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Departure of 126th Regiment


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Geneva , NY   Gazette            August 28, 1862  Newspaper


The Departure of the 126th Regiment

The departure of Col. SHERRILL'S regiment for the seat of war was fixed by the Adjutant General for Saturday last, the 23d inst.; but owing to the non-arrival of a portion of the uniforms, did not occur till Tuesday last, at about half past nine o'clock of that morning, the gallant volunteers bade adieu to " Camp Swift," and took up the line of march for "Dixie."  At the head marched the Brass Band attached to company C, (from Covert,) followed by the drum corps; next were Col. SHERRILL, mounted on a beautiful bright bay, and Maj. BAIRD, carried by a staid but large and superb grey. In the order of their letters as published below followed the ten companies comprising the regiment, their ranks full to the maximum number, counting 1,000 strong. The roads and streets were very dusty, making the march a very unpleasant one; but as they filed through the several streets on their way to the steamboat dock, the men were inspirited by the cheers and waving of hats and handkerchiefs which greeted them at almost every step on the route.  The weary march is at length ended, and the regiment embark on the steamers in waiting. The " Field," " Arnot"  and " Magee" are all filled to the guards, and one after another those fine vessels steam off with their glorious burden - the devoted defenders of our country.


But some there were mingled in the excited crowd of witnesses of this grand pageant and others who had betaken themselves to the privacy of adjacent buildings -who were very far from participating in the general enthusiasm over the departure of our regiment.

Mothers left desolate, wives bending over helpless infants, sisters bereaved of brothers, and the betrothed mourning for the cherished  one of her heart - these were the side scenes which brought home with telling effect the terrible, agonizing realities of war.

We could but reflect upon the enormity of the crime which has produced alt this sorrow in the land - which has caused tears and blood to flow in rivers. " God is just," and will not spare the guilty. The seeming garb of piety which some wear, and behind which they would fain screen themselves, will not save them from righteous retribution. Aye, as true as that this terrible calamity is upon us, so true is it  the clergy of the country more than any other one class constituting the population, are responsible for it. The pulpit both South and North has been prostituted to the hellish work of inflaming the men on the subject of slavery - pro and con -  till it has brought the people to a death-grasp on each other's throats. Every observing man among us knows that this is true of the Northern pulpit. And as to that of the South, we have Parson Brownlaw's testimony that the earliest, most constant and persevering secessionists, the most blood-thirsty rebels, are the priests, particularly of the Baptist and Methodist persuasion. And yet, on both sides, with their hands virtually bathed in their brother's blood, they lift them up to Almighty God, calling on Him to sanctify and bless the deed!

But the war is upon us now, and the issue is changed from that of preserving or destroying slavery to that of the perpetuation or the destruction of the Union. The ultras may still howl over their hobby of the Negro - those who have gone and are constantly going to battle from among us, have a higher and a nobler rallying cry - embodied in the sentiment of the patriot JACKSON -

" The Federal Union ,—IT MUST AND SHALL, BE PRESERVED'!"

For this object we bid our friends and neighbors who have buckled on their armor for the conflict, " God speed you, and give you the victory!"


We subjoin a list of the field, staff and line officers of this the 26th Senatorial District Regiment:

Colonel - E. SHERRILL, Geneva

Lt. Col.  - JAMES M. BULL, Canandaigua

Major - W. H. BAIRD, Geneva

Adjutant - J. S. BROWN, Penn Yan

Quartermaster - J. K. LORING, Waterloo

Surgeon, - FLETCHER M. HAMMOND, Penn Yan

1st Assistant Surgeon - Charles S. HOTT, Yates County

2d. Assistant, PIERRE D. PELTIER, Dundee

Chaplain - T. SPENCER HARRISON, Yates Co.

Sergeant-Major - D. C. FARRINGTON, Geneva

Quartermaster Sergeant  - JOHN STEVENSON Jr.

Commissary Sergeant - RICHARD MACY

Sutler – J. D. COBB, Geneva



Company A -   T. N. Burrill, Captain;   S. A. Barras,   G. D. Carpenter.

Company B -   W. A. Coleman, Captain; R. A. Bassett, M. H. Lawrence Jr.

Company C -   Winfield Scott, Captain;  T. R. Lounsbury,  A. W. Porter.

