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Contributed by Ron Hanley & Dianne Thomas

Transcribed and owned by Dianne Thomas

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY, Friday Page 3   May 10, 1861 

Canandaigua Volunteers - Three companies of volunteers have been organized in this village, whose services have been accepted.  Capt. FAUROT'S company was ordered to rendezvous at Albany, and accordingly proceed to that place on Thursday.  the following list embraces the names of the offices and men of this company and shows the rank of each:



Henry FAUROT - Captain

James H. MORGAN - 1st Lieutenant

George W. ELLIS - 1st Sergeant

Lott REZNOR - 2nd Sergeant

William Wirt WHEELER - 3rd Sergeant

John H. ETTS - 4th Sergeant

Lewis H. KNOWLES - 1st Corporal

Gregory IRNSE - 2nd Corporal

Thomas MC KEON - 3rd Corporal

Levi L. ALLEN - 4th Corporal




BLAIR Joseph
BOOTH Irving
BRUTON Christopher
BRYANT Charles L.
BUNNELL Francis H.
CULVER George W.
DROWN Benjamin F.
DROWN Lewis H.
EARLE Charles L.
FOX William H.
FREER Robert
GATWOOD William 
GREEN Isaac S.
GROOM Amos Jr.
JAPHET Charles
JONES E. Curtis
JONES Joseph C.
KING Gardener


KNAPP Elisha
LAING Joseph
MATTISON William H. H.
MC CALL Thomas
MC CARTY Michael
MC GRAW Michael
MILLER Gamaliel
O'BRIEN Patrick
PAGE Charles W.
PROUTY Stephen E.
PUTMAN Willis E.
RANDALL William O.
RICE Milton H.
ROYCE George W.
SAGE George B.
TOWNSEND Hezekiah Jr.
TUBBS Luthor T.
VINCENT Mortimer



Captain CUTLER'S Company

started for Elmira this morning



John R. CUTTLER - Captain

Stephen T. DUELL - 1st Lieutenant

Samuel A. Barras - Ensign



AMMERMAN, Addison M of Penn Yan

of Canandaigua 

HODGE, Charles H. of Canandaigua
AMMERMAN, Dennison S. INGRAHAM, Henry of Canandaigua
APPLETON, Richard of Honeoye Falls LEWIS, Henry W. of Shortsville
ARMSTRONG, Asel of Manchester LOVETT, Charles H. of Manchester
ATCHINSON, Atcher of Canandaigua LUBBUCK, Robert of Honeoye Falls
BARTON, John of Canandaigua MAJOR, Henry of Manchester
BEEMAN, Rejoice of Canandaigua MC GERRY, James of Shortsville
BENNETTE, George of Gypsum MC GOWAN, Albert S. of Canandaigua
BENTON, David S. of Richmond MILLER, James of Canandaigua
BIGELOW, Jefferson of Shortsville MITCHELL, Aaron A. of Manchester
BLISS, John of Victor MULLIGAN, Patrick of Manchester
BOND, Thomas of Farmington MURPHY, Edward of Victor
BOSWELL, Jonathan W. of Canandaigua MURPHY, John of Canandaigua
BROWN, Francis T. of Shortsville NICHOLS, Asher L of Middlesex
BRUCE, David of Cheshire OTIS, Joseph D. of Naples
BUCHAN, Henry of Shortsville PALMER, George W. of Hopewell
CLINE, Henry of Canandaigua PATTERSON, Benjamin of East Townsend
CONOVER, Thomas of Rushville PHIPPS, Luke of Victor
CORNELIUS, John James of Canandaigua PIERSON, James of Honeoye
CRAIN, Byron of Manchester PUTNAM, Levi H. of Canandaigua
CRAWFORD, George C. of Canandaigua RAMSEY, Benjamin R. of Richmond
DAVIS, Henry of Canandaigua RANDALL, Jabez of East Bloomfield
DECKER, William of Canandaigua RODNEY, Theodore C. of Manchester
DOUGHTERTY, John H. of Manchester ROGERS, Oscar of Bristol
DOYLE, Patrick P. of Canandaigua ROSE, Asahel of Victor
DUMFREY, James of Canandaigua ROWE, John of Manchester
DUNLAY, Thomas H. of Seneca Falls SANFORD, Charles of Canandaigua
DWYER, James of Canandaigua SINGLETON, Edward of Canandaigua
EDDY, George H. of Manchester SMITH, Owen of Carthage
FOSHURGHT, Albert of Victor STOREY, Henry of Canandaigua
FRAZER, John J. of Canandaigua STOUDBROW, John A. of Middlesex
FULLER, Mortimer of Canandaigua SWEENEY, Daniel of Oneida Depot
GLEASON, Joseph of Canandaigua VANDECAR, David of Manchester
HACKETT, William of Manchester WHITNEY, Hiram of Shortsville
HERRIMAN, Henry of Canandaigua WRIGHT, Henry of East Bloomfield
HOAG, David C. of Hopewell


Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday,    February 19, 1862 

Marriage - On Wednesday evening the 12th instant, at the Chaplain's tent in Camp Griffin, Fairfax Court House, VA, by Chaplain A. H. LUNG of the 33rd Regt. NYSV, Jacob KLINE (soldier) to Mary Jane STINER, both of Waterloo, NY


Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday    April 2, 1862 

Letter from Captain CLARKE  

We are permitted to copy the following letter from Capt. Will W. CLARKE, to his brother in this village:

Camp Warren, Washington,  March 27th, 1862


Dear Brother - I take great pleasure in acknowledging the receipt of two barrels of Hospital stores, forwarded by you from Canandaigua.  As we were under marching orders, when they arrived, we opened but one.  The other I have arranged to have forwarded to Fortress Monroe, Richmond, Gordonsville or whatever place we may be halted long enough to be assured that its contents can be profitably distributed.  What a God send; nothing has done us so much good since pleasant days have disappeared, as those wines, jellies, jams, fruits and other delicacies.  The last of the wines sent us from Canandaigua while at Elmira, with great care in keeping, were not distributed until the day before we received yours.  Everything came through in perfect order, and every article shows to us the interest and solicitude with which we are regarded by our friends at home.  Every man in my company, and many in the other companies who have been prostrated by fevers, continued colds, and disabilities, are not growing strong upon the relish these luxuries are giving them.  Our dear friends among you are doing more for me and my command than I can express; they are showing a devotion to the great interests of the nation in their untiring solicitude for the comfort and efficiency of their soldiery which is unexampled.  We shale always remember them with gratitude.  And now let me ask you in behalf of the company to tender to those friends our sincerest thanks for their kindness, and tell them we hope to be faithful in the service of our country, if it be only in waiting as they have been faithful to us.

