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contributed by Eloise Haven

"Thought you might enjoy a few quotes from my great grandfather's letters.  Allen D. Pease was born and reared in Canandaigua and moved to Michigan in 1861 and joined the 6th Michigan Cavalry in 1862.  His father, Simeon, is buried in the Pioneer Cemetery in Canandaigua.  The first excerpts are from a letter written just after the Kilpatrick-Dalghren raid to Richmond."

Yorktown Va. Feb. [Should be March.] 6th 1864


My Dear Wife,

...The 148 New York Infantry is doing garrison duty here in Yorktown .  I was up there and staid all night with Hank Squires.  I see Mark Swift.  He looks bully and I see Dick Foster and Tim Wyville, Al Butterfield, George Freer and lots of boys from Canandaigua.  They were all well.  They have been in the service as long as I have and never been in a fight or seen one.  I had a good visit with them and I shall go up there again this afternoon.  I donít know how long we are to stay here.. ..

....Charley Pease was over to see me yesterday.  He was quite well and feel[s] quite contented for a new soldier.  He is in the 2d New York Cavalry.  He says Jane Squires is a regular prostitute.  She was in Elmira amongst the soldiers doing duty regular as such things always do well.  I am sorry for Hank and the child but I have no pity for her.  Well she ainít my wife.  If she was she would rue the day she ever sold her virtue.  I would make the world all a hell to her and the men in it all devils to her .... It is awful for a married woman with children to act so but it donít belong to my affairs...
                                                              Upperville, Virginia
....I got a letter from Mother.  She was well and one from Amelia.  She wrote that Hal Sheldon was married to Beldon, Maggie Bell to George Sage, Laura Caeby to Hank Stall and Allen Burgess to Ruth Hall.  They all run away.  Mr. Hall over took them and brought Ruth back home.  It must have been a hot old time there.  Mother wrote that the boys were all drunk when they got married...
                                                        Warrenton Junction,  August 8th, 1863
I have been to Washington and drawed me another horse.  I see Steph Whitwell, Norman Foster, Daniel Simmerman, Damon Morse.  I was where Henry Beaument['s] and Robert Skellenger[Ďs] regiment was in camp but their company had gone to Alexandria to take some pontoon bridges down.  The next morning we came back here.  I see Oak Meafie in Alexandria.  He told me all about the boys getting married and himself and Carniel. He is to work with his brother in the government rail road shop.  I see Wm. MacMiles, Mackís son.  He is going as third assistant engineer on a gun boat.  He was armorer for the company...


I hope you find these of interest !"


contributed by Eloise Haven

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