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"Duty", "Honor", "Country"  

by General Douglas Mac Arthur Farewell to West Point speech

The "Wall of Honor", an ever growing wall, located in a portion of the Rushville Historical Research Center, is a collection of 5x7 pictures of those who have served in the past or serving now, in the U.S. military for the areas of Gorham, Potter and Middlesex, New York.

If you wish to contribute a picture please contact the RHR by email and they can help you directly.


 This is a list of the pictures already collected and displayed on the Wall of Honor as of December 2008.         This list will be updated, as soon as I receive more information.



Last  Name First  Name Service Branch
Adam Richard Korean War Army
Affleck Robert WW II Army Air Corps.
Alexander Bert Cold War Army
Alexander Heather . Air Force
Amberg James Global War On Terror Marine Corps
Armitage Donald WW II Navy
Artlip Mavor . Air Force
Babiarz Emil WW II Army
Bagley Amos WW I Army-27th Co.147th Depot Brigade-Potter
Bagley Charles . Army
Bagley David . Army
Bagley James G. . Army
Bagley Jeremy J. Operation Iraqi Freedom Army
Bagley Steve Desert Storm Air Force
Bailey Kevin . Air Force
Bailey Merritt T. WW II Navy
Bardeen Erwin . Navy
Barnhardt Carl . Navy
Barnhart William WW I Army-31st Regiment, Field Artillery-Mid
Baumann Alfred Korean War Army
Beckett Walter WW I Army-NY Hq Co 153d Dep Brig.
Bell Burton L. WW II Army
Bell Ernest WW II, Korea Army
Bell Erwin WW II Army
Bell Gerald J. WW II Army
Bell Velmer C. Korea Army Signal Corps
Bennett Harry H. WW II Army
Bergman Donald . Navy
Beyea Rachel . Army
Blaksley Gary . Army Reserves
Block John WW II Army Air Corp
Blodgett Leslie Cold War Army
Blodgett Scott Desert Storm Air Force
Blodgett Vernon WW I Army-Student Army Training Corps.  - Potter
Blodgett Vernon W. Jr . Army
Bohlinger Bernice  WW II Army, 1212th Medical Section, Fort Ontario, Oswego, NY
Bordwell Jay WW II Army
Bordwell Laverne WW II Korean  US Navy
Bordwell Theresa WW II Army Nurse Corps
Bordwell Thomas WW II Navy
Bordwell Wayne WW II Navy
Bordwell William WW II Navy
Bowerman James Civil War Army
Bowerman Ray W. WW I Army
Bowerman Richard Civil War Army
Bowker Harold F. . Air Force
Bradley Mark James . US Navy
Brink Donald Vietnam Army
Brink Roland . Army
Burgess Clifford WW I Army-89th Infantry, 20th Division-Mid
Burgess Elwood WW I - WW II Navy
Burgess Harry WW I Navy-USS "Carola"-Mid
Button Clair WW II Naval Air
Button Merville Korea US Air Corps.
Button Ruth WW II Marine Corps
Carlson Ruth WW II Army
Carman Bradford . Navy Seal
Carmel James Sr. Korean Marine Corps
Casella Joseph WW II Army
Catlin Carl Operation Iraqi Freedom Marine Corps
Catlin Jamie . Marine Corps
Catlin Kevin Operation Enduring Freedom Army
Chaffee Festus WW I  Army-Medical Corps.-Mid
Champlin Blake . Air Force
Champlin Brad  . Air Force Stationed Camp New Amsterdam Holland 
Champlin Matthew D. . Air Force
Chappell Thomas L. Vietnam Army
Clark Fred WW I Army, 1st Squad, 1st Platoon, Co. H, 347th Inf., 87th Div
Clark Ralph WW II Army Air Corps.
Clark Rodney A. . Army
Clarke David D. . Army
Clawson Richard W. WW II Navy
Clawson Willard WW I Army-HQ Co. 304th Field Artillery, 77th Div-Mid
Cole Walter WW I Army-304th Field Artillery, HQ Co. 77th Div-Mid
Colf Larry . Army
Conley Gordon WW II Army
Cooke Mansell S. Korean War Army
Coon Barlow Gaston WW II Army
Cooper Arden WW II Army Air Corps.
Cooper Laverne WW II Army
Cooper Leon WW II Army
Cooper Ray WW II Army Air Corps.
Corbit Lyle WW II Navy
Cornelius Peter J. . Army Reserves
Criss Donald WW II Army 69th Station Hospital
Criss Warren WW II Army 1509th Engr. Regt.