Notwithstanding the inclement weather we are having, every man in my company is ready to march to Richmond or Montgomery or wherever the government shall order us.

Our knapsacks are packed and haversacks filled with three days cooked rations, expecting orders to move momentarily.  General CASEY'S division is the 3rd in General KEYES' corps.  The 1st and 2nd divisions have already shipped and we expect to go tomorrow.  Our division was reviewed on Saturday by General CASEY and on Monday by General KEYES.  The division consists of 15 regiments of Infantry, 3 batteries of artillery and several companies of cavalry.  We were all together on Monday and it was a magnificent sight.  Col. DUTTON'S regiment is in our brigade.  Our Brigadier is Gen. PALMER, a U.S. officer.

*    *    *   *   *    *   *  *

The papers are just in from Albany, and notice was read at dress parade this evening of the confirmation of Lieut. ALDRICH'S appointment to the Adjutancy and 1st Sergeant, Spencer MARTIN'S appointment to the 1st Lieutenancy, in ALDRICH'S place.  The appointments seem to give general satisfaction.   Truly Yours, Will W. CLARKE


Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday    July 16,  1862 


+  Condition of Capt. FAUROT - We are informed that Capt FAUROT has been sick with fever for several weeks, past, but notwithstanding went into the battle at Gain's Mills on the 27th.  Early in the day he was injured by a shell, and from weakness occasioned by the wound and protracted illness, fell to the ground and was taken to the rear and has since been confined near Harrison's Landing on the James River, some two miles from his regiment where he still is.  Capt. SMALLEY, now here sick, saw him about a week since, and a letter just received from the Captain and others, shows that he is still sadly afflicted and unable to be out of his tent, and as Lieut. GREEN was ill during the rest of the day and the subsequent battles, neither the Captain nor Lieutenant was able to be on the field and Lieut. ELLIS therefore, took charge.  Many civilians have, since the battle, tired to get to our camps on the James River to attend to their friends, but he imperative orders of our Generals have prevented their doing so.


+  Death of Corporal EIGHMY - By a letter received by Mrs. Annie EIGHMY from Capt. Zacharias, of Co. K, 7th Michigan Regiment, we learn that Corporal Martin EIGHMY, died on the 3rd of June form the effects of a wound received at the battle of Fair Oaks.  


+  Killed, Wounded and Missing - Lieut. J. R BRIGGS, of Company G, 27th Regiment, sends us the following list of casualties in his company at the battle of Gaines' Mills, Friday, June 27th (1862) :


Captain H. S. HALL, Barkersville, slightly, left thigh

First Sergeant George H. ROBERTSON, LeRoy, slightly, left thigh

Sergeant Charles W. ROBINSON, Pekin, missing

Corporal James H. BURLISEN, East Bloomfield, severely, missing

Corporal Silas A. SYLVESTER, Lima, severely, left leg



William H. BUXTON, Lima, killed

H. W. GOULD, West Bloomfield, severely, neck, missing

John MERRITT, Susquehanna, Pa., severely, abdomen, missing

Alex MILES, Lima, severely, abdomen, missing

Charles W. BURR, West Sparta, severely, left arm

Michael CAVANAUGH, West Bloomfield, severely, right hand

Rollin P. DARTT, Lima, severely, left arm

William WALTMAN, East Bloomfield, severely, right hip

T. E. SEWELL, Lima, severely, right arm

H. E. STANNARD, Castile, severely, right leg

H. H. STONE, Lima, slightly, right foot

Artemus JENKINS, Richmond, slightly, arm

Eugene RAEPPEL, East Bloomfield, severely, abdomen, missing

S. S. EMMONS, Naples, sick at hospital, missing

A. J. DARROW, Avon, missing

In an accompanying note, Lieut. BRIGGS says: " This company having been formed from the counties of Ontario and Livingston, it will be gratifying to their friends if the list is published.  It will send sorrow to the hearts of many, but at the same time will relieve the suspense of all.  While we sorely regret their loss from the company and regiment, it is with pride that we shall remember them, knowing that they did their duty as men and true patriots."


Co G., 18th Regt., NYSV

The following list of killed, wounded and missing in this company, was sent by Lieut. ELLIS to his father, in this village, it being a copy of the list as sent to headquarters by Sergt. Gregoire INSSE, on the 4th instant. 

Gardner KING, killed                  

Rinold RITZENTHALER, killed           

Henry W. TAYLOR, killed

Edwin MARTIN, wounded in head, severely, (since missing)                

Sergt. John H. ETTS, wounded, hand

Corp'l Walter H. BURNETT, wounded, arm       

George W. ROYCE, wounded, arm       

Milton H. RICE, wounded, shoulder

Thomas J. REED, wounded, foot        

Robert FREER, wounded and missing       

Millard F. WILLIAMS, wounded & missing

All Missing:   Sergt. George W. ELLIS, Sergt. John B. ROPER, Myron BURTON, Benjamin F. DROWN, Elias KNAPP, William H. LINKLETTER,  Charles W. PAGE, Isaac H. VAN KUREN, William H. VAN KUREN, Spencer WOOD, John BURNS.


+  Meeting of the War Committee  -  Pursuant to an order of the Adjutant General of the Sate, a meeting of the Committee appointed by the Governor to initiate the organization of a Regiment in this Senatorial District, met at the office of Hon. C. J. FOLGER in Geneva, on Friday week at 11 am.  Hon. C. J. FOLER acted as Chairman and J. T. MILLER of Seneca Falls, I. PROUTY of Geneva and Dr. C .S. HOYT of Yates, were chosen Secretaries.  The following persons appeared as members of the Committee:



Yates - Hon. D. A. OGDEN, M. BROWN, S. C. CLEVELAND, M. H. LAWRENCE, C. S. HOYT  (article cut off)

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday    August 6,  1862

+  The New Regiment    ATTENTION VOLUNTEERS!!!!  $152.00 BOUNTY!