Company D -    Philo D. Phillips, Captain;   C. A. Richardson,  S.F. Lincoln.

Company E -    H. D. Kipp, Captain;  Geo. E Pritchett,  J. H. Brough.

Company F -    Isaac Shimer, Captain; Ira Munson, T. E. Munson.

Company G -   J. F. Atkins, Captain; Fred Stewart, S. H. Platt.

Company H -   O. J. Herendeen, Captain; G. M. Redfield, A. R Clapp.

Company I -    B. F. Lee, Captain; G. Skaats,  G. L. Yost.

Company K – Chas. M. Weeler, Captain; H. C. Lawrence, J. Seaman



The following are the names and residence of the officer and non-commissioned officers and privates of Company E, of this regiment:

Captain - Henry D. Kipp, Geneva

1st Lieut - Geo. S. Pritchett, Geneva

2d Lieut - John H. Brough, Rushville

Reg. Col. Srg't - John C. Stainton, Geneva

1st Srg't - Fayette Green, Rushville

2d Srg't  - Richard Macy, Geneva

3d Srg't  - Jacob Sherman , Geneva

4th Srg’t -  J. Edward Barnes, Geneva

5th Srg’t - Oscar E. Perrine, Geneva

1st Corp. - Joshua Brink, Rushville

2nd Corp - Byron W. Scott, Geneva

3rd Corp - John W. Thompson, Geneva

4th Corp - William Stainton, Geneva

5th Corp - John F. Sloat, Rushville

6th Corp - Charles P. Gray, Geneva

7th Corp - William H. Pinch, Geneva

8th Corp - James O. Orman, Geneva

Musician - Edward A. Savage, Geneva

Musician - Charles E. Raymond, Rushville

Teamster - Geo. C. Russell, Geneva



Albert L. Bogert, Rushville                        R. H. Hammond, Penn Yan

James A. Creed, Rushville                         Lorenzo Phillips, Seneca

Alonzo Harris, Rushville                           Marcus Audrus, Geneva

Elevin Pratt, Gorham Station                     Darwin A. Rudd, Geneva

John Olf,  Gorham                                   Ambrose Bedell, Geneva

Daniel Whipple, Gorham Station              Orrin D. Allen, Geneva

Robert  D. Blauvelt, Middlesex                   Geo W. Larham, Seneca

Stephen Walker, Middlesex                       Benjamin F Archer, Seneca

Henry R Parsons, Bethel                        Richard Kirk, Bath

Morris O'Connell, Rushville                      E. J. Hindmarch, Geneva

Aaron H. Abeel, Rushville                        Chas. H Siglar, Geneva

Harvey Wilson, Gorham                           Charles Woolverton, Seneca

Albert Brink, Potter                                  Jewitt Benedict, Dundee

Tyler Brink, Potter                                    Theron T Dunn, Milo

Wm Brink, Potter                                      Franklin R Knapp, Milo

Geo. A Hosmer, Potter                              John F. Randolph , Milo

Edwin Palmer, Seneca                               James B Reynolds, Geneva

Clement King, Ovid                                   John Bourn, Geneva

Edgar C Miller, Reeds Corners                   Henry Becker, Geneva

Frederick Ritter, Geneva                         Alex Thornton, Phelps

Edward Cooper, Geneva                         Ed S. Spendlove, Geneva

H. Runyan, Shortsville                              James Burns, Geneva

Leroy McFarlin, Shortsville                      Archibald L Ray, Geneva

George W. Hafling, Fayette                       Martin V. Lamphere, Geneva

John Galivan, Potter                                  Geo W Turner, Geneva

George Stroup, Geneva                          Wm D. Adriance, Phelps

Joseph Ris, Geneva                                 Leonard Seltz, Geneva

William Hewitt, Geneva                          John L Dorr, Geneva                                 

David Macoy, Geneva                             Herman Fox, Geneva

John A. Partridge, Geneva                       Palmer W Roberts, Geneva                      

M. K, Simpson, Geneva                          Thomas E Dunn, Geneva                         

George T. Kelly, Geneva                         Frederick Barnes, Geneva                        

Charles Crawford, Geneva                      S.W. Robinson, Jerusalem                          

Jno. C. VanZandt, Geneva                      James P Boyd, Phelps                                

James Hart, Geneva                                 Frank H Hounson, Seneca

John H. Saulpaugh, Geneva                     Charles Scherle, Geneva

Charles Wheeler, Geneva                         W. J. Springstead, Geneva

John R. Orman, Geneva                          Patrick Judd, Geneva

Nelson B. Keith, Geneva                         Chester B Smith, Geneva

Jonathan Creed, Rushville


The following are the names of persons constituting NY troop,  Company F, of Col. Sherrill's Regiment:  