Crowe Charles WW I Army
Davis Robert . Army
Day Albert WW I Army
De King Stuart Operation Iraqi Freedom Army
DeKouski Raymond  Chester WW II Army/Navy
Demorest Nelson Henry Civil War Grand Old Army
Densmore Harold WW II Navy
Detro Clair Dale Korea Air Force
DeVinney Robert WW II  Army Air Corps
DeZetter Vincent E. WW II & Korean Army Air Corps & Air Force
Dixon James A. Korean War Marine Corps
Dorman David Vietnam US Navy
Drury Walter Cold War Air Force
Dunham Darrow Ike . Army
Dunton Edwin WW II Army Infantry
Eames David WW II Army
Eggleston Fenton WW II Merchant Marine
Eggleston James Vietnam US Air Force
Ellerington Frank WW I 302d Battalion Heavy Tank Corps.-Mid
Ellick William W. . Air Force
Ellis Earl Korean War Marine Corps
Emerson George WW I Army-Student Army Training Corps.-Potter
Emory Donald Vietnam Air Force
Encao Anthony T. Global War On Terror/Operation Iraqi Freedom US Air Force
Erway Ralph WW II Navy
Fake Richard Lee WW II Army Air Corps.
Fetterman William H. WW II US Navy
Fisher Roy J. WW I Army
Fitch George S. WW II Army Air Corps. B25 Pilot
Fitch Gregory Vietnam Marine Corps
Fitch Judy Desert Storm Navy
Fitch Roderick . Marine Corps
Fitch Wilson WW II Navy
FitzSimmons W. Burke WW II Navy
Fladd John WW II Army
Fleishman Ward WW II Army Para Trooper
Flinn Edwin WW II Army
Ford George W. Jr. WW I Army-Co. B, 108th Infantry, 27th Division
Foster Earl WW I Navel Railway Battery in France- Mid
Fox Howard WW II Army
Fox John Civil War Army 148th NY Infantry
Freese Howard WW II Navy
Fullwood Thomas WW II US Army
Gage George M. WW II Army Air Corps.
Galens Leon WW II Merchant Marine
Gillette Charles WW II Army
Gillette Franklin WW II Army
Gillette Henry WW II Army
Gorton Earl Jr. . Army Reserves
Granes Joseph WW II Navy
Green George WW I Army Air Corps. Camp Hicks, Chanute, Call Field, Love Field-Mid
Gulvin Nathaniel "War on Terror" Marine Corps
Hackett Phil Desert Storm Marine Corps
Hadsell David WW II Air Corp.
Hadsell Warren WW II Army 101st Airborne Medic
Hall Willett  F Cold War Army
Harkness Deroy J Civil War Army 148th NY Infantry
Harris Cash . US Marine Corps
Harris Michael   . US Marine Corps
Harris  Ralph WW II Army
Harrison Addison WW II Navy
Harrison Gordon WW II Army
Hart Harry S. WW I Army-307th Ambulance Co.-Potter
Haviland Joseph WW II Army, Battery B, 605 Field Artillery Battalion 10th Mountain Division
Headley Max WW I Army-Motor truck Corps. Potter
Hegerty Thomas WW II Marine Corps
Herod Arthur Vietnam Army
Hey Curt . Marine Corps
Hey Donald WW II Army Air Force
Hill Gerald . Army
Hilton Remer WW II Army Air Corps.
Hobart Michael John Operation Iraqi Freedom Army-969th Maintenance Co./146th Quartermaster Co.
Hoffman Gordon D. WW II Army Air Corps
Hoffman Walter WW II Army
Hogestyn John WW II Navy
Holley William T. WW I Navy-Potter
Holmes Charles E. WW I Army-Battery E, 19th Field Artillery
Holmes Earl WW II Army
Hotchkiss Robert . US Air Force
Hughes Harold Gulf War Army
Hughner Bruce Korean War Army
Hurley James Edward WW II Army
Jaynes Karl . Navy
Johncox Alferd WW II Army Signal Corps
Johncox Milton WW II Army
Johnson David Vietnam Army
Johnson Glenn WW I Army
Jones Gordon WW II Army
Jones John Vietnam Marine Corps
Jones William WW I Army-Potter
Kase Angela Afghanistan US Navy
Kase Frank E. Korea US Navy
Kase Jeffrey M. . US Navy
Kase Steven G. Afghanistan US Navy
Ketchell Merrill L. WW II Army
Kindelberger Emmett WW I Army 61st Co. 153d Depot Brigade-Potter
King Bruce D . Army Served in Germany
Kipp Jason WW II Army
Knapp John Civil War Army
Knapton Terry . Navy
Knight Hixson WW I Army-Co. M,346th Infantry 87th Division-Mid
Knopf Elmer WW II Army
Knuppenburg Leland F. . Army 3rd Armored Division
Lafler Donald Korean War Army
Lafler Doris WW II Army
Lafler Floyd WW II Army
Lafler Gary . Marine
Lafler Harold WW II Army
Lafler Irving WW II Army
Lafler John Anable Civil War Army
Lafler Julian WW II Army, Co. C 1st Ranger Brigade.