90 DOLLARS WILL BE PAID as soon as the Regiment is mustered into service.  $25.00 of this will be paid when the recruit is accepted at the regimental depot at Geneva.  YOUNG MEN OF ONTARIO COUNTY!  all your bright hopes of the future depend upon the salvation of the country.  She calls upon you to save her - will you come to the rescue?  Men of middle age, are your wives and children dear?  Then come at your country's call and save them from foreign despotism and rebel outrage.  Men of wealth, protect your government and (cut off) 


+ Join the Old Regiments.  

To every man who is enlisting or about to enlist under the new call for 300,000 men, the following facts are most important.  If he joins an old regiment, he cancels by the act, three fourths of the chances that he will be struck down by disease.  Nine tenths of the mortality in the army, as the public now well understand, is caused by disease and not battle, and of this mortality the commission assures us that three fourths might be saved by incorporating the new levy into the existing regiments.  This is a matter for recruits to consider well. The opinion tallies with the judgment of those who have had opportunities for observation; but is now placed among the points which are to be held as demonstrated.  The recruit who is careful of life, of health or of comfort, will take his place in an old regiment, rather than among those who are as inexperienced as himself.  We have already urged that as regards economy, or the speedy reinforcement of the army, the former course is incontestably that to be pursued.  But the present is a reason which appeals to the personal welfare of the volunteer himself, and is urged by those who for twelve months have made this personal welfare of the soldier a special study.  It is a word of advice which ought not to fall upon inattentive ears.

So says an exchange, as we believe it is every word true.  The considerations in favor of enlistment in the old regiments are numerous and weighty.  The wonder is that our volunteers do not all give them the preference.  Capt. George N. WILLIAMS is recruiting in this village for the 98th regiment, now in the field before Richmond.  The Captain is a prince of good fellow, has had the benefit of active service for several months, know how to take care of his men both in camp and on the battlefield.  And those enlisting under him may be sure of finding the reality of military life precisely as he represents it.  We advise persons designing to enlist, to call at his tent opposite the Webster House.


+  War Meeting in Farmington

A large and enthusiastic war meeting was held at the Town House in Farmington on Wednesday evening, July 30th; and although it was in the hurry of harvest time, the house was crowded to overflowing, a fair proportion being ladies, who evinced their patriotism not only by their presence, but by manifesting a lively interest in the proceedings of the meeting.  The meeting was organized by appointing Daniel ARNOLD, chairman.  Capt. Orin J. HERENDEEN then addressed the audience, setting fourth the object of the meeting and the dangers that threaten our country at this time, and making a patriotic appeal to the young men present to come to the rescue of our government in this the time of her peril.  Several other speakers then addressed the audience, after which the following resolutions were unanimously passed, viz:   Resolved, That the Supervisors of this town be instructed to act in concert with the other Supervisors of this County, at their special meeting to be held Saturday next, at Canandaigua, in voting the sum of $25,000 or such amount as said Board shall agree to raise by a tax on the taxable property of this county, to be paid to those who shall enlist, under the recent call of the President of the United States, in addition to the national and state bounties offered.

Resolved, That a committee of one from each school district in the town (16 in number) be appointed to assist Capt. O. J. HERENDEEN in procuring enlistments in this town. (cut off)


+ Acknowledgement.  The following hospital stores have been received by Rev. A. H. LUNG, Chaplain of the 33rd Regiment NYSV, and taken with him to his regiment:

Mrs. Mary HARTSOUGH of Reeds Corners, 4 pillow, 2 towels, 7 qts. dried fruit;  

O. H. SMITH, 1 bottle catsup;

C. S. PHELPS, 5 lbs. crackers

Dr. SMITH, 1 bottle of brandy

Mrs. G. R. FOX, one can tomatoes

L. B. GAYLORD, 5 lbs. crackers, 5 dz. prunes, one bottle catsup

Mrs. J. BENHAM, 3 jars currant jelly

Ira HAWLEY, 3 lbs. crackers

Mr. TWIST, 3 1/2 lbs. crackers

F. H. HILL, 1 lb. crackers

Mr. LAMPMAN, 5 lbs. crackers

Brown & Wolverton, 5 lbs. cheese, 4 lbs. crackers

John MC KEE, 2 bottles medicine; 3 pints port wine, 1 pint brandy, 1 pint gin and 1 of old rye; 1 box of dried fruit, from East Bloomfield.

Mr. BOSWELL, 4 lbs. dried fruit, 1 sack of crackers, 3 bottles wine

Mr. FRAZER, 2 bottles wine, 1 can cherries

Mrs. Harvey STONE of Reed's Corners, 4 lbs dried currants, 4 lbs, raspberries

S. L. STERLING, 1 bottle wine, 1 bottle old rye, 5 lbs. crackers, 1 paper coffee, 1 paper pepper

A. BLODGET,  3/4 lbs. of tea

A. S. LINCOLN, 4 lbs. crackers, 1 gallon jug of vinegar

Mr. LONG, 4 lbs crackers, 1 lb. tea, 1 paper coffee, 1 bottle pickles

Mrs. Anson WALKER, 1 package of lint

James LANE, one can strawberries

Mrs. James BRUNDAGE, 4 lbs. dried peaches, 1 package dried raspberries, 1 can peaches

Miss N. B. COLBURN, 1 package prunes, 1 bottle cherry shrub.

At Canandaigua, July 29, 1862



Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday    August 27,  1862


+  The Sword Presentation - We have just received, too late for publication this week, an account of the sword presentation to Capt. O. J. HERENDEEN, which took place at Shortsville on Thursday last. The exercises were highly interesting and we regret our inability to publish the report today.  It will appear in our next.


+  Gone to Washington - Deputy Marshall HILDRETH started for Washington on Monday evening last, having in custody, William DILLON of Phelps, who, as our readers have already been informed, was arrested some days ago for cutting down flag poles.  DILLON will have an examination on his arrival at the capital, and if found guilty of the offence charged against him, will be punished as he deserves.


Co. C., 126th Regiment

The following are the officers of Company "C", 126th regiment, with their rank:

Philip D. PHILLIPS, Captain

Charles A. RICHARDSON, 1st Lieut.

Spencer F. LINCOLN, 2nd Lieut.

John B. GEDDIS, 1st Sergt.

Edward E. FAIRCHILDS, 2nd Sergt.

Ira. H. WILDER, 3rd Sergt.

Martin PIERCE, 4th Sergt.

Edwin W. TYLER, 5th Sergt.