Captain - ISAAC  SHIKER, Geneva

1st Lieut - IRA  MUNSON, Tyre

2d Lieut - TENEYCK MUNSON, E. Bloomfield




Benton   [Yates Co.]

Robert Holmes     


Fayette    [Onondaga Co.]

Platt Clark  


East Bloomfield     [Ontario Co.]            

F. Wilcox                                

E. A Young                             

Geo. McOmber                         

E. P. Adams                              

Elmer Wilcox                          

A. J. Davenport                       

Norman Davenport                  

Ralph W. Hayes                       

F. D. Spring                          

James G. Camp                       

J. W. Knapp                           

Myron Adams                          

John Sheehan                         



Junius                [Seneca Co.]

Walter Scott                          

Geo. Bush                             

W. A Bush                             

J. H. Brownell                       

Charles Terbush                     


Lima        [Livingston Co.]

Levi N. Beebe                       


Phelps      [Ontario Co.]

Thomas Dolan                        

Abram Johnson                      

Warren L. Warner                   

Van Buren Wheat                   

H. B. Ferguson                    

Justus Litchult                         


Seneca   [Ontario Co.]

Henry G. Snelling                 

John Snelling                        

Aaron Winters                      

J. P. Fulton                            

George A. Carr                     

Edwin McComb                   

Oliver Fiero                         

A. E. Craver                        

J. M. Barden                          


Tyre , NY  [Seneca Co.]

P. Wheeler                              Tyre

Aaron Decker                         Tyre  

A. J. Rose                              Tyre

Charles Kline                         Tyre

S. G. Babcock                       Tyre

Oliver Perry                          Tyre  

Michael Cunningham             Tyre

Charles P. Kents                      Tyre

John Hopkins                         Tyre

S. J. Clark                               Tyre  


West Bloomfield  [Ontario Co.]

Geo. W. Sheldon                   

H. J. Smith                             

C. W. Niles                               

Lewis A Ball                               

Eli R. Heazlit                             


Misc.  NY State Counties    Town

A. J. Warner                          Seneca

Oscar M. Leland                    Phelps

George W. Boss                    Fayette

Robert Jeffery                       Phelps

Alonzo Wolven                     Phelps

Charles H. Proudfit               Seneca

Abram W. Shearman            Seneca

E. C. Dubois                       Tyre

Jacob Ladu                           Seneca

J. W. Bishop                         Watkins

Jeremiah Claflin                    East Bloomfield

John Coburn                         Seneca

Clinton E. Taylor                East Bloomfield

H. N. Manell                         East Bloomfield

Wallace Kisor                        Gorham

J. M. Wilson                          Seneca

Henry M. Barber                   East Bloomfield

Scott Barber                          East Bloomfield

Wm. B. Knapp                       Victor

F. W. Haney                          East Bloomfield

Homer Sturdevant                 East Bloomfield

Leander Brownell                  Junius

Geo. E. Beadle                    Tyre

Edmund Craft                      Tyre

C. L. Fowler                          Junius

M. N. Gleason                     Tyre

Almon Hewitt                        Junius

H. B. Munson                      Tyre

Charles Richards                   Junius

John H. Crane                     Tyre

J. W. Torrance                     Tyre

Thomas J. Wilson               Tyre

J. M. Edwards                     Tyre

John Haines                          Phelps

J. W. Gatchell                       Phelps

T. P. Edgerton                      Phelps

Erasmus D. Derr                   Phelps

Oliver L. Decker                   Phelps

E. D. Copp                           Phelps

Charles E. Baggerly              Phelps

John Phillips                        Seneca

G. W. Becker                       Seneca

R. D. Short                          Phelps

Geo. Willby                         Phelps

Henry H. Loper                    Phelps

Lafayette Rafter                   Phelps

A. N. Fiero                          Seneca


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