Lafler Paul WW II Army
Lafler Raymond WW I Army
Lafler Raymond Jr WW II Army 381st MP
Lafler Wilbur Korean War Army Artillery
Landcastle Pamela . Air Force
Lane Elzer WW I Army-Machine Gun Co. 9th Infantry, 2d Division-Mid
Lathrop Herbert WW I Army-Co. B,148th Infantry 37th Division-Potter
Lazarus Chad . Navy
Lazarus Gerald A. . Army
Lazarus Katherine . Army
Lazarus Randy . Army
Lazarus Ronald Vietnam Army
Leach Douglas WW II Marine Corps
Leach Gordon WW II Army
LeClair Roger Korean War
Lee Fenton Korean War Army
Lieb Joan Korean War Army Med Corps.
Lieb Richard Korean War Army
Lloyd Earl  WW II Army Air Corp.
Lloyd Henry S. WW II Army
Lloyd Thomas Vietnam Army
Lonsberry Victor L. Vietnam Air Force
MacGregor Allen W. WW II Merchant Marine
Mack Lloyd WW II Army
Magley Dorothea WW II Navy
Makepeace James WW II Army
Mangipinte Pictro WW I Army-Co. G, 135th Infantry-Potter
Martin Bruce . Army
Matthews George WW I Navy- Served on "USS Cynthia"&"USS Bushnell
Mc Govern Andrew S. . Navy
McCaig Carl WW II Navy
McFadden Henry Mack WW I Army Cavalry
McFadden Richard Korea Paratrooper
McGory Donald Vietnam Navy
McGory Gerald Vietnam/ Korean Air Force
McGory John Korean War Army
McGory William Korean War Army
Meath Edward Korean War Navy
Melious Fred "Drew" Korean, Vietnam Marine Corps
Memmel Richard L. WW II Army
Meyer Milford WW I Army-Co. M, 2d Infantry-Potter
Milligan Donald WW II Navy
Milton Paul . Marine Corps
Mitch Mervin . Army/Reserves
Mitchell Stuart WW II Army
Moore James Ronald Korean War Army
Morris Charles L. WW II Army
Mosher Albert WW I Army-333d Artillery Replacement Division-Mid
Motz David J. . Navy
Multer Robert Korean War Navy
Murphy Gordon WW II Navy
Murray Robert WW I Army-Field Remount Squadron #333-Mid
Newell Orion B. WW II / Korean War Air Force/Army Air Corps.
Olmstead Carl R. WW I Army-307th Ambulance Co.-Potter
Olsen Francis WW II Army Air Force
Olswold Richard Vietnam Navy Sub-Billfish/Sunfish
Oswald Frederick Henry WW II Army
Oswald George . Army Band
Owen Morris Vietnam Army
Owens Greg . Air Force
Paddick Daniel Jr. . Army
Paddick Daniel Sr. WW II Army
Paige Jon Iraq Army
Palmatier Mervin Arlo WW I Army Battery C. /154th Depot Brigade / 31st Field Artillery.
Palmatier Richard A. WW II Army
Parsons Clearence . Army
Parsons James W. WW II Army
Payne Clifford H. . Marine Corps
Pearce Guy WW I Army-Field Remount Squadron #324-Potter
Peck Kitsy . Marine Corps
Peck Todd . Army
Pendleton Everett Germany Army
Perry Frederick Civil War 10th Regiment, Iowa Infantry Co. E, 15th Army Corps.
Perry Laverne WW I Army-307th Ambulance Co.-Potter
Perry Leal WW I Navy-US Naval Reserve Force, Hospital Corps.-Mid
Perry Raymond WW I Army-9th Co. 2d Motor Mechanic Regiment, Aviation Section Signal Corps.-Mid
Phillips Donald Ray . Army
Pratt Leon WW II Navy Air Corps
Price Harold WW II Korean Vietnam Army Air Corps.