Darius C. SACKET, Corporal

Henry MC KEE, Corporal

Milo H. HOPPER, Corporal

Charles GAGE, Corporal

Gilbert W. PECK, Corporal

Henry MATTOON, Corporal

Charles W. WATKINS, Corporal

Hollister N. GRIMES, Corporal

Captain PHILLIPS is a young man of some military experience in this war.  He entered the service as a Lieutenant and was promoted to Captain.  he was at the battle of "Bull Run" (Manassas), where he was wounded.  He afterwards, in consequence of his injuries, signed his commission and returned home.  Having recovered his health, he was induced by the war committee to raise this company under the first call for 300,000 volunteers.  This he has done heretofore, and he will now give a good account of himself.

Lieut. RICHARDSON is one of the law firm, Gooding & Richardson, of this village.  He enters now upon his first experience as a military man.  He has given up a good and increasing practice as a lawyer, to serve his infantry in this her hour of peril.  Industrious and of the strictest moral habits, energetic and resolute, his friends may look at him to make his mark in the service upon which he has entered.

The 2nd Lieut., Spencer F. LINCOLN, was a law student in the office of H. O. CHESBRO, Esq.  He had nearly completed his studies preparatory to being admitted to the bar, when he volunteered.  He was also ___cial Deputy Clerk during the sessions of the several Courts of the County.  He had a prospect before him of a successful life in the profession he had chosen, but he has abandoned all at the call of his country,___ "went in."

The non commissioned officers are all good men in their several places and on the whole this company is one of the best that has come from Ontario County.  May God preserve them and a successful and glorious career attend them.  


The 126th Regiment.

Col SHERRILL'S regiment is the 126th.  It is officered as follows:

Colonel - E. SHERRILL of Geneva

Lieut. Col. - James M. BULL of Canandaigua

Major - William H. BAIRD, of Geneva

Adjutant - A. S. WHEELER of Geneva

Quartermaster, J. K. LORING, of Waterloo

Surgeon, F. H. HAMMOND, of Penn Yan

Ass't Surgeon, C .S. HOYT, of Potter

Ass't Surgeon, P. D. PELTIER, of Manchester

Hospital Steward, Henry T. ANTIS of Canandaigua

The regiment left camp Swift at Geneva, yesterday morning, proceeding to Elmira and thence direct to Washington.


+  The Geneva Courier publishes the following tabular statement, showing the aggregate number of men raised and to be raised in each town of Ontario County to make up our quota of the 600,000 called for by the government:

Towns               Population          Quota

Bristol                  1657                    51

Canadice              1026                    32

Canandaigua         7075                   219

East Bloomfield    2163                    67

Farmington           1858                    57

Gorham                2537                    78

Hopewell              1970                    61

Manchester           3280                  101

Naples                  2067                    64

Phelps                  5586                  173

Richmond            1650                    51

Seneca                 8448                   261

South Bristol        1216                     38

Victor                  2404                     74

West Bloomfield  1646                     51

It is to be remembered that each town is ___dited with all the men it has furnished ___ce the 2nd of July, and has yet to raise ___y enough to make up the number assigned to it, above.  


+ NOTICE OF PARADE of Un-uniformed Militia - Company Orders No. 1

All persons residing within the bounds of the Company District Four, who have not been enlisted or drafted as members of the National Guard, and who are liable to Military duty under the Laws of this State, are hereby required to be and appear, armed and equipped as the Law directs, for parade and inspection at the WEBSTER HOUSE in Canandaigua on the first Monday of September next, at 10 o'clock AM of that day, pursuant to the provisions of Sec. 13 of the Militia Law of this State. - Dated August 20th, 1862, JAMES CONLY, Commandant.  *District No. 4 comprises the towns of Canandaigua, Farmington, Victor and Manchester.  


+ A Good Suggestion - The Albany Evening Journal, suggest that an organized effort be made for preparing and putting up fruit in cans for use in the Army. (quote itself is cut off).

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday    September 17,  1862

Mr. Editor - Please add to the list of volunteers from this town, published in your paper last week, the names of Capt. Edgar A. GRISWOLD and Wm. BARTHOLOMEW.  Also Sanford W. LYON, Orin D. LEE and Richard WATKINS, late residents of this town, who enlisted in Michigan.  Yours respectfully, S. H. S,  Naples, Sept 17, 1862

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday    October 1,  1862  Pg 3

The 126th Regiment - The following list embraces the names of all the killed and wounded of Col. SHERRILL'S regiment:

Killed: Co. H. 

Lieut. CLAPP of Phelps 

Simeon COOPER of Manchester



Col. E. SHERRILL of Geneva, in the mouth

Lieut. S. A. BARRAS, acting Adjutant,  Penn Yan, left arm taken off


Co. A. under Capt. BURRILL


J. R. TUTTLE , Yates Co., died of his wound

___?_ BOSS,     Yates Co., died of his wounds


Co. B, under Capt. COLEMAN, all of Yates Co.


John BLANCHARD, in check



Edward KNAPP



Lewis TRISMANE, wounded by shell

George TUTTLE,  wounded by shell

A. A. Quick, wounded by shell

R. B. BEACH, wounded by shell

Isaac MILLER, wounded by shell

Corporal T. L. EMBREE, wounded by shell

James HICKS, wounded by shell

Corporal KNAPP, in body


Co. C, Capt SCOTT,  all of Seneca Co.


Capt. Winfield SCOTT

T. H. LOUNDSBERRY,  left arm slightly






Co. D, Capt PHILLIPS - all slightly wounded

Fred EBERT, Gorham


William SHEPARD, Canadice

D.C. SACKET, Canandaigua

William H. BOWEN, Naples

D. AEDGES, Naples


Co. E, Capt. KIPP

Robert BLANVELT, wounded in right leg

Edwin APLMER, wounded in left leg, Gorham

Nelson B. KEITH, slightly wounded, Geneva


Co. F., Capt SHIMER

W. KERR, slight wound, Gorham

George BOSS, slight wound, Seneca

Lewis A. BALL, West Bloomfield


Co. G.,  Capt. AIKEN

H. H. FOSTER, left leg, Seneca Co.



F. A. COLE, slightly wounded, Seneca Co.



Albert H. STACY, Manchester

Albert MC INTIRE, leg fractured, Phelps

H. I. DICKINS, Manchester

T. SHEARS, Manchester

J. S. HEARNE, Phelps

C. C. WRIGHT, Phelps


Co. I,  Capt. Lee

Capt. B. F. LEE, in thigh by shell, Waterloo

Hudson D. HENION, in head


J. MC DONOUGH, slight



George FRANK

W. A. REED, Canandaigua, injured by a strain

D. W. PETTINGER, Victor, in leg badly

John BENJAMIN, Gorham, badly wounded



Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday    October 15,  1862 


Company K, 148th Regt. - The following list embraces the names of the offices and privates of Company K, in Col. JOHNSON'S Regiment:

