16, 1825 WYCKOFF Mary FOBES Horatio
June 7, 1861 WYKOFF Esther A. SHELDON David T.
Feb. 6, 1878 WYNANTS Emma J. CHASE Will H.
May 23, 1866 WYNKOOP Elizabeth S. DUNHAM Lucius T.
May 23, 1866 WYNKOOP Emeline BIRDSEYE Could
June 23, 1818 WYNSHIP Lucy CHASE Ira
Dec. 31, 1823 YACKLEY Sophia S. DENSMORE Earl
Dec. 9, 1835 YARD Sarah HUGHES Hugh
Nov. 20, 1833 YATES Berthama JOHNSON Eli
Feb. 19, 1862 YEOMANS Mary PAGE Rev W. I.
June 12, 1856 YERKES Sarah L. FAUROT James
1871 YORK Ella HENRY David H.
Apr. 12, 1855 YOST Catherine A. DEAR Edward M.
Mar 14, 1882 YOUNG Addie STRONG Franklin A
Dec 23, 1869 YOUNG Agnes E. TRUESDALE William Henry
Dec. 25, 1878 YOUNG Agnes HUGHES Charles W.
May 11, 1836 YOUNG Ann  WILLIAM Robert
Aug. 22, 1809 YOUNG Betsey HOLMES Mr.
Jan. 8, 1822 YOUNG Betsey THARP William
1888 YOUNG Carrie COLLINS Louis D.
Nov. 16, 1819 YOUNG Catherine BREWER Abraham
Dec. 24, 1873 YOUNG Cornelia   THOMAS Samuel B.
Sept. 21, 1836 YOUNG Harriet FOSBY Rev. Benjamin
July 12, 1871 YOUNG Maggie J. NEWMAN Myron E.
July 11, 1866 YOUNG Mary A. REYNOLDS George N.
Apr. 1, 1823 YOUNG Miss TREMAN Whiting S.
Dec. 28, 1813 YOUNG Phebe OLDS Rev. 
Dec. 16, 1835 YOUNG Sarah MC NEIL Hon. David
Dec. 2, 1874 YOUNG Sophia DRAKE C. P.
July 21, 1886 YOUNG Hattie E. REYNOLDS Dr. Wallace T.
Oct. 22, 1879 YOUNG Nettie WILBUR Norman E.
Mar. 7, 1827 YOUNGLOVE Betsey FREER Elisha
Mar. 30, 1864 YOUNGLOVE C. Florence REDFIELD Charles M.
Jan. 9, 1828 YOUNGLOVE Catharine RUMNEY Robert 
Feb. 14, 1804 YOUNGLOVE Esther RAMSEY John
June 29, 1825 YOUNGLOVE Mary WILCOX George W.
Oct. 8, 1879 YOUNGS Josie E. NEWLAND Willard P.
Dec. 26, 1820 YUH-AH-WEEK    JACKET Jonathan
Nov. 12, 1879 ZELUFF Mattie J. OSTRANDER Charles M.
Feb. 16, 1881 ZOBRIST Frankie E. WOOLEY Nelson C.
Nov. 7, 1883 ZOBRIST Rosa E. OLCOTT Theodore, Esq.


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