Race Wright WW II Army
Randolph Walter . Army
Read David Korea, Vietnam Army, 
Read Gerald Cold War Army
Read Jack WW II
Read Tom . Army
Rector Frank WW I Army-Co. D, 306th Machine Gun Battalion-Potter
Rector Hazel Kennedy WW II Army
Reddout William . Navy
Refenberg William WW I Army-Co. D, 502d Engineers-Potter
Renaud Eldon   WW II Navy
Reynolds Donald WW II Army
Rice James . Air Force
Rice James . Navy
Roach Thomas A. WW II Army Air Force
Robinson Albert Harold WW II Army
Rogers Harold Claire WW II US Marine Corps
Rogers John A. Vietnam Navy
Rogers Lloyd W. WW II US> Marine Corps. (Air)
Rogers Ralph G. WW II US. Marine Corps.
Rohring Randy Somalia Army
Rosato Elizabeth Kuwait/Iraq Air Force Security Force
Safrans Howard J. WWII US Navy
Safrans Steve . Army
Sage William WW I Army-Potter
Salphine Harry WW II Army
Santee Albert WW II Navy
Santee Efner WW I Army- Co. A, 2d Division, 23 Infantry-Potter
Santee John WW II Army
Santee Paul . Army
Santee Paul . Air Force
Savage Bruce Vietnam Army, 5th Infantry, 1st Battalion, 19th Artillery, C battery
Savage James H. WW I Army-1st Company Q.M.C.-Rushville
Savage Richard L. WW II Army-Warrant Officer
Schultz William WW I Army-32d Field Artillery, 11th Division- Rushville
Scism Edmund WW II Army
Sexton Walter J. WW II Army Military Police
Shaughnessy John Korean War Army
Shaw Maurice I. WW II Army, Oran Africa
Simmons Erwin WW II Army Air Corps.
Simonsen Earl H. Korea, Vietnam US Air Force
Simonsen Regnar WW I Army
Slate Harold E. Korea Army
Smith Dawn M. . Army
Smith Eldon H. Vietnam Navy & Reserves
Smith George WW II US Navy
Smith James Vietnam Army
Smith James M. WW II Army Air Corps.
Smith Wayne . Army
Smith William A. Korean War Air Force
Snyder David K. . Navy
Stahlman Gary Vietnam Army
Stahlman Roy  WW II Army
Stahlman Walter (Dean) WW II Army
Stell Carl Korea Army
Steverson Dale Keith . US Marine Corps
Steverson William Orvis . US Air Force
Stewart Herbert WW I Army-Battery 4th Regiment, 3d Brigade-Potter
Stewart Walter H. WW II Army
Stover Richard B Korean War Air Force 5th Air Corps.
Swertwood Ronald . Marine Corps
Tambe Samuel WW II Army
Taylor James Iraq Army
Terpstra William WW II Navy
Thomas Larry . US Marine Corps
Thomas Rufus WW I Army-Medical Detachment, 67th Infantry-Potter
Thompson Krystal F. . Army
Turner Howard WW II Army Air Corps.
Turner Jack WW II Army Airborne Division
Turner John E. WW II Army
Twitchell Stephen Vietnam Army
Vadner Cheryl Operation Iraqi Freedom Army
Vadner Wayne Desert Storm Army
Valdez Herman WW II Army
Valesko Joseph Vietnam Army
Van Gorder Jace WW II Army
Van Sickle Roy WW II Signal Corps.
VandenBerg Robert WW II Navy
Villani Alfred WW II Army
Vogel Lester T WW II Army 627th
Voit Louis Vietnam US Air Force
Voss John Korean War Navy
Wadsworth Robert WW II Army Air Corps.
Wagar James WW II Army Air Corps. B-24 Mitchell Bombardier
Warfield Lindsay War of 1812 Army
Whitman Deforest H. . Navy
Whitman William L. WW II Army
Wickum Charles WW I Navy-Served on "Columbia", "Presedent Lincoln", "Celebes"-Mid
Williams Charles WW I Army-5th Co. 32d Field Artillery-Mid
Williams George A WW II Navy Air Corps
Williams Howard WW II Army
Williams John War of 1812 Army
Williams Roy WW I Army-11th Battery, Overseas Artillery-Mid
Williams William WW I Army-9th Regiment, 3d Brigade-Mid
Wilson Fred Jr Korea Air Force
Wilson Fred Sr. WW II US Coast Guard
Wingnagle George WW I Army-Battery F, 7th Regiment, Field Artillery
Zuber Jeremy   . Coast Guard


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