Captain - Hiram SCHUTT                                          1st Corporal - Charles A. GILLET

1st Lieutenant - Edmund ALDRICH                            2nd Corporal - John RODNEY

2nd Lieutenant - John G. EVERDEN                           3rd Corporal - Jonas R. BRIGHAM

1st Sergt. - Oscar M. ADAMS                                    4th Corporal - Edwin RITTER

2nd Sergt. - Daniel W. REDFIELD                              5th Corporal - Henry H. PILSBURY

3rd Sergt. - Newlove WILLISON                                6th Corporal - William F. CHAPIN

4th Sergt. - John S. FORMAN                                    7th Corporal - Charles F. LAMONT

5th Sergt. - Charles G. DICKINSON                           8th Corporal - Cassius P. KNAPP



Henry H. ARCHER                           Charles MILLER

Jesse H. BAKER                               Charles s. MEADON

Joseph BARNHART                         John MC LAIN

Harlow M. BEEBEE                          Patrick O'DONNELL

George C. BEEBEE                           Peter PHILIP

Warren P. BURTT                             Jonathan PURDY

Curtis BAKER                                   Dewitt PAYNE

George H. BEACH                             Benjamin PERRY

Robert BELL                                      William PARSHALL

George W. CANTON                         Hiram H. REYNOLDS

William R. CAMP                               William RICE

Aaron P. COON                                 William D. REED

Robert CALHOUN                              Henry SADDOCK

Edward CARSON                                Benjamin F. SHADDOCK

David EVANS                                     Charles E. SMITH

Thomas FITZSIMMONS                     James R. SMITH

Frank GRAGG                                    Marnius D. SMITH

Harry D. HOLMES                             William STEWART Jr.

Lucien B. HOLMES                            Abraham A. SPANGLE

Joseph HAWVER                                John V. B. STEVENS

Henry HURLBURT                             William STEVENS

Edwin HYDE                                       Lorin A. TAYLOR

Moses N. HERALD                              Francis THOMPSON

John J. HANNA                                   Thaddeus THOMPSON

Lucion HYDE                                       Noah TURNER

Edward JEROME                                 Homer B. WEBB

Charles JEROME                                 Russel F. WRIGHT

Robert KENNEDY                               John W. WAYNE

Francis LEE                                         Aurelius B. WHEELER

Henry LATHAM                                  Alonzo WHEELER

William F. MANAHAN                         Rial V. WHEELER

Thomas MURRAY                               Franklin B. WHEAT

George MILES                                      Ashur W. BISHOP

Charles MILES


Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday    December 31,  1862 

In Trouble Again - We learn from an article in the Washington Republican, that William DILLON of Phelps, in this County, has lately been arrested in that City on suspicion of being concerned in the robbery of a sulter.  DILLON, it will be remembers, was arrested and taken to Washington some months ago, by U.S. Marshal, HILDRETH, for alleged participation in the disloyal act of cutting down the national flag.

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday    January 21,  1863 

Gone to Washington - Several gentlemen of this and some of the adjoining towns, started yesterday morning for Washington, with the view of visiting friends in the various military camps in that vicinity.  They were somewhat disappointed at the outset, by learning just as they were ready to start, that the railroads, which for some weeks past have been carrying parties of ten or more for half-price, had the day before, discontinued the practice and hence, would not take them at less than the regular fare.  The trip therefore would cost them about $10 apiece more than they had anticipated.  Nevertheless, they resolved not to turn back and now are far on their way to the national capital.  the excursion will no doubt prove a pleasant one. 

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday    April 1,  1863 

On Furlough - We were agreeably surprised on Saturday last by a call from Dr. P. D. PELTIER, Assistant Surgeon of the 126th Regiment, NYSV, who is home on a 20 days furlough.  the Doctor is looking finely, appears in excellent spirits.  And says the "boys" of the 126th are generally in good health and eager for a fight.  Similar reports reach us from other regiments in which Old Ontario is represented.  The feeling among the soldiers has evidently much improved within the last two months.

Moved - The 126th Regiment, commanded by the gallant Col. SHERRILL, has moved from Union Mills to Centreville, Virginia.

National Fast - President LINCOLN has appointed Thursday, April 30th as a day of national humiliation, fasting and prayer. 

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday    April 1,  1863 

Casualties in Company F - We are indebted to Major FITZGERALD of the 28th Regiment, NYSV, who writes from Stafford Court House under date of the 7th instant, for the following list of killed and missing in Company F, of that regiment, in the recent fight near Fredericksburg:

Killed - John H. HOGLE

Missing, probably prisoners - Sergt. O. L. TEACHOUT,  Sergt. W. L. HICKS, Sergt. C. P. AKINS; Corporal A. J. WARNER, Corporal J. W. MOORE; Private F. J. ANDERSON, Private Lafayette LEE, Private William SMITH, Private Porter STEVENS, Private James TAYLOR, Private, James MC MINN and Private M. L. PARKHURST.

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY      Wednesday June 17, 1863, Pg 3, col 1    
CONSOLIDATED -  We are informed by Capt. George N. Williams, who returned from the South on Saturday last, that the 98th Regiment N. Y. S. V., has been consolidated in a Battalion of five companies, and that thirteen officers among whom are Captains Williams and Adams, of this place, were on account of the consolidation mustered out as supernumeraries. Capt. Adams is spending a few days with friends at Brooklyn, but will soon be home.
We are happy to know that both of these gallant officers bring the strongest testimonials, showing their uniform good conduct while in the service, and we scarcely need add that they will hold themselves ready to respond promptly to any call their country may hereafter make upon them.

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday   July 22, 1863

On Furlough - Capt. C. A. RICHARDSON, Co. D., 126th Regiment NYSV, who was wounded in the battle of Gettysburg, came home last week, having a furlough for 20 days.  His would is not serious and he expects soon to report himself sound again

Ontario Republican Times, Canandaigua, NY   Wednesday   September 30, 1863

The 85th Regiment - We have received a brief note from Adjutant C. S. ALDRICH, of the 85th Regiment NYSV, requesting as to state for the information of those interested, that mail matter intended for members of that Regiment, should be directed via Fortress Monroe.  The old rout, via New York and Hatteras Inlet, is a long and tedious one and letters are frequently a month in reaching their destination through that channel. 

CAPTAINS SAWYER AND FLYNN - A young officer recently released from the Libby prison in Richmond, furnishes the following information in relation to Captains SAWYER and FLYNN, who were condemned to death by Jeff Davis:

" Captains SAWYER and FLYNN, it will be remembered, have been condemned to death in retaliation for the execution of General BURNSIDE of two Rebel officers caught recruiting within his lines.  The Richmond mob demanded the death of these brave and patriotic men, but the authorities were deterred by the threatened fate of WINDER and LEE, held by us at Fortress Monroe.  Captains SAWYER and FLYNN are confined in a sort of cage or bin partitioned off from the cellar of the building.  Measured by the eye, it appeared no larger than 6 feet by 8.   The only light and air are admitted through a hole near the ceiling, about a foot square, through which also the food is passed down twice a day.  The den is dark, damp and most shockingly, filthy; and the unfortunate victims of Rebel hatred are enduring within a living death from day to day.  The plan seems to be, since their cowardly tormentors dare not shoot or hang them, to torture their lives away by this long agony, and then report them as having "died of sickness."

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY       Wednesday,    Nov 4, 1863

RESIGNED - Col. William JOHNSON, commanding the 148th Regiment, NYSV, has resigned his commission and returned to private life.  He has not shown any very brilliant fighting qualities since entering the service, and being a good deal more of a politician than a soldier, has no doubt arrived at the very sensible conclusion that he made a mistake in accepting the colony of a regiment. 

CASUALTIES IN THE 126TH REGIMENT - We are indebted to Lieut. Col. James M BULL for the subjoined list of Killed, Wounded and Missing of the 126th Regiment, NYSV, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Army Corps, in engagements at Auburn and Bristoe, Va., Oct 14, 1863:


Thomas TOBIN, Private, Co. A

Rarnard GELDER, Private, Co. A

Thaddeus B. TWICHELL, Private, Co. A

Erastus G. FIELD, Private, Co. D

Chauncey L. FOWLER, Private, Co. F

Leander BROWNELL, Private, Co. F

Peter WHEELER, Private, Co. F; since dead (from wounded list)

Edgar A. WARNER, Private, Co. K; since dead (from wounded list)



David W. FINCH, Sergeant, Co. A; leg, severely

Wm. M. STROBRIDGE, Corporal, Co. A; shoulder and leg severely

David E. TAYLOR, Corporal, Co. A; hand slight

Arthur W. MIDDLETON, Private, Co. A; leg severely

Chas. M. NICHOLSON, Private, Co. A; breast severely

O. R. LINKLETTER, Private, Co. A; hip slightly

Geo. W. TYLER, Private, Co. B; head severely

M. W. BINGHAM, Corporal, Co. C; slight

Stephen PROUTY, Private, Co. D; head severely

Martin PIERCE, Sergeant, Co. D; shoulder severely

Gilbert PECK, Corporal, Co. D; leg slight

George W. DORR, Private, Co. D; breast slight

Albert S. ANDREWS, Private, Co. D; head and shoulder severely

George I. ROSE, Private, Co. D; side and back severely

George W. BEEKER, Private, Co. E; leg severely

Stephen WALKER, Private, Co. E; breast slight

George HOSMER, Private, Co. E; leg and side severely

Platt CLARK, Private, Co. F; side severely

Scott BARBAR, Private, Co. F; breast severely

John WILSON, Private, Co. F; hand slight

Charles KLINE, Corporal, Co. F; heel slight

Samuel HUGHES, 1st Sergeant, Co. G; leg severely

John B. STEWART, Corporal, Co. G; breast severely

Andrew J. RALPH, Private, Co. G; hand slight

Joseph B. HOOPER, Sergeant, Co. I; arm severely

Henry DRAPER, Private, Co. I; leg severely

Phillip GARNETT, Private, Co. I; breast severely

Levy BROKAW, Private, Co. I; leg severely

Fred M. ROOT, Private, Co. K; shoulder slight

Samuel HEWEY, Private, Co. K; thigh severely

George W. ERWIN, Private, Co. K; leg slight



William J. POOL, Private, Co. A

Daniel J. BEYEA, Private, Co. A

George MILLS, Private, Co. A

William SHOEMAKER, Private, Co. A

John PECK, Private, Co. K

William O. PHILLIPS, Private, Co. K

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday,   February 17, 1864

Home on Furlough - Capt. A. C. BROWN of the 4th NY Artillery, is at home for a few days on furlough, and is improving the time by looking up recruits for his company.  Lieut. Henry R. MURRAY of the 148th NYSV is also at home on furlough. 

Bounties to Cease - We desire to remind persons intending to enlist, that the United States Bounties of $400 and $300 to recruits will cease on the first of next month.  The only way to obtain these large bounties, is to enlist immediately.

Ontario Co. Times, Canandaigua, NY     Wednesday,   March 2, 1864

Arrest of a Notorious Deserter - A notorious deserter named Warren DENSMORE was arrested last week on the cars by Constable CRAIN, of Clifton Springs.  This makes the third or fourth time that DENSMORE has been arrested.  He first deserted at Baltimore, and has twice escaped from the guard house at Elmira.  He is now safe in our jail, but is soon to be sent to New York.

Dastardly Outrage - A young man names James FITZGIBBONS, belonging to Company K, 24th Regiment, NY Cavalry, while walking on the railroad track, east of the Niagara Falls House in this village, on Tuesday evening of last week, was struck in the back with a billet of wood by some cowardly ruffian and so badly injured that he has not since been able to walk.  It appears that his regiment was detained here for a time, awaiting transportation to Elmira.  He had been to the Fair, and on leaving the Hall went to look after some men who had been placed under his care, proceeding down the track until he reached some cars occupied by his regiment.  Observing a party of soldiers a few rods distant, and supposing them to be some of the men he was in pursuit of, he called to them, telling them to return to the cars.  Receiving a rough reply, and perceiving that they were not his men, he passed on a few yards beyond them, when he was approached from behind, knocked down and robbed of $15 in money and a gold watch and chain.  He was soon found by the Captain of his company, who had him conveyed to the Niagara House, where he still remains, receiving much attention from our citizens and having the earnest sympathy of all.  The blow by which he was felled to the ground, had the effect to completely paralyze the lower part of his person, and although now improving, he has not regained the use of his limbs.  It is believed, however, that the injury will not be permanent, though it may be a long time before he entirely recovers from it.  Mr. GIBBONS is a resident of Mexico, Oswego County, and appears to be a young man of excellent character.  His case is indeed a hard one.  

At Johnstown, Pa., last week, a returned soldier named MOOR, deliberately walked into a wealthy merchant's store, and taking the proprietor by the collar, discharged 3 barrels of a revolver into his heart, killing him instantly.  The merchant had seduced his wife during his absence at the war. 

Desertions from the Army - Previous to April 1862, there were reported 78,453 desertions from the Army, being an average of 6,239 per month.  In April 1862, the Provost Marshal system was adopted and since then the average desertions per month have been but 1,736.  The total aggregate of desertions since the war broke out is 127,157, of which number 30,000 were from the enlisted men in this State; 15, 389 from Pennsylvania; 12,389 from Ohio; 11,455 from Illinois; 5,200 from Kentucky; 4,868 from Missouri; 1,943 from Tennessee; 2,895; 2,895 from Virginia; 1,659 from the District of Columbia, and smaller numbers from other states.  

Two soldiers were recently found murdered in St. Petersburg.  It was suggested that the eyes of the murdered soldiers should be photographed, in the hope of successfully testing the discovery recently made when to the surprise of all, the result was the production of the portrait of two soldiers of the private guard at the palace, on whose breasts were the insignia of the Cross of St. George.  The murderers were at once sought out and apprehended.  

Ontario Co.  Times, Canandaigua, NY      Wednesday, May 31, 1865

Surgeon HOYT - We notice in a recent number of Yates County Chronicle, an account of the presentation of a beautiful gold watch to Surgeon Charles S. HOYT, chief executive officer of the 1st. Div., hospital, 2nd Corps, by the attendants of the hospital, as a mark of respect, and a token of their appreciation of Surgeon HOYT as an officer and a gentleman.  Surgeon HOYT entered the service in 1862, as 1st Assistant Surgeon of the 126th New York, and has since endeared himself to that command, by his constant and uniform attention to his duties.  

His pleasant manners and kind and cheerful words to the sick and wounded, under his care, and accompanying the warm and substantial arrangements for comfort and good nursing, which he always in some almost mysterious way, seemed to improvise wherever there was occasion, have doubtless buoyed up many a desponding spirit to shake off the death grapple about to seize another victim to the late unholy rebellion.  Dr. HOYT was promoted to surgeon of the 39th NY, a little more than a year ago, and has since been for most of the time, chief executive officer of the 1st Division Hospital, 2nd Corps, which has been known as the model hospital in the army, during all the terrible campaigns of 1864 and the eventful winter and spring of 1865.  Surgeon HOYT will always be remembered with gratitude, by the soldiers, who have so often been the recipients of his kind ministrations. 

The Naples Record           May 30, 1874  

History of our Dead Heroes, So far known as of this Date - Naples  - 30th of May 1874  


126th Regiment N.Y.V.  

 S.F. Lincoln - Enlisted as a soldier July 19, 1862, in Co. D.; was commissioned and mustered 2nd Lt., Aug. 9th. In the forepart of 1863, was appointed Adj. of his Reg., with rank of 1st Lieut.   Was in the battles of Harpers Ferry (Va.), Gettysburg, Mine Run, Morton's Ford (where he was slightly wounded by the explosion of a shell), the Wilderness, Po River, Spotsylvania, North Ann, Tallopotomy, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg, where he was wounded June 16, 1864, and died in hospital at Georgetown, from effects of amputation on the 9th day of July 1864.  


Edwin Tyler - Co. D - Enlisted July 31st, 1862 - was in the battles of Harpers Ferry and and Gettysburg, where he was killed July 3, 1863.

James A. Tyler, Co. D - enlisted July 25th, 1862, was in the battle of Harpers Ferry, and died of disease in hospital at Harper's Ferry, Sept. 20th, 1862.

Charles Crandall, Co. D. - enlisted Aug. 9th, 1862; was in the battles of Harper's Ferry and Gettysburg,  where he was killed July 3rd 1863.

Harvey Wilson,  Co. E. - enlisted Aug. 20th 1862; was killed at Gettysburg, July 2d 1862.

Henry E. Simons, Co. K. - was the first death in the 126th Reg.  He died from disease, at Harper's Ferry, Sept. 8th 1862.

Jerome M. Parks, Co. K. - enlisted Aug. 15th 1862; was in battles of Harper's Ferry and Gettysburg, where he was wounded and sent to the hospital; re-joined his Reg., and was killed at the battle of Wilderness, May 6th 1864.

James Wilson, Co. K - enlisted Aug. 12th 1862,was in the battles of Harper's Ferry & Petersburg, where he was killed March 25th 1865.

Henry Thurber, Co. D. - enlisted Aug. 6th.1862, was in the battle of Harper's Ferry - died of disease at Union Mills, VA, Feb 10, 1863.

Charles W. Ford, Co. D. - enlisted Aug. 9, 1862, was wounded in battle on Maryland Heights, Sept. 13, 1862 and died at hospital at Annapolis, from effects of wounds, Oct 26, 1862.

Hiram B. Wood, Co. D. - enlisted July 31, 1862; was in the battle of Harpers Ferry and Gettysburg, where he was wounded; and died from the affects of his wounds in field hospital at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863.


85th N.Y.V.

Thomas Porter, Co. B, 85th NYV - enlisted Aug 26, 1861, was at Kinston, Whitehall, Goldsborgh, siege of little Washington, was taken prisoner at Plymouth, removed to Andersonville, thence to Charleston, S.C., where he died, Oct 3. 1864.

N.B. Carpenter, Co. B, enlisted Aug . 26, 1861; was in battles of Kinston, Whitehall, Goldsborgh, siege of Little Washington, taken prisoner at Plymouth, sent to Andersonville, where he died. 

Thomas Such, Co. B., enlisted Sept 25, 1861; was engaged in battles of Kinston, Whitehall and Goldsborgh, was taken prisoner in April 1864 and died at Charleston, S.C., Sept 22, 1864. 

67th N.Y.V.

Benjamin F. Simons, Co. H., enlisted May 27, 1861; was taken prisoner, May 6, 1864; and died at Wilmington, N.C.

James L. Terry, Co. H., enlisted May 6th 1861; was kilted at the battle of Fair Oaks on the 31st day of May 1862.

Theodore Pelley, Co. H., enlisted May 27th 1861; was killed at Fair Oaks, May 31st 1862.

George Hopper, Co. H., enlisted May 27, 1861; was in all the battles of his regiment, until he was killed at Spotsylvania, May 12, 1864.

Elisha Jones, Co. H., was mustered into the Reg. June 20th 1861; and died in hospital Oct. 1861.


I3th (or 18th?) N.Y.V.

John Hyland, Co. G., enlisted in 1861; and died at Arlington Heights in Feb. 1862.

Joseph Stewart, Co, G. - enlisted in 1861, and was killed in battle.

Lyman Dedrick, Co. G. - enlisted in 1861, and died of disease at Fortress Monroe on the 13th of April 1862.

James Benjamin, Co. G. - enlisted Oct. 3d 1861, and was killed at the second battle of Bull Run on Aug. 30th 1862; was in battles of Williamsburg, New Kent,  C. H., Gaines Mills, Mechanicsville, the seven-day battles, and Malvern Hill.


148th  N.Y.V.

John Jones, Co. G. - enlisted Sept 1862, returned home sick, and died Nov.  1864.

James Goodrich, Co. G. - enlisted Sept. 4th 1862, died in May 1864 from injuries received in service. 

Abram R. Terry, Co. G. - enlisted Sept. 4th, 1862; was killed in front of Petersburg in June 1864.

Phenemonine Lacy, Co. G. - enlisted in Oct. 1862; was wounded in the left side by a shell and died from the effects in Dec. 1864 at home.

104th N.Y.V.

Orville Perry, Co. G. - enlisted in Nov. 1861, was encaged in battles of Cedar Mountains, Rappahamock Station, Thoroughfare Gap, Antietam, Chancelorville, and was killed at Gettysburg,  July 2d 1863.

Andrews Christie, of this Regiment, died in hospital; when, is not known.  

27th N.Y.V.

Armentius Hunt, - enlisted in June1861, was thee prisoner and died in Libby Prison in the winter of  '61-62.

102nd N.Y.V.

Charles W. Jones - was wounded at Fredericksburg, and died from effects of the same, at Alexandria.

100th N.Y.V.

Charles D. Sabins Co. H. - enlisted in June 1861; was wounded on Folly Island and died from the effects of the same, at Hilton Head, in May 1863.

Amenzo L. Deyo - Co. G. - enlisted Oct 1st, 1864; was afterwards transferred to the drum corp.; was in the battles of Weldon R. Reed, Lewis' Farm, Gravelly Run, Five Forks and the final race of Lee's army in April 1862; returned home and died suddenly on May 28, 1871, while practicing Decoration music. 

4th NY Heavy Artillery

Ira D. Lyon -  Co. H. - enlisted Dec 26, 1861; was taken prisoner Aug 25, 1864 at Reams Station; then to Libby prison, removed to Bella Isle, thence to Salsbury, where he was so reduced by starvation that he died at Baltimore, Apr 2, 1865, a few days after his release.

Charles Johnson - Co. M. - enlisted in 1864; was taken prisoner and died in some southern prison.

William Tobey - Co. M. - enlisted Feb 1864; was taken prisoner at Ream's Station and died at Salsbury prison in 1864. 

George M. Ingraham - Co. M. - enlisted Feb 1864; was wounded in front of Petersburg and died at Alexandria hospital from the effect of the same.  

Jerome Maltby Co. M. - enlisted June 1863; died at Finley Hospital, Washington, D.C., on the 8th day of May 1864 - buried in the Soldiers Cemetery at Washington. 


6th N. Y. Calvary

Asel Perry, Co. C - enlisted Sept 17th, 1861, served until July 8th, 1865, when he died from wounds received in action.

Darnel M. Perry, Co. C - enlisted Sept. 17th, 1861, was taken prisoner in 1864, was exchanged and returned home, where he died from effect of prison life, on 13 Jan, 1865.

21st NY Calvary

George Krisher - served three years and three mos., returned home honorably discharged, and died in Hunts Hollow, May 11th, 1872.

Charles' Schesler -  enlisted in 1st Reg., Lincoln's Cavalry, Aug 22, 1861- served full time and was discharged ; re-enlisted in 3rd Vet. vols.; was discharged Mar. 6, 1866, and died in Naples, from disease contracted in the service on 18th April 1872.

Dr. James Parmely - Asst. Surgeon, enlisted in 2d N. Y. Cavalry ; served for a time and resigned;  died May 10, 1871.

Joseph Boon - enlisted in 1861 in Co. C,  13th Reg N. Y. Vols.; died of disease at Arlington Heights in Jan. 1862. 

Patrick Sennett - enlisted in 1861, in 28th Reg NYV; served his time and re-enlisted in the 4th Heavy Artillery;  was killed before Petersburg in June 1864.

E. C. Deyo - Co. M, 4th NY Heavy Artillery; mustered in June 21, 1863; was in the battles of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, North Ann River, Hannoverton, Cold Harbor, Petersburg, Deep Bottom, Reams Station, Sheldon Farm, Hatches Run, 1st and 2nd Gravelly Run, Ameila Court House, Farmersville &c.; was transferred to Invalid corps, April 1, 1866, on account of injuries received; discharged Sept. 1865; died at Naples, May 11, 1873. 

Capt. A, A. Bingham - Co. L 52, Reg, NY, served his country faithfully, and came here to die, of disease contracted in the service, on 30 May, 1878.

There were two colored soldiers, Fletcher, but nothing is known of the manner or date of their death.

We had several who lie in soldiers graves that went from here in early years, but not belonging to Naples, when they enlisted. Capt. Holder Brownell of Naples, was one of that number.  They are duly registered red in their respective localities.  



The Naples Record                  Wed                May 25, 1927

First Interment at Arlington in 1864 Arlington National cemetery was Instituted by an act of congress for the interment of United States soldiers and sailors who have fallen in battle, or all men and women who have died in the regular or volunteer military or naval service of the United States, after having been mustered out or honorably discharged. 

The presentation of the commission warrant, letter of appointment, certificate of discharge or pension certificate, provided there were no dishonorable charges connected therewith, are sufficient evidence for Interment.

The cemetery is the largest of Interment places for our soldiers and sailors. 

The first Interment was made at Arlington on May 13, 1864, when the body of a Confederate soldier was buried there, at Abraham Lincoln's request